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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> i noticed there was more than one shooter and i wanted to get out. >> people cleared out with the gunfire erupting underground. >> trying to get away from it. >> the chaos subsided and the men laid bleeding on the platform. the man who shot them was on the run. >> the doors opened and the suspect removed a firearm and fired three rounds at the victims. >> after shooting the first, the suspect shot a 43-year-old man on the platform of the stop. the brazen daytime shooting impacted hundreds who had use of buses as the police combed the
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thankfully, the victims are expected to recover. john atwater, newscenter 5. >> the wind is gusting and the temperatures are sliding. >> are we worried about the cold and the snow? >> to some extent for the part of the weekend. we want to show you the wind is still strong and it is at 35 in worcester and 25 in boston. this is a wind chill of zero and it stays very cold overnight and the wind does not quit with the worcester. the actual temperature will stay
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the system of the west coast will be a storm that intensifies new the carolina coast. what does this mean for us? >> it is critical and trends seem to be to the south and may not wind up in the heart of the storms. there may be a difference compared to north. we will see how it plays out. there is wind and coastal impacts and we will talk more about this in a little while. >> newscenter 5 is your source for the coverage. you get the latest on the closings and the delays. download it for free. >> you are looking inside symphony hall and he will discuss the goals for the year
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the mayor says that education is a priority and he will focus on homing and how solicitous -- housing and homelessness. a deal that brings general electric to the city is his example of how he moved to the city forward. there are protesters out there who are complaining that the mayor is not aggressive enough and he needs more money. does he address that? >> yes, he does. they walked out. they did say that they were just here for the arrival and they would not go out there to embarrass him. the mayor will address school funding and says he has made it as best he possibly could,
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the states needs to step up with charlie baker and front and center making the play. >> what are you looking for, now that the honeymoon is over? reporter: i want to hear the tone of him. for the most part, he has been careful to not step on toes. in the first state of the city, he was really careful to not criticize the administration and not to say the problems were too loud -- large. it will be interesting to see if he takes ownership of the years since he has been mayor and whether or not he will ask you do a better job in office. anchor: reporting for us where
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state of the city address. you can watch it and it will happen. we will carry it live for you. reporter: the fbi is investigating bomb threats called into schools here. 14, in all. all the threats were not deemed to be founded. backpacks would have exploded in the schools and, any surviving students would have been shot. the police chief says that the decision was made to dismiss the students early. >> and here is what you need to know. it is on the rise. there are 5700 disruptions every year and one third are sent electronically, using text message, e-mail, or other online means. 75% of schools you security
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making a bomb threat carries significant punishment and you could spend 20 years behind bars and face $50,000 in fines. >> breaking news on the campaign trail with donald trump picking up a key endorsement. we have more on that. >> sarah palin throws support behind trump. onstage together in iowa. the alaska governor comes two weeks before the iowa caucus, where donald trump is in a dead heat with ted cruz. sarah palin is one of the most conservative voices in the party and she was new to the national scene when she was named as a running mate -- as a running mate in 2008.
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>> new polls show momentum for bernie in new hampshire. this is from a sister station and it has bernie sanders with a lead in the granite state. he has 60% to heller clinton' 33%. nationally, he is narrowing the gap. clinton is in the lead at 52% -37%. this is the first time hurley has been less than 20 points. >> we are following newscenter 5. >> sentenced in two weeks, nick was papadopoulos -- nicholas poppa doubtless -- papadopoulos was in the courtroom. he will need constant care for
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sentencing is set for february 3. >>, she had is accused of posting personal information on an adult website as her and expressing a desire to be kidnapped, raped, and tortured. nothing happened. he is being investigated for doing the same things to others. >> a man went off the road and the driver is trapped behind the wheel. he says that he did not rise use upside down until he was rest to. once i did not realize it was that bad. >> very lucky, after spending half a day in the emergency room. he crashed into a tree and a utility pole. >> the dow
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gain and the nasdaq fell. down today and the staples lose less than a point in trading. >> unhappy start to the new year for the bay state homeowners. >> talking about property taxes and what is behind the increases. >> we have the cold. the possibility is a weekend storm. not a certainty. >> he played a villain in the spiderman movie.
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t she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... r ...and spoke out on women's rights... r ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. t the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit r until eight million children got health care. ti've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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>> you are watching newscenter 5. >> isis is confirming the infamous executioner died last year. john was the speaker for the group and many videos. some show beheadings. they believe that john was
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>> so talented. jamie foxx can add hero to the list. he and another man pulled a man from a burning car and the police say the driver had hit a drainage pipe and it cause the vehicle to burst into flames. they are now facing drunk driving charges. >> the property taxes are on the rise this year on average. what is driving the increase and why there is no fix. >> the cost of living goes up. the cost of fuel, everything. >> way up and the annual
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>> it is a third of what i take home . >> a problem across the state. >> there are a variety of hikes. one, a 70% hike. >> local officials do not want to raise the hike. >> the worker health care costs are up. public schools -- >> only $25 a student and expenses are going up more. as a result, more tax dollars into the school.
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experts expect more spikes and dips before the taxes level off. wcvb newscenter 5. >> would you like fries with that? >> do you want chocolate fries with that? mcdonald' s in japan will sell chocolate potatoes available only in japan through february. it will not be here. if you are there, they are there. to -- make it to the united states. >> you could get a potato and drizzle it. why? >> not supposed to process it. you are supposed to eat it. there has been so much talk about the weekend storms and i want to share with you the latest thinking on this. it is looking like the heavy
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mid-atlantic area and places like baltimore, philadelphia, new england, on the edge of the snow. travel in packs are likely and it is perfectly true in washington, baltimore, philadelphia. again, this is early and it could shift early. the timetable is us at risk on saturday through early sunday. this is the snowfall amounts. look at the jackpot areas in northern virginia and to baltimore, impacting philadelphia and up to new york city. a sharp drop-off to the north. now, there is another model that indicates everything is further south. in that case, we would get barely-steady snow and later
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nothing to the north. this the current way it makes sense to play this. keep in mind that anyone who shift to the north and we get back to this. so far, that exists -- that does not seem to happen. we have 35 gusts in worcester. teens and low 20' s and it will stay in the teens. not quite as windy. still breezy. check it out tomorrow. around 30 degrees. the wind will be down and we are talking about some that will be 25-30 miles an hour and it will be actively breezy. it is cold on thursday and friday and not quite as frigid as it has been.
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instead of well below average. we get to the idea of a possible storm making past to the north and move further north to see. the full moon still means ties and it could mean flooding and beach euros and -- beach erosion. the looks like the temperatures will be above average for the first part of next week. obviously, four days away, planning to follow this storm. >> now, one minute drill. >> for the patriots today, the broncos defense has a chance to stop tom brady and the healthy legion of receivers. the broncos know how to to stop
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>> get him low in his knees. best chance. >> that is the only option for defenders in the league because of the emphasis on the hits to the heads and the next. it happened right here when he was hit and taking off of the field. there are rules to protect the knees of a quarterback and linebackers. s do not have attention. injury, whether intentional or not, the nfl is going to be taking closer look at protecting the knees sooner than later. low, otherwise, they would destroy the saddle on gronkowski and
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>> your son has had a number of knee injuries. there is no protection from receivers? >> no. >> i heard from rodney and he said that, if use repairing, he would do would denver did. >> i' m shaking my head. >> how are you going to stop them? klezmer for the boston bruins in the classic? going the extra mile tonight. >> a s v
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they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. r people don't have access to healthcare v because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> the nhl will be auctioning and supporting the canadians montreal. -- was injured while playing in the classic and the bruins will donate. >> the bruins president
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here and it has always been the favorite bruins player. they gave it to him. >> nice. >> always number one. we will look at the stores will be falling. >> we want to know you' re good news. >> making a difference in doing good.
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>> here is what we are following. breaking news on the campaign trail and inside a rally for donald trump. you see him in the middle and signing autographs. sarah palin announced that she is backing donald trump. the impact that could have on the race. >> we are seeing the videos of the journalists released from iran. >> marty walsh is set to give his state of the city address.
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with doctors asking immediately. we are working on these. >> what you have to say about the upcoming storm. >> i like that. >> i know you do. >> part of this is north of boston and will be little, if anything. >> you think it will be french? >> we will have a look inside of
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