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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader. erika: first at noon, breaking news. bomb threats called into several local schools forcing some to send students home for the day. among the communities affected, arlington, billerica, groton, kingston, lexington, newton, plymouth, taunton, tewksbury, and waltham. let' s get right to newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich live in arlington where the police chief just spoke. todd? todd: good afternoon.
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as you see behind, there are a number of police vehicles out front of arlington high school. police are searching the buildings. they brought in canines from other area departments. you can see there are some austin lease cruisers as well. the police chief here in arlington came out and asked wind to us the nature of the threat. >> the threat threatened backpacks. any surviving students exiting the building would he shot. -- be shot. given the nature of the threat decisions. we went into a shelter in place students. todd:
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schools in the visible here referred to that when he sent an to what happened. he said that while we do not feel there is a significant threat, given recent threats, we caution. that is the latest here in arlington. school has been dismissed. police are still on scene. reporting live in austin -- arlington. erika: thank you. now to the weather. another blast of arctic cold grips the state. another system could bring substantial snow. cindy: the timeframe on this is centered around saturday during the storm is not on the map you. it' s tuesday and things could change. if that piece of energy comes
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we will have a better idea of how things will play out if you have weekend plans, we will develop. this is coming off the carolina coastline friday and impacting your weekend. south. some snow will impact us. because the trend has been farther south, it' s looking more likely that the heaviest snow may target the mid-atlantic states. there will likely be some moderate snow bands into new england. big travel impact from the see all the way into boston. that is the weekend storm. we' ve got the wind and cold and the wind is gusting up to 45 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory until 7:00 evening. that is making it feel so much colder outside.
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zero in worcester. there. it will be a dry afternoon. s with those wind chills of a single digits. we are your source for winter storm coverage. you can get the latest forecast, live radar, real-time closings on our mobile app. new this noon, a driver pulled to safety after his car ends up on its roof, hanging over an newscenter 5' s rhondella richardson is live with details of the rescue. rhondella? rhondella: this happened at 9:00 road. the are on the 400 watt. injuries. rescue. it into the damaged utility
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the driver tried to make this corner. he hit the embankment and went right into the water. the driver is 73-year-old leon redman. he was not submerged. he needed to be rescued from the driver' s seat. the car is totaled after teetering in a precarious position. the driver lives in east and was taken to good samaritan with minor injuries. this happened in two holes on a road. the jaws of life , he has been a problem. erika: new this noon, police investigating after a body is found in east boston. street just before 7:00 this no word on the person' s identity or whether the death is
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quincy man will face a judge, impersonating a woman online who tried to get people to attack her. he was arrested after he used a picture on an adult website, asking for people to kidnap and rate per. he posted photos of her children saying they should be tortured. right now, a chelsea woman faces charges, accused of lying about a violent attack. police say denissa perez claimed she was beaten and robbed by three men on her way home from work sunday night. trying to break up a fight between several men in a home it' s not clear why perez she' s charged with misleading a police investigation and is due in court later this month. convicted killer aaron hernandez is getting ready to head back to court. a date could be set today for his next murder case. hernandez is set to stand trial for a 2012 double murder in which two men were shot and killed outside a boston nightclub. the former patriots star is already serving a life sentence
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lloyd. jurors now getting the case of this 20-year-old man accused of causing a car crash that left two people paralyzed. prosecutors say nikolas papadopoulos was speeding on the arborway in jamaica plain in september 2013 when his suv jumped the median and hit the car driven by kevin cellucci, who suffered critical brain injuries. a teenaged passenger in the suspect' s car now lives in a wheelchair. papadopoulus initially pleaded guilty, but then changed his plea. the mbta reporting no issues related to today' s bitter cold. it says it was ready, taking steps overnight to minimize the newscenter 5' live in quincy with the response. sera? sera: they brought in extra equipment warmed up to prevent anything from freezing. this is out of a new plan to
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a frigid morning for returning to work after a long holiday weekend. they are taking steps to make sure the right goes smoothly. procedure. sera: extra workers ran empty trains and tested equipment area that keeps the system freezing. >> even the trains parked in the the doors to make to the freeze up overnight. sera: last year, snowfall halted service. >> at least they are trying to do something. especially overnight. sera: there were no problems this morning and the new steps temperature drops below 20 degrees. like last year. sera: we can keep our fingers crossed about that. the steps they took our for cold temperatures.
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would do for the storm we know is coming eventually. erika: the hingham man recently still not ready to address the public days after returning home but his family is speaking out. s doug meehan is live in hingham with the statement released overnight. doug? doug: just about two hours ago car. reporters of been waiting outside his home. the only knowledge meant was a smile and a wave as he drove by. he and his family are keeping a very low profile since his return a sunday. he had no comment when he returned to his parents home last night. a hug from his mom saying everything at the time. in a statement issued by his family, he is happy to be back
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he is doing well and spending on sport. nothing has been set with the conditions or how he was treated arrested in the first ways. his mother tells the herald he has lost 15 pounds since he left for iran. no word on the state department surrounding that arrest or the charges were brought against him. we are live. erika: thanks so much. it' s been five days since tumor in helicopters crashed in hawaii. -- two helicopters crashed in a white. life rafts were recovered. they search above and below water and on the shoreline for any signs of life.
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construction of a casino. they landed the $1 billion s one of the largest private construction contracts ever awarded in massachusetts began the casino will open by the end of 2018. tonight boston mayor marty walsh will deliver his state of the he' s expected to focus heavily on education, crime, and s speech right here on channel 5. coverage begins at 7:30, right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. another arrest in the terrace terror attacks. the ties the suspect had. donald trump and ted cruz are upping the attacks on each other. cindy: the wind, the cold are coming slowly. it' s going to be a significant storm this weekend. erika: several actors are
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syria. he traveled there in 2003rd teen with one of the bombers who blew paris. police are still looking for another man who fled to belgium. the trail for him has gone cold. the supreme court will review the presidents immigration plan. that allows 5 million emigrants to work legally in the u.s.. a lower court blocked it from taking effect. the decision will be made oig. hearing delayed for the affluenza teen who fled the united states. he is jailed in mexico. his mother is back in the u.s., but it could be a while before he returns. he tried to evade authorities after highlighting his probation.
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the war of words continues on the campaign trail. heated exchanges between donald trump and ted cruz overnight or in an escalating battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders >> conservatives are change your tone. think s clothing. that he is a lifetime new yorker and that means something. >> the often -- this latest attack on his personality. >> nobody likes him. >> the trump campaign may be refrain from attacking ted cruz on the trail. >> i am so incredibly proud of my father. america great again.
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not do personal tax, but pounds from wall street banks. >> she has sachs. >> sanders is right. she received $675,000 in beaker fees from the bank and 2013. sanders is within striking distance of clinton in iowa and ted cruz and donald trump arnett. trump is promising a big endorsement later today. / over a lack of diversity several big-name actors including spike lee and will smith may boycott the oscars. it'
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28. twitter is back online after a worldwide outage. saying it was overcapacity. it' s a sporadic outages on computers and phones. it' s still not clear what triggered the problem. a special treat for skywatchers. you can see five planets together just before dawn. mercury, venus, saturn, mars, jupiter will be visible for 45 minutes. it' s the first time in 10 years of all five will appear together in the predawn. cindy: we should have mainly s s for sure. cold air is in place.
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lacking these past few storms. if we get over four inches, it will double what we have seen this season. we are well behind typical winter. this next storm will likely feature some snow. those are not the only impacts for it during i think snow will wind. it is the wind along the coastline could lead to flooding and also the erosion. this next door may have big impact. we have mainly clear to partly cloudy skies. s 22 in boston. the wind is sustained to 20. it is gusting much higher.
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we have some localized tree limbs coming down. we have had colder days, but when you factor in that wind, it' s pretty tough out there. look at the windchill right now. austin. 5:00, notice the windchill holding mainly in the single digits. that' s going to be the case into the evening hours as well. you are going to notice that overnight area the temperature will drop to around 20 degrees. to drop all that much. pressure to our west. the weather is quiet. that is owing to allow this disturbance in the middle of the
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they are not worried about that. the next thing we are watching is this weekend storm. this is going to come into the pacific west today. it' s going to trek across the country. there it is, hitting the coastline of developing into a powerful storm. an area of high pressure to the north. that is going to give us that easterly wind. thing and it' into sunday. the track is critical. track. are going to be impacted by the storm. the timing comes in friday. it' s going to be overnight
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it may last into sunday. that coastal flooding and each well. this is giving the easterly . all the while, we have a full moon on saturday. high. we will have to watch for some title flooding and beach erosion as well. sunday. again until sunday or monday --. erika: an important recall for s. they are recalling cashews because of possible salmonella contamination they are labeled
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this is a voluntary recall. no illnesses have dan reported. doctors are still overprescribing antibiotics during cold and flu season. they are getting trips and how to avoid unnecessary prescriptions. doctors should offer patients advice first like using a humidifier. patient should only return to the doctor if the symptoms don' t get better. passwords is out. the surprising numbers and
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