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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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heather: a powerful winter storm hitting the nation's capital tonight. harvey: and moving closer to us. the impact we'll see from snow and strong winds. ed: on the roads and in the air. tough travel up and down the east coast. mary: what's happening tonight to get ready for the snow here tomorrow. heather: mystery solved. where these stolen dogs from somerville were found tonight. ed: the pats arrive in denver to trash talk from the broncos. ed: live pictures from the nation's capital, the white house in near whiteout conditions tonight. the blizzard of 2016 pounding the mid-atlantic at this hour. philadelphia also in the thick of things tonight. heavy snowfall socking that city in tonight. heather: the travel situation treacherous. this is kentucky where ice and
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from the deep south up into new jersey, it's a mess out there tonight. good evening. i'm heather unruh. ed: and i'm ed harding. parts of the bay state bracing for the storm, too. stormteam 5's harvey leonard begins our coverage tonight. harv? harv: all right, flakes have been reported in new york city as. we're on the northern edge of. the the southern part of the area will be more involved than the northern part of the area. we have a winter storm warning hang on the waters of the south shore, cape cod and the eye lp as well as southern rhode island and connecticut. down on the vineyard as well as block island. blizzard warning is in effect. then across northern connecticut and interior southeastern mass. we have a within der weather advisory. winds are going to be strong as well. so there is a high wind warning on the cape and the island this then we talk about the coast in a little while. here is the area of snow. see how on radar, it has gotten above new york city. finally starting to reach the ground in morning. this is going to have a sharp northern cutoff.
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it starts to creep up. right around noon-1:00, it is around the mass pipe, but were that point on, even thought is snowing pretty god the south. it is a struggle bumping to dry air to the north. so it may just about pinwheel a little bit north of boston, later tomorrow, into tomorrow night before it starts to pinwheel back and moves on out by early sunday. that is what sparked it and the pike rating on the edge with not a whole lot to the north but building amounts to the south. by the way, we have plenty of sunshine for mid dy and sunday afternoon. so my best estimate is that north of the mass pipe, north of boston, an inch or two of snow may never snow a flake. 2 to 5 inches, though, immediatedly to the south of the pipe. then hartford to providence, marshfield, points southward, excluding the cape and the islands any a a anywhere from 5 to 9 inches of snow. much more, heather? heather: south coast communities preparing for whatever the storm brings. our mary saladna is live in fall river which could see some rough
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mary? mary: yeah, heather. that is right. we realized we are getting wind now picking up. high winds will be issue with the storm, aever know we get will be heavy and wet, so time to break out the heavy equipment. there is a hazy moon over fall river. that is never good. >> traditionally, hazy moon for us means we are going to get bad weather where snow, and it is on the way. mary: community maintenance director says fall river is ready. last weekend's snowfall prompted a test run. >> loaded up on salt. we have 2,000-tons available. the equipment has been all checked out. everything is ready to go on the city's side. mary. also ready, private contractors. many invested in nugent after last winter. they are anxious for income. >> we depend on the snow. if we don't have snow, we don't make no money. mary: local residents also know the drill. they are stocked up on rock salt and storm-related supplies.
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son's snow blowing business. i like to make the money. i am making a fresh one. i cut up the old ramp last summer. mary. so one here is worried this is the big one. that is the thing. you are not getting it now. it will show up eventually. mary. the parking ban takes effect one minute after midnight tonight and start pretreating the roads at first light. in fall river tonight, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. ed: more on the travel troughle now. hundreds of cars spinning off the roads through the mid-atlantic. pretty much shutdown now. the blizzard having a domino effect as travelers are forced to rebook. phil lipof here with more on that. ja. ed: before the first snow started to fall in d.c., thousandses of flights canceled there. its not just there. airports severely impacted. some planning to shutdown. in our nation's capital, massive
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at the airport, more than 6800 flights already canceled through sunday. in philadelphia, the airport is set to shutdown. >> i can't wait to get out of town. >> neither could this dallas-bound flight attendant. buy early evening, the ripple effect had hit logan more than 100 cancellations here. yoy kennedy was grounded before the first snowflake hit d.c. >> it is not supposed to hit until 5:00 or 6:00. they are being extra cautious. ja. ed: the patriots already in denver. the fans like mark and his daughter, var, following close be hund. we were lucky get on. me and my daughter here are going to the game sunday. we are going to watch tom grade and the patriots hopefully beat manning and the broncos. >> bill: what could can be a bright spot in otherwise brutal weekend. perfect example of that, these guys trying to get from boston huntsville, alabama. >> we can go to detroit, fry to memphis, then drive four hours from memphis. phil: yeah. it is not just in the air.
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amtrak is operating on modified schedules. of course, the northeast corridor. heather? heather: right now, the storm is slamming washington, d.c. where it could end up dumping more than two feet of snow. you can barely see the capital zone in the background. this storm could end up dumping more than two feet of snow in d.c. aixa diaz is live in the thick of it. aixa, it's been nonstop since it started! aixa: that is right. the wind is picking up the roads are clear in terms of traffic. the mayor in with as everybody to stay home and they have been following her orders. i is a ghost town out here. that is what she has been calling for. people are hunkered down, staying at home, hoping for the storm to pass quickly, with youz with we know, we got a whole other day tomorrow to look forward to. we took drive around the national mall. you cannot see the dome of the capital building. city crews are preparing for entire dave snow tomorrow, now one of the biggest concerns is
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we have already seen it pick up dramatically in the past few hours. it is only going to get worse. that could lead to power outages. rating now. we get a burst of wind like we're getting now, the squalls out here, and the wind is not yet. they are talking about 30-40 miles per hour winds. at the airport, obviously thresh flights are grounded, but at reagan national, dulles, the snow teams are out clearing the reason ws and trying to stay ahead of the game and want to stay ahead of tomorrow. as you know, we're not halfway through the snow we are going to get, heather. heather: do they have anyway of knowing when the airlines could be back up to normal? aixa. the hope is sunday they ril start flying gain. we know of flights being canceled for monday. so they have been trying to stay optimistic in stay say buying to normal. i cannot imagine most flights will be back up be a running
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tomorrow of all flights grounded. heather: doesn't look so bad behind you. you are sheltered by a building. >> aixa: it is so hard to show wind, obviously. the wind is picking up. again, less than 20 miles per hour right now. going to get a lot worse tomorrow. heather: be careful. aixa diaz riding ut the storm force. we thank you for being with us and keeping us abreast of things. we are watching the storm all heather: we're watching this storm all night for you and you're going to want to know what's happening as soon as you wake up. the eyeopener starts at 5:00 a.m. with important updates all morning long. ed: four people are dead. two are critically wounded in the worst mass shooting to that i country in years. that shooting happened in two locations. ones with the high school. the other was home in a community in the providence of sa skates chew wen. to 20016.
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the first primary state. trailing senator bernie sanders in the polls and held a town meeting in manchester tonight. our juli mcdonald is there. juli? jullely: 17 days to go until the first in the nation's primary. hillary clinton recently suffered a setback in the polls. wcvb newscenter 5 learned she earned a few newvotes in new hampshire. >> new hampshire has unique role. >> a call to action for voters friday. hillary clinton told the full house, the hears the need and concerns as americans and has solutions if they choose her for the white house. clinton said there is mo more important jobs than rising incomes and rebuilding the middle class. >> create more jobs, good be joes that cannot be exported. they have to be done here in the united states of america. >> clinton mended relationships and worked toward the common good and said she fines deals on muslims and terrorism offensive and dangerous.
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the world hears that. that makes our job of keeping us safe harder. >> we found voters who arrived cantate. >> she is going to walk into the presidency and know what to do. she is not going to have to learn things. >> clinton has a little more than two weeks to drive that messaging home. >> i would be so honor and grateful to have your support in the primary on february 9th. [cheering and applauding] thank you, all, very much. [cheering and applauding] chews well, much of the speech focus on the economy and foreign policy. clinton wasn't prepared another amount of people she would meet here whose families have been touched by addiction the life saving solutions need to be implemented. in manchester new hampshire. juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: meanwhile, the gop race has broken out. the centered around the frontrunner donald trump. the conservative national review magazine issued a special addition opposing saying he is
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calling him a political opportunist. trump respond in typical trum fashion. >> circulation is way down. not very many people read it any more. i meap, people don't seem to think about the national reviews, so i guest they wantp to get a little publicity. that is a dying favor. >> meanwhile, trum and texas senator ted cruz have launched attacks on each other as they battled for the top spots in new hampshire primary. ed: the road to the super bowl now. the patriots arriving in denver with a mile high mission sending the broncos packing! ed: denver players not shy about shooting their mouths off. our bob halloran is here with more on that. robert? it. cake. thought. one thought they had this week was to call tom brady cry baby.
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to call im a cry prady and said gronkowski pushes off on almost every play f. today, proof these guys will take just about anything after peyton manning led through practice. he dropped the hate bomb. >> you are in the way. they are always in my way. >> they are always in my way to get what i want. this is naturally going to create hate. bob. all right, wolfe reaffirmed he hates them. you will hear more from him later in sports. plus went we'll quantify how much julian edelman means to the offense. spoil are alert, it is a lot. heather: a grateful somerville couple, the reunited with their stolen dogs tonight. >> how the oscars where making changes. >> the snow edging closer.
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ed: you can perhaps make out the silhouette of the capital dome that is be heap that. you can bauerly see it. you cannot even see him the biggest storm in 90 years. heather: a grateful somerville couple reunited tonight. where these stolen dogs from somerville were found tonight. heather: a grateful somerville couple, the reunited with their stolen dogs tonight. they were taken when the couple's apartment was broken into. tonight, they were found pretty far from home. wcvb newscenter 5's john atwater is live in somerville. john: i is a long, overdue game of fetch for cleopatra.
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home with ceasar after both of the pomeranians were snatched during barring ry. the happy reunion friday night at somerville animal control after the dogs were spotted outside on the sidewalk in dorchester. >> the couple just recognized them. oh, throws the dogs on facebook. john. surveillance video captured the burglar carrying the dog interests the home on tuesday. olga and chris immediately turned to social media and channel 5 desperate for help. >> somebody toll the dog. everyone wants the support. so i really want to thank everyone. everyone, everyone, everyone. john. police are still looking for that man who took the dog. this reunited family is anxious to thank the couple who made it possible. >> we are looking to thank them
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together. john. those dogs are doing fine. they were not hurt. now the family going to be installing security system. live in somerville tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> what a great ending, john. ed: a westfield high school is warning after colon os pis. 239 who received the colonoscopy between june of 2012 and april of 2013 are at risk. the hospital says the risks are lunked to new tools introduced in june of 2012 that required a different approach to cleaning. after failure in tray training, the scopes were not prop he werely disinfected. heather: a cambridge valet takes a wild ride into a pool. this suv plunged into the pool at the regatta riverview residences in cambridge. the valet was parking the car when a floor mat got stuck under the gas pedal sending the car straight through the building.
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bouncing back into the pool. cleanup is expected to take weeks. >> the wallle hit the gas tank. we had gas in the pool we had to cleanup. there was stew wage that was affected. we will be cleaning up for few weeks now. >> the step is pumping out 42,000 gallons of water. ed: change is coming to the weather. harv? harvey. as you will see, it would not take change to mcthe difference be significant. also tale the story as i see it. 25 degrees en boston. a cold, dry night at this time. it is chilly. the winds are out of the mort everywhere. here is what i want you to know. the wind will become more northeast to east tomorrow. that is in testing for folks along the coast because the ocean water temperature is above normal, because he all the warm weather we had in the early part of winter. it is 42 degrees. the wind whistles in.
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wet snow for awhile lang the coast or perhaps may hin door accumulation baits is so wet. we get this tomorrow evening. then we have better opportunity to accumulate. that is true down on the cape. that is important because they precipitation. for them. here is a look already. what is going on. you a can see it is snowing in new york city. really, not a far south of long line. not that part far south of the island. is going to move upon the south coast first and make the way northward during the course of tomorrow morning. once we wind out. you see the deeper purples here. very heavy know to philadelphia and the nation's capital and thork city. just getting to the steady snow now. storm center in the position. the track of the storm is just a a little bit too far south to really give boston the traditional big snowstorms when the type of storms come a little bit closer that is why i think washington, baltimore, philly
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hefty amounts with you the southern part of our area meaning providence and points south couldyon the club through reasonable degree in terms of accumulation. here we go tomorrow. 1:00 mass pipe. notice it is snowing hard over the south coast and southeastern massachusetts and doesn't do any thing to the north it is a struggle to build to the north and going up against dry air in vermont new hampshire and maine. the snow bands may work to boston and little bit north and west and during tomorrow afternoon, into tomorrow night before they start retreating the other way. how long will they be ins about son in not quite make it. 3-4-6 hours that makes a huge difference because for that period of time it does reach boston, it could snow at good clip. everything whistles out to sea quickly early sunday. we get clearing during the morning and sunshine for the afternoon. now, i want to show you one computer model what it is predict. notice the drop-off north of the pipe. you got three inches in
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5 in boston. you build though south and drop-off sharply to the north. there's another computer model very similar in you bring the snow around lunchtime during the afternoon. a little bit north of boston then it goes the soth and moves on out to sea. even thought is similar. amounts are dif rerent. they are are lighter. only an inch or two and bopoff north and build up south t. the yesterday is pretty much there and it is a matter of a degree. sometimes we get even bigger differences and even smaller. but rating now, the best bet is one or two inches snort of the pipe and nothing above route 2. 2 to 5 inches immediately south of the pipe. 5 to 9 to marshfield and points south. we have rong winds, the strongest will be around the cape and the islands with the storm. look at some of the peak wind gusts a z we go through this. look at atlantic city and lack what could happen as we get to tomorrow night. because we're talking about so much wind, that begs issue of the coast.
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high tide around 11:00 tomorrow noon. for the south shore, as well as the cape, these are the places to watch for at least flashover, probably minor coastal flooding, a few pockets of moderate coastal flooding. we have to watch places like scituate, nantucket to meanings few. the morning area, plum eye in la will well weal watch for beach erosion. also the next seven days. as they said, we cleared during sunday. mild next week. a few hows with on tuesday. much colder wednesday and thursday. both cindy and cannial in for the eyeopener tomorrow. any change in that track tapped lifting or dropping of those snow areas will be right on top of it. i prom misyou. heather: i know all of you will be. ed: harv back here tomorrow
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ed: change is coming to the oscars. heather: the new moves to bring diversity to hollywood's biggest night. that announce am comes among very harsh criticism that oscars following two years of all white nominees in the lead actor category them weeklong criticism comes with calls to boycott the oscars. will smith, jada pinkett smith, spike lee all pledged to not attend. >> it is systematic by thats needs to be addressed across the industry. heather: how big of a dy railroads ty problem is? it is large. 6,000 academy members, 93% are white. 77% are men. the academy will add three new members to the board of governors immediately. ed: you know, like the storm, we are opinion weight all week for the football game to get here. >> is it here now? >> the storm is coming.
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>> the players made it to denver. he they are out there and ready. they gat nice sendoff are the fans today as they, wow, they get up on two weeks. >> sure looks like it. bob: we're moving over sports marco rubio. rhe ran for senate sayingr he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. bob: former bronco quarterback danny kannell is advocating that the broncos hit tom brady late on espn radio, kannell said: "you have to send a message, hit him a couple of times where it's little past the whistle. get those knockdowns, get those
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you're coming after him." the patriots holing the last practice today. they got out of town and plenty of time peat the snow. the wheels on the bus went round and round. the wheels are down in denver. the big game is less than two days away. >> yes, one of those unbelievable things that you are fortunate enough to go in to play and so many big games that, you know, you know, when the season is over, you look back, you know, that is pretty cool. right now, you know, you don't think about those things. you think about trying to get to the next one and right now, we got the toughest team on the schedule the denver broncos. it is cool. it has been a journey, but we are trying to coop the journey going. with him they are undefeated
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this year. without him, three and four. ten fewer points and hopefully they are gone. they won't have so nin drops. remember danny amendola's hit last week on the chief's jamel fleming? this is gonna cost him $23,152. amendola fined for what the nfl called a blindside block. the broncos spent their week practicing and yapping. yapping and practicing. this is them practicing. here is defensive lineman derek wolfe yapping about his hatred for the patriots. >> they are always in my way. it is nationally going to create hate. i got a ton of respect. they got great players. tom prayed yeahs great player. they got, they got a great staff over there. i got a ton of respect for him. >> yeah. we're confirmed on that. all right. the celtics beat the bulls tonight. but there's no way they are tomorrow night. i know, i know, the sixers are the worst team in the nba.
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the celtics aren't playing the sixers tomorrow night. the game's been moved to sunday night. the sell tk get through quick start afans the bulls. bradley with a three-pointer. he had 21 then thomas with a threent poker. had 22 and led by 11 after one and by 15 at the break. he misses a shot. but fight for the rebound. the balls finally tipped over to kelly and makes a nice move and hits on the reverse. he finished with 12 and the sell text beat the bulls 110-101.
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