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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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where t snow is already coming down covering the lawn there at the white house. the storm is expected to be an historic one for washington, d.c. >> the storm has already brought deadly conditions down south. it was pure gridlock on highways in nashville. at least five people were killed in storm related accidents in the region. >> here a little closer to home a blizzard warning has been issued for martha's vineyard and block island. >> storm team 5 following it closely. the changes, let's get you right to chief meteorologist harvey leonard. >> we know washington, d.c., they're certainly in the heart of this. no question about that. we're in the northern edge. the northern part of the area, the northern edge of getting any snow but the southern part of our area on the northern edge of getting the heavier snow. so blizzard warning for the vineyard, yes. and block island. that's because they're going to have the combination of heavy snow and very strong winds for several hours at least in this storm which could qualify for blizzard conditions. now this also, the coastal flood watch that's in effect, along our shore line, south of
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plymouth county, the cape, and the islands. following two high tides one around 11:00 saturday night but the more impressive one possibly will be sunday morning around 11:00 a.m. to noon. both, however, will be watched carefully. and as for the storm, here you see the snow. it's moving northward in our direction. here is the timeline. snow probably reaching new york city before midnight tonight. and it starts to move northward to get into northern connecticut. let's say hartford to providence around 7:00 tomorrow morning. by lunch time along the mass pike. after that, the movement north is going to be a struggle against very dry air across vermont, new hampshire, and maine while the snow gets heavier in the southern part of our area. so that's the reason why you're seeing winter storm warnings in effect for northern connecticut, northern rhode island, interior southeastern mass. but notice how by early sunday anything significant is just about over and over completely shortly after that. you'll even enjoy a sunny sunday afternoon. my best estimate on snow amounts, north of boston, north
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south of boston, south of the pike, 3 to 6. then from providence to plymouth on south, 6 to 10. one thing i want to caution you, though, with this. we may wind up with an even greater amount of difference in even a smaller amount of miles than i can even forecast here. that's what we have to continue to watch and even a 10-mile shift in the storm north sends these lines northward. makes a big divens where you live. we'll stay right on top of it. >> all right. thanks. and let's take you outside to washington, d.c. we'll show you a picture of the white house again. we're talking about d.c., there are areas that are going to hit -- >> properly named white. >> the whitest house we've had. behind this it says top five washington, d.c. storms. we're talking a monster storm. >> it really is. we're talking about totals here that are phenomenal. you look at some of the numbers we're talking about. we're talking about the knickerbockers storm. this is where a building collapsed and killed a number of people back in washington, d.c. in 1922. 28 inches.
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to that. >> the great eastern blizzard. you had the presidents' day storm. now you get to something some of you might remember. number four the 2010 17.8, we called it snowmageddon at the time or the blix. those were the couple, i think we are easily going to get into the top five. we've also been talking about airport delays out there today. 3400 flights according to flight aware have already been canceled. we're probably going to see tomorrow in the neighborhood of much more than that. also the airport delays. you're saying okay. why are there no airport delays at this point? the reason is it canceled the flight, there is only a 30-minute delay in washington, d.c. delays are not bad now but there are no planes flying. the other issue we talk about sometimes is the power. we're looking at power issues here. the wind and snow will be obviously an issue in washington, d.c. you get out to the blue ridge, not just having snow. we're going to have power issues as well in our direction. >> wind combination with the snow and whipping things
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the white house may look beautiful right now. we may not see much tomorrow. >> all right, mike. thanks. >> a major impact on travel hitting just in time for the weekend. delays already piling up at logan airport. newscenter 5 is there live with our team coverage. jorge? >> because the storm is not hitting us directly and because airlines contacted many passengers before hand as you can see the scene here at logan is fairly normal. still, for many passengers it was a very frustrating day. by mid afternoon, cancellations were piling up. the huge storm expected to slam the mid-atlantic already causing huge headaches at logan. joey kennedy trying to fly back home to washington, d.c. to his family. >> we're supposed to be on the 4:00. that was canceled. they moved me up to the 2:00. 2:00 was just canceled. i don't know if i'll drive. i hear the trains don't work. >> rebooking the play of the day. nearly everyone in this line
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>> going to pennsylvania abnow i got to go to philly and drive. it'll be all right. get a rental car. >> american airlines grounding all flights in and out of charlotte starting today. tomorrow, nearly all flights in and out of the washington, d.c. area are expected to be canceled as well. >> so far, so good. i'm hoping i can make it. >> diana is flying to atlanta, a major hub, checking in a bit like playing the lottery. >> i'm hoping i can get there. >> have you been assured that you can? >> i haven't been assured but i haven't been canceled. >> that's the good news. >> that is the good news. >> if you're traveling by train this weekend, expect some delays. amtrak will be operating on modified schedules in the northeast corridor. by rail or by air if your travel takes you into the heart of the storm, check the schedules. at this point you might be better off to wait it out. talked to a couple guys who said if they can't make it home to alabama they're going to the bruins game. live from logan airport, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> looks like a good trade-off.
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winter coverage. get the latest storm team 5 forecast any time, live radar, real time closings and delays, with our wcvb mobile app. download it for free in your app store. >> tonight the new england patriots are on their way to denver. take a look. fired up fans gathered in gillette this afternoon to see the team off appropriately. both teams ready for another a.f.c. championship showdown. newscenter 5's bob hail ran joins us. much of the focus of course on the quarterbacks. this could be peyton manning's last game? >> i think it could be. peyton manning enters this game, it could be his swan song. he's throwing ducks with a chicken arm. nobody is raving about that. even with manning's physical limitations and despite his absolutely league worst passer rating, i mean, the guy was the worst rated quarterback in the league. the worst. i've actually forgotten my point. wait. it is that the patriots understand he can't throw the ball with much velocity and
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>> we do. i'm sure peyton does, too. he looks a lot healthier than he did this past game. he is still a good quarterback and i'm sure he knows we're looking at that, too and i'm sure he'll protect that. so we're definitely looking at hopefully taking advantage of that, too. >> the broncos are still yapping about the patriots. their latest and greatest hits coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. we want to mention to you the spernt 5 team has you covered in denver. of course mike lynch and bob halloran will get you ready for the game live in the mile high city beginning tomorrow night. >> boston based daily fantasy sports site draft kings is adopting rule changes suggested by the state's attorney general. the site will publicly identify its most highly experienced players. draft kings will also ban third party software that enables players to quickly set up hundreds of lineups.
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those changes late last year and also recommended setting 21 as the minimum playing age, something draft kings and other fantasy sites oppose. >> commitment 2016 now on the trail in new hampshire. the gloves coming off in the presidential candidates on the democrats' side. the one thing hillary clinton did not do during her stops today --? >> hillary clinton headlined a town hall style event here in rochester, new hampshire. now, despite the recent surge by her rival bernie sanders, she never mentioned him by name. >> join me in welcoming our next president of the united states, hillary clinton! >> welcomed by the new hampshire senator jean shaheen before a crowd of 500 in rochester city hall. >> i am the only candidate in this race -- >> mrs. clinton suffering a recent setback in the polls never named bernie sanders but did subtly strike at his plan to revamp health care. >> but i sure also know we don't want to go back into a really contentious national
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>> if we continue the status quo politics -- >> the senator continued to push his platform for change at an event in northern new hampshire. >> this campaign is about not just electing bernie sanders. it is creating a political revolution >> political experts say mrs. clinton may have under estimated mr. sanders. >> she hasn't done anything wrong with her campaign. she hasn't made mistakes. if anything, perhaps she is under appreciated how popular sanders would be. >> at today's event the gloves seemed to remain on with no direct attacks against sanders. >> but i am confident that we can convince the american people to elect a democrat to follow president obama. >> mrs. clinton said this is a time when people start paying attention to the election. new hampshire voters have 18 more days before the first in the nation primary. in rochester, new hampshire, wcvb newscenter 5.
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afternoon a dozen crosses were place today honor the 12 marines lost when the two sea last week. among the victims 23-year-old corporal christopher orlando of hingham, massachusetts. orlando and the other 11 victims were officially declared dead yesterday after nearly a week of searching turned up nothing. governor charlie baker ordered flags throughout the state to fly at half staff today in his memory. one person has died after contracting listeria from prepackaged salad mix. >> still to come tonight the recall that consumers here need to know about. also, new at 5:30 a small plane forced to land in someone's back yard. the reason the local pilot says he had to do it. >> and a live look now. the snow is falling in our nation's capital already. tonight. find out how the city is faring snow storm. >> take a look at first alert traffic as well.
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bunker hill bridge. you see a lot of tail lights. let's look at the maps and see drive times. we look for the red because that is where the heavy drive times are. mass avenue, about a half hour right now. same thing from the upper deck at 128. out west on the pike eight minutes from i-93 to newton corner isn't bad at all. farther west 21 minutes on the western points of 495. that stretch between the mass pike and 290 looks okay. looks like it is a little slow on the southbound side though.
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>> at least 20 people were killed overnight in somalia. the restaurant came under siege by al shabab. the attack started late last night and ended early this morning. witnesses say they heard an explosion of gun fire and men shooting everywhere. the gunmen and bombers were all killed by somali special forces. >> right now an american college student has been arrested and detained in north korea. north korean state media is saying tonight that otto warmbrier committed a hostile act while in the country. the tour group he was traveling with says he was taken into custody january 2. he is from ohio and a student at the university of virginia. the search continues tonight iraq. that country's prime minister is now denying claims that they were kidnapped. while attending the world economic forum in switzerland he cited that no demands have been made for the trio. u.s. embassy in baghdad has confirmed an unspecified number of americans are missing and that it is working with iraqi authorities to find them.
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washington, d.c. was held today despite the capital's preparation for the weekend's monster storm. the annual antiabortion rally took place on the national mall and included musical performances and speeches from members of congress and pro life advocates. this year's rally fell on the anniversary of the supreme court's roe vs. wade decision. >> as we speak snow is covering the nation's capital in what could become an historic storm. we'll go live to the middle of it down in d.c. tonight. >> we can see you've got your warm gear on. right? >> i know it is, guys. a lot of snow. in fact, you guys are really not getting a lot of what we're getting right now. it has consistently been snowing since. forecasters say we could be in this. >> we're sending a clear message that most people in the storm like this. >> the mayor of washington,
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stay home and off the roads. >> we are very, very, very concerned about health, life, and safety of d.c. residents. >> the city could see upwards of two feet of snow over the weekend with strong winds causing white out conditions. >> i've activated 500 national guardsmen and women. >> virginia's governor says his state is ready with 13,000 pieces of equipment and 650,000 tons of salt. >> we're having weather issues across the state from the mountains all the way to the coast. >> north carolina is seeing a mix of snow, ice, and freezing rain. in neighboring tennessee, treacherous road conditions. >> you can stay home. that will give our public works department the opportunity to get our roads clear. >> new york city currently is under a blizzard warning and waits its turn. >> the expectation right now between 12 inches and 18 inches so you've seen that number go up.
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been a concern along the eastern seaboard. the national weather service says by the time this is all said and done this storm could cause more than a billion dollars in damage. live in washington, wcvb newscenter 5. >> it's hard to believe looking right there. harvey, it is starting off with kind of a women per, isn't it? >> well, it's steady and getting about 0.5 inch an hour. remember they'll get inch an hour snow or better at times. it is only, you know, a couple hours old there. it is going to do its thing no doubt about it. this is the boston skyline. a few breaks in the clouds but the high, thin clouds that started to obscure the sun this afternoon, that's the forerunner of the storm. 29 degrees in boston. a light northwesterly wind at this time. and the readings are in the 20's to around 30. i do want to caution you or at least inform you about something. 42. and during the day tomorrow the wind is going to start coming in out of the east-northeast. that may take the immediate shoreline especially down toward the cape above 32 degrees. probably will still snow but it's going to be a wetter snow.
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farther south is going to have heavier precipitation they may be dealing with a heavier wet snow. also you're dealing with stronger winds which could increase the risk of some power outages during the height of the storm later tomorrow into tomorrow night especially down toward the cape. so one of the many facets of the storm that we'll be following. overnight tonight we'll drop into the teens and 20's and then rebound a little bit tomorrow. we see the cold air to the north. but just south of the carolinas is where there is still warm air. so right between the boundary of the warm and cold air is where we have the storm development. that's what we're seeing, with a plume of snow extending off to the north. now, we have a blizzard warning in effect for the vineyard and block island. the rest of southern connecticut, southern rhode island, southeastern mass, the cape, the waters of the south shore, under a winter storm warning. generally meaning the potential is there for 6 inches or more of snow. where you see a winter weather advisory, in the purple, northern connecticut, northern
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further northward in southeastern massachusetts that usually des something on the order of 3 to 6 inches. boston the points north not under any advisorys yet but it would take only a tiny bit to shift at least the several inch line up to the pike or just north of there. so that is certainly very possible with this. here is the storm and the track it is going to take a little south of a classic track to but possibly close enough to get the south coast, the cape, and the islands with a fairly classic big storm. here is your time line. snow moving into bridgeport, ceremony around shortly after midnight -- certainly around midnight tonight. noon time around the mass pike. from that point on a struggle to move north with very dry air in place across vermont, new hampshire, and maine. but heavier precipitation tries to pivot up along the coast for a while tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night but everything starts to move southeast and pretty quickly out to sea for early on sunday. at least in terms of the snow.
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north of the pike 1 to 3 inches. south of the pike 3 to 6. roughly providence to plymouth, points south, 6 to 10 inches of snow. this all could change with a slight change in the track. coastal flood watch in effect for the sunday morning high tide late morning so that'll go until 2:00 p.m. even the late saturday night one has to be watched, too. but for the sunday morning one minor to pockets of moderate coastal flooding down toward the cape. projected wind gusts look to be pretty impressive eszpegsly as we get into saturday night around the islands. windy still for the first half of sunday and abating after that. let's check it out over the next seven days. here's what i see. heaviest snow south of boston tomorrow. but boston will get involved to some extent during the afternoon into the night. and then sunday, should have nice sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures in the 30 eags. a little milder early next week with a few showers tuesday afternoon and a bit colder after that. stay right on top of it for you.
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>> i know you will, harvey. thank you. a hospital can be a very scary place for young children but it is a college student who is working to change that. >> still to come tonight his invention that brings super heroes into their rooms and gives them super powers. >> at 5:30 new questions tonight about the death of music legend glenn frey and the concerns about some medication he was taking. >> and then new at 6:00, a super send off as the fans see the patriots off to their next stop on the road to the super
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p [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. >> tax time is just around the corner but that also means scams on the rise as well to cheat you out of your refund. first warning sign avoid people who base their fee on a percentage of your refund.
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asking the right questions? not asking about deductions and credits could be a sign that something is not right. when in doubt the i.r.s. says always look for a preparer tax identification number. when you know you're getting that you know you're getting legitimate help. connecticut based health insurer cigna has been banned from enrolling new patients in its medicare and prescription drug plans. the actions come after federal investigators found cigna was denying coverage to patients who should have received it. a spokesperson says the insurer is cooperating with the feds and working to fix the problem quickly. similar actions have been taken against aetna and healthnet and also other insurers. >> a deadly is tear ya outbreak is linked to dole packaged salads the c.d.c. saying one person has died and several others have gotten sick including here in massachusetts. the salads are sold under several brands including dole fresh selections, simple truth, marketside, a little salad bar, and president's choice. the manufacturing code on the package starts with the letter "a" and customers who find
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throw the product away. you'll find more information on our website which is a new york college student is making a difference in the lives of young hospital patients and created a special i.v. bag that covers the i.v. bag just for them. >> on your i.v., his super powers come into you and make you all better. >> how cute is that? these paper sleeves transforming some new york hospital rooms for sick kids already. they feature different super heroes and so far the little patients have been using them and giving them thumbs up. >> she runs straight to the back and asks for super sally because she wants to make her little sister feel safe. >> we introduced the they seemed to calm down. such a simple idea. nearly two dozen new york sleeves in children's units. the creator is hoping to make them available everywhere soon. >> as they should be. >> great. >> new on newscenter 5 at 5:30 a local pilot forced to land in
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>> this happened in new york. what happened mid flight that the new bedford man says forced him to touch down immediately? >> this k-9 now outfit wed a bullet proof vest thanks to a special donation. the little boy who wants to keep him safe. >> and a live look now at just about 5:30 on our nation's capital. it looks gorgeous right now. you can see that the branches aren't moving too much so the high winds haven't kicked in. the snow is already falling. harvey has an updated forecast
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let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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>> from boston's news leader, this is newscenter 5 at 5:30. >> here are some of the soirs happening right now at 5:30. travel trouble at logan airport as a massive storm in the mid-atlantic. major airlines keeping planes out of the region. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton continuing her primary push in new hampshire. new polls show clinton trailing senator bernie sanders by significant margins. after a town hall this afternoon, clinton will host another forum in manchester tonight. >> the new england patriots now on their way to denver for the a.f.c. championship game. sound familiar? team buses leaving gillette
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