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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> from boston' s news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m.
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gunman is on the run after a shooting on a blue line train. one person was shot on the train at maverick station. the other shot on the platform. their injuries are not life threatening. blue line service is up and running again. j.c.: also breaking, sarah palin is backing donald trump. the event is happening soon in iowa. palin' s endorsement has been sought by several conservatives in the 2016 race. phil: a guilty verdict in a crash on the arborway that paralyzed two people. nikolas papadopoulos will be sentenced in two weeks. he was 19 when his speeding suv jumped the median in 2013. the crash left a teenage passenger in a wheelchair, and another driver with critical brain injuries. j.c.: harvey joins us now. the bitter cold remains and now we' re looking at the threat of snow this weekend. harvey: we have wind gusts of 44 in worcester right now. when you combine that the temperature 18, you get a wind
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even the the wind advisory will expire at 7:00 p.m. tonight it still will be windy tonight in boston. steady winds will keep up near 20 miles per hour. that will keep the wind chill in the single digits. the actual temperature will be in the teens to 20 degrees. notice we' re talking about storm threats. not storm certainty. the threat for us looks like it would be from about saturday afternoon into early sunday. the track, as always, will be very critical. everything i' m looking at seems to be trending a little bit further south, which would diminish the effects for us. nonetheless, there is the chance for snow, wind, and coastal impact. there may be a sharp northern cut off to significant snow that may be in our area. i will have that in a little while. j.c.: the mbta reporting no issues related to today' s bitter
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it says it was ready taking steps overnight to minimize the impact. newscenter 5' s sera congi has the transit agency' s response. >> a frigid morning for commuters returning to work after a long holiday weekend, the mbta taking steps to make sure the ride goes smoothly. >> we' ve institute what we call our cold car procedures. j.c.: extra workers were brought in overnight to run empty trains and test equipment, steps to prevent the system from freezing up. >> we' ll exercise the doors even the trains that are parked in the yards, open and close the doors to make sure they don' t freeze up overnight. j.c.: these are some of the new winter when historic snowfall levels halted service. >> i think that' s great, at least they' something. s good, especially overnight. j.c.: the tee says there were no cold weather problems this be taken whenever the temperatures drop below 20 degrees. s just hope we don' t have a winter like last year.
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are in preparation for the eventually. phil: strong winds forced several new hampshire ski today. wildcat mountain was closed to all skiing and snowboarding. cannon mountain was open but shut down its quad lift for safety reasons. waterville valley also shut down its white peaks quad lift. but all resorts say fresh snow from the past weekend has made for great conditions. here in massachusetts, a 12-year-old boy expected to recover after falling 20-feet from a ski lift. it happened sunday night at wachusett mountain in princeton. the resort says the boy and other kids were messing around on the lift just before he fell. the boy was brought to the hospital but is expected to be ok. j.c.: new numbers show police hundreds of guns off the streets. nearly 1,000 pistols, shotguns and assault rifles were confiscated in almost 130 cities and towns last year. the data was filed as part of a gun crime survey. but police say that number might
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of guns being seized. phil: this week' s a-plus takes us to framingham. j.c.: up next, one young man' s story. the program at the high school that changed his life. phil: tweets silenced. the outage on twitter that many woke up to this morning. jc: avoiding tantrums and helping young children get control of their emotions. the adult lessons some local pre-schoolers are learning. j.c.: and taking a look at first alert traffic. you' re looking live at the mass things are moving well. a chilly but quiet night. s are not bad. northbound the 16 minutes. pike, 19 minutes. 128 is looking good.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. phil: this week' s a plus wants to show that when it comes to getting into college it' s not always about your overall transcript. j.c.: more about where you ve come. newscenter 5' s antoinette antonio introduces us to jamar pierre louis, from framingham high school. control. louis wasn' finish school. >> i didn' all and i thought it was just another thing that i was forced into. things changed thanks to the resiliency for life or rfl program at framingham high school. >> i realized slacking off isn' t
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middle school that was the cool thing to slack off be the cool guy who didn' t do anything and still pass, but in high school it' s not cool. >> jamar started off as a student who was frustrated, his parents had just gotten divorced and that was weighing on him and demotivating him to be honest . >> mark goldschmidt is a liaison for rfl, which is a voluntary program for at-risk kids, working to prevent them from dropping out. he says jamar has made leaps and bound since meeting him in the eighth grade. he was a d-average student, with mom working double shifts at a -- as a nurse there was no one , to encourage him work harder. nowadays, jamar is enrolled in a.p. and honors classes. >> jamar is much bigger and better than his transcript could ever show. he' s a student who has done it himself, he' s resilient, intelligent, he' s highly motivated. >> in fact, he also completed a state house internship.
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t necessarily stand out, but he means it in a good way. >> it' s how jamar is similar to the kids who are going to college. he can do anything he wants, i mean he can really do anything he wants. >> turning an academic career around, and showing his peers it is possible no matter your starting point. that' s why jamar pierre louis deserves this a plus. antoinette antonio, wcvb. phil: he sure does. and if you know an exceptional student worthy of an a+, submit a nomination right now at just click as seen on. j.c.: scandal rocking the world of professional tennis tonight. phil: as the first major tournament of the year gets underway. up next, the new evidence of suspected match-fixing revealed. j.c.: if you don' t mind waking up early you are in for a spectacular sight in the sky. the image you can see moments
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phil: now at 5:30 p.m. the details on that match-fixing scandal rocking the world of professional tennis. with the australian open underway this week some of the sport' s biggest stars are speaking out and demanding answers. here' s abc'
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>> this week' s australian open is overshadowed, making headlines instead of reports from the bbc and both the alleging that tennis officials depressed in the -- suppressed evidence of match fixing in some 20,000 matches. >> i did everything i coded to be not just only great but historic. if that is going on, i don' t know about it. >> many of the sports top stars say they know know nothing about it, but want more details. >> we need names, concrete stuff. >> it is bad. we want to be a made aware of the people who are potentially involved in this. >> according to the defending champion, someone on his team was approached back in 2007, offering $200,000 for him to
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>> i was not approached directly. it did not even get to me. >> he had others have questioned why the players are being scrutinized when williams health, a british betting agency , where you can bet on the players is a major sponsor of the australian open. while most are denying the allegations, as feed is standing by the report. j.c.: twitter back online after a worldwide outage. overnight users trying to access the site got an error message saying it was over capacity. the social network says it suffered sporadic outages on computers and phones that have it' s still not clear what triggered the problem.
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florida. about 300 boards were taken by us customs at the port of miami officials say the self-balancing boards came from china and contained batteries with a fake lg trademark logo. the hover-boards are worth an estimated $94,000. phil: a special treat for you' ll be able to see 5 planets together in the sky just before dawn. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes. experts say it' s the first time in more than 10 years that all 5 will have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. every time we do one of these stories, we always have to check it out because cloud cover sometimes gets in the way. harvey: it is cool and cool. cool to see him and hold if you' re going to. these of the actual temperatures around our region for the next three overnights into the early morning hours. you can see temperatures around
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inviting brees for -- a biting breeze through tomorrow night. we are in the upper teens to 20' s across the region. it is very cold, temperatures in the single digits. the wind will abate some, but not completely great that winter advisory will expire after 7:00 p.m. tonight. here' s your weather tomorrow. while boston can only get into the 20' s today, 30' s tomorrow. a little bit easier to take. we are certainly following a little bit of an impulse around the midwest. here is a little package of snow moving through portions i iowa and missouri. we will see a little bit of that cloudiness tomorrow, but i do not think the snow will make it. but i' m also keeping an eye on this system. all of this coming on the west coast will eventually become a storm on the carolina coast by the time we get to friday night. then the question will be how
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here is one idea, with this whole thing. the heaviest snow could actually target the mid-atlantic area with our areas in southern new england on the edge of the significant snow. there will still be travel in packs i-95, especially from new york on down to washington, and that gets a little bit more questionable how significant the effect will be when you go north -- providence and boston. this is the greatest chance for the heaviest snow. it will include the nations capital. baltimore, philadelphia, i' m kind of drawing it as the moderate area of snow getting pike. right now i would say we are extent. be bring us anything. keep in mind, this is tuesday evening. the storm threat is saturday
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with a little sharp wind, and so far out in time, obviously a recommendation is to monitor our future forecast. in the meantime, here we go tomorrow. a little bit less cold then today. about 30 degrees. a bright day on thursday. these temperatures are averaging below normal. only around 30 for the daytime high. when we start to get to friday and saturday and sunday, that is when the plot starts to thicken. that timing looks good into saturday morning and sunday morning for the threat. it is also astronomical high tide. coastal flooding in the trojan could come into play. a powerful ocean storm that is too far away to give us snow, but we can still get some coastal flooding. all of those things are still in there when we evaluate how all this can break down. again, i want to show you the set up. the storm comes up the coast, but how far north will be the
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lots of interesting things to watch, a multifaceted storm, potentially. but the tricky part impact for many, is how far snow area will get. out on that. -- lockout on that. -- luck out on that. phil: two legendary musicians are teaming up for a summer tour and they will stop in massachusetts. sting and peter gabriel will join forces for a month-long north american gig. the rock paper scissors tour s dcu center on july 2. gabriel and sting will perform tracks from both of their storied catalogs separately and together. some hollywood heavy hitters boycotting the oscars to protest the lack of racial diversity among this year' s nominees. the move comes after minority nominees were overlooked for a second year in a row. stars like spike lee and jada pinkett smith making their
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media. >> is it time that people of color recognized how much power , influence that we have amassed, and we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere? phil: pinkett says she won' t be at the oscars and she won' t be watching either. the academy' s president now promising big changes to help improve diversity. j.c.: the world' s oldest man has died at age 112. yasutaro koide was just two months shy of his 113th birthday. he was being treated for chronic heart problems. the japanese man said his secret to a long life was not to overdo it, or drink or smoke. phil: all good things. a wish come true for a boy in vermont who is fighting cancer. j.c.: he got to create his own comic. make-a-wish vermont sent
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city. he spent time with the artists and created teen super corps. the characters are based on his friends, and he came up with the storyline. vermont senator patrick leahy and several superheroes delivered the finished product to eli yesterday. the best news? his dad says it now appears the cancer he has been fighting since he was two is in remission. phil: so huge. j.c.: team super corps, right there. keeping children calm and teaching them about keeping emotions in check. phil: up next, the lessons being taught at a local pre-school. heather: breaking news coming up at 6:00, two people shot at an mbta station in east boston. one victim was on a train as they were hit by the bullet. we' re live at the maverick t stop getting answers from police. plus, a verdict in the trial connected to this crash on the arborway in boston that left
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news at 6:00 we are hearing from the man who' s car rolled over,
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for the girl scout meeting... okay.
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for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop&shop. phil: eating a lot of fish during pregnancy may benefit a baby' s brains for years to come. researchers in spain followed more than two thousand pairs of mothers and children for 5 years. they found improved brain function in the 5-year-olds whose mothers ate at least three servings of fish a week during pregnancy. women are usually warned not to
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pregnant, but this time no negative side effects outweighed benefits to the brain. j.c.: preschoolers are known for being a little volatile. but a local program is helping children as young as 15 months keep their emotions in check with mindfulness. newscenter 5' s emily riemer shows us how. >> pre-k kids at pine village spanish immersion preschool in needham practicing a very adult concept, mindfulness. props like this book are now a regular part of their morning routine. >> what we' re trying to create here is emotional awareness. >> as part of a study with harvard' s research school international, the school is teaching mindfulness techniques, trying to give these little ones tools to calm down when they feel their emotions flare up. >> the teacher will guide them and say, i notice you' re frustrated, maybe we can just go to the safe place and just calm down and breathe and we will guide them through it. >> through techniques like the
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their bellies like a big balloon and then let all the air out in one big gust. and while the teachers notice a positive change in the kids' behavior using these skills, the benefits extend far beyond this classroom. dr. christina hinton is the study' s lead researcher. >> it can help them kind of calm and feel centered, and sort of aware of the emotion and not run by it. it turns out it' s a really important skill. it predicts a lot of later in life outcomes, success in school and workplace and beyond . >> the study will continue through the school year. but dr. hinton says you can talk to your kids about these kind of self-regulating skills at any age. the benefits would be the same. j.c.: there are many adults i would like to have teach those methods. phil: i have preschoolers at one point, they had no tantrums ever. j.c.: and then you woke up. [laughter] phil: exactly. breaking news tonight, on the
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j.c.: details ahead at six. heather: breaking news, two people shot in east boston at an mbta station. more information, coming up. this man accused of stealing a s identity. what happened next is truly disturbing. harvey: an update on the weekend storms. ed: why they say mayor walsh is not doing enough. >> this is newscenter 5 at 6:00 p.m. heather: breaking news, two people shot in east boston at an mbta station. sky 5 was over the scene at the maverick t stop moments after police shut it down. ed: newscenter five' s john atwater is at the scene you are new he joins us now.
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it was an argument a man thought he could end with a gun. >> right when the doors opened, you heard boom boom boom. like someone on the train has begun. >> we heard one gunshot everybody got down, and were two guys on the platform. terrified with as many as 6 gunshots echoing through the train and the tunnel. police say it started with an argument on an inbound blue line train, that boiled over as the train stopped at the maverick station around 2:30. fired at least two rounds of the victim, striking him. >> i was putting money on the charge card, the doors opened, and gunshots, multiple gunshots. >> after the first man was shot on the train, police say the suspect shot another man who was waiting on the platform. at this point, they don' t know if that 43-year-old was an innocent bystander or may have possibly known the suspect.
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