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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bl line servicwas shut down tonight. heather: right now we' re dealing temperatures outside. re also watching for snow that is on the way. chief meteorologist harvey leonard is your the latest tracker on that. harvey: the wind advisory in effect for one more hour, but it the night. the gusts are finally not over 40 miles an hour in most places. when you combine that with temperatures in the teens and low 20' s, it feels like it is one below worcester. if you plan on being out tonight or first thing tomorrow morning be mindful that the windchill will be a little bit below zero. it is another warning to bundle up. the storm we' re talking about, just coming in now on the west coast. it will come in as a storm on the carolina coast as we get
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the threat for us would be saturday afternoon and early sunday. some of the trends seem to be a little further south. that would mean somewhat less snow. went and coastal impact is essentially there. there' s a lot to be found out about this. more coming up on this. ed: breaking news in the trial of the man accused of causing this crash on the arborway in boston. he has been found guilty. of those victims was in court for the verdict just a short time ago. s jack harper is live with the breaking details. >> this is one of cases from the guard at the door, to the defendant in the courtroom. there are no winners. 18-year-old nikolas papadopolous guilty of negligent operation in a terrible accident. for the first time tina cellucci brought her husband kevin to the
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his live has been ruined. himself, or take care of any of his daily needs. he requires care, and it is an awful situation. he does have three young sons. >> at one point nikolas papadopolous was ready to take responsibility for the accident. but after a devastating video of the once vibrant father of three was shown in court the judge decided the teen would have to serve a year in jail. papadopolous decided to take his chances with a jury. today he lost that gamble. >> they would like to thank the jury for their service and the they want to thank the first lives. >> sensing just two weeks away, 3. heather: right now, the search for answers after bomb threats were called in to schools across the state.
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were targeted. some students were sent home as a precaution. newscenter five' s todd kazakiewich is live in arlington with more on the investigation. todd: the investigation is tonight, it' threats, like the one called from one source or if there multiple copycats. >> those that are responsible for these threat are committing serious felonies, disrupting learning, and communities throughout this commonwealth. todd: a stern warning today from arlington' s police chief after a threat forced an evacuation, and an hours-long thorough search of the school, which turned up nothing suspicious. the chief says the caller stated that a bomb would blow up the school, and any surviving students would be shot. police and school administrators had very little time to make a decision. they ordered an evacuation. >> we have a preschool in our high school, we have a daycare, we also have a special education program, and all of these
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as well. todd: today, three weymouth schools received threats. students and staff were instructed to stay put. newton north high school also got a threatening phone call today, but an evacuation was not deemed necessary. still, the situation created a disruption, and frayed nerves. >> who' s ever doing this is just causing a lot of fear, you know , a lot of anxiety. and our job is to take these incidents as seriously as possible, but also reassure our students and our community that schools are safe. >> schools will be open tomorrow. they will have counselors on hand in case the students and staff need to talk about anxiety issues connected with the death threats that were found in today. -- phone in today. ed: a man charged in a disturbing plot, accused of impersonating a mother online to encourage attacks on her and her
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>> this man put the woman and her two children and very sincerest -- serious danger. thomas sheehan in real life, charged with real crimes, that his attorney claims were part of a bizarre fantasy world. >> i would purport to the court that it was role play only. >> the 45-year-old quincy man accused of stealing groveland woman' s identity, then impersonating her on an adult website, saying she wanted to be kidnapped, raped, and tortured. >> sheehan solicited men to use dangerous weapons upon the woman as part of the assault that he was soliciting. >> sheehan had known the woman, posting on-line her home address, and pictures of her and her two young children. the victim had no idea, was never hurt, and is apparently not alone. >> additional investigation has revealed that sheehan using the same technique also solicited
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other women. >> including this woman, who worked with sheehan two decades ago, and wants to remain anonymous. >> pretending to be me said that it was my fantasy to be abducted, raped and he gave out my address, my work address my , my home address. >> despite the horrific nature of the charges, his attorney argued none of the alleged victims was ever contacted, nor hurt, and his client, who is married, was explicit regarding his intentions. >> making it clear from the beginning of the conversation that it was role play, fantasy only not meant to be acted out upon. todd: the charges he faces are misdemeanors. bail was set at $15,000 cash. if he makes bail he will be monitored by gps. ed: new at 6:00 we'
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officer killed his wife, before turning the gun on himself. the middlesex county da is releasing those new details in the weekend murder-suicide on the former officer was connor. investigators say he shot his wife jeannine several times before killing himself. hall right now where boston mayor marty walsh will soon be giving his state of the city address. but the mayor also facing backlash from parents over boston' s schools. newscenter' s five' s janet wu is live with more on protests against the mayor. >> for the first two years of his first term he is devoted to has avoided a lot of criticism and controversy. there are about 250 protesters behind this crowd that are not happy with the state of boston schools and they are not impressed with what he has done so far. these protesters accuse mayor walsh of not aggressively seeking state and federal dollars to close the school budget' s $50 million gap, of giving tax breaks away to corporations like ge, for not
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superintendent but not seeing any progress yet. >> we can' t decide between music and art anymore. now we' re deciding between art and science. >> we need mayor walsh to advocate for their mate recent massachusetts this edition -- the rays of massachusetts decision. >> others call for patience. >> i believe over the next few years, especially under our new superintendent dr. tommy chang, we are going to get the leadership and the follow through and the outputs we need the boston school system. >> mayor walsh is putting city resources behind a campaign knox and his group have launched to teach parents and caregivers the importance of kindergarten readiness, or children will arrive at school already behind. >> since 80% of brain development happens in the first three years of life, the experiences that children have with parents and siblings and neighbors and other care givers, makes a big difference. >> walsh tonight also will talk about what he' s done the past year to begin rebuilding boston schools.
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s prepared to do in the year ahead, but protesters say it still comes down to dollars. >> seeing a huge decrease in our funding without seeing the initiatives to go with it really leaves us scratching our heads. >> there is a good mix of protesters, people who are arriving to hear the speech, it starts at 7:30 p.m.. the mayor will also argue that he has added more than $90 million to the school budget and he took over as mayor. you will -- he will make the case for more money. reporting live from boston city hall, wcvb. heather: you can watch the mayor' s speech right here on channel 5. our live coverage begins at 7:30, right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. ed: there are two big stories on the campaign trail tonight. donald trump picking up the endorsement of former vp
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and there is an eye-opening coal from our sister station wm ur. martin o' malley is only hanging on with 2% support. all three candidates will be back to campaign at the end of the week. republican candidate ted cruz is traveling up and down and across the state of new hampshire this week. he' s in the middle of a 5 day bus tour to focus on voters with primary. today he was in the northern part of the state. and gop candidate john kasich is also in new hampshire today wrapping up a two day trip. new at 6:00 p.m. tonight we are hearing from the man who was dangling over the water, trapped upside down in his car. heather: expanding and tobacco ban to cover every single inch of its property.
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ve got the cold and the snow. what will happen in a straight ahead. ed: a p new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. r eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00 p.m. ed: new at 6:00, we are hearing from the man who' s car ended up in the water in easton this morning. heather: the driver says it was a very scary situation on this cold morning. newscenter five' s rhondella richardson is live in easton with more from the man behind the wheel. >> the retired accountant spent half the day in the hospital. he is back home, and he is shocked by how dramatic the 911 call came in. he fortunately doesn' t feel half as bad as the story sounds. >> it is buried in water. it is upside down. >> i could have gotten killed.
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i know the road, so i never do more than 20 miles per hour. >> cars taking the corner around 484 bay rd this morning saw the camry on its roof. >> the car was in that much water. >> 73-year-old leon rudman of easton was trapped behind the wheel. fire fighters in survival suits surprised the car landed perfectly suspended on the banks of the water. >> he just drove straight into a tree, the car jumped up like this and went into the water. >> rudman was quickly rescued with the help of good samaritans and the jaws of life. the tree along with a utlitiy pole has damage, the car is totaled. >> i get emotional. i didn' t know it was that bad until i got out of the car. >> the curve is notarious for accidents. rudman lucky he only has a few scrathes on his arm. -- scratches on his arm. >> it was scary. >> he said he not real
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but he is so glad he had on a seatbelt. police are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. ed: as we continue a big , construction project getting underway at fenway park. heather: it' s happening right on the field, and will be bigger than the green monster when it' s finished. we' ll explain what it' s for when newscenter five returns. marco rubio. rhe ran for senate sayingr he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands.
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heather: u-mass boston is now tobacco free. the school has banned the use of all tobacco products on its campus, starting today. the use of tobacco inside buildings was already against the rules. this extension to cover all outdoor spaces, including parking lots is part of a joint effort by faculty and students. vaporizers and e-cigarettes are also banned under the new policy. ed: take a look at ny. sky 5 in the air over america' s most beloved ballpark where some off-season construction is getting underway. a 140-foot snow ramp is being built on the field. when it is done it will tower
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the ramp is for the polar tec big air at fenway . . the event in february is s top skiers and snowboarders. if you think that was unusual, they used to have ski jumping inside the old boston garden. we have had these events here before. j.c.: and we could have a lot of snow covering it? harvey: this is one of the few times that the chances are much better in places like baltimore, philadelphia, washington. i' m not saying we' re out of it, we may be involved. we' re near the edge. it is going to the south. first of all we see a little snow in the midwest. that is not the storm that will be impacting us this weekend, if one does.
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i do expect this note to dissipate. that would be tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. this is the storm we are watching, megan on the west coast right now. this is the one that could develop into a strong storm along the carolina coast. if it does affect us, the time of greatest concern would be saturday afternoon, saturday night, and early sunday. but the track will be critical for us, because the trend seems to be a little more to the south, putting us on the northern edge of a possibly into out of the heart of the area. we have the potential for some snow. we will have some wind and coastal impact because it will be a strong enough storm even though we are a fair distance away. showing you a couple of computer models. what you really have to focus on is the jackpot, and heavy snow areas. they are right in here. that would encompass washington, baltimore, philadelphia, with new york city on the edge of the heavy snow. we would be on the edge of the moderate snow.
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everything is just shifted a little further south and another one. has boston northward escaping without any. that is the idea behind this, that we will be close to the northern edge. it is the mid-atlantic area that may be the jackpot for this particular storm. heavy snow should target them, we are on the edge. travel impact over i-95, when you' re talking about new york, and possibly lesser so through providence and boston. that is the tricky part. it for us. 3-d mid-atlantic. p.m. tonight. tonight, but will be a factor with 23 and boston. still have a study with 22 miles per hour. it feels like eight in boston.
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morning the went shell and above and below zero. breezy but not as ferociously here is her next seven days. cold and dry, then the time of afternoon, saturday night, into early sunday. sunshine. maybe a little bit milder briefly for early next week. we are also keeping an eye on the weather out in denver. so far i would say that there is temperatures of 32 around 40' s. there is a little bit of a chance that an area of snow may approach later in the game. of course, the big east coast storm that develops over the one that will have is on the edge will have some of the big cities affected along the east coast. i will see you again in an hour. >> now, sportscenter five with mike lynch. >> no practice for the patriots
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we take a look at brady minting, full number one. >> ladies and gentlemen, the star you' re about to see is true. >> we travel through time, simpler times. to the time when tom brady was still going through puberty. >> i never thought it would be a run of a victory like it was. we have to brady, that it has very first run in the nfl he would be on the winning side of a 44 to 13 final against the remaining. and as it was now, it is now. brady has high expectations for
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>> this is the way we can perform weekend and week out. there were plenty of plays that were left on the field. things we can do better. i think we can be sharper next week. >> he was still considered a game manager. no touchdowns,. a qb rating is 79.6. his first start is a lot like manning' s last start. manning has no pigs and no touchdowns in a similar quarterback rating of 74.4 against the steelers. the elderly manning looks a lot like the old tom brady. manning has changed, but brady ? >> great, a team win. >> he sounds a lot like brady the younger, except for that few for anything. ed: oh my goodness. >> the broncos are going to have to rely on the running game and their defense the patriots. they are not going to win with
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the number one problem is stopping tom brady. >> the patriots in town next week, would you want it any other way. >> that is what we got. they' re one of the best teams in the afc. let' s go out and play some ball. it is good. it is just another plus for those guys. >> there weren' t where the winter classic jerseys when they play this evening. they will be autographed and they will be auctioned off. all the proceeds will be sent to the recovery and rehabilitation from injuries fund. it starts at 7:00 p.m. this evening. for a great cause. watch the game, go to the online bed, and get yours in.
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heather: those are great. >> do you think that is the first time he looks like that to do so? heather: no. new tonight on newscenter 5 at the rise. we get deeper into what is there is no quick fix. ed: and then new at 11 the first video marco rubio. rhe ran for senate sayingr he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. rone says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. vmy plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, tand make them pay their fair share. p then we can expand health care to all, r and provide universal college education. twill they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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heather: is this one giving you anxiety? harvey: yes. but in three more days the anxiety will be off the charts. [laughter] it looks like we will be on the average. new york a little more, baltimore and washington will get hit. ed: every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote
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