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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  January 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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driver charged in a crash on the arborwayt paralyzed o people. it took a jury only a few hours to find nikolas papadopoulos guilty. he was speeding back in 2013 when his suv jumping median and hit another car. a teenager driving with them is now in a wheelchair. the other big story we all following tonight is the weather. we' re tracking the bitter cold and a winter storm threat. chief meteorologist harvey leonard is here with the latest . harvey: certainly, the cold is evident especially when you factor in the wind. we have a wind advisory in effect until 7 p.m. tonight but it is not like the wind will shut off. it will ease a little bit. we are talking about powerful wind gusts. gusting to 47 miles per hour right now. boston at 35 miles per hour. with temperatures in the lower 20' s, the wind chill right now is in the single digits and
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in terms of tonight, wind chill will be around zero and single digits in boston even with the wind easing. the actual temperature will hover in the teens to around 20 degrees overnight and to start the day out tomorrow. as for the weekend storm threat, the timeframe looks to be saturday afternoon into sunday morning for us. the track will be critical. some trending south over all. i do expect some snow, but how much will depend on the track and we will talk more about it. ed: newscenter 5 is your source for winter storm coverage. you can get the latest storm team 5 forecasts, live radar and real-time closings and delays with our wcvb mobile app. download it for free in your app store. right now, the fbi is investigating a number of bomb threats called into schools across the state. more than a dozen communities targeted today. some schools sending students
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todd kazakiwich is live in arlington tonight. todd: the threat here at arlington high school was one of 15 called into schools around greater boston. like those other threats, this threat here at arlington high school was deemed to be unfounded. still, school administrators and police decided to evacuate the school this morning. police then brought in bomb-sniffing dogs to search the school. nothing suspicious was found, but the threat itself was quite detailed. the police chief says that' s one was made to dismiss students right away. >> the threat threatened for backpacks to explode in the school, and that any surviving students exiting the building would be shot. todd: again, after a thorough search of the building, the threat was deemed to be unfounded. school will reopen tomorrow. counselors will be on hand in case students and staff need to talk. reporting live in arlington, todd kazakiwich, wcvb newscenter
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ed: massachusetts wasn' t the only state targeted today. at least three schools in new hampshire and nine in northern new jersey received bomb threats . most of those threats were dialed in, some of them automated, forcing evacuations and lockdowns in new jersey. a dramatic rescue in easton this morning. a car flipping on its top in water bitter cold making the effort to get the 73-year-old driver out a challenge. this happened on bay road. fortunately the car was suspended on the banks of the stream so the driver was never submerged in water. people who heard the crash helped get him to safety. he suffered a shoulder and leg injury. new at 4:30, a man arrested and charged in a disturbing plot on a mother and her family makes his first appearance in court. newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in haverhill where the suspect faced a judge a short time ago. reid: the story behind the
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than the charges. this man is accused of stealing a woman' s identity then soliciting horrific acts of violence on her behalf online. 45-year-old thomas sheehan is accused of posting the woman' s personal information on an adult website, including her address and pictures of her and her two young children. here is where it gets graphic -- posing as this woman online, said prosecutors he expressed a , desire to be kidnapped, raped and tortured. going as far as asking dangerous weapons be used during the assault. prosecutors say he knew the woman but the victim had no idea he was doing this online. thankfully, nothing ever happened. s married, is being investigated for doing the same thing to other women in the prosecutors would only say he' cash bail.
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monitored by gps. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the mbta reporting no problems today despite the bitter-cold temperatures. overnight, extra workers were brought in to run empty trains and test equipment -- steps to prevent the system from freezing up. it' s all part of the t' s new cold car procedures put in place after last winter' s historic snowfall levels halted service. >> we will exercise the doors, even the trains parked in the yards. we will make sure they don' t freeze up overnight. ed: this plan is here to stay. the t says the new steps will be taken whenever the temperature drops below 20 degrees. tonight, boston mayor marty walsh will deliver his state of the city address. he' s expected to focus heavily on education, crime and housing. you can watch the mayor' s speech right here on channel 5 and the wcvb app. coverage begins at 7:30, right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. new at 4:30, former massachusetts house speaker sal
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in pension payments back. s supreme court to give the money to his family as he serves an eight-year prison sentence. in 2011, he was convicted on corruption charges. his nearly $5000 monthly pension was revoked after he was found guilty. the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hear a challenge to the president executive order on but, the white house says it' s court will uphold the last year' s executive order allowed millions of illegal legally. more than two dozen states are challenging the order. the case will likely be argued in april with a decision by june. breaking news on the campaign trail -- donald trump is picking up the endorsement from sarah palin. the former republican vice presidential nominee is expected to appear with trump in iowa later today. the endorsement comes two weeks ahead of the iowa caucuses.
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all events today after some of three people were hurt. one had to be flown to omaha, nebraska for treatment. carson, who was in south carolina, plans to fly to omaha to meet with the injured volunteer. republican presidential candidate ted cruz campaigning in new hampshire today. he' s in the middle of a five-day bus tour. cruz, who has seen a bump in the polls recently, has stops in rochester and rye tonight. a new monmouth university poll shows bernie sanders is narrowing the gap in iowa. hillary clinton still leads with 52% of democratic voters nationwide supporting her. however, sanders has 37%, climbing 11 percentage points since the last poll taken last month. speaking of hillary clinton, she now has the endorsement of the largest lgbt organization in the country. the human rights campaign announcing today it is backing the democratic frontrunner. the group says it will work to mobilize its 1.5 million members to support clinton if she becomes the party'
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a hearing delayed today for the so-called affluenza teen who fled the u.s. ethan couch is jailed in mexico where he traveled with his mother. she is back in the u.s., but it could still be a while before he returns. couch is accused of trying to evade authorities after violating his probation for a 2013 drunk driving crash that killed four people. right now, a lawsuit against a southborough school over its wi-fi is going to trial. the family of a 12-year-old who attended the fay school claims the boy suffers from a rare condition brought about by wi-fi signals. it causes dizziness and headaches, among other symptoms. the family says the school ignored their requests to make accommodations. the school says its radio emissions are well within standards. the case heads to trial in
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two people are dead and at least 18 others injured after this nasty greyhound bus crash. it happened this morning in san jose, california. you can see the bus on its side right in the center lanes. authorities say it was raining at the time of the crash. a 12-year-old boy expected to recover after falling 20 feet from a ski lift. it happened sunday night at wachusett mountain in princeton. the resort says the boy and other kids were messing around on the lift just before he fell. one of the americans freed by iran over the weekend is talking about his time in prison. the marine talking to media in germany. >> even the iranian officials who were our captors were amazed and asked us why are they working so hard for you? it is america and they love their citizens. ed: that was amir hekmati. the 32-year-old spent more than four years in the iranian prison after he went to visit his grandmother and was detained for espionage. hingham native mathew trevithick was released from iran in a separate prison release. he and his family are keeping a
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nothing has been said about the conditions or how he was treated while in prison or why he was arrested in the first place. it' s been five days since two marine helicopters crashed in hawaii with this hingham native on board. and still, no sign of the crew. christopher orlando and 12 others were on the helicopters when they collided. all four life rafts that were on board have been recovered. crews continue to search above and below water, and along the shoreline but so far nothing. new details about el chapo' s life back behind bars. sources say extreme security measures are in place to make sure the notorious drug lord stays put. he was recently re-captured after escaping from prison in mexico. the "el universal" newspaper says motion sensors are monitoring his every move. dogs trained to detect his scent are standing guard and prison floors have been reinforced with
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the paper also says el chapo never stays in the same cell. he' s moved every few hours. time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. promoting mindfulness at a young age. the new program being adopted in massachusetts and the benefits going far outside the classroom. at 6:00 tonight as students head , back to class, umass boston targets smokers on campus. the new policy in place. new at 7:00 -- property taxes going up in several communities tonight. we break down the numbers and explain the reason for the jump. harvey: while we deal with the wind and cold now, the storm potential for the weekend is coming in from the west coast. we have a long way for it to happen. i will discuss some of the possibilities. ed: and we are following breaking news -- two people shot at the maverick mbta station in east boston. the blue line service has been restored.
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announcer: you are watching newscenter 5. ed: see those headlights? they are moving towards newton. traffic moving into town is moving at the speed limit. you can understand that yesterday traffic was pretty good but today' s not bad. 16 minutes the upper deck to 128.
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leave the core of the state. 93 to newton -- you get slowed at the tolls a little bit but you will pick it up. 495 right now up to 290, seven minutes but a little slow as you go down the intersection of interstate 90. everybody is talking about snow. this is in pennsylvania. lake-effect snow slamming parts of the state. some areas near the lakeshore seeing up to 34 inches of snow. that is a lot of snow. feet? harvey: i don' t think so. if you look behind me, you can see around syracuse, lake ontario -- you get cold air, the get dumped. ed: this is a.j. burnett. he is always here working. i want to make sure you know who he is. it is the lake affect
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harvey: that is nothing to do with the storm we are talking about. look at some of these wind gusts today. getting to 55. boston at 47. worcester, 47. it has been very windy. the wind advisory will stay in effect until 7:00 tonight. we have had some clouds although right now it is mostly clear. that is a steady wind of 26 miles per hour in boston and it is only 18 and worcester today where it is not been back to 20 for the high temperature. wind gusts of 47 miles per hour. after 7:00, the wind will not shut off but it will diminish a little bit so it will not be a wind advisory. it still will be cold. temperatures will level off in the teens during the overnight period in most places.
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evening in the cold with it being seven degrees less cold. that will help. the storm we are talking about is coming into the west coast. it will eventually drop to the east and then southeast. this bundle of energy and then forming a storm in the southern states that will march up the east coast. for us, i think the strongest timeframe of getting snow -- it is not definite because the track could be farther south -- it would probably be saturday midday into sunday morning. that track is critical. i cannot stress it enough. it is more likely that the inland part of the mid-atlantic will get big snow. we will be more on the edge. them. there is the potential for snow impacts. we have high tide astronomically coming up for this weekend. checking out the next seven days -- tomorrow, a little less cold
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thursday, bright but still cold and friday as well. not as cold as now but below average. highs around 30 degrees. it is in saturday afternoon into sunday morning we are talking about the setup of a cold high. how far north. the international between the two will funnel a strong east wind. with the persistent northeast wind and coastal flooding, there snowfall. when this ends by sunday morning, it looks like it will turn slightly mild sunday afternoon. monday and tuesday of next week temperatures will be on the mild side, actually above average. we have a lot of change to go through over the next number of days. cold through the weekend watching the storm threat for the middle portion of this upcoming weekend before we get a break early next week. ed: let'
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at 4:30. changes to the school lunch your child eats could be on the way. the u.s. senate is discussing easing requirements on whole grains. lawmakers are also talking about delaying a decision to cut sodium levels. a vote is scheduled for tomorrow. if approved, the new standards could take effect by next school year. a new report shows doctors are still over-prescribing antibiotics during cold and flu season despite years of warnings. now those doctors are getting tips on how to avoid unnecessary prescriptions for common complaints. the cdc says doctors should offer patients advice first like using humidifiers and filling up on fluids. they say patients should only return if their symptoms are not getting better. the cdc issuing a travel warning for pregnant women. it centers around the zika oubtreak in 14 countries and territories in latin america and the caribbean. the mosquito-bourne illness has been linked to birth defects and deaths in newborns. symptoms include fever, rash and
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there is no vaccine available. a new reason to kick the habit -- the impact that smoking could have on your wallet. in a new report from wallet hub, it was discovered that over the course of a lifetime, smoking costs top more than $2 million for massachusetts residents. costs include smoking-related health bills, money spent on cigarettes rather than investments and lost productivity due to smoking. more plastic in the ocean than sea life. the troubling new report and what experts say might help change the course. tiffany' s seeing more red these days than that powder blue. the trouble for the jewelry chain. but first, let' s check wall
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what's in your wallet? ed: twitter back online after a worldwide outage. overnight, users trying to access the site got an error message saying it was over capacity. the social network says it suffered sporadic outages on it' s still not clear what here' s a disturbing image -- experts predict that by 2050, plastic will outnumber fish in the world' than one million tons of it floating around. the world economic forum report is based on interviews with dozens of experts and analysis of hundreds of reports. the forum says the only way to
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improve recycling efforts by giving people incentives to reuse and recycle. a boston company will lead construction of wynn resorts' casino planned for everett. suffolk construction landed the $1 billion contract. it' s one of the largest private construction contracts ever awarded in the commonwealth and is expected to create thousands of jobs over the next two years. the casino is set to open by the end of 2018. we focus now on the economy -- struggling johnson & johnson plans to cut 3000 jobs to save money and create more innovative products. those cuts will come over the next two years. they focus on the company' s orthopedic, surgery and cardiovascular operations. the company estimates cost savings of up to $1 billion. the economy is also having an impact on luxury jeweler tiffany and company. the upscale retailer reports a sharp decline in holiday sales and job cuts. it blames weak spending by tourists. but the company' s reluctance to
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tiffany' s shares, which have lost nearly a third of their value in the last six months, reached a three-year low this morning. volkswagen' s north american business is under new leadership tonight. the troubled automaker has picked a former bmw manager to run the division. volkswagen continues to face legal and image problems after admitting to installing devices to cheat emissions tests in several diesel models. nearly a half a million u.s. cars will need to be fixed, but no timetable has been released. one of the world' s most popular messaging services will soon be free. facebook' s whatsapp plans to drop its $.99 subscription fee. the app was free for a year before that fee kicked in. facebook says whatsapp will start testing tools to let customers communicate with banks and businesses which in turn will fund the app. still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30 -- a reason to get up
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ed: take a look at this picture. you can see that one dot. a special treat for skywatchers starting tomorrow. you' ll be able to see five planets together in the sky just before dawn.
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jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes. experts say it' s the first time in more than 10 years that all five will have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. keep that in mind. as you can see behind me, j.c. and phil are getting all set for newscenter 5 at 5:00 right now. j.c.: breaking news in east boston tonight. a shooting inside a busy t station. harvey: a slight re-freeze from the bitter cold and an update of the weekend storm threat. j.c.: upside down and frigid water. the lucky break that helped crews rescued the driver. >> we are trying to create emotional awareness. phil: the local program helping preschoolers keep cool in and out of the classroom. announcer: this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. j.c.: breaking news in east
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