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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader. >> darius fleming pulled the woman from the car last week. he needed 20 stitches and still played in saturday's game. >> another wild day on wall street the dow closing nearly 250 points down but that's actually better than the 500-point drop earlier in the day. plunging outline prices are fueling the sell-off. >> this is what grocery stores in the mid atlantic look like. bare shelves as a huge winter storm moves in. the blizzard watch is up in several states. the big question now is how that storm will affect us. >> exactly. harvey leonard tracking all the models. how does it look? >> it looks like right now the brunt will be south of our area. you mentioned those blizzard
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watch, rather, that's in effect that does include the nation's capitol. it also includes baltimore and then the blue area that you see here, that's a winter storm watch which goes up through philadelphia to just about new york. this is one of our better computer models ordinarily. notice where the jackpot for the snow is. a lot of virginia, west virginia and right around the nation's capitol but philadelphia gets a lot of snow, too. new york city is right on the edge of the heavy snow. they might just get away with not that much or they could be almost as bad off as the cities to the south. then you really diminish as you get up to new england. so southern new england is on the edge in this particular case. washington, d.c. is right in the heart of it. so as we follow the track of this storm, as we get to that saturday night and early sunday period which is the most critical for us, if it takes a closer path than it appears now, then it wouldn't take much for the potential of heavy snow to still work into our area. we'll probably have strong winds on the coast either way because
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pressure area, there will be a strong wind gradient but right now, -- connecticut, rhode island, southeastern massachusetts, cape and the islands, we'll have to watch it, that's just the current thinking. do. >> the invaders had pepper spray and duct tape but the homeowner had video game. ed is here with more. >> which was helpful. he says he has no idea who his attackers were or why they forced their way in. his name is jack. he was playing an online video game when he heard two men enter the house through a side door. they used pepper spray and they tried to blind him with duct tape but he fought back. >> they kept dragging me and got me to a point where -- hold his
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i snapped, pushed him right into wall. >> here's why the video game was important, his vo game remain online during the attack and he was able to yell to his friends with him. they called ran away. no arrests yet. it was 11 years ago that his dad was killed in a murder for hire scheme that landed five people in jail. police tonight don't think last night's attack was related. >> new at 5:30, the inciarte car race through the boston seaport district is now just eight months away but janet reports a new group has formed to fight the labor day event still in the planning stages. >> governor baker and mayor walsh have signed on. in a letter of sent both said taxpayers won't pay a penny for the three day race and sponsors will return streets back to their original state but local residents say that isn't good enough questioning problems, noise levels and disruption to
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>> we think it's two months on either side, so we think it could be four months. >> it's going to take two months to prepare the streets. to put defenses up. to put out the thousands of barriers involved. and then after the race, it's again. >> race sponsors refused on a statement saying the issues raised in the letter are all addressed through an exhaust sieve multilayered city and state permitting process that's well under way. down time as six weeks, not four months but their bigger concern is cyberstreets which is on the race course and needs major work. >> it's a marriage environmental -- it's a major hazard. >> 75% through the permitting process and public meetings begin next month. he fears they won't be heard. >> the mayor calls the race a
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boost the local economy and the governor agrees, but they both hesitate to give it their full backing, saying more needs to be done including holding public forums. in boston, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> we're learning about some major changes promised, as ge gets ready to move to boston. the state will kick in $25 million to improve roads and bike lanes throughout the seaport district. this is beyond what state and city leaders disclosed last week. the move will bring about 800 new workers to the city. >> the f.b.i. investigating a college professor tonight in ohio. >> still to come tonight, the potential ties he might have to isis that have raised a red flag. >> you may remember this fiery scene on new year's eve in dubai. information revealed today about what may have ignited that inferno. >> making wishes come true for a
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>> right now at 5:30, a professor at kent state university in ohio is at the focus of an f.b.i. investigation. investigators want to know if he has potential ties to isis. >> the associate professor under f.b.i. investigation for possible ties to isis. also known as assad teaches latin america and third world
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broke the story. >> i read a couple of articles, i was just trying to get more information. >> posted the interview online. he denied supporting the terror group. >> i've not grown law. i don't advocate that anyone break the law. i haven't been severed any papers. >> a cuban native and convert to islam has not been charged with a crime in. october of 2011 he made headlines after shouting death to israel, at a public lecture given by a former israeli diplomat who was visiting campus. he blames his rhetoric for possibly sparking the f.b.i. investigation. >> everything that i have done is perfectly legal. i fulfill my duties as an american citizen by speaking out on issues that some controversial. >> kent state tells a.b.c. news the university is fully cooperating with the f.b.i. investigation. assured the campus. >> fire investigators in dubai
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know what triggered this towering inferno. an electrical short is being blamed for the fire. the investigation uncovered a new concern surrounding nearly all the skyscrapers in the city. experts say the panels on the outside of the buildings are highly flammable and are believed to have fueled the flames. >> saved from the brink of death. >> an incredible story out of pennsylvania. how doctors were able to save a man frozen. you how for. >> a lot of cities will be by the storm. we'll cough those big cities and from first sniffles to endless runny noses. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better t a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. p
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>> you might remember these scenes of pope francis zipping around philadelphia in a fiat during his visit last september. now this car you see here, that carried the pope, is going up for auction. the philadelphia archdiocese says the black fiat will be up for bid at the auto show in philadelphia at the end of the month. >> we still don't know when they will take to the skies but we're getting new details on amazon's drone delivery plans. think say they will weigh about 55 pounds each. the e-commerce giant says the goal will be to deliver orders within 30 minutes of being
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faa approval remains a key obstacle. >> a hash warning from the world economic forum. it predicts there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans by 2050. they estimate the amount of plastics produced globally will increase three times to more than 1.1 million tons. the forum said the only way to avoid a disaster is to massively i am prove to economic and uptake of recycling. the research is based on interviews with more than 180 experts and analysis of hundreds of reports. >> a pennsylvania man brought back basically from the dead is thanking the team that refused to give up on him. 26-year-old justin smith was found last february unconscious in a snow bank. he had been there overnight in temperatures of four below. though he had no heartbeat his doctors from lehigh valley hospital had hope. the team there performed cpr for two hours.
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warm blood. then his heart started beating and miraculously, his brain went from showing no activity to showing normal activity. >> it's amazing. it's something i have never heard of anticipated can't thank everyone enough. >> it was like i woke up from a dream but it wasn't a dream. >> reality. just lost all of his toes and both pinky fingers but otherwise has mid a near complete recovery. >> that's unbelievable. >> cpr for two hours. they would not give up. >> incredible. >> 28 degrees. a degree less than the last time we spoke. what's happening? is there a trend? storm, it's all a matter of degrees. that's horrible. anyway, let's talk about what's going to happen. we have this system that's now. it drops southeast. it picks up moisture over the gulf of mexico. it starts to ride northeastward. i want to give you an idea of northeast are likely to experience.
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friday. probably around 7:00 friday evening roughly, i expect snow to begin in washington. it won't take long for it to come down heavily. a blizzard watch in effect. philadelphia, by midnight, it should be snowing and new york city by early saturday morning it should be snowing. how much further north of new york and long island the snow gets, that's the trickiest part of the forecast. of course, that's what's most important to all of us. but i did want to give you the time line on that. so as we watch to see what happens from, let's say, noon time saturday on through saturday night here to see how far north this actual snow will lift, here's the idea of what we're talking about. the core of the very heaviest snow would be somewhere near the nation's capitol. might even include places like virginia. time bigger snows. you see philadelphia is still it. new york city somewhat but it gets less and less as it gets closer to us because the storm track looks like it will be more east than to the north. that puts us on the edge of the significant snows within our region.
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i'm talking about, if you're talking about washington, d.c. and the storm impact in terms of snow, very high. in terms of wind, also very high. roads will be impacted, very high chance of that and certainly flights and air travel would be as well. you get to philadelphia, still should be very much in the storm. just a little bit further north, so we'll call it high for the snow impact but still very high for the wind impact and roads and also high for flights. now you get up to new york. not as much snow but i'm thinking enough snow to cause problems. a medium chance that there will be heavy snow with significant road impact. wind, yes, that's high also. the roads certainly, as long as there is certainly plowable snow around new york, that will cause problems, and flights will probably be an issue, too. when you get to us it's tricky because we're right on the edge. i would say there is a lower chance of a big impact from the snow but still a medium chance of wind.
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chance of flight problems. you have to remember even if our weather is not that bad, what if flights are coming in from the areas that are very bad. then you still can run into problems. this is an example. right around noon time on saturday, we get to saturday night. right around hartford providence, will that be the northern edge. is the mass pike going to be the nonedge? the finer tuning we'll have to deal with with the storm as we go along. in boston it's another cold and dry night. yesterday. in the 20's to around 30 but we still have wind chills in the teens and we'll have another cold night in the 20's tonight and teens -- tomorrow, right around 30 degrees for your high temperature. let's jump ahead to the five-day forecast. oops, went too far. let's see if we can get back to the seven-day forecast. what i want to tell you, for us, everything is centered around saturday afternoon for the earliest part, especially the south coast and the cape, then saturday night, as far north as it will get and early on sunday
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to move eastward out to sea and will probably have a sunny sunday afternoon as the patriots will be playing in denver. see now little while. >> thanks so much. as c.e.o., stokes natural fire starters, he needs to keep a close eye on sales, marketing and production all while keeping up with his homework. he's just a 15. one of the wiz kids anthony profiles tonight on chronicles. >> stokes is an all natural 100% chemical fire starter, made 100 per in the u.s. they burn for 12 to 14 minutes and there are 12 in a box. only $6.99 a box, it will work better than any other natural fire starter. >> he came up with the idea in 2011 when he was making christmas gifts with his family. we were using lint from the dryer and one year i didn't have
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of our friends offered. an corner came up to me and bought all of my inventory which was all of two cases. >> the business ignited quickly. they sold at major chains like whole brothers and stop and shop. they are made in this native warehouse by a work force that includes developmentally disabled adults from charles river centers employment program. >> we have about 18 to 20 people now that rotate in and out of here on a daily base. these guys really take pride in what they do. we do it from right at the beginning of the job, right to the final assembly. >> stokes, a combination of recycled egg cartons, paraffin wax and saw dust from mills in vermont. adam does everything from product management to sales. already turning a profit, the company hopes to sell 100 cases this year. >> i want it to become a national product. household item.
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underachiever, right? also, a teenager who is being compared to beyonce, making a splash in the art world and a high schooler whose fashion designs are turning kids. 7:30. >> the sopranos start says she's been battling multiple sclerosis for more than a decade. revealing she was first years ago. she says the disease kept her she struggles with stares as well. she says medicine has helped, and she came forward now because she was ready to live openly and honestly. >> good for her. >> it is not the season for enjoying a refreshing milk shake. we can all agree with that. >> no, it's always good to have a milk shake. >> however, people are waiting hours in lines in new york city to do just that. >> here's why.
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one of them. they are called -- these monster treats sell for $15 each. there are three specialty shakes. so you have the cotton candy, the sweet and salty, and then the cookie shake. so, i'm sorry, i totally interrupted you. >>, no it's fine. >>ed add 15 in new york, $5 everywhere else in the country. they are big and beautiful. >> tonight, the little rhode island boy with the early national cancer has pretty much achieved his dream. the very special honor. >> coming up at 6:00, a high school evacuated because of a bomb threat. students' backpacks lined up outside for police dogs to inspect. the stern warning from police after bomb threats send local students home for a second day. 5 investigates, the murder. a mother and baby killed in
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the small massachusetts community. we'll hear from the prosecutors who tried this case. plus the patriots linebacker
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every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> a very special honor today, the little rhode island boy behind the be strong movement. he's living with terminal cancer
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to be famous. >> today he got one step closer to reed? reporter: fill and j.c., it may seem lofty but his goal of being famous around the world is continuing to gain momentum. spotlight amidst rhode island's most powerful political leaders. rarely do politicians on both sides of the aisle stand together. >> all of those in favor, i. >> but this is a rare kid suffering an incurable disease who has brought the rhode island senate to its feet. >> dorian, the resolution passes. [applause] >> january 20 is now known as d strong day, named after an 8-year-old rhode island boy battling an untreatable form of cancer whose warm wish is to be famous. >> in a world with so much negativity it's just been so heartwarming and inspiring. >> last week he got a ride in a
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escort at top speeds of 120 miles per hour. >> i went pretty fast. >> today the 8-year-old's courageous battle continued to inspire and invoked an emotional message from the senator, both he and his 10-year-old grandson are battling cancer. >> miracles do happen. we never know what god has in store for us. >> and this day ended with a stop in the house, where rhode island governor gave door on-a gift and another proclamation. >> to the great wall of china, dorian murray is an inspiration worldwide for his determination. >> that was reporting from providence. spectacular. the smile on his face from getting the ride. >> he brought politicians together which apparently few are able to do. >> that in and of itself is a miracle. >> news at 6:00 starts right now. >> students forced to lay out
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the stern warning from police tonight. >> patriots player turned hero. >> it was a freaky situation. >> the accident that sent him running to help. >> storm threat for the weekend. an update on the timeline and which areas will be affected the most. >> 10 years ago, quitted of killing his wife and baby. now prosecutors reflect on the trial that made global headlines. headlines. >> right now snow is on the way. as you can see behind us it's expected to hit the east coast. >> there is already a blizzard watch covering parts of four states. harvey is tracking what it means. >> its now i'm cautiously optimistic we won't get that much. we'll be on the northern edge of it. the disturbance now is moving through the rockies. it will pick up gulf moisture, start to come up the east coast on friday and by friday evening it will be showing in washington. they are going to get dumped on
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philadelphia will likely get a significant amount. new york city will be right on the edge of heavier snow. in boston, just on the edge of the snow itself. the northern edge, so that's why this is the area with the greatest snow and that's why you're seeing the where i was arrested watch -- the blizzard watch. >> as things stand the amount of snow would be little if any. when you get hartford and providence, that would probably be the highest potential maybe a few inches to several inches. keep in mind all the storm has to do is shift northward a little bit and then all of this shifts northward, so we still have to follow it carefully. we'll talk about wind and coastal considerations in a while as well. >> a reminder, your source for winter storm coverage. get the latest storm team 5 forecast, live radar, closings and delays with our mobile app. you can download it for free in your app store. >> breaking news, the dow down
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the markets closed just a short
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