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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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phil: the nation's capital is about to shut down a a monster storm moves in. cars were abandoned along the highways after an inch of snow. d.c. mayor is expected the storm to be paralyzing. heather: states of emergency are in effect. that storm is moving east. what's coming to our area. that's the question we want to know and the man with the answer is hary -- harvey. harvey: a blizzard watch. whether the watch will become a warning down there, it could go either way. but here's a look at how much snow can fall down in the nation's capital. the heaviest amounts are there. and tapers off when you get north of philadelphia and the southern new england coast.
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big cities in the east. this time tomorrow it is probably already snowing in washington, d.c., and saturday morning it is snowing in new york city. hough north will the snow area get after that. one of our models is suggesting it will get here saturday afternoon and evening. so it's a beaver period of snow for us and i think we will be on the northern edge. my thinking is nothing or coating to an inch or two. three to six inches southern connecticut and southern rhode island. but this could change. staying on top of it. phil: police say the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in framingham was driving drunk. heather: we are hearing from the victim's father. reporter: we are hearing from the victim's family and little bit upset especially about the $5,000 bail.
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saw the guy until he hit him. jason, the place say he was under the police. >> the defendant at the scene said he consumed several drinks earlier that night and detected an odor of alcoholic beverage. reporter: it happened sneer prospect street. the 25-year-old died soon after impact. >> he was walking home from walgreens. >> and got clipped? >> in the cross walk. reporter: stratton had a couple of minor issues with police in the past. police said he loved his friends and music and was a good kid. >> absolute great kid. i'm in shock right now. reporter: the best friend. >> it's a shame that it happened. i really feel bad the father that i just seen here, his loss.
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he wasn't a trouble maker and doesn't have a criminal record. he's a great guy. he wouldn't hurt a fly. reporter: again, the bail was set at $5,000. the next court date, february 9. phil: two people helping people sell guns that were stolen have pleaded not guilty. they were in court yesterday and they helped assault rifles and handguns that were taken by morales. he is due in court tomorrow. heather: a new hampshire man answeres an online dating ad and gets assaulted. the unidentified man answered an ad on craigslist and agreed to meet the woman. when he arrived, three men were waiting and beat him up and
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>> she left the room for a second and when she left the room, these three males entered through a rear door and confronted him. heather: two suspects are under arrest on several charges. police are looking for two others. phil: michigan's governor has apologized for the water supply in flint. heather: the outrage in that state tonight and the new emails that renew a blame game. phil: pope francis making a change on one of the holiest days on the catholic calendar. heather: the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: calls for the michigan governor to resign are growing louder. the blame graham over his office's handling of the flint water crisis. reporter: a grandmother who is in desperate need of more help. to this two-year-old boy making the cover of "time" after breaking out into rashes from bathing. >> trying to kill people. reporter: residents of flint say the damage has been done and governor snyder releasing his emails is not the answer. >> i'm sure there are a lot of emails he hasn't put forth. reporter: the emails show top officials initially tried to pass blame. an aide to the governor saying
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local officials claiming critics are playing politics. the chatter began in january 2014 before flint switched its water source in an attempt to save money and did not warn residents to toxic tap water. the governor said he got more money from the state and going to seek federal funding at well. but at this point, many say they want clean water and still unclear when that will happen. heather: pope francis is changing the rules to fit changing times. the easter week ritual of washing the feet. in the past, that was only performed on men. francis has changed that, he has washed the feet of men and women and members of other faiths as well. it can be performed on anyone chosen among the people of god.
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celebrity weighing in on the oscar controversy. heather: will submit and what he is saying about the debate over diversity in hollywood. phil: trying out a new way to help the homeless. tine houses that one major city hopes bring some relief. harvey: what is a rorme -- rorm -- today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country rand our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, p wealthy campaign donors have so much influence tthat the only way they are defeated is p when millions of people begin to stand up p
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i'm bernie sanders,
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phil: bruce springsteen playing tribute to the late glenn
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when you consider the amounts expecting down here around the
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the potential is clearly there for amounts that would be possibly a foot and a half to two feet of snow around the nation' s capital and baltimore. conservatively, 12 to 24. philadelphia, 12 to 18. new york, 6012. wind will be a factor as well. gusts over 50 possible on the cape, closest to the storm center, 40 plus for the south shore. exposed waters for cape and as well as boston. because of that and because the tides are high astronomically, the full moon is saturday, but it looks like sunday morning tide, some minor coastal flooding almost assured. strong northeast wind and beach erosion all a possibility. except in days, cold and dry tomorrow. eating around 30 degrees.
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any time from saturday afternoon, saturday night early sunday, that is our risk of getting no. the farther south you are, the better chance you have for accumulation. looks mild for the early part of next week. >> there is a new warning about hoverboards. the top government watchdog is calling for a suspension of all online sales of all hoverboards. there are concerns not just about those tires we have seen but also false. >> with folks falling and boards exploding, a damaging new report from the government says until of these hoverboards should stop, particularly online, whether it safety of all hoverboards called into question. >> we have seen enough falls and fire hazards to believe there are core safety issues`cnd you
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>> a northern california come meet -- family says that there hoverboards caught fire while being charged. the families to dogs killed. >> it could' ve happened in the middle of the night. >> the chairman is also worried about injuries of falling off, asking whether they have the right technology and software to adjust for the difference between a 50-pound child and a 150-pound adult. >> they are designed in a matter where they are designed to take off when people are not ready for it. that is a dangerous thing. >> amazon said this week it would fully refund customers who bought one of the boards. the government is calling on other retailers to do the same. >> customs and border protection
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are 25,000 counterfeit hoverboards being shipped into the country. a new flavor of or year after months of chatter on social media, the cinnamon bun-flavored cookies are now in stores. they say they will also rerelease red velvet oreos in time for valentines. >> i can almost smell it, you the malls. >> the red velvet ones are good, i have had those. >> school students spelling out tonight. >> they are giving up their cell phones for a week. the sacrifice they are making to help a mother living with terminal cancer. >> why do i have cookies circulating in my head right now? coming up, a teenager confronts an intruder in their home. the man is under arrest
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>> and the man dubbed the most hated ceo of the pharmaceutical companies will be subpoenaed in congress to testify before a house committee next week. lawmakers want to question him about raising the price of a light aids drug by nearly 5000%. he faces charges in separate fraud case. >> a reminder that energy drink are not always the best choice for children. 40% of calls to poison control centers involved children under the age of six and energy drinks. >> a can or a bottle could have as much as 500 milligrams of caffeine which is equal to 14 cans of soda. way higher than you would want a child to have. >> it' s not surprising that the attrition say it is best to keep kids away from anything but the basics and to treat energy
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drug or household chemical, keep them out of the reach of children. not an easy thing to do these days but some students are giving up their cell phones. these are students giving them up for nearly a month. >> can you imagine? >> it' s any usual site, dozens of teenagers willingly surrendering their phones. today, they kicked off the third annual sells out campaign, a 23-day fast from cell phones that supports cancer. >> i was 11 when i was diagnosed. >> freshman year cadden was the first recipient. he is now cancer giving up his phone to help others. >> i am not really on my phone a lot. it feels good to give it up. >> a parent brought the idea to us and we rallied around it
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kid he was. >> the challenge began with a haunted team but has open to all students. over the past two weeks, they have raised $75,000 just i going phone-free. >> your generation making the sacrifice, and it' s all about other generations willing to pay you for it. >> even though participating students will be without their phones for 21 days, they will have plenty to keep them busy. they will be raising money that will go to dana-farber and a local cancer patient. >> i am very grateful to be chosen for such a great cause. thank you very much. >> you often joke that you could not take a cell phone out of the hands of a teenager, but it' s extraordinary. they have raised so much money, good for you. >>
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and storm, late changes in my forecast. >> the disturbing discoveries police made inside. >> norton police catch the man accused of breaking into this house. wait until you hear why he was inside. >> tom brady reveals where he thinks he stands among the legends of boston sports. >> when i see the mayor later on today, i will offer to her if she needs snowblowers to come to the city. >> we will help. that was the message from marty walsh to the city of washington, d.c. today. he is therefore a conference on concerns about historic blizzard. >> chief meteorologist harvey leonard that very closely.
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it is a very narrow fit to just that is roughly where we will wind up. advisories, warnings to the south of us. winter storm warnings, blizzard watches, blizzard warnings in effect. carolinas. s capital. new york city and long island. the heaviest amounts of snow likely around washington-baltimore area. the storm is just getting its the southeastern states, severe weather warnings with it. once it bumps into colder air, we will see the snow and ice shield developed. at this time in washington tomorrow. makes its way up to tomorrow night into new york by saturday morning. the northern edge of the snow works just about our area later saturday, saturday night.
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