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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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looking at ishe potential of a storm off the mid-atlantic coast. that and more in a little while. ed? ed: employees calling for wage hikes and they were arrested. this is a national movement. todd kazakiewich has more. todd? reporter: ed, the scheduling of the protest, martin luther king day was no coincidence. that was the point, using dr. king's strategy of civil disobedience to draw attention to a cause. in this case the cause is livable wages. the state police counted 110 protesters including the airport workers and the union organizers. six people were arrested for refusing to disperse. police were notified ahead of time that the group of six organizers were respect blee -- respectfully disobey orders to leave terminal e after a march and a brief speech. >> now uh days it seems the
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although they are working hard are still having to depend on government assistance. >> the peaceful protest took place inside terminal e that was cordoned off. the demonstration did not interfere with passengers or airport operations. at 5:00, what mass port says about the issue of livable wages here. reporting live, wcvb newscenter 5. >> also today a black lives matter protest, the group marched through the streets this morning. they carried three coffins as part of the protest and they used them to block the road. to commitment would 016 and the republicans donald trump and ted cruz are throwing barbs at each other. let's get to nicole where trump wrapped up another rowdy event, nicole. reporter: yeah, trump took to the stage 20 minutes early. and with about three weeks to
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debate for the front runners. now this is donald trump's first stop in the granite state. he has made more than 20 since he announced his campaign. trump's message hasn't changed much. he spoke of getting rid of owe bay you ma care and -- of obamacare. he spoke of a fun endorsement. and of course he spent several minutes talking about building the wall that is the topic of controversial conversation. >> speaking of great people, i have my daughter evanka -- come on. i have my daughter, evanka here. [applause]. look at them, they go crazy over evanka. evanka, that's crazier than they go over me. i don't like this. >> the republican ticket remains heavy at this point with more than a dozen gop candidate hopefuls still in the race. that primary again here in new
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9th. live in concord, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: british parliament is deciding whether there should be a ban. many lawmakers said they didn't like or agree with trump, but most said he should be banned. there was no official vote, just a lot of arguing. right now ted cruz was in plymouth, new hampshire. there was one of more than a dozen stops he is making on a bus tour of that state. this morning senator cruz accused trump of being an inconsistent conservative. >> we need a leader who is prepared to do what is needed to keep our country safe. it does not include spending your time on twitter. >> trump and cruz have been going back and forth for days. trump says he may be unqualified to run for
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>> john kasich is campaigning with his family. they are also making stops at dartmouth and lebanon. >> they have reached their final stop before the super bowl. it is denver for the patriots. lynchy, we have been here many times before. reporter: you betcha. this time tom brady has a more formidable posse. he has edelman and gronkowski and moore tin and white -- martin and white. they can catch the ball and run with the ball. they are healthy and they have the new comfort level and renewed vigor. here he is this morning on wei. >> i think every step of the way is -- it is part of our journey it is hard to get to this point.
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work over the last seven or eight months. not including the off season. and there is only four teams standing. >> back at you with more patriots at 5:00. see you then. ed: at baits college james june a senior was rushed to the hospital and didn't make it. please stay with newscenter 5 for updates on this story. ed: a cyanide scare. a person appears to have taken his own life was rushed to the hospital and doctors believe he ingoased cyanide. no one else was hurt and no evacuations. ed: the martin luther king, junior breakfast was held and it is the longest running nation. it was founded by leaders of two black churches. both mayor walsh and governor baker attended as well as
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ed: a man is home after prison. he was putting his arms around his mother as he landed at logan airport. the 30-year-old boston university graduate was studying farsi in tehran when he was abducted. he was released the same day others were freed in a swap. search crews in hawaii say they have found life rafts in the area where 12 marines went missing. it includes corporal christopher orlando and two marine helicopters crashed on thursday night while on a training mission off the coast of hawaii. the rescue effort has been tough because of the rough waters. the life rafts are the first signs that the marines have found them. it was unclear if they were blown up. ed: there is a picture of one of those released from iran. amir and his family and congressman dan kilde.
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grandmother. secretary of state john kerry spoke of the swap crediting the nuclear deal for opening the door to other diplomatic communities. >> we can build trust if we see this program is adhered to thoroughly and if iran will begin to join with us to bring peace to syria and deal with yemen and reduce its activities in the other countries. there are a number of things we need to work at. ed: they are at a u.s. military hospital in germany. an ohio man says his ex-girlfriend that he was looking to kill police is under arrest accused of murdering an officer. this happened overnight in danville, ohio. the body of officer thomas catrell was found behind the town building and his cruiser, service weapon are missing. police arrested the suspect, jones, a few hours later after he was spotted running from a nearby home.
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ground due to an on going water crisis. president obama declared a state of emergency in flint, michigan where the city has been dealing with a toxic lead contamination in its drinking water. yesterday troops visited 5,000 homes to give out free bottled water and filters to two families. the crisis started when the local government approved a cost saving measure to switch the town's water supply. police have made an arrest in connection with the paris terror attacks. there was a direct relationship to those who november. no word on the suspect's identity or his relationship ed: the state department is americans who are still missing tonight. the spokesman for the u.s.-lead coalition against isis says they are civilians. they were reportedly kidnapped from their interpreter's home. the second round of peace talks happening in afghanistan. afghanistan, pakistan, china and the united states are
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end to the afghan war against the taliban. the discussions will focus on details such as when and where the afghan government should hold meetings with the taliban's representative. the taliban insurgents have been fighting to overthrow the government in kabul for 14 years. boston's mayor marty walsh is talking at the state of the city address that happens tomorrow. several parents say they plan to demonstrate against the job the mayor has done for the embattled schools. he points to newly hired staff and extended learning time as key investments in the school system. you can watch the mayor's speech right here on channel 5 tomorrow night. our coverage begins at 7:30 right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. again this is tomorrow. ed: it appears less likely the marathon bomber will face state charges for the murder of mit police officer sean collier. after tsarnaev was convicted
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pursue charges in state court. she is now reconsidering her options and has not asked that tsarnaev be returned here to massachusetts. ed: a four alarm fire and this family was able to get out safely, but firefighters ran into a serious water shortage forcing them to bring in tankers from as far away as nashua, new hampshire. ed: and now to the opiat crisis. the chief is writing directly to anyone suffering from addiction saying, and i am quoting, you are important and worth it. there is no incentive or punishment that this disease responds to. there is recovery and a new life that can and should be yours. you deserve it. we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you when you want it. the chief concluding his message with the words "there
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gloucester pd launched the angel program that aims to help addicts rather than punish them. ed: more is coming up on newscenter 5 at 6:00. those in" american pie" arrested. and new, a device spotted in a bay state restroom that has people complaining. and new at 7:00, keeping time on main street all-around the world. inside the local company behind those magical clocks. and we are going from cold to bitter. look at the low temperatures and we have the big wins -- winds as well.
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some have proposed for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only
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we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. ed: this is an unusual look at the traffic. this is the boppinger hill -- bunker hill bridge. it is inching through town. the traffic on the right is going through town quite nicely. we will check the drive times in the areas and we just hit the update button. mass ave to route three. the upper deck to 128 is a nine-minute ride. you are flying. 93 at newton corner.
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the toll booth and the sun will slow you down. western tolls to 495. and once you get to 495 you are in both directions. this is a welcome sight. those who live around it is area, they are taking advantage of the new snow. obviously as you know this is in canton where many people who had the day off because of the holiday, they are all taking advantage of the slopes and skiing along. they had to bundle up. chilly, but perfect. >> and the snow that fell is sticking around. >> and it was fluffy snow. >> easy to move around and nice to ski on. hours. you can see the concentration was in eastern massachusetts. >> do i want to talk to you about the cold or do i want to talk to you about the weekend? >> are you a short-range man or a long-range man? >> i am a short-range man. >> i am a believer of first thing's first. the first thing is we have the
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let's show you the snowfall amounts and then off to the south three inches and four inches in marion and almost six inches in middle burrow. it is right along the water is where the jackpot is. in boston officially it was 3.1. lexington is almost 44 in hop hopkinton. and gloucester, cape anne, over five inches of snow. now it is the wind and the wind-cold combination. we already had gusts to 47 in worcester and 46 in providence and 46 on top of blue hill. we may not have seen strong winds yet. we have a wind -- rather we have a wind advisory that's in affect and will stay in affect for awhile down around the cape and the islands. it is all the way until 7:00 p.m. it starts at 5:00 p.m. for the rest of the region it is 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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potential to be strong or even stronger than we have been experiencing which is significant enough. nice sky conditions, but deceiving because the air is cold. a steady wind of 17 miles an hour. we are in the upper teens to mid20s, but enough wind to create a windchill of two in worcester. obviously very cold. you can see the cold air across the northeast. it is up to the great lakes and into southern canada. that's where our weather is coming from. that's why it is going to be very cold tonight and tomorrow. of course that turns on the great lakes snow machine. you take the cold air and you pass it over the still water of lakes eerie and ontario and dump the squalls. parts of northwest pennsylvania. birkshires. a few will get to worcester county, but for the most part west. that's the story in the short
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the -- that's the story in the short-term. these are the temperatures to expect. this is accompanied by very gusty winds 1k3 that's about the best we can do tomorrow. low to midtwenties for boston. as we look at the next seven days i mention the wind and the cold tomorrow. that's the coest feeling day. so let's talk about it in terms of windchill. look at it early in the day as you perhaps are heading back to work and school. 8 below in worcester and 1 below in boston. that's what it feels like. it won't get better in the course of the day. still very low windchills. a little less cold wednesday afternoon. still cold, not as and then it is the day to watch for us. the reason we are talking about that is here is the potential set up. we have the cold high pressure to the north and then we take a storm off the carolina coast. the whole key is how close will it come? if it stays fairly farther northern edge.
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more significant amounts probably of snow and we have to watch the high tide and the wind and the coast. there is a lot of potential with this. then we have to deal with the potential of the storm. there you go over the next seven days. bitter cold over the next 24 hours. it is cold, but not as bitter as tomorrow. us. late friday night, saturday, thing on sunday. that's the time range. and we will of course be following the possibilities as we go along. ed: and we are focused on what you have to say. family, friends that are struggling with addiction, the massachusetts bar association has started a help line and it was the first of its kind in the state. massachusetts law allows people to petition the court to involuntarily commit substance abusers if their drug or alcohol abuse puts them at risk. new information on a deadly
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one of the surviving volunteers is back home four others have brain damage. the trial was stopped after they became seriously ill. doctors say the drug is being developed to treat train and motor problems. ed: there is a recall of cashews from trader joe's because of possible -- i repeat possible salmonella. it includes 30 states including massachusetts. they are in a clear bag and labeled raw cashew pieces. it has a best by date of july 17th, 2016. this is a voluntary recall and no illnesses have been reported. ed: matt damon did it in "the martian" and now nasa says it is doing it for real. and a unique look at a scary rescue. he catches the moment he pull a baby from a burning
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ed: we just showed you this a minute ago. you can hear the conversation on the video you are looking at. a scary rescue of a mother and a baby. you can see the firefighter on the ladder grab the baby and hand him to safety before helping the mother out. no one was hurt in this fire
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helmet cam perspective. ed: a hard landing for space-x for the reusable rockets. it blasted off from california yesterday carrying a satellite that will help monitor the oceans after separation. the falcon 9 rocket was damaged during a hard landing back to earth. they are trying to develop reusable rockets to help the cost in space and space itself. for the first time ever a flaw better. a flower. the flower has bloomed in space. they tweeted this photo to the international spacestation. the flower is getting a little sun for the first time. nasa says it hopes to grow vegetables like for example -- and fruits like tomatoes in 2018 in space. again. now below $29 a barrel. it is the first time the prices have been that low since 2003. right now iran is working to quickly get back in a global oil market which would impact prices. the sanctions on the country are now over as part of the
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the country could reach one million barrels a day and do that within a year. the fantasy sports sight draft kings is pulling back on advertisements. it is one of the biggest advertisers during the opening weeks of the nfl season. draft kings wanted to become a household name. the site plans to invest its ad dollars elsewhere in 2016. "ride along 2" is the big movie. they pushed "star wars" out after weeks of dominance. "ride along 2" brought in $34 million" the revenance" and "star wars" was number 3 with $25 million. ed: still ahead at 4:30, an acceptance speech that will melt your heart. >> this is super cool. ed: super cool. the young actor who won't let his height stop his thank yous
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close the tax loopholes, tand make them pay their fair share. p then we can expand health care to all, r and provide universal college education. twill they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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ed: check this out. gas prices are dropping across the country. this station in michigan put the price too good to believe, 47 cents a gallon. someone snapped this picture and the price has gone back up to the normal ranges.
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with another station that was nearby. 47 cents a gallon. now to the 9-year-old star of the movie "room" who stole a few hearts -- a few? stole every heart as he accepted his critic's choice award. take a listen. >> i first want to say thank you to all of the critics who voted for me. it must be a super hard vote because of of all of the great actors in this category. i know where to put this. right on the shelf next to the millenium falcon. ed: jacob made sure to thank his mom and dad and tell him he loves them very much. he also wanted to thank them because he was allowed to stay up after bedtime to accept his award. phil and jc are behind me and ready to bring you newscenter 5 at 5:00 which starts right now. >> now on newscenter 5. harvey: bitter cold rushes in and wind advisories.
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>> the republican campaig


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