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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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feet of snow. harvey: it's like living on the edge. but i can really tell you just as you have heard. washington is definitely in the area that's going to get probably as much snow as any other area. now the blizzard warning is in effect there. but there is a blizzard watch there for all of new jersey, new york and long island. new york and long island will be right near the northern edge of the heavy snow. we will be on the northern edge of any snow. so that's the difference when you are talking about the big cities in the northeast. right now it is developing, the moisture in the southeast but will start to bump into the cold air. looks like raleigh-durham is in for a brutal storm, with a lot of snow, sleet and freezing
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as it continues north, it should have started snowing in the nation's capital. it will continue to move northward, it will be approaching new york city. what about us? saturday morning, we don't have any snow here. hough north will we get the snow. mass pike, maybe further north. but it's possible that they'll get rotated back to the south and east as the storm starts to pull out. that's what i mean by us being on the edge. our best estimates for our snow, we are thinking conservatively here. north and west, it could be a dusting or an inch or two. and southern rhode island and southern connecticut could get three to six inches and that may happen on the cape, but the temperatures will be milder there and the snow may be
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phil: look at the scene in d.c. after one two two inches of snow fell. look at that. cars were abandoned along the highway. that situation is going to get a lot worse. heather: the nation is preparing for this historic snowstorm. and we are live right in the middle of it. aixa: the director of the national weather service says it is rare to have so many models in consensus and the storm has the potential to be dangerous and paralyzing. >> all hands on deck. aixa: more than 50 million people could be affected by this wecked's snow event with the atlantic in the bull's eye. in washington, d.c., it was predicted to begin early evening and possibly last for 36 hours.
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whiteout conditions. >> this is a homeland security emergency management event. reporter: the governors of virginia and maryland have declared states of emergency. >> make sure you have food and supplies at home. aixa: snow is just one component of the storm. the gulf states could see an outbreak of severe weather, coastal flooding is a concern. >> take this very seriously. we are giving people a clear warning. aixa: they could see power outages from ice and freezing rain. >> we are preparing our roads. aixa: travel will likely come to a standstill during the height of the storm on saturday. hundreds of flights have been canceled. live in washington. heather: police in worcester are working to determine what happened after narcan was used
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we are live in worcester. and police have been to this apartment before. reporter: another toddler, a toddler died in that same apartment in september under some mysterious circumstances. the two children are not from the same family. police rushed to this apartment building on welington street last tuesday for a child in trouble. a search warrant from worcester police revealed the 14 month old boy was about to go into cardiac arrest. he was given narcan, typically used to revive adults. witnesses told police around 10:00 a.m., he was observed to be lethargic and slept for another one 1/2 hours, was woken up and given a bath. the boy does not live at the apartment but stayed there overnight.
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she just didn't pay attention. reporter: they say d.c.f. has visited multiple times. >> if she wanted to be a mother, she should have been a mother. affection. reporter same apartment where a toddler died in september. the death is under investigation. a witness in the home told police she observed marijuana, pack acknowledging materials, a grinder, scale, numerous unknown pills and bottles. police say the baby tested negative for marijuana, heroin and cocaine. there are other drug tests and waiting for the results on those. and they are looking into whether there is any connection to heart medication that was found in the apartment. he is expected to be ok and now in state custody.
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sunday and the next step on the road to the super bowl. the afc championship game is two days away. mike lynch joins us. the great patriots are no stranger. mike: this is the fifth straight year. for tom brady, 10 conference championship game. although experience counts, it isn't everything and never guarantees a win. listen to brady's interpretation of experience from a fairly important game a season ago. player: butler didn't have much experience and won the game for our team. whoever is called upon and make the play at that particular moment, if you make great plays you have a great chance of advancing, if you don't, you will be watching. >> you would love to play in big games.
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football. mike: no one has more experience than tom brady. he has the post-season records for most yards passing. now we look at him as a runner. reporter: when he runs, they let out a collective gasp. that's how they get hurt and he hasn't been especially fast. edelman says he moves like a clydesdale. funny you should mention that, we happen to have the video when a much younger brady could have been timed with the 0-yard dash with an hourglass. and brady says he has worked to improve his mobility because he wasn't able to extend plays. player: it is something i have worked on a lot the last couple of years because there was a
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becoming a real problem for me as a player, not being able to extend anything. so i think that's been a big point the last two, three years. reporter: if he is running with the ball, he knows something went wrong with the play. player: if i have to run that could be frustrating for the defense and saying how can i let this guy run? mike: brady is tied for second among quarterbacks with post-season rushing touchdowns. two more and he will share the record with steve young. heather: mike and bob reporting live from denver saturday night and all day sunday. commitment 2016 and candidates from both parties working the trail in new hampshire tonight.
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making the most noise. ted cruz and bernie sanders. reporter: they are repeating themselves, countless bus stops and 10 counties. and we caught up with bernie cruz. >> you all treat politics like we treat football in texas. reporter: it wasn't the most hard-hitting town hall, learn something different about the candidates. lover of "star wars." he is in the battle for number two. trump has a third of the votes. he turned serious long enough. cruz cruz the washington establishment right now, they are abandonning rubio and rushing to donald trump. that's where the corporate
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>> the next president of the united states of america, bernie sanders. reporter: bernie sanders at southern new hampshire university blasting big business, big politics, big money. >> we are going to create an economy that works for working families and not just the 1%. our government belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaire campaign contributors. different politically certainly share one thing, they are laser-focused on new hampshire and iowa. reporting live in hookset. heather: there was a rescue at the los angeles zoo. phil: a worker fell into the gorilla enclosure. the tense moments before he was brought to safety. heather: how secure we are at
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and what has happened here in logan. phil: no more rsvp's. after will smith saying he is not going and what needs to change. take a look at first alert traffic. that is the mass pike. we look at the tough drive time. about half an hour from mass avenue to route 3. mass pike, i-93 to newton. and farther west on the pike, western tolls to 495 about half an hour. on 459, that stretch looks ok in both directions.
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded p by over two and a half million small contributions. rpeople who know you can't level the playing field r by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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heather: frightening moments for a person who fell into a gorilla cage. he fell 20 feet into the cage. he was lifted to safety. the accident happened before the zoo opened for the day. the driver of a greyhound bus that crashed was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. two people were kl killed, several others were injured. driver fatigue is being cause. the 58-year-old driver admitted
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coffee. phil: some troubling numbers from the t.s.a. as a number of passengers were caught trying to take guns on the planes. 2,653 firearms were found in carry-on bags in 2015. that is a 20% increase over 2014. more than four out of five were loaded. found. weapons of any kind are prohibited in carry-on bags. heather: this is the latest outdoor art. frozen pants. those people were freezing their pants and soaking them in water and positioning them outside in various poses. and started during a recent cold snap when the temperatures were unusually cold even for minnesota.
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this man put his jeans on a stake. someone posted it today and put a white shirt out in minnesota and took five minutes for it to freeze. harvey: now we know where that expression came, you are going to freeze your pants off. heather: i love the creativity. not going to get that cold? harvey: nor the snow amounts they are expecting in washington, d.c.,. look at this, look at all these states that are under weather weather warnings and the pink area that is winter storm warnings and heavy accumulations of sleet and freezing rain. when we talk about the real heavy stuff in terms of snow that is basically washington,
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new jersey, maryland, delaware, up to about new york. north of that is where it gets tricky. hough north will the heavy snow get? we are going to be closer to getting the northern edge of any snow. so there you have it. blizzard warnings, watches, winter storm watches and advisories. there is a blizzard warning for the nation's capital and a blizzard watch for new jersey, new york city and long island. those do not exist here in new england because we are on the northern edge. at least that's the way it looks. if there is any shift in that, we will let you know. there is moisture and rain. but it hasn't gotten far enough north. but it will bump into the colder air and we will see the snow on the northern fringes of the
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the snow, sleet and freezing rain will start to move up the coast. will get into washington by this time tomorrow, philadelphia, tomorrow night. new york city probably prior to dawn. new york city is on the northern edge of the heavy snow. they could be in or out. but we are on the northern edge of just the snow area itself. i'm trying to give you the perspective as to how it plays in the different cities across the northeast. one of our computer models. lifting northward to about the mass. pike. in this model it gets farther north. once it does that, it collapses south and east because the actual storm track is south and east of a classic track for us. the other thing i want to mention is some mixing could go on around the cape and islands. so that has to be factored in
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this should be a done deal early on sunday and many of us will see sunshine sunday afternoon. one of our computer models, the european model showing the south coast of new england gets several inches of snow. any adjustment north of the track, this lifts northward. right now we are going anywhere to an inch or two, but you could buildup to four inches to the south, especially providence. several inches, three to six or more in the southeastern connecticut coast. wind a factor as well. gusts could exceed 50 miles an hour. 40-plus on the south shore and boston at least 30-plus. and the tides, the ones to be
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plymouth, "the vineyard" annan tuck et, those places south of boston. and the thing to be aware of there, you could be talking two-foot surge. and north, northeast facing shoreline and definitely beach erosion is possible with that. let's continue on and show you how we are going to break out in the next seven days. it's about the storm or threat of the storm and for us, it's from later saturday to first thing sunday. the sun comes out sunday and turn milder next week. phil: don mclean breaking his silence. "the american pie" cited a painful breakdown of his marriage saying he is not a villain.
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order citing abuse and rage. and you can now meet your hasty pudding man of the year and picking joseph gordon-levitt and will receive it at a roast on february 5. kerry washington is the woman of the year. heather: i would like to see it in person. phil: it's a blast. important recall for parents. phil: a car seat that could pose a safety risk. and the new ride-sharing service that could soon be coming to town. heather: new at 5:30, ditching their cellphones for a special cause. phil: new at 6:00, it is a practice question, sending women to prison when their danger due
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what will change the future of
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phil: another ride sharing service may be joining uber and lyft. maven is going to be tested in michigan. they expect to launch additional programs in other cities. gm plans to offer hubs with lyft where they can rent gm vehicles. heather: they are recalling 71,000 car seats . they were made from october, 2014 to 2015.
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shipped a kit. for more information log on to our website phil: using online apps. heather: the victims were lured and attacked. the search for more suspects. phil: house to the homeless out in seattle. the story behind these tiny houses, new at 5:30. captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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t she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... r ...and spoke out on women's rights... r ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. t the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit r until eight million children got health care. ti've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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>> this is an editorial by the president and general manager. >> any person may apply for the city of boston job but must be a resident. the requirement is on the city website. application is loose at best which has mayor walsh making another set of proposal to compel residencey. it acknowledges the long time application of these procedures has provided so many loopholes and carveouts and grandfather clauses which was a strong suggestion than an actual requirement. boston's population is stationary at the 600,000 level. the pool of applicants for city jobs has thus greatly diminished while the skill requirements has
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those commuting to work from outside the city limits more than double the city's inhabitants. limiting the applicant pool and living in boston can be expensive. the current building boom includes inadequate housing mostly targeted to those who can afford staggering condo prices. perhaps the mandate should only apply to department heads and other key positions. when candidates are of equal strength city residency could or should be the tie breaker. the city of boston is world class and aspires to be even greater. eliminating the residency requirement ensures that the quality of those employees who serve the city continues to keep pace. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at
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