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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the single digits around worcester and combined with the wind, gusts will be much higher. below zero. you need to bundle up. jump all the way ahead to saturday and sunday, there will be a strong ocean storm to our south likely to give us some snow and wind impact. but how close will it come? be significant. i will be following all of that and discussing it more with you in a few minutes. heather: heating your home and driving your car, it is getting even cheaper. gas and heating oil prices plunging. price of oil dropped today. julie has our story. juli: it is a feeling that
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filling up your tank for a slash of the price it was a few years ago. crude oil prices are slipping to $30 a barrel and economists aren't predicting any major changes any time soon. reporter: today is a good day. juli: the statewide average now hovers around $1.87. the drivers who shop around are saving even more. >> $169. juli: domestic production of crude oil has decreased and less dependent on foreign imports pushing global supply even higher. that slashes prices on a lot of things. home heating, travel, the cost of shipping food and goods and tank. >> the savings over the cost of 2015 was $550. the savings overall to the tune
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juli: those are just for the average driver. >> most people do in a month. juli: for americans and business owners who spend a ton of time on the road, record high or low gas prices can make or break the bottom line. >> you have to pay your guys right away. it's tough. you have to pay them. and sometimes i will go a couple of weeks. juli: i spoke to michael of the massachusetts energy marketters association to get an idea of home heating costs and oil about a dollar less than a year ago, the average homeowner could see $1,000 savings for the year. ed: gloucester police chief suffering those with addiction
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there was a rash of overdoses. reporter: aimed at drug addicts. the city has first in the nation program that launched last may and proven successful. what happened here over the weekend, the chief says more needs to be done. reaching out on social media to those suffering from a social epidemic. >> make it shame-free, nonjudgmental, anti-stigma. gloucester police chief took to the facebook page urging treatment where the city saw four overdoses. a drug aid that was even mentioned during last night's democratic presidential debate. >> police officers must be equipped with the medicine. reporter: add its who come into
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charged with a crime as long as they seek treatment. 375 have accepted the department's open-door policy. >> we help a lot of people, yes. reporter: this weekend overdoses shines a light on the problem one which the chief is pleading to addicts. >> we are a safe haven and we keep to our word and build trust to people who are suffering from this illness and have been able to have some success. reporter: of the four overdoses over this weekend, three people did seek treatment, the fourth chose no treatment. ed: five things that you need to know about the growing opioid crises. more than double the number a decade earlier. since 2005, more massachusetts
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overdoses than in car crashes. 75% of heroin addicts report their drug use began with prescriptions. 80% of people will go to detox fix, relaps within six months if they don't get counseling. a person addicted to opyoids lives 15 years less. heather: some of the other stories we are following you, the hingham man is back in massachusetts today. trevithick left quickly with his mom. president obama announced the release of four americans yesterday. six protestors were arrested at logan after refusing to leave the terminal. they were demonstrating support for support. over 100 protestors, one of nine protests nationwide.
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movement, these demonstrators came through the streets. at the end, they stopped and made a circle around. ed: protestors are expected at the mayor's state of the city address. several parents plan to demonstrate. they are unhappy with the job that the mayor has done. mayor walsh has proposed more budget cuts but he points to time. and you can watch the mayor's speech tomorrow night. our coverage begins at 7:30 right after news center 5 at 7:00. heather: two republican front runners on the trail. senator cruz kicking off a bus tour. he made stops in new hampshire
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trump. >> we need a leader who is prepared to do what is needed to keep this country safe and that doesn't include spending your time on twitter. heather: donald trump did not mention cruz. trump spoke before the crowd and took questions. some people told us they wanted to hear even more from the front runner. >> i would like to hear more exactly what he plans to do and less about -- he doesn't talk about how he is going to do it. >> i wish he would tell us more. i hope he has a safe and a good plan. heather: joining trump on the campaign trail today, his daughter ivanka. ed: on the
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hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley marked martin luther king junior's day in south carolina. heather: the breakfast was held at the boston convention center this morning. this is the longest-running tribute to dr. king in the mission. it was found by two black churches. the mayor and the governor attended. ed: an ohio man is accused of murdering an officer. the body of an officer was found behind the town building overnight. his cruiser and service weapon missing. police arrested jones a few hours later after he was spotted running from a home. several guard troops are in flint, michigan, handing out
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ongoing water crisis. they have been grappling with lead in its drinking water following a cost-saving measure after switching the water supply from lake huron to the flint river. doug shows us how they are made right here in massachusetts. >> the cold air settling in and by the weekend a possible storm. details straight ahead. heather: remembering eagles'
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. rone says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. vmy plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, tand make them pay their fair share. p then we can expand health care to all, r and provide universal college education. twill they like me?
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by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and you could get a $100 rebate from your energy company.
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>> you are watching was crb newscenter 5 at 7:00. keep it burning it's on the street, the heat is on heather: frey was a founding member of the eagles and
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from complications of colitis and pneumonia. ed: the singer-songwriter from "american pie." is facing charges. don mclean was arrested after police spronded to a 911 call. he is free tonight. tomorrow, we could find out murder trial. a date is expected to be set for the 20 is 12 shooting death of two men. jury selection was to begin this month but there is an appeal over evidence. he is serving a live sentence. heather: doug is taking us to a local company that few of us know about. doug: you see them everywhere,
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marking time in your square, they actually tell a tale that is in the making. this is electric time company. since 1928, the design and created nearly 8,000 tower, street, post and wall clocks. >> that clock was made. probably 75 years ago. doug: tom has been the top time keeper. from new york city to china or disney world to main street u.s.a., you can find the hand crafted time pieces in almost every corner of the world. >> we have more clocks on more continents. somebody is bringing one of our clocks. doug: making time takes time, from faces to hands. >> we have 30 standard designs. doug: to gold plating to the
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that goes into one of these clocks is locally made. >> the gears are made in massachusetts and electric time not only creates new works of art. their restoration teams can literally turn back the hands of time. the fifth avenue clock at the toy center in manhattan is an example. >> it was cast in bronze and the most thing we ever touched and we brought it back. doug: there are 30 employees at the company. some of them have been punching the clock for the last 25-30 years and they don't expect to clock out any time soon. heather: making the most of that. [laughter] heather: that was very clever. i didn't know it was in medfield.
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heather: definitely not me. harvey: you know it's windy and cold and wind advisory all day tomorrow and we want you to be aware. city cam is shaking. 20 mile-an-hour wind. the witch is 8. the temperatures off to the north and west and wind gusts in worcester over 30 and boston and the wind chills are already a factor and dropped below zero. going to feel like it's below zero as you and the kids head out. these will be the actual temperatures to greet you. and if this is how warm it's going to get. when you get cold air like that it passes over the frozen great lakes. and some of them are making it into the berkshires. there could be a stray
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tomorrow, i want to talk about how it's going to feel for you. from boston to worcester. both are below zero to start the day. we get deeper into the day. the single digits we have for a wind chill. it will be as least a cold feeling as we have had this winter season. wednesday is still a cold day and below average, but the high dose improve from 23 on average to 30. it's still going to be windy and wind gusts. the wind will be down slightly compared to tuesday and the temperature will be up a little bit. the coldest of this current stretch is tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and first thing on wednesday. even through the rest of the week, it is still cold out, high of 29 on thursday. the jet stream puts cold air here, instead of being frigid
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then at the end of the week and weekend and things could get dicey. a storm emerging off the coast. if the storm moves east than north we will be on the fringe. more north than east and it will be a powerful storm. it will be a coastal storm. the track will be critical, but the potential is there if it comes close enough for significant snow for many of us and also a lot of wind and the tides are high this weekend. the time period for the potential is saturday, saturday night and to start the day off on sunday. so there you have it for us. snow and wind in the forecast on saturday. while we are dealing with the end of the storm here, we are looking out to where the patriots will be playing. looks like the temperatures will be 40 dropping into the 30's. there is a touch of light sflow or flurries perhaps by the end
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looks like the weather may be more eventful here than it will be here. i will stay on top of it. >> now sportscenter 5, one-minute drill. >> mike: we have a full week until kickoff and get ready for brady-manning chatter. this will be the 17th time they will have squared off and unlike any other sport, brady and manning are never on the field at the same time. ready for some numbers. brady won 11-16 but in the last 10, post-season they are split at 2-2. three times manning twice in the past 10 years, manning has won both postseason showdowns. and eight games played in denver, brady has won twice and
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the post-season. this season alone tom braddy has thrown more touchdown passes in denver than manning. and manning has thrown one touchdown pass. unlike two years ago, brady is coming to town loaded. the broncoso defense will have its hands busy. he has many more. >> the loss to the eagles and jets and miami, turn one of those around and that game would have been played right here. heather: patriots are favored by three in this one. mike: you are paying attention to this one.
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ed: these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five
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a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. heather: photo of an officer and an attached note. ed: it read i was driving into
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when i saw an officer sprint from his post to help an elderly woman. i can tell it meant an awful lot. heather: this was tweeted out by foxborough police and said it's not about fighting crime. this is officer gordon spreading ice melt on an elderly man's driveway after he fell. one of the stories we will be following. news. if you have a picture or difference. share them on the wcvb facebook
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ed: the man who survived an avalanche tumbling hundreds of feet down a new hampshire mountain, the hard lessons he learned. heather: there may be a flaw staring you right in the face. we'll show you how to stop that problem. ed: boosting your baby brain power and what women eat during pregnancy. heather: bone-chilling cold in the morning and potential
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ed: if you look at that picture, you see that will building, it's flashing blue, clouds are due. heather: not all that is due. the cold air. ed: i don't think it will worry about a weekend storm. heather: you are worried about that. harvey: i'm worried about that. i get paid to worry about those things. ed: what are you worrying about now? marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator.
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rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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