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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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it is l going to abvery tricky call. possibly into the storm, itself. but check out the radar and you'll see that is a wall of snow on radar, already into southeastern pennsylvania. on the ground, it's snowing hard as you saw. in washington it has reached baltimore and will be moving into philadelphia to start before too long. now, i want to give you an idea what to expect with a timeline. there we are 11:00 tonight. snow has likely commenced already in new york city. they're likely to get hit hard as well. then we get to about 7:00 tomorrow morning. the northern edge of the snow is hartford to providence. that snow is going to get up to about the mass pike. then it is going to struggle to move northward from there. we keep telling you about being on the northern edge. the deeper purples you see, southern half of connecticut, that would be the heavy snow. right along the coast there might be a little mixing for a while because of the easterly wind. eventually it should be straight snow there as well.
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somewhat heavier to the south. 11:00 tomorrow night snowing hard over southeastern mass and the cape and that can continue into the wee hours of the morning sunday. latest thinking on how much to expect and whatever you are looking at here could change and second of all we may have an even sharper change in amounts over a smaller number of miles than we can forecast. right now north of the pike, north of boston i'd say 1 to 3 inches of snow. south of the pike and south of boston 3 to 6 inches of snow. from about providence to plymouth or marshfield on south 6 to 10 inches which includes the cape and the island. even more for new york city, philadelphia, boston, and washington. part of the area on the northern edge of the snow and part of the area on the northern edge of the heavier snow. it is still a very fluid situation that could change as we get closer to and even into the storm itself. we will stay on top of it for you. >> people living on the cape
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let's get to newscenter 5 live in sandwich with the concerns. >> they expect significantly more snow here but it is not the snow but the wind and the surf that is a concern. this beach has been eroded in the last decade. this sand has been placed into the system and will erode in time. i don't think we'll lose very much but it is going to get moved around a little bit. in the long run we'd like to be able to predict that. >> town residents spent nearly $3 million rebuilding the dune here at the beach and now we're -- they're using monitors to try and see how the weather is going to affect the beach
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at 7:00 we'll learn from someone from the u.s. geological survey what they hope to learn. >> still falling in washington, d.c. as we showed you at the beginning of the newscast and officials there are already taking precautions telling people stay off the roads. mike, they were handcuffed by what, an inch of snow a couple days ago. >> just icy roads then and now feet of snow falling. it is winding up down to the south and mid-atlantic states where we'll be focusing on the heaviest snow. i want to show you how much snow has fallen so far. the swath goes out to cape girardeau, missouri. you can see some of the totals so far. they haven't been that impressive especially like wakefield which is right near the coast. you get to alexandria, only 2 inches. we'll be adding a lot more snow before it's over. get out toward lexington and even parts of western kentucky we're seeing now anywhere between a half foot and a foot of snow that has fallen so far. what we're looking at here are the major cities are going to be hit up along the coast.
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d.c. up through new york and fairly close to us. d.c., 18 to 24 inches of snow. you get the general theme. everybody is going to get probably a foot, someplaces two feet of snow. this is going to be incredible because you remember washington, d.c., their record if they get to 28 inches is the most snow they have ever seen in their entire history. these are pretty impressive totals we'll be talking about and many more details as we continue. >> because of the cities involved the storm is having a major impact on travel. a united airline plane sliding off the runway in chicago's o'hare airport this afternoon. that plane with 179 passengers onboard. then got stuck in the snow. no one was hurt. but right now hundreds of flights have been canceled. the rails are also expected to be impacted. let's go live to logan right now. >> the ripple effect will snarl travel this weekend. today lots of passengers were rushing to reschedule flights.
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land in boston tonight and today many others were just glad to get out ahead of what is bound to be a huge weekend travel mess. the eye of the storm is tracking through the mid-atlantic, nearly a hundred flights canceled. american airlines grounding all flights out of charlotte, north carolina, starting today and tomorrow it will cancel all flights in and out of d.c. other airlines making similar plans, train travel, will also be affected. amtrak says it will be operating on a modified schedule because of the storm on the east corridor. a lot of travelers were alerted before hand their flights were canceled. as you can see there are not a lot of big crowds. many carriers are issuing waivers. if you have to rebook, check schedule and call your airline as soon as possible. >> our crews are out all over the area. get the latest storm team 5 forecasts, real time closings and delays and live radar with
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download it for free. all the guys will be here at channel 5 all night long. the road to the super bowl. the patriots will not be bothered by the storm. they are already headed to denver. buses leaving gillette stadium this afternoon. thousands of broncos fans lining the streets of the mile high city in anticipation of an a.f.c. championship game. bob, you couldn't have two more different scenes but both teams have one objective in mind. >> the franchises know a lot about the a.f.c. title game. patriots holding their final practice before heading out to denver and looking to go to their ninth super bowl. the broncos are trying to get to their eighth. >> it is one of those things you're fortunate enough to go in and play so many big fwames that, you know, when the season is over you look back and it's pretty cool. right now you don't think about
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you think more about trying to get to the next one. and right now we got the toughest team on the schedule we've played thus far with the denver broncos. so it's cool and it's been a journey. but we're trying to keep that journey going. >> coming up at 5:00 the task of defending peyton manning now that he throws battalion like an egg. ed? >> the spernt 5 team is getting you covered in denver. bob is here and we're getting ready for the game live from beginning tomorrow night from denver. let's take you live to hawaii right now where a memorial is under way for the marines killed last week when two helicopters collided. 12 were killed including a hingham native corporal kristoffer orlando. a five-day search turned up no signs of the marines. corporal christopher orlando was a 2010 graduate of hingham high school and was just 23 years old. right now a lot of questions
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cambridge. that is a car plunging into an indoor pool. jack harper is live with the latest on the investigation. >> the wipers did work but didn't help. we are at the river view residences in came bridge and this is where the car went, right through here, slammed into that wall over there, ended up in the pool. this video was taken earlier. the valet who was moving the car is okay. he was not badly hurt and was taken to the hospital to be checked out. the manager says they have a tremendous amount of cleanup to do. >> when they extracted the vehicle from the pool the wall hit the gas tank and so we have gas to clean up and also sewage was affected so we'll be cleaning up for a few weeks now. >> they have pumped the pool down all day long, got a 42,000
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you can see that as very big job. we'll have more later at 6:00 and tell you what the outlook is for the valet and what may happen to him after this mishap in cambridge. i'm jack harper. ed, to you. >> 5 in the air over a afternoon. the truck and its cab as you can see clearly well off the breaking news. the film academy is taking new and african-americans. just moments ago the organization pledging to double the number of women and minority members by the year 2012. it will add three new seats to its board of directors governors immediately. the oscars have faced back lash from this after two years of all white nominees in the lead actor categories. commitment 2016 you see hillary clinton in rochester, new town hall. the democrat talked about the economy, tax code, universal health care. newscenter 5 was at today's
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the candidates clinton did not mention tonight at 5:00 on newscenter 5. bernie sanders was also in the grand state. this is a campaign rally held this morning in north conway. senator sanders leading in the latest polls out of new hampshire attacking donald trump and other republican candidates who he says engaged in bigotry and racism. new jersey governor chris christie is changing his tune tonight. he tweeted the message this afternoon, i'm sorry, new hampshire. we've got snow coming to new jersey so goit to go home but i'll be back. the governor was criticized by opponents yesterday after saying he would consider staying in new hampshire while the storm came through new jersey. also stumping in new jersey today, republican candidates jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich, rand paul, rick santorum, and jim gilmore. right now an american student has been arrested and detained in north korea the north saying an ohio man named otto warmbier committed what they call a
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he is from the state of ohio. 42-year-old sean gorman lived in this home with his mother and the fire started earlier this week. it was a challenge for firefighters who had to get through a lot of debris and clutter just to put out the claims. boston firefighters responding to a second-alarm fire at an auto body shop. officials investigating say the fire started in a room in the mid feel the building at the d.n.a. auto group. the fire then spread to cars in the shop. shortly after taking off for massachusetts a plane was forced to land in a new york family's back yard. the problem causing the abrupt landing. on newscenter 5 at 6:00 the boston police officer accused of sending sexually explicit photos to a minor faces a judge. the new development uncovered by 5 investigates. new at 7:00, a new safety net for loved ones of those with alzheimer's or autism.
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local company that can locate them quickly if they end up missing. >> and most of us will get some snow. some of us will get appreciable snow. then there is the wind and then concern on the coast as the storm intensifies and starts the trip up the coast. i've got the latest. >> then what harvey just showed you on the map you are looking live at d.c. you see the washington monument in the middle of the screen. the snow is falling in d.c. and
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>> we are closing in at quarter to 5:00 and you are looking live at the traffic. the traffic going through the ridge into town, those headlights are moving fine. you can see the tail lights are not. it is obviously friday evening. slowing traffic. the feeder roads on the left are also busy so traffic is as it normally might be. let me hit the update button. you can see what is up around here. you know the drill where it is red it is slow. it is red through the city. more and about the same, 128, maybe a little tick left. moving okay. 95 the newton corridor a little bit, the tolls will slow you a little bit but a good 20, 20 plus mint ride from the weston tolls to 495. that's traffic right now. the old northern bridge in boston is coming down. the coast guard says it is
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collapse and worry about the potential collapse comes as the city prepares to spend $100 million to build a new bridge tied to g.e.'s relocation to boston. the current bridge is considered historic and the city is looking for ways to preserve pieces of the structure itself. let's take you live around aret ya as we bring harvey leonard in here. it snows in washington but i understand the president is hunkered down and everybody is being prepared for what could be an historic snowfall. >> it does look like if i had to ballpark it i'd estimate about two feet of snow which is not bad. maybe two or a little more. >> it is still going to flirt with us. >> that's a good way to put it. people watching us from southern new hampshire, watching from us cape cod, new hampshire may never see a flake of snow. martha's vineyard is under a blizzard watch. the further north you are the less the effect. the further south the greater the effects. that is the general idea. let's show what we're talking about with all of these wasmsfwaffs and warnings in effect all over the place.
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nation's capital you can see they're under a blizzard warning. also long island is. much of new jersey. and then when we get into our area, very interesting. right over here, the vineyard. the idea is the southern part of our area is going to get the heaviest precipitation. therefore the heaviest snow which will reduce visibility the most and the vineyard is furthest south. why isn't nantucket included? because nantucket may get more rain mixed with snow at times which will raise visibility. the visibility requirement may not be met. on the vineyard there is certainly a chance the three hours or more visibility could drop to a quarter mile or less, winds frequently gust over 35 miles per hour, and it would be in periods of heavy snow. for much of the rest of the area you see in pink which is the southern half of rhode island, southern connecticut, southeastern mass, the cape, the waters of the southshore, that is a winter storm warning. so that is still a significant situation. then we have a winter weather advisory for amounts more modest but still significant.
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rhode island, and the rest of interior southeastern mass. notice not for boston or points west. very, very close call and any subtle shift, even 10 miles is going to mean a several inch difference in the amount of snow you could get with the storm. that's what we're talking about. big changes in small number of miles in our area because we're near the northern edge. part of our area, the northern edge of the storm, part of our area the southern part in the northern edge of the heavy part of the storm. there is the snow filling the air in washington. moving northeastward. soon to be touching the ground in philadelphia and later on tonight in new york. now, if you're getting up early tomorrow and you're in the northern rhode island or southeastern mass, you may already be starting to see flakes. the other thing is if you're right around boston or just inland of boston, you may also start to get some snow flurries which would be a little ocean effect as the wind becomes northeast to east. but in terms of the actual storm, the moisture from that, probably around noon time. this is 1:00. it would be lying right along the mass pike to boston.
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north but then will be a struggle to get further north into the very dry air across vermont, new hampshire, and maine. this is not a snowstorm for vermont, new hampshire, and maine at all but you will see the heavier bands here, south of the pike, parts of rhode island, and connecticut. and if there is a mix for a while along the coast it should go over to snow as the wind turns northeast and then eventually northerly. but here you are seeing the purples over here, the heaviest snow. southeastern mass. this is toward dawn on sunday. then everything will rapidly move off. so either if you start the day with clouds on sunday, probably going to be a lot of sunshine. it may even start clear in places like worcester, become sunny in boston later in the morning, rest of the day looks sunny. it'll take most of the day to clear down around the cape and the islands. my best estimate on the snow, please stick with us here. been trying to tell you all along, this could be updated with time up to and even into the storm because of such a big difference in the small number of miles. but i say if you're north of boston, north of the pike, my best bet is about 1 to 3 inches
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you probably don't get any snow at all. but right along or just south of the pike quickly move up to 3 to 6 inches. providence to plymouth, points south, 6 to 10 inches. that is the best estimate right now. then there is the wind which could gust to over 50 miles an hour for the cape and the islands. also very gusty along the coast. especially cape ann and the waters of the south shore and even boston. look at the wind gusts building during tomorrow and look how strong they get tomorrow night. look at that. could be gusts of 60 miles an island. stays windy through the night. even into sunday morning. sunday afternoon the wind starts to relax and drop off a lot by the time we get to sunday night. especially for high tide around 11:00 a.m. to noon on sunday, two hours before to two hours after that, especially watching all of the waters of the south shore, the cape, and the islands with that situation. we'll certainly be telling you more about that as we go along.
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once the storm exits sunday morning more pleasant weather will move in and in fact it is going to be mild early next week. that's pretty good news. a few showers will come in roughly around tuesday. somewhat colder weather will follow after that. much more on the storm at 5:00. >> an uber driver attacked by a woman and the whole thing caught on cell phone camera. actions are being taken against her. cape may, new jersey, the winter blast in several states. take a look at the numbers on wall street after trading
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>> this was caught on camera, a pretty remarkable crash in brazil. dash cam rolling. you can ths car flipped and the highlighted area, the driver, the driver is being launched out of the car. in the highlighted area that man, the passenger is alive tonight and only suffered a broken leg in all that which is remarkable. a miami doctor has been suspended after this video was posted online. you can see her. she is attacking an uber driver. she reportedly tried to take an uber that someone else had ordered and that person is the person actually shooting the video of this person. a neurology resident at a local hospital beating up the driver. an internal investigation will determine if further discipline
4:55 pm
termination to see if that will take place. we're focusing on your economy here at 4:30. customers safe. the state's 11 district attorneys have joined a growing list of fingerprint uber and lift drivers. they say it would help regulate safe. prosecutors also want background checks of drivers. more and more people are ditching the starbucks line and preordering morning coffee. starbucks says 1 million people use the service just last month. it launched nationwide in september. right now delivery service is being tested in seattle and new york city. still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30 today a teacher's call for snow days goes viral. the adele parody sweeping the internet tonight as we go live to the white house in washington, d.c. just before 5:00. actually you can see the white house a little better right now
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right off the top. looking at the forecast this third grade teacher in tennessee is getting her wish. she doesn't have to go to work. her name is mary and she posted this music video and a parody of adele's "hello" on youtube i don't have to go to school because it is snowing. it is snowing to beat the band as they say and harvey has new information. he'll bring it to you right now on newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> now on newscenter 5 --. >> the mid-atlantic already struggling with what could be an historic storm. delays piling up at logan airport. the big storm will affect us, too. the timeline and which areas get the most snow. >> the patriots depart for denver. a sea of orange awaits. late injury news as they get ready to play for a shot at the super bowl. >> call 911. >> uber showdown. >> she was erratic, screaming, >> the doctor in big trouble after this wild scene. >> from boston's news leader 5:00. >> we begin with a live look
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