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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we'll be crazy with weatr. we'll have a lot more on "gma" with reporters across the country. that's a >> good morning. randy: a car crashing into an indoor swimming pool in cambridge, the investigation into what happened there. >> i smacked him with it. emily: the clerk who took them armed robber head on. randy: we are tracking a major winter storm in the impact it' s having on travelers here in all around the country. emily: you can see the storm is moving toward the east coast and we are getting a better idea of who is going to leave the worst of it.
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cindy: even all the way up through new york city you can see where we have a warning and advisory. there is a blizzard warning for the washington dc area. you can see that showing up the orange color. we have the worst of the weather this way. there still remains at this late juncture some question about how far it' s going to get north. we will see that snow coming out of new york city toward southern new england saturday. i think some snow will get in here. this is one of our most reliable computer models giving us next to nothing yesterday. it' s given us a couple of inches of ground boston. this is the direction i am leaning in. the greatest accumulation will be in the mid-atlantic area it' s a quiet day today.
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re starting off in the teens. we have loads of sunshine friday. . the winds will be a lot lighter. let' s get you to the road and. olessa: it' s a quiet
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a is a audio and you and you
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you >> most of his minute panic states, they made a beginning a direct hit, but air travel will be affected. ahead of the mess.
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were in a flight in north carolina and she managed to get out. >> fortunately no one was inside of it cool if the tide. he was taken to mass general with minor injuries. this is been ruled an accident. emily: also breaking, more than 20 people are dead after a terror attack in somalia. the attack started late thursday and ended in mogadishu. the gunman and bombers were killed by special forces. randy: a boost in school security in cambridge after another threat. the bomb threat came through e-mail yesterday. it is for today. investigators have found nothing to substantiate anything.
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police are searching for the knife wielding robber who got more than he bargained for from one store clerk. this is the quick decision the woman had to make. erika: she said she had no fear. take another look at that surveillance video. she has run the market for a years. she grabbed a wooden club. >> he said i want to get in trouble. i love everybody. i am everybody' s. erika: she says he was defending more than herself did she named the store after her daughter. she was really defending her memory as well. police are still looking for
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emily: new goals laid out at the state of the commonwealth and there is room for improvement. the governor touted successes of the past year, but touched on the updated -- opioid epidemic. >> i will stand with my former colleagues when there clinical judgment is being improperly maligned. not this time. they are far too casual about the addictive consequences of these medications. emily: they are revamping the ailing mbta. they hoped to hear more on gun violence and his spending plan, which will be unvled next week to hands-free driving belt moves forward. randy: how can affect you behind the wheel. a beloved family is stolen from an apartment in somerville.
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erika: we' re following breaking news overnight. at least 20 people were killed before special forces took at the attackers. firefighters tell us a valet was behind the wheel. cindy: we' ve got another quiet weather day around here.
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randy: disappeared to be a burglar carrying a way to stolen dogs. emily: a family is pleading for help. they have plastered their neighborhood with posters. a burglar broke into their apartment stealing jewelry, bibles, and those pups. >> this person, i don' t know, he broke our hearts.
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emily: the thief can bring the dogs back, no questions asked her in new rediscovered.
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emily: we are tracking a massive winter storm. can see it right now rid of all of the swirling greens and yellows. cindy: we' ve been talking to what degree we will get impacted. we are out of the targeted area. that continues to be the mid-atlantic states. we are out of that rid of the national weather service moments ago has put out a winter storm watch for parts of our area. it' s to the south.
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this is the coastal area of connecticut and rhode island. of this is where the accumulation of snow makes you a couple of inches and most impact you. the storm continues to get organized. it will be lifting up the eastern seaboard. our global impact will come in saturday afternoon. it' s going to be moving out saturday morning. the degree of snow is most in question. there will be wind and there will be some impact along the coastline. that heavy area of snow through the mid-atlantic states, they are still looking at one to two feet of snow. this will be one of the biggest snowstorms on record. philadelphia is looking at over a foot grade it will be close to a foot in new york city.
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altidore wind chills, single digits above and below zero. we are starting off in the teens. look at this, super quiet with pressure nosing in. i want to focus on the storm. you can see it lifting up toward the north. there is some ice over north carolina. you can see this wraps all the way to memphis as well. the storm is still in its formative stages. it' s going to shift toward the coastline. as the storm shifts to the coast of north carolina, it' s going to redevelop. the wind is really going to ramp up. by tomorrow morning, where the storm is. the wind is starting to strengthen. this is creating blizzard conditions around new york city and stretching back to the d.c. area. the leading edge of the snow is just south of our area.
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we have? ' s as to how far northward. in terms of how much , the winds are going to be very strong. because we have a moment on saturday, the most problematic high tide will be sunday morning area that is when we could see coastal flooding and some beach erosion as well. the wind will be gusting over 50 miles per hour. when guests will be in excess of 40 miles per hour. you can see by 1:00 in the afternoon, we do have some snow. this model keeps the snow around right to the overnight hours. there could be some mixing, that is looking less likely than
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i think it' s gone by 10:00 sunday morning. this is my best estimate as to how much snow. i am going to extend this based on the winter storm watch down toward the cape. i think once you get north of this area, there is a potential for about four inches of snow. this storm is getting out of here sunday morning very quickly. behind that, the weather is very quiet. there could be a few rain showers on it tuesday. we are going to get some snow from this, not a lot, but there will be impact locally. emily: so far, the roads looking quiet. olessa: we are quite in both directions. let' s get to the maps and the
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that will be enough for next 15 to be minutes. this is a northbound project. along the pike, we are at nine. it' s also nice and light at 103. all the major roadways are doing ok. trains and buses are expected to start on schedule. emily: seven republican candidates will attend a two day town hall. all three democratic hopefuls will take place. the clinton is no stepping up attacks on bernie sanders. >> we have different records in different i is about how to drive progress. >> we do well in both the states. i think we are looking at one of the great political upsets in
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emily: sanders has 51% of the vote in i will over clinton' s 43% area --. donald trump is widening his lead over ted cruz. i will cast the first votes in less than two weeks with new hampshire shortly after that. randy: bill to ban holding your cell phone is moving forward. this would make talking on handheld cell phones illegal when you' re behind the wheel. it would also be illegal to enter information by hand into a gps. the senate and house will now work to combine their two bills. a boston landmark could soon disappear. emily: boston university is selling the building holds up citgo sign. it will be up to the new owner
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it is said that the landmark sign does add significant value to the property. there is new fallout in the water crisis in flint, michigan. a regional director with the epa is resigning. this will ensure that the restoration of safe drinking water remains the primary focus. it' s not certain if this is like to an increase in cases of legionnaires disease. randy: a pilot is being charged with being drunk behind the wheels of a plane. his blood alcohol level, tested when he landed, was nearly double the legal limit to drive a car. emily: a species believed extinct has turned up again.
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it was last reported seen in 1870. it is identified as part of a new genus. the frogs could be in abundance in indian jungles from china to thailand. a clever way to get rid of snow. frank: he is not letting an injury help them from helping others. draft kings is making an
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randy: we are following breaking news. emily: a car winds up underwater
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firefighters say a valley was parking a car when it slipped under the pedal and he lost control and it went about 100 feet at high before slamming into that pool. randy: a deadly terror attack strikes somalia. more than 20 people were killed overnight in mogadishu. the al-shabaab attack started late thursday. a gunman and bombers killed as special forces. marines are declared that after a chopper crash off the coast of hawaii. corporal christopher orlando was among those who died. five date search showed no sign of those marines. emily: a toddler found wandering on the highway. the two-year-old was running
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slipped out an open door. no charles -- charges have been filed. randy: as for the game with the bruins last night, the three-game winning streak came to an end. jimmy hayes, the connects come back with their own good the connects score the next two goals and 4-2 is the final. emily: the patriots are caring for a showdown in denver. we will give you complete coverage. beginning tomorrow night and all day sunday. he lost a leg in battle and wheelchair.
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his neighborhood. that' s a pretty interesting center. he gets a lot of praise for this. he says it' s just his way of giving back to the community. the neighbors like it. emily: this storm literally changes minute by minute. cindy: the models that a big ship south and it did not look like going to do anything. they are coming north again. we will ride the edge of the storm. we will not take the brunt of it. we have a brand-new winter storm watch that has just issued. this is for the south coast of new england. this goes into effect tomorrow. it' s in effect until 7:00 on sunday. this is for the snow and gusty wind. this could lead to some coastal flooding and high tide.
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these are the tides coming up saturday night and into sunday. i think it' s sunday morning that' s going to be more impacted. ties will be running high north of boston. he focused south. it' s from plymouth down to the cape we could see wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. that is why we will have the biggest problem with coastal flooding. flooding. in terms of the snow, right to two feet of snow through baltimore. here is that storm. s in a formative stage. it transfers it area to the coast. all of that is to the south. during the day saturday, it'
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