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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> the republican campaig battle front is heating up. >> and donald trump tries to staff off the attack. >> and the voice of the iconic song. arrested in new england, the charges. >> a car slams into a store, but it is what happened next that puts customers in danger. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: a bitter blast of cold has arrived. you know it by feeling outside. the temperatures are frozen in the 20s. jc: and harvey leonard joins us now it could be getting cold? harvey: yes, 2 to 4 widespread and 4 to 5 across the south shore and the north shore. upper teens and low to mid20s and the winds. we already have the windchills down to zero in worcester. you can expect to wake up early tomorrow morning to windchills below zero
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the wind advisory in affect right now for the cape and the islands all the way until 7:00 tomorrow. and there will be a wind advisory for the rest of the area from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. and of course we are watching for really saturday seems to be the key day for the potential here. there is a strong ocean storm to the south. there is a snow and wind impact that is likely here to some extent. how close the storm will come will determine the degree of the impact. will it be infringing or a stronger hit. a long way to go between now and there. following it closely and report back to you in a few minutes. phil: thanks. hoe pressers arrested -- protesters arrested and were protesting for higher wages. when they were ordered to leave the six arrested refused. jc: todd kazakiewich is live there. reporter: jc and phil, the peaceful protest was planned and so were the arrests. the demonstrators wanted to get arrested to make a point. they believe everyone who
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have a union and needs to have higher wages. >> i command you in the name of the commonwealth of massachusetts to immediately and peacefully disperse. reporter: an act of civil disobedience on martin luther king day. this afternoon six people were arrested for refusing to obey state police orders to leave logan airport terminal e. they were protesting for higher wages for airport workers. those arrested were a fraction of the 110 peaceful protesters who were making a point. they say the pay needs to be much higher than the current minimum wage of $10 an hour or $11 for some workers. it was a scene that played out at nine other major airports. >> the airlines can out source to responsible contractors that can pay a living wage. we think that's doable. the workers are part of the safety and security of the airport. they deserve more than minimum wage.
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time where we work one job and have quality wages and quality benefit. >> from sky 5 you can see the protesters assembling outside terminal e and then marching in. once inside they listen to a brief speech by a chelsea city counselor who counts many of the workers as constituents. >> we stand in the same spirit of martin luther king in solidarity to fight for what's right. >> they put out a statement in support of higher wages, but as to whether $15 an hour is appropriate, they deferred to the legislature. wcvb newscenter 5. phil: and it is the black lives matter movement and the demonstrators marched through the city streets this afternoon. at the end they stopped and made a circle around three black coffins. after a short demonstration the protest peacefully broke up. jc: commitment 2016 and donald trump and ted cruz continue to
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across new hampshire. the republican front runner, trump, just wrapped up in concord. that's where we find nicole. reporter: behind me a familiar scene in new hampshire now. crews are breaking down and had set up earlier for these gop candidates that are in the granite state throughout the week. it was the only crowd here to see donald trump speak. he spoke to the crowd for about an hour. it was a mix of people. they say they are trump supporters and a lot saying they were here because they found him, quote, interesting. this is not his first visit. he made 3w -- about 20 stops since he announced his campaign. he spoke about lowering tuition for college students and about building the wall that has become a platform on this conversation. absent from his speech was mention of the other gop presidential hopefuls. he did cite recent polls that have him leading the pack and heading into the final
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>> we are killing -- i tell it to you because i don't want you wasting your time. if we weren't it is not as exciting, right? and everybody -- everyone one of my competitors say i shouldn't mention the polls. but that's because i'm in first place. come here, jarod. reporter: and for the first time in new hampshire he brought his daughter ivanka along. she received a loud applause as she took to the stage. he took several questions, but people were upset he didn't take more. the primary in new hampshire on tuesday, february 9th. live in concord, wcvb, newscenter 5. jo -- jc: senator ted cruz was at a diner and right now meeting with voters in plymouth. republican john kasich is hoping to convince voters. he targeted jeb bush saying he
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phil: a man held captive in iraq is back on u.s. soil and has been reunited with his family. jack is live for us, jack? reporter: he is in the area we are told by his mother and step-father who spoke with us a little while ago. but he is not at the house and they say he is, to use their words, decompressing. he was released from iran and yesterday. he met his mother and they quickly left the airport and headed for hingham. president obama announced the release of four americans including this young man who was both a teacher and a student and several years in the middle east. they got the call, the parents, very early on saturday morning. they weren't upset. it is a call they long awaited. he said he was on his way home.
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morning -- actually 4:52, i'm sorry. it was the call we were hoping to get. it was matt and he was in the company of a swiss diplomat and he was on his way to leave iran. we woke up real fast and were happy to chat with him. reporter: matthew and his parents have obviously spent the night last night and settled in and left in separate cars. we don't know where he is right now. his parents say he is fine and decompressing and he may speak later on. jack harper, wcvb, newscenter 5. phil: right now the state department is trying to find three american contractors gone missing in iraq. there are reports that they have been kidnapped. the arab news agency claims the americans were taken by militants in baghdad. the u.s. embassy says it is working with iraqi authorities to locate those missing workers. phil: and tomorrow we could find out when aaron hernandez will face his next murder trial.
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set at a hearing for the 2012 shooting death of two men outside a boston nightclub. jury selection is expected to start this month, but the judge agreed to delay the trial because of an appeal over evidence. hernandez is serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. denver. the sole focus is beating the broncos. lynchy, it is a much different pats team making a trip out west. >> you got it. patriots were in denver on thanksgiving weekend. they were out edelman and lost the first game of the season that night. they may be bringing a crew that is too much for the broncos defense to handle. remember gronk was carted off the field after being hit and julian edelman was out. add amendola and others and brady has a number of weapons which makes his confidence swell.
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into every week. before the last game you don't know how many plays you have left in the entire season. if you lose you have whatever -- 50 or 60 plays. you are only really guaranteed another 60, 70 plays. >> more on the patriots at 6:00. see you then. jc: the nation is honoring martin luther king, junior today. from georgia to his monument in washington, d.c. tributes were also held in massachusetts. city leaders hosted their 46th annual mlk, junior breakfast this morning. frank holland was there. reporter: a musical and an emotional tribute to the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, junior. >> the importance of this is to keep dr. king's legacy alive and it is to continue to do the work. reporter: the mlk breakfast held this morning.
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and inspired a generation. reporter: this is the longest running tribute to dr. king in the nation. it was founded by the leaders of two black churches. >> in the aftermath of his assassination, we figure out how do we honor him. they got together and said let's do a breakfast. >> local leaders gathered to honor the civil rights leader and his work for social and economic justice. >> those who saw -- who are now standing saw everything. they need to know "black lives matter,"" black voices matter" and "black votes matter." king's message is an important part of boston's history. >> he was educated in the city and met his wife in the city. he preached in the city and protested in the city.
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universal notion that he was about is with us forever. jc: today marks the 30th anniversary of honoring the civil rights leader with a federal holiday. phil: new footage of the twin explosions have now been released. jc: the startling moments the bombs went off across the street from each other. phil: no drive-thru window at this gas station, but there was quite the close call. why things got worse right after that. jc: and bullied for not being part of the hometown team. the little boy that got the surprise of a lifetime this weekend and let's check the roads on this holiday. it is looking good. let's go to the maps and everything looks really good. 93 southbound usually a half shorter. 10 minutes? people are flying on the upper deck to 128. as you head up to the pike
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this is a good time to travel. and it looks great in both directions on 495 to pacific heights. that's a look at your first
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: a military unit swept away in the french alps following an avalanche. five soldiers died and several others were injured. it was part of a training exercise. the soldiers there specialized in harsh weather conditions. the deadly avalanche comes days after a school group also in the alps.
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more than 60 people forced to caught fire. the flames sparked on board the pj as it was returning from white island. the crew was able to make a may day call before going over board. four private vessels and the new zealand coast guard quickly arrived and made the rescues. only one passenger and a crew member had to be treated for minor injuries. the boat vow eventually sank. -- the boat eventually sank. jc: and an you a tack that targeted a starbucks and police. it was a police post in front shooting in the street. four were killed in this attack that happened near the united nations building. isis has claimed responsibility for the explosion. it was one of seven that day. jc: autopsy is in for the journalist murdered in belize.
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while vacationing. the autopsy also showed lacerations and bruises on her head. her body was found in the river and police are questioning a guatemala suspect who was fishing nearby at the time. phil: this deep prees is sweeping across other parts of the country. 17 states from montana to north carolina are all under windchill advisories and warnings. this bitter blast also brought the first snowfall. >> you knew it was bound to happen and now it has. the snow drought over from dc to new york city to boston. some areas getting two inches of snow making it the first and largest snowfall of the season. near buffalo where they are certainly used to snow the latest round caught residents off guard there. >> there was actually nothing here. there was grass -- you can see green grass on my lawn. it started yesterday afternoon
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i woke up to all of this this morning. the bitter snow creating a mess on the highway as well. others needing a push to get back on the road in northwest pennsylvania. freezing temperatures and icy roads in yonkers outside new new york city are blamed for this 14-car pile up overnight. out in minnesota it is so-called a local meteorologist shows you can freeze a t-shirt in minutes. it was even colder in north dakota with the wind chill feeling like minus 50 degrees. phil:-- phil: 22 in needham and clearly there was a change. you woke up and saw it in your driveway. terrible though. harvey: not terrible, but we haven't had much this season. nice, soft, light, easy to move around. now we have the cold and the wind. just look behind us.
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police and -- minneapolis and chicago. p. harvey: 1 lonely degree. nor well picked up six inches. that's the highest amount. ipswitch four inches boston was over three inches of snow. nervous. it is the wind causing it to shake like that. it is windy and it is cold. 24 in boston. winds. and then you add the gusts to that. without the gusts the windchill is 11 in boston right now. the actual air temperature is 18. in worcester, the air is even colder. and 15 out in pits field. right now the wind chill is a goose egg in worcester. and we are just starting the night and we will get colder. the winds will not abate. this means below zero windchills to start your day off tomorrow. we have had peak wind gusts of 405 miles an hour or -- 45
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we have a wind advisory that is going to go into affect at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow until 7:00 p.m. it is already in affect down around the cape and the islands. this is a look at the gusts we will be dealing with. notice 30 to 40 mile per hour wind gusts will be common. i wouldn't be surprised if some are over 40 as well. we will see that tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. this is 8:00 tomorrow evening showing gusts over 40 miles an hour. a windy period and a very cold period. when you put the two together even though the actual temperatures are not as low as we have sometimes seen them, it is a bitter combination. the actual low temperature will get into the single digits in worcester tonight and down into the low teens or so in boston. tomorrow's temperature recovery may not get to 20 in some of the hilly terrain in worcester county. low to mid20s with the powerful winds. it is all about the wind and the cold. wednesday is also going to be
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quite as cold as tuesday. overall it is going to be a cold week. one of the ways you know it when you get the northwesterly wind and we have the great lakes that are not frozen over because we haven't had that much cold weather. when you talk about lake erie and ontario, it picks up moisture and you get these streamers. it is a narrow, but intense band and making its way across to the birkshires. for the next seven days, tomorrow want to give you an idea since it is the coldest day of all what the windchill will be like. starting out below zero in boston and barely above swreer swreer -- zero in worcester. that's a cold feeling day. wednesday it is still going to be windy, but not as windy as tuesday. we can still expect gusts 20, 30 miles per hour. the temperature ease easy slightly on wednesday. not much though, but around 30. it is better than 23 which is
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for tomorrow. we stay cold on thursday and still cold on friday. then we watch the action that is going to be developing. we will take a storm and emerge it off the mid-atlantic coast. it will become a potent ocean storm. it is a pretty classic recipe for a significant coastal storm. the only thing i will continue to follow -- or a couple things. number one does it come close enough to get us to the core of the storm, and number two will there be warming from the ocean that may cause the coast or the cape for part of the storm to mix with sleet or rain. can't determine those things right now, but saturday is a day to watch to be sure. and the tides are sac straw -- #r a is as straw -- strronomically strong. we would have a quiet conclusion to the weekend and a happy conclusion to the weekend if the patriots win.
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we have sad news from the music world long-time eagles guitarist, glen frye who also had a successful career in the 80s has died. they confirmed that news on their website. he had intestinal issues for months. his condition took a turn for the worse. over the last few days the rock and roll hall of famer who wrote songs like "take it easy" and" lyin eyes" was 67 years old. phil: it is not the season for them, but there are new concerns about ticks. jc: why we are more likely to contract the do bill -- the debilitating illness. phil: and who is refusing to go to the award show. jc: new at 6:00, we know when new hampshire's ice castles
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phil: scholastic has pulled a controversial picture book about george washington and his slaves. critics say it sugar coats the tragedy of slavery. scholastic admits it does not include enough historical context and could give a false impression about slavery. they will accept all returns of the book. jc: a warning for lovers of the great outdoors. new research out suggests many more americans than thought face the threat of getting lyme disease. reporter: they are tiny, black and difficult to spot. and though the ticks go undetected in the backyard, those that carry lyme disease are more widespread than previously thought. they analyze the county level tick data finding the major tick species carry the lyme disease on the east and west coast and have been identified in nearly half of the counties in the united states. this marks a nearly 45% increase in the number of counties that have recorded
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since the previous mappings in 1998. for those on the east coast, the number of counties containing the species common to the eastern u.s. has doubled since the national distribution was mapped two decades ago. jc: and because these ticks are being identified doesn't mean they weren't there all along. so either way remember to wear protective clothing and bug spray in the wilderness and see a doctor if you have the traditional bull's eye rash or flu-like symptoms that could indicate lyme disease. phil: and gunfire in new hampshire. jcjc the jc -- jc: the argument that sparked the violence. phil: and beefing up the distracted driving bill. the new law that is considered at the state house later this
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>> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 the a 5 5:newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: glen frey has died. he was a founding member of the eagles and went on to have a successful solo career in the 80s and even scored a spot on "miami vice." he reportedly had intestinal issues along with other issues. songs like "lyin eyes" and" take it easy."
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