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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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heaviest shows from this system e going to target areas to the south of boston. so it looks like the highest amounts here locally likely will be across southeastern massachusetts, the cape and islands into rhode island as well. still a lot to track with the system that comes in saturday afternoon and gets out of here on sunday. many more details now as the eye opener continues. randy: now on eye opener. breaking overnight a university attack overseas. the deadly gunfight starting moments after classes began. emily: a man killed in a late night fire. firefighters' desperate attempts to save his life. randy: two people shot at a mbta station. on the eye this wednesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eye opener. >> look back there in the press box. heads are spinning. emily: also on the eye this
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donald trurm. -- donald trump. her defense of the republican front runner is ahead. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: good morning, cindy and olessa. a cold start but the wind isn't so bad. cindy: still windy and cold, just not as windy or as cold as yesterday. so things are headed in the right correction. looking at the wind gusts, we're gusting in a few spots over 20 miles per hour and gusting over 30 in worcester so wind chill definitely a factor and feels like 3 below in worcester and 5 in boston. the wind chill still going to be prevalent out there today. it's in the teens right now north and west of boston. 21 in town with lower 20's on the cape as well. temperatures will continue to lunchtime. we're hovering in the upper 20's to near 30 degrees but likely touching 30 this wind chills will be holding in the single ding its -- digits and teens by this afternoon. wind chills running mostly in
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we have high pressure dominating our weather today so lots of sunshine. this disturbance flies to our south tonight and don't think we'll see snow from it but will see increasing clouds and it is this energy on the west coast that's going to dive south over the next 24 hours. this becomes our weekend storm and we'll have many more details for you coming up here in a few minutes. let's get you out to the roads now and we say good morning to olessa. olessa: a live look to start things off. it's a quiet start by the pike and by austin eastbound moving away. no problems to report. the maps are checking out ok. all the overnight construction is about gone. 3 south at the zakim picking up. westive town out of framingham looking good from the trip from new hampshire as well and the trains and buses are starting the morning on schedule. emily and andy? randy: breaking out overnight a deadly attack in pakistan. emily: gunman stormed the region will 2-1 and injuring several more.
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battle with police and army troops. the table claimed responsibility for this attack. we'll continue to follow this and bring you new information as we get it. right now a deadly fire is under investigation on the south shore. randy: the flames broke out on edith holmes drives in scituate. the question at this hour is how the fire started. the eye opener's kelley tuthill is on the scene with what we know this hour. kelley: randy and emily, look behind me. you see what remains of the home and you see all the stuff inside. the firefighters apparently had to remove it in order to get in there. a very difficult fire to fight in switch wait. the state fire marshal said the flames broke out around 8:00 last night at 12 edith holmes drive, heavy flames and smoke. the roof collapsed. still, firefighters entered the home because they knew there was a man inside. they were able to pull him out but sadly he died at the hospital. this is a tough one, as i said,
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co-hasette and norwell came to help out but the cause of the flames is under investigation. live in scituate, kelley tuthill, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: the search for 12 marines including one from hingham has been suspended off the coast of hawaii. there's been no sign of survivors since the helicopters crashed. christian orlando is a 2010 hingham graduate and a flight crew chief aboard one of those choppers. right now police are searching for a man who shot two people at a busy t station. this morning both victims are recovering after the attack on the blue line. the eye opener's antoinette antonio is at the mavericks station in east boston where riders were caught in the chaos yesterday. antoinette: they were, randy. the riders tell us the violence seemed to come out of nowhere and that it all started with a fight between two men on the train. here's what we know right now. a 29-year-old man was shot during an argument around 2:30
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just as the train was pooling up here to the maverick t station. riders tell us they heard the shots as they left the train and that's when another shot was fired, a 43-year-old man was struck on the platform as the violence spilled out of the train. most passengers took cover but some say it appears the suspect was looking for someone else. >> people were moving away from the doors. the first instinct was kind of to recoil. a third character appeared and it was this man that wasn't afraid of anything. antoinette: train service was suspended between the airport and boating stations for about two hours yesterday. mbta riders hoping for a better commute this morning. police meanwhile are reviewing the surveillance video trage to track down this suspect. that's the latest live in east boston this morning, antoinette, antonio, wcvb
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sarah: are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump. emily: commitment 2016, former alaska governor sarah palin showing her support for donald trump, the tea party favorite and former vice-presidential candidate will join trump on the campaign trail in iowa and erika tarantal joins thousand tell us what it means for the frontrunner. erika: palin's endorsement could mean a big boost for trump as polls get tighter for the frontrunner in the battleground state. palin announced her support for immigration and the call for a temporary ban for muslims coming into the u.s. she believes trump is facing opposition because of his outsider status. sarah: our g.o.p. machine establishment, they would who would assemble the political landscape, they're attacking their own frontrunners.
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palin's support at a critical time. the iowa caucuses less than two weeks away. emily? emily: thank you, erika. the campaign trail in new hampshire will be crowded, jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich and chris christie have events in the granite state and former president bill clinton will hold an event in concord this morning as he campaigns on behalf of his wife. this morning, hillary clinton is dismissing reports that some emails on her private server were even more sensitive than top secret. this report from the inspector general from the intelligence community claims some emails dealt with the nation's most secret programs. clinton says the messages were handled properly and not classified at the time they were sent or received. randy: boston mayor marty walsh issued a challenge after a throw test at the state of the city address last night. >> save our city! fund our schools! randy: some of the city's
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million school budget gap and electric for moving to boston. and the mayor says he's increased school funding by nearly $90 million since taking office and he also said every large district in the state is feeling the same kind of pinch and called on state lawmakers to help change that. budget process this year to make a full investment in our children, our families and our commonwealth future. randy: mayor walsh also praised the superintendent of schools, dr. tommy chang's hiring of 24 new principals, extending school days, the creation after well. here's what else the mayor proposed in his speech as creating new office of housing stability to help people stay in their homes even as cost of living in the city skyrocket. he wants to form a task force that will study the idea of raising the minimum wage in boston to $15 an hour and he wants to commit resources to improving the city's parks
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six acres of land to new park space in the coming year. governor baker delivers hits state of the commonwealth address tomorrow night and you can watch it here on channel 5 with coverage beginning 7:30 after newscenter 5 at 7:00. emily: this morning a fight is brewing over plans for an indycar race in boston's seaport district. karen anderson has learned a group of residents are collecting signatures to convince the city to cancel that event. the group launched a website yesterday calling the event completely disruptive. they're worried about the noise, traffic and construction that would come with that labor day weekend event. today marks 10 years since a heartbreaking case that shook a quiet massachusetts community. this morning neil entwistle sits in prison in bridgewater serving a life sentence for killing his wife rachel and daughter lillian rose. it was found in the home a decade ago today. entwistle denied his role in the crime and fleed to london
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brought back to massachusetts. he's not eligible for parole. randy: an s.u.v. langed to the aaron hernandez is being linked to a car dealership. emily: we'll tell you why they want the car back. and this stranger owes his life to strangers. the fight to save him and the curb that started the accident. randy: and it may be more of a nuisance for you. erika: 21 people are dead after an attack on a university in pakistan. the gunfight started as classes were getting underway. the table claiming responsibility. cindy? cindy: not quite as cold or windy as yesterday but still another chilly day ahead and we're tracking our weekend storm. the new time line is ahead. a first take at what you can expect heading out the door this morning. bundle up. it's in the teens to around 20 degrees right now but the wind
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>> good morning, eye opener! randy: all right. thank you so much. good morning to the fifth graders of lincoln elementary school in winchester. they got a weather lesson from danielle and they're ready to come in and help cindy with the forecast. cindy: oh, good. come on in. we'd love to see what you're up to at school. record that wake-up call and go to the front page of and upload it to the you local section. the past model runs there's been a trend and we like to say the trend is our friend. the trend has been farther south with the worst of this storm. emily: this is good. cindy: it is good but look where the energy is now for our weekend storm that's just come onshore in the pacific northwest and we have time to watch this still. looks like it will be impacting our area saturday afternoon
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the time line here, a little later than we were thinking 24 hours ago. the track remains critical to just how far north that area of low pressure comes and that will really determine the extent of the impact here, how much snow, when, and coastal impacts but it appears more and more likely now the targeted area for the heaviest snow with this storm is going to be down through the mid atlantic states, d.c., philly, baltimore area. southern new england will be on the edge of this. look at the sharp cutoff. i don't believe northern new england will bring much of anything out of this system but there will be travel impact heading down 95 throughout the weekend for sure. in the meantime we have cold air in place. look the a the temperatures, teens to 20 degrees right now. the wind is still kicking up. not as strong as yesterday, gusting close to 50 but still gusting over 20 miles per hour. obviously that's creating a wind chill. you want to dress for the wind chills in the single digits this morning, boston, lawrence, orange feels like it's below
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digits in the cape as well and come up only in the teens this afternoon. a little better than yesterday but notice we will have sunshine and the actual temperatures recover to about 30 degrees this afternoon and may even touch the freezing massachusetts. high pressure giving us a quiet day today and also will direct this little disturbance here spreading snow throughout the ohio valley to our south tonight. with that going by to our south tonight, a few more clouds, temperatures hold in the teens to around 20 degrees. you see that period of clouds coming through the overnight hours but we aren't seeing snow out of this system and will start out with clearing skies tomorrow and a lot of sunshine in the forecast for thursday. pretty quiet throughout the end of the week but we'll watch the energy dive southward tomorrow morning and over texas picking up gulf of mexico moisture and by friday morning it's starting to get more intense and is interacting with the colder air spreading snow the northwest side of it in the wee hours saturday morning and well to our south but snowing in the d.c. area and snow spreading back all the way to tennessee and perhaps north georgia with
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from this point, the question becomes how far north does it come before it head out to sea? our g.f.s. model, the american model, showing the highest snow totals up closer to new york city. the european model which is reliable has the heavy shows farther south and what i think will happen around here is we'll miss out on the heaviest of the snow but here locally the highest amounts will favor southeastern massachusetts and rhode island so we'll of course keep you posted on that. the other thing of importance with this storm coming up to the south and high pressure to the north it will give us the easterly wind and that's a concern because we have astronomical high tide due to a full moon and likely will be beach erosion and threat of coastal flooding due to the increased tides. lots to watch with the system and exits sunday afternoon and warms up early next week. did you see the 40's? emily: i did. some of the snow might melt. thank you, cindy. . olessa: so far a slow start, problem free ride in both directions.
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your trip making your way into town, all the construction picked up early, 93 south at the zakim. accident free start, so far 95 and route 3 looking good as you make your way along the pike. route 9 looks good and heading new hampshire. 93 quiet down to the connector. schedule. randy? randy: olessa. thanks. a s.u.v. will be the subject of a murder investigation in the hernandez trial. they say he was driving the s.u.v. when he killed a man outside of a 2012 nightclub. the s.u.v. is not being used as evidence and the rental company is asking the judge to return it to complete the sale of the dealership. a trial date was not set yesterday because of a pending case before the supreme judicial court of the commonwealth that could impact evidence in this trial. >> the car is in the water. emily: an easton man is
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trapped upside down in his car in icy water. he was safe from drowning thanks to quick thinking. leon rudman said he skidded on a patch of ice tuesday morning, his car hitting a true and utility pole before flipping over. two women found him and called 911 as a retired firefighter jumped in the water to help and their efforts leaving ruddman profoundly grateful. >> key have been killed. i get emotional and didn't realize it was that bad until they had me out. emily: residents say the curve on bay road is notorious. police are still investigating. a lot at economy. asian stocks tumble overnight amid anxiety over wall street turbulence. right now the futures are plunging, down nearly 300 points. investors will be looking for new data on housing. randy: more trouble for boston based draftkings. the attorney general says the website and the competitor fanduel are illegal.
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for now until a court diseases on their legality. draftkings said the a.g.'s comments are based on fundamental misunderstandings. your health and stress this morning. there are some signs that tension is harming you more than you might think. like frequent headaches. they're often the result of clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth or tensing your neck, and we all do that from time to time. all things to watch out for. also keep an eye on body aches. could be a workout strain or could be your body increasing muscle tension because of stressful situations. and finally, that itchy skin might not be winter dryness. intense stress can actually increase skin inflammation, particularly on your arms or parts of your face. a number of things to watch out for. emily: good to know. still ahead, a city that can be entirely folded up and recycled. randy: ahead in eye poppers. erika? erika: new details on general electric's move to boston. the changes planned for the
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becomes a real life hero. the emergency making him spring into action. we're coming right back. >> weekdays at 4:30, a brand-new year, a brand-new newscast. newscenter 5 at 4:30, a fast-paced look at the biggest
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a special treat to share with you for sky watchers. cindy: you'll be able to see five planet, mercury, and saturn and jupiter and saturn are visible. it's been years since all five appear in the predawn sky. the skies are clear with almost a full moon so check it out if you're not looking down in the cold. temperatures this morning in the teens to around 20 degrees. we still have the winds. take a look. they are gusting in spots. over 20 miles per hour. that's giving us a wind chill in the single digits above and below zero. it's going to be a windy day with the wind chills no higher than the teens. sunshine today and dry weather expected here through the end of the week. randy? randy: cindy, thank you. it's time for wednesday's eye poppers. olessa, growing creative? olessa: this is nothing like the cardboard forts but a city.
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and helping the public build the amazing structures and can you take a zip line through these buildings and maybe even more fun, the whole thing will be destroyed on the final day. i don't know how fun that is for the artist who built it but for the kid. randy: the hard work and beauty of cardboard. olessa: speaking of creations, mcdonald's are giving french fries a new spin. the chain store will sell chocolate potatoes in japan and will be drizzled with white and milk chocolate and available only in japan through mid february with 50 cents more than regular fries and no word on whether the salty food offering will make it to the states. randy: you already booked to travel there? olessa: it doesn't appeal to me. fries from mcdonald's, yes, chocolate, yes. on top of each other, i don't know. randy: i never expected that. olessa: a first for everything. emily: still ahead, it's a sight a mother and father will never forget. it's the heartwarming moment
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that's ahead. hampshire. what police say the suspects owner. and we do continue to follow breaking news overseas. at least 21 people are dead after an attack on a university in pakistan. the table claiming responsibility.
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it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. >> now on newscenter 5 eye opener. randy: breaking overnight, gunmen storm a school in pakistan, opening fire on students. the new information just coming in. south shore. following now. randy: big changes to boston as g.e. moves to town and everyone will feel the impact. emily: plus, a fiery crash and a hollywood star hailed as a
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jamie: i don't look at it as heroic. had to do something. emily: the hug from jamie foxx this dad will never forget. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eye opener. randy: 5:30 this wednesday morning. easygoing this early hour. thank for you joining us. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. you're keeping a close eye on the storm this weekend? things are changing? cindy: it's trending south. emily: what did you say earlier? the trend is our friend. cindy: 15 degrees this morning it is cold. 21 in boston. make sure the kids are all bundled up at the bus stop this morning. sunshine today but wind chills only in the teens as kids are getting off the bus. we have a gusty wind we'll deal with, not as windy as gusty but
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in a lot of spots. the wind chill feels like 5 and below zero in worcester and wind chills mostly by the single digits in the morning. but by noon time will feel like they're in the teens and the wind chill holding in the teens around 20 this afternoon. look at that, up to 30 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. so not as harsh as yesterday. high pressure is going to allow this disturbance to our south. kind of will slide by us tonight. the energy for our weekend storm is back here. there's plenty of time to watch this thing but looks like it will impact us later. later saturday into sunday morning. the track, critical in determining how much of anything we get but it is trending farther south nonetheless, snow, wind and coasting a impacts all a concern. let's get you to the roads and see how we're doing out there. olessa, quiet? olessa: so far so good. the southbound side moving in the distance and looking good in both directions. let's get to the map and check your ride. problem-free heading into
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all the construction picked up nice and early. no accidents to report south of town and no delays on route 3, from 5 and from sharon and the pike nice and quiet. north of town you're in good shape as well. so far the trains and buses are operating on schedule. randy? randy: we're following breaking news right now. at least 21 people are dead after a gunman -- or gunmen stormed a university in northwest pakistan. many of them students. the table has claimed responsibility for this attack. and right now a deadly fire is under investigation on the south shore in scituate. flames broke out late last night on edith holmes drive. one man was pulled out of the home but later died. and right now boston police are searching for the man who shot two people at the maverick mbta station. this is video of the aftermath. police say it started with a fight between two men on a blue line train yesterday afternoon. the victims are recovering.
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learning of major changes as g.e. gets ready to move to boston. doug is live in seaport where more than just the company will feel the impact. doug? doug: hi, emily. we're talking about millions of dollars in changes to boston's waterfront, all in a part to lure g.e. to this part of town. and that includes fixing and repairing and reopening the old north avenue bridge here. general electric is relocating the world headquarters from fairfield, connecticut, to the boston seaport and that deal did not come cheap and definitely came with promises. "the globe" reporting this morning that includes $100 million to reopen this bridge which was closed in 2014 due to safety concerns. and the state is going to kick in $25 million to improve road, pedestrian walkways, and bike lanes throughout the seaport. and this, by the way, is beyond what the city leaders publicly disclosed last week.
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about 800 people to the seaport district. we're live at the seaport district this morning, doug mehan. newscenter 5. randy: thank you, doug. a boston police department is hoping a multimillion dollar computer upgrade will make their records more accurate. the $12 million record system replaces 40-year-old procedures that relied on paper and often led to data entry errors. emily: right now police are searching for two men wanted in a violent home invasion in new hampshire and the eye's erika tarantal is tracking overnight developments. erika? erika: the victim was bound with duct tape in raymond. around 5:30 tuesday, two men wearing ski masks forced their way into a home on chester road and struggled with the homeowner who was hurt but not badly. one of the attackers had the man restrained with the tape. once they had him there they stole the valuables including wrestling memorabilia and stole the man's car to get away. police are looking for the
5:29 am
2010 dodge charger. investigators think it may have sustained some rear bumper damage as it left the scene. anyone with information is asked to call raymond police. emily? emily: thank you. local police and federal investigators are trying to figure out who sent bomb threats to schools across the state. more than a dozen communities targeted on tuesday. boston, plymouth, newton and bill ricka among them. students were sent home. the police chief stated a bomb would blow up the high school and any survivors shot. they ordered an evacuation. it's not clear the threats are coming from one source or several different ones. open today. randy: a new show of support for a new england boy fighting cancer. emily: the movement underway today to help an 8-year-old stay strong. and jamie foxx credited with saving a life. the actor's real life hero cities him -- heroism right outside his front door.
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in pakistan. at least 21 people are dead
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olessa: good morning and welcome back. the northbound side moving to the top of the screen. right now it's a 20-minute but we're not seeing accidents and all the construction is out of the way. cindy? cindy: still chilly and not as cold as yesterday and temperatures around 20 degrees. a bit of wind with wind chills
5:32 am
higher than the teens but we actually hit 30 this afternoon with sunshine so not quite as harsh as yesterday. the week. we're still watching our storm for the weekend. starts a little later now. looks like later saturday into sunday morning and it does seem to be trending south a bit. we're going to talk about many up. randy? randy: thank you. it's 5:39. today is d strong day. the rhode island general assembly is honoring a westerly boy who has been diagnosed an untreatable cancer. the highway signs are for dorian murray, route 21 bridgewater. his story has gone viral and reaching people all around the world. as you might remember, it also inspired this amazing scene on a rhode island beach. dorian expects it to be at the rhode island statehouse for the reading of the proclamation a little bit later today. emily: this morning actor jamie foxx is being hailed as a hero
5:33 am
pulling a man right out of a burning car. the academy award-winning star didn't waste a second and that probably saved a life. police say 32-year-old brett kyle was speeding and driving drunk when he crashed his car home. the truck burst into flames. that's when fox and another driver ran right over and pulled kyle to safety. >> i don't look at it as heroic but look at it as just had to do something. >> my god, my god. he didn't have to do a thing. emily: kyle's family called foxx a guardian angel. kyle suffered serious injuries but is expected to survive. randy: updates ahead on breaking news. updates in on a deadly attack on a pakistani university. plus, a warning for pregnant women. the disease outbreak leading to new testing. plus, this is just part of a
5:34 am
family, the sweep on newborn preemies. that's ahead this morning. a look a cross the skyline. new england's eye opener 6:00. >> newscenter 5 at 7:00, local journalists going deeper in the
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marco rubio. rhe ran for senate sayingr he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota. dd randy: good morning, the eye opener team ready with your news to go in scituate and
5:37 am
district. emily: donald trumpled picks up a key endorsement. first cindy with your forecast and tracking the weather coming this way. cindy: you want to talk about the wind and cold or this weekend's storm threat [everybody is like tell me about the weekend. the storm is not on the map yet and it's not that. that will stay to our south and it's the energy in the pacific northwest that doesn't look like a whole lot. just came onshore and watch where it heads. that energy will be diving south and over the next 24 hours it heads down towards texas so by tomorrow morning starting to pick up gulf of mexico moisture and by early friday morning it's blossoming with a storm interacting with colder air and look at the storm north and west of center. from here we shift to saturday morning at 3:00 a.m. and look where it is. very far to our south but it is snowing in the d.c. auerbach to the north and west and perhaps back to tennessee and georgia. from this point the questions are how far north does it head before it heads eastward?
5:38 am
trying to figure out at this point. the latest trend with our computer models are saying this is tracking farther south so the greater impact with the snow are likely going to be south of new york city down towards d.c., baltimore, philadelphia. this looks like southern new england will be on the edge of this and will be a sharp cutoff to the north so northern new england may not get anything out of this but certainly will be travel impacts if you're heading south on 95 through the upcoming weekend. for us locally the highest amounts of snow appear to be targeting southeastern most massachusetts but heavier, much heavier south of there and the amounts drop off the farther north you dough. it's not just the snow but will be wind concerns and especially beach erosion with the hot, full moon coming up as well. we have temperatures very chilly this morning. teens to around 20 degrees. the winds are still gusting over 20 miles an hour. wind chills throughout the day. single digits this morning, dress for wind chills in the teens this afternoon but notice the sunshine and we'll keep the sunshine going into tomorrow
5:39 am
but notice the temperatures don't change much. the winds die off by friday. let's get you to the roads now, olessa. are we quiet out there? olessa: we're watching a couple of things. 93 in sommerville, southbound side moving to the bottom of the screen and the volume is building. let's check the rest of the ride, 93 southbound looking good and watching a disabled car with one lane blocked by 125 in wilmington and so far you're in good shape. there's police activity with emergency crews taking out one lane at 128 northbound. but not causing much of a headache and so far the expressway is 20 from braintree to boston. trains and buses doing ok. randy? randy: breaking overnight, at least 21 people are dead and many students after gunmen stormed a university in pakistan. the attack led to a gun battle with police and army troops as well. the table has claimed responsibility for this attack
5:40 am
four of the attackers are dead. a deadly fire is under emily: kelley tuthill is live at the scene with information we're learning overnight. kelley: there are fire crews keeping an eye on things. behind me. lots of debris the firefighters had to get through to fight the fire in scituate. the state fire marshal said the flames broke out at 8:00 last night here at 12 edith holmes drive. lots of smoke. the roof collapsed and still firefighters entered the home because they knew there was a man inside. they pulled him out and got him to the hospital but sadly he was pronounced dead there. surrounding towns including cohaett and norwell had to come in to fight the blaze. the cause is under investigation. live in scituate, kelley tuthill, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: gunfire erupts inside
5:41 am
two men were shot in the violence. here's what we know, it happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say it started as an train. a 29-year-old man was shot as he was exiting the train. the violence then spilling out on to the platform where a 43-year-old man was struck. train service was suspended between airport and boden for about two hours yesterday. police are now combing through surveillance footage hoping to identify the suspect in this who is still on the loose. we're live in east boston this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> there's an old saying, g.e., it brings good things to life and apparently it's also bringing big changes to boston's waterfront and it starts with the reopening of the old north avenue bridge. more specifically, the city is going to be kicking inasmuch as $100 million to get the old bridge up and running again. this money is beyond what the city already stated publicly it
5:42 am
deal to get g.e. to move its world headquarters to boston. the state already saying it will pony up $25 million to improve roads, sidewalks and bike lanes around the seaport district. that's because it's going to be a little more congested down here if you can believe it. g.e. is expected to relocate 800 workers to this ever expanding part of the city and got little f.y.i. for you to impress the kids when you're at the water cooler at work. this bridge originally opened in 1908, the same year as the model t. we're live in boston this morning, doug mehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: sarah palin joins donald trump on the campaign trail in iowa after endorsing the g.o.p. frontrunner. sarah: he's beholden to no one but we, the people. how refreshing. he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. emily: the tea party favorite and former vice-presidential candidate seen as a big get as polls tighten in iowa between
5:43 am
considering palin backed cruz which he ran for senate. palin embracing trump's outsider status and his stance on immigration and proposed to the u.s. she has a large network of supporters in iowa where the away. randy? randy: a campaign volunteer for presidential candidate ben carson has died after a car trash in iowa. the 25-year-old man braden joplin was one of four campaign workers in a van when it slid on ice and was struck by another vehicle. carson was in south carolina at the time and suspended events to be with the boy's family. the other workers are expected to survive. emily: three americans who disappeared in iraq were reportedly kidnapped by an iranian backed shiite militia. u.s. government sources and iraqi intelligence claim the three people were taken friday in a home in baghdad and are the first americans to be abducted in iraq since u.s.
5:44 am
government sources have no reason to believe iran was involved in the kidnapping. new gun restrictions go into place in lowell. "the lowell sun" reports a new policy requires anyone who wants a license to carry to take a gun safety course and anyone who wants an unrestricted gun license has to submit a written statement saying why they should be given one. gun rights advocates had hoped to loosen the rules saying in part the new required training is too expensive. randy: the city of worcester plan to reimburse drivers whose cars were towed monday. nearly 350 people were given little to no warning to move their vehicles after higher than expected snowfall forced plow drivers into the streets. public works leaders say they take full responsibility for the tows that resulted from a last-minute parking ban. randy: protesters are calling for the governor of michigan to resign. even after he apologizes for the flint water crisis during his state of the state address. nearly 100,000 people have been
5:45 am
poisoning after a change in water supply. presidents barack obama meant with flint mayor karen weaver yesterday after declaring a federal state of emergency. randy: the centers for disease control issues new guidelines for pregnant women over a virus that causes birth defects. there's been an outbreak of zika virus in latin america and the caribbean. health experts now warn obstetricians to ask patients if they've traveled to those areas and consider testing them for the virus. it spread through mosquito bites and there's no medicine or vaccine for it. emily: a powerhouse merger in boston. berkeley college of music and the conservator will combine. the school leaders say it's a strategic move to increase enrollment and turn the school into a one stop shop for music and performing arts students. randy: new plans for boston's emanuel college. the small liberal arts school
5:46 am
four residents halls to build this glass dormitory building. the fenway college plan was approved by the boston redevelopment commission last week and is expected to be completely august of 2018. emily: the bruins and canadians pay tribute to marblehead member denna laing. they autographed their jerseys and used them for an auction for denna laing in the women's classic new year's eve and the bruins win 4-1. randy: fenway park like you probably never seen it before. sky 5 over a 140-foot snow ramp being built on the field. certainly different than what fans are used to seeing in april. when the ramp is done it will tower over the green monster. it's for next month's polar tech big air wednesday which will teach feature the world's top skiers and snowboarders.
5:47 am
the world. randy: premature twins sharing an intimate moment. the new mom posted the video on facebook of her twins holding hands as their father cradled them. it wasn't a one-time deal. the twins born just 2.2 pound each were captured holding hands on their mother's chest as well. the images have been shared over 100,000 times so far. emily: a sweet moment and hope they go well and healthy. cindy: medicine is mazing these days so hope for that. 21 degrees in boston and the cameras clear. the cameras are shaking. the wind has been persistent and still out there out of the west-northwest and gusting at 20 miles per hour this morning so not as windy as yesterday but still enough to knock back the wind chills and feeling like they're in the single digits. feels like 5 in boston and wind chills in the single digits on the cape. actual temperatures teens to around 20 degrees and will inch up this morning.
5:48 am
in the upper 20's and should get close to 30 degrees this afternoon in many areas but wind chills will hold in the teens through the afternoon. the winds out of the west 15-20, making the readings close to the freezing mark and afternoon. high pressure giving us a lot of sunshine. you'll see the disturbance mainly to our south and spreading in the ohio valley this morning and should miss us. temperatures overnight, teens to around 20 degrees. the clouds will be increasing during the overnight hours and will help to blanket us a little bit. the snow missing out this go round with this system and looks pretty quiet through the end of the week. we'll watch the energy dive out of the pacific northwest towards texas as we head towards tomorrow morning here we'll pick up gulf of mexico moisture and then shift to the coast by saturday morning and ofo the coast of the carolinas. look at the heavy snow north and west of the area of low pressure. as it moves northward it will cut out to our south, far enough it may keep the heaviest
5:49 am
states and you see one computer model indicating that and the other one keeping the heavy shows farther to our south. that's the trend this morning and looks like we may miss out on the heavy snow but will be some snow on saturday developing later in the afternoon through sunday morning and also with this storm lifting northward and high pressure to the north it will give us a east-northeasterly wind and beach erosion is a concern and threat for coastal flooding especially through parts of the south shore and cape this improve. moderating temperatures here by early next week. let's get you to the roads now, olessa, how are we doing out there? olessa: in good shape. a live look at the pike and boston free in both directions of screen. let's go to the map and check out the rest of the ride. 93 southbound disabled car at 125 and wilmington and maybe a little volume there. beyond that stop and go to spot pond and approaching the lever connector. no troubles on route 9 yet and
5:50 am
clearing on 128 near hiled avenue and expect some stop and stares. 95 looks good, 24 as well. route 3 wide open in braintree and once you get there 15-20 into boston. trains and buses doing ok. randy? randy: an s.u.v. linked to the next aaron hernandez murder trial is becoming a contested item. emily: why a car dealership wants it back now. and new this morning, when is stress more than just tension? three signs your health is starting to suffer is ahead.
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