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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." cindy: a powerful storm on its way up the coast right now. i'm tracking the changes to our forecast and the impact in new antoinette: the storm snarling causing dangerous and deadly conditions on the road and in the air. our frank holland is live from logan this morning. doug: the nation's capital in the bullseye of this storm under a blizzard warning right now. bracing for more than two feet of snow. boston's news leader. this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: at 5:00 on this saturday morning, we begin with live pictures from new york city right now. this is the times square area
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snow flying around. blizzard of 2016 really just pounding the mid atlantic area right now. good morning to you. i'm antoinette antonio. it's saturday, january 23. from the deep south up into new jersey, it's a mess out there this morning and the storm is headed our way. coverage this morning. tracking the storm. and our frank holland is live at logan where hundreds of flights are cancelled. but we begin with cindy. and where the storm is and where it's headed. cindy: that's the big question. where is it headed? we've been telling you all week long we'll be on the northern edge of this storm. that is what is happening. nonetheless we do have a winter storm warning up for the south coast of new england afternoon also the south shore here through tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and still that blizzard warning up for martha's vineyard, block island as well. just south of the pike we are going to get in good snow with the weather advisory up through tomorrow morning as well. winds will be a concern with this system. we continue with the high-wind warning here on the cape and the
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annal we're watching the coastline for the possibility of flooding, coastal flood watch up through tomorrow as well. let's show you where the snow is right now. it is not in our area yet. it looks as though we have snow all the way up to hartford. this is not reaching the ground just yet. you can see the visibility there still about 10 miles. still 10 miles in bridge all right, connecticut. once you go south and get into these darker blues around new york city, that is where the snow is coming down at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour and visibility is down under a quarter mile. the storm is still way down here. it is still strengthening and it is kicking north ward before it heads on out. as we go through the morning hours here, it is dry. temperatures starting out in the mid 20's. we'll up around the freezing mark by 3:00 this afternoon. but notice that snow, it is coming on in to the boston area so here is the timeline here. the snow creeping up from the south this morning. it is going to take until after lumpleg time to make it closer to the mass pike. so south coast, cape, islands, you're first. this is a very slow process to push that snow towards the pike. but during the evening and
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more through just a little bit before it all heads out to sea tomorrow morning so when it's all said and done, the possibility that we don't see much of anything north of the pike to up to a couple of inches, the amounts really ramp up to the south with the possibility of five to ten inches here for much of the south shore, south coast and cape. we're going to step you through more of the timeline and the winds coming up in just a bit. antoinette. antoinette: cindy, thank you. the massive storm has turned deadly. it's being blamed for nine deaths on the roads around the mid-atlantic thousands of flights cancelled. in chicago one plane skidding off the runway. no one hurt there. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is live at logan. frank, the blizzard having a domino effect as travelers are forced to re-book. frank: good morning, doug and antoinette. (no audio) take a look behind me here at logan.
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slow at the ticket checking counters. the major delays getting through t.s.a. the ripple effect already hitting logan airport. over 150 cancellations. pats' fans, mark thomas and his daughter sarah, making the fliers' equivalent of a hail mary with a quick re-route. >> mark thomas: all the flights were booked. we were lucky to get on, and me and my daughter here are going to the patriots day on sunday. we are going to the broncos to watch brady and the patriots hopefully beat manning and the broncos. frank: train travel also affected. schedules in the north east corridor. last night saying there will be d.c., this weekend in virginia and the southeast. massport is crediting the airlines with dramatically improved their communiation with passengers. they say the situation you see here behind me where you don't
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airport because the airlines have proactively rebooked flights and made other arrangements for their passengers. good news. of course we'll keep a close eye on things at logan throughout the day. live this morning, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: frank, thank you. a look now at what's creating the travel backlog-- high winds and heavy snow. doug: pretty but causing some problems. danielle is tracking what's happening in the mid-atlantic right now. danielle: you can see behind me we do have a lot of snow over parts of d.c. d.c. is being hit the hardest right now. people are actually hunkering down at home until this storm passes. city crews are out plowing and shoveling, preparing for an entire day of snow. one of the biggest concerns-- the wind. it could lead to power outages. and d.c. picks up over 20 inches of snow, it would be the first time in 94 years. this one is probably going to go down in the record books. dangerous driving conditions
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virginia state police say they've responded to nearly a thousand crashes and almost 800 disabled vehicles by last night. high winds could cause trees and powerlines to come down. and check out the conditions in bardstown, kentucky. the snow has been coming down there for hours already. kentucky is one of 10 states that is currently under a state of emergency. coming up i'll tell you the impact it could have to our coastal communities. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. south coast communities preparing for whatever the storm brings. community maintenance director ken pacheco says fall river is ready. last weekend's snowfall prompted a test run. >> ken: load up on salt. we've got 2,000 tons. the equipment has been checked out. everything is ready to go on the city's side. pedro amaral: in the winter we depend on the snow. if we don't have no snow, we don't make no money. antoinette: local residents also
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they're already stocked up on rock, salt, and other storm- related supplies. get the latest storm team 5 forecasts, live radar, and real-time closings and delays with our wcvb mobile app. download it for free in your app store. doug: in hawaii a solemn ceremony honoring the 12 marines lost in twin helicopter crashes last week. a small marine unit placed rucksacks on 12 empty crosses-- one for each man lost at sea. one of them was corporal christopher orlando. the hingham native disappeared with 11 fellow marines when their two helicopters crashed into the pacific. governor charlie baker ordered flags across massachusetts lowered yesterday in corporal orlando's honor. a deadly listeria outbreak has been linked to dole packaged salads. the c.d.c. says one person has died; several others have gotten sick including here in massachusetts. the salads are sold under several brands, including dole fresh selections, simple truth, marketside, the little salad bar, and president's choice.
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package starts with the letter "a." customers should throw the product away. you'll find more information on our website antoinette: new this morning. a setback back for boston public schools. "the globe" reports about a dozen schools that were supposed to extend their school day starting next september will have to wait another year to put their new program in place. school superintendent tommy chang tells "the globe" the administration wants to review how the extra 40 minutes of learning time has been going for the first group of schools to make the change before the program is extended. 16 city elementary and middle schools started the longer day program last fall. change is coming to the oscars. doug: ahead this morning how the academy plans to make hollywood's biggest night more inclusive. antoinette: a happy ending! where these stolen dogs from somerville were found and the owners breathing a sigh of relief this morning. doug: defending the business. the c.e.o. of plainridge park
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revenues continue to drop. dna i'm tracking a major winter storm headed our way. the timeline on the snow and the impact to our coastline. frank: live at logan airport this morning, where there have been more than 150 kansas cancellations of flights in and out of boston. we'll be here all morning covering the travel nightmare for many people as they travel throughout the northeast corridor. we'll be right today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country rand our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, p wealthy campaign donors have so much influence tthat the only way they are defeated is p when millions of people begin to stand up p and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. i am totally blind. pi lost my sight in afghanistan.
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jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. baltimore. oh, my! it is a nasty morning down there. massive winter storm rolling through the mid atlantic states. it is affecting us up here. the ladies are hard at work in the storm team 5 center. they're going to give you an update in just a moment. frank is at the airport. so hold on. it will be one of those mornings around here. antoinette? antoinette: doug, thank you. a grateful somerville couple reunited with their stolen dogs. they were taken when the couple's apartment was broken into. as newscenter 5's john atwater explains they were found pretty far from home. john: it is a long overdue game of fetch for cleopatra.
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john: she's back in her somerville home with caesar after both of the pomeranians were snatched during a burglary. the happy reunion friday night at somerville animal control after the dogs were spotted outside on the sidewalk in dorchester. chris spivak: a couple just saw them on the street and recognized them-- "oh, those are the dogs on facebook." john: surveillance video captured who the couple believes is the burglar carrying the dogs from their home on tuesday. olga and chris spivak immediately turned to social media and channel 5, desperate for help. dogs, everyone wants to support so i really want to thank everyone. our friends, our family, and everyone. john: police are still looking for that man who took the dogs, anxious to thank the couple who made it possible. olga: we're looking for the people to thank them personally
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happy family back together. john: those dogs are doing fine. they were not hurt. and now that family will be installing a security system. in somerville, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> now your storm team 5 forecast. antoinette: time right now is 5:13. you guys have been tracking this storm. i almost feel guilty about it. we're like, oh, yeah, all those people in the mid atlantic. cindy: you know what. they hardly had any snow last year. first of all. doug: sharing the pain. cindy: i mean, this is the storm that will produce record amounts of snow for that part of the country and very similar to some of the snow totals we had with multiple storms last winter. not for us. you can see that storm is spinning up the coast right now. it is still forecast to target d.c., baltimore, philly and new york city. really the hardest. they'll be measuring that snow in feet and already getting reports and seeing a report as high as 15 inches out of
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all the way down into north carolina five inches of snow. the mountains of west virginia, over 15 inches of snow. you can see the snow comes up into virginia. they've had or the lynchburg area around seven inches of snow. these are more reports. they're just getting going across new jersey, atlantic city just so far up over three inches of snow. down. you can see the blizzard warnings still in effect from d.c., philly on up to new york. those blizzard warnings extend now all the way up toward martha's vineyard where the wind and the snow may combine to reduce that visibility to less and a quarter of a mile for at least three hours. that's the criteria that needs to be met. we have the winter storm warnings here and also the winter weather advisories. notice this is all really focused south of the pike in southeastern massachusetts. that is really where the greatest impacts with this storm are going to be here locally southeastern massachusetts. not just the snow but also the winds and danielle will be along to talk more about that coming up. let me show you where the snow is right now.
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man tuct and martha's vineyard and across a lot of connecticut. it's not. you can tell that by looking at the visibility which is running 10 miles out this way. a very cold start this morning but the air is dry too it will take a while to moistens things up out there. as we look towards your forecast on this saturday i want to let you know. it is dry through lunchtime in the boston area. as we get into the afternoon that's when we'll watch that snow creep on up. from the south you can see it's coming down really good around new york city. it's this band of darker blue. that is where we have the snowfalling at a rate of more than a inch or two per hour. this area right here. we're going to watch to see how far north this band gets because if we get into that real heavy snow with that snowfall rate, the snow will pile up. this area of low pressure is going to lift north ward. then race on out to sea tomorrow tracking just as it appears a little too far south to really press that snow up across a lot of new england. you can see here on the timeline 8:00 this morning the snow is beginning to lift north ward here but by noontime, it is
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south coast and the islands. so through noontime that snow is still far to the south. once we get toward mid afternoon 3:00 or so notice it sneaking up toward the pike. during the evening and overnight hours, it may come in a little bit farther north ward before it starts to retreat on out to sea tomorrow morning. we are continuing here with the forecast of next to to go to up a couple of inches north. then the amounts ran about just south of boston two to as much as five inches. once you get down to the plymouth area towards the south coast and the cape this is where the potential is there for five to up to ten inches of snow. so notice is one impact with this storm. we also have concerns that a very strong winds, the coastal flooding and beach erosion. danielle will talk more about that. danielle. danielle: we have to talk about those winds because they're going to be ramping up as we head through the morning hours into the afternoon. we're also watching our coastline, of course, because that's when the winds will be the strongest. i do want to show you what's going on if i can. we have a high wind warning in effect beginning at 10:00 for the cape as well as for
5:18 am
now remember the vineyard still under that blizzard warning so expecting very strong wind gusts there as well. also a wind advisory now for parts of eastern essex county. that goes into effect at 10:00. this continues until 10:00 tomorrow morning. now here's what we're anticipating when it comes to the wind. wind gusts in excess to about 30 miles per hour maybe around the boston area and points north. there will be a sharp cut-off with this as cindy mentioned and the winds, too, will be pretty much cut off. the strongest wind though obviously on the cape and the islands where you could see wind gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour and maybe even 60 miles an hour in some spots from time to time. i do want to show you this. we start out with pretty much calm winds, i think, this morning but they're going to ramp up by #-bg and you're going to notice them. of course, with that heavy wet snowfalling we are concerned with some tree limbs coming down and some power outages especially for the cape and the islands. the other thing this wind is going to do, potentially give minor coastal flooding because we do have astronomically high tide. basically from the south shore
5:19 am
there is that coastal flood watch that is in effect until 2:00 p.m. sunday. we're watching the high tide at 11:00 p.m. tonight as well as 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. now once we get past that snow, notice what happens. we're going to see sunshine through sunday afternoon. and monday we turn milder, back into the upper 30's. by tuesday we're in the mid 40's. we just have to get through this weekend. we're going to be okay. antoinette. antoinette: we can do it, danielle. thank you. 5:19. checking more top stories happening right now. doug: police are investigating a deadly school shooting in western canada. critically wounded in the worst mass shooting to hit the country in years. the shooting happened in two locations-- a high school and a home in an aboriginal community in the province of saskatchewan. canadian police captured the suspect outside the school. no word on the suspect's age or his connection with the school. antoinette: gunfire on the las vegas strip. police are investigating an officer-involved shooting near the bellagio hotel. investigators closed the area to traffic for several hours.
5:20 am
during the fountain shows just after 7:00 last night. police say they have a suspect in custody. it's unclear if anyone was hurt. doug: the c.e.o. of the state's only slot parlor is defending its financial performance. in a letter to the mass gaming commission, plainridge complained that media coverage has been, quote, "overly negative." revenues have been dropping every month since the slot parlor opened over the summer. penn national gaming says the decline is not unexpected after a robust opening, adding that plainridge park has the highest average revenue among the company's 27 gambling locations. changes coming to the oscars. antoinette: the motion picture academy taking new steps to become more diverse. the academy is pledging to double the number of women and minority members by 2020. the announcement comes among harsh criticism of the oscars
5:21 am
categories. the week-long criticism comes with calls to boycott the oscars. will smith, jada pinkett smith, and spike lee have pledged to not attend the awards show. >> it's a system attic bias that needs to be addressd across the industry. antoinette: of the 6,000 academy members, 93 percent are white and 77 percent are men. the academy says it will also add three new members to its board of governors immediately. on the way this morning, they are on to denver. the younger members of patriot nation cheering their team on. just before they hit the road. doug: a sweet send-off as the their next stop on the road to the super bowl. antoinette: we take a live look at the radar this morning. this is what we have been talking about all week long. the mid atlantic area getting pounded with snow right now. that storm is headed to our area, but the question is, how much will we get?
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tracking the latest when we come pannouncer: where do you line up
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. we are tracking that snow. it is slowly making its way up the east coast obviously dumping area. at this point, d.c., baltimore, philadelphia, even new york getting in on some of this action. in fact, i want to show you this because you notice there is some snow showers trying to make their way into connecticut but
5:25 am
to the ground yet because it's hitting dry air. look at long long island. visibility down to a mile or less in a lot of lotions. it is snowing hard there. it will slowly make its way up our area later today. now the northern massachusetts area and new hampshire, in new hampshire you may not see anything at all. boston at a medium risk. south of boston and the cape and the alands that's where you'll the snow, the wind and of course antoinette. antoinette: all right, danielle, thank you. the patriots are in denver this morning. doug: and members of patriots nation sent them on their way yesterday after a rally at the kraft center ymca in foxborough. fans packed the pro shop loading up on key supplies, but one fan had a special delivery. joanne hensas-- also known as the cookie mama-- has been dropping off cookies for the players every week. for the past six years she's delivered 16 dozen cookies to the team. >> are these cookies sprinkled
5:26 am
>> absolutely it's a tradition, doug: the sportscenter 5 team has you covered in denver. mike lynch and bob halloran will get you ready for game time live in the mile high city beginning tonight at 11:00. antoinette: how does one go about becoming a cookie mama? doug: show up with some cookies. antoinette: i like that title. doug: you have to be a mama though. antoinette: hospitals can be a scary place for kids, but one college student is working to change that. doug: ahead this morning his invention bringing superheroes into their rooms and gives them super powers. antoinette: and we take a live look from logan airport this morning. a few people there. you know what? it doesn't look all too bad. a lot of flights have been canceled. a lot of people already changing their plans way ahead of this storm which, for us looks not to be too bad. cindy and danielle are both here
5:27 am
>> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: any person may apply for a "city of boston job; however, the selected applicant must be a resident of boston on the first day of employment." so reads the requirement on the city of boston website. application of this rule, however, is inconsistent and loose at best which has mayor walsh making yet another set of proposals to compel residency. walsh's plan acknowledges the long-time application of these procedures has provided so many loopholes, carve-outs, and grandfather clauses ensuring living in boston was more of a strong suggestion than an actual requirement. after peaking at 800,000 in the '50's, boston's population is stationary at the 600,000 level. the pool of applicants for city jobs has thus greatly diminished while skill requirements in a rapidly changing urban environment has dramatically increased. each weekday those commuting to work from outside the city limits more than double the city's total inhabitants.
5:28 am
leaves too many qualified prospective employees on the side lines. living in boston can also be prohibitively expensive. the current building boom includes inadequate new affordable housing mostly targeted to those who can afford staggering rents and condo prices. instead of carve-outs for exceptions to residency requirements, perhaps the mandate should only apply to department heads and other key positions. when candidates of equal strength, city residency could-- and perhaps should-- be the tiebreaker. the city of boston is world class in many respects and aspires to be even greater. eliminating the residency requirement altogether ensures that the quality of those employees who serve the city
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." cindy: a powerful storm moving right up the east coast. i'm tracking the blizzard's impact to new england and the concerns for the coast. frank: live at logan airport where there have been more than 150 cancellations. i'll have more on the nightmare for travelers. antoinette: on to denver! the patriots are in the mile-high city ahead of tomorrow's championship matchup. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good morning, everybody.
5:32 am
you know it's a big deal because we've got got two meteorologists here today. that's right. it's a big deal. cindy: the other half will be here this evening. antoinette: there you go. cindy: we've been watching this storm all week long. nothing has changed this morning in terms of this is still not hitting us directly. we are going fringed by it. the farther south that you are, that is where the impacts are going to be greatest. i'm going to focus on what is happening right now you can see right now we do have a winter storm warning up. in southeastern massachusetts and a blizzard warning up for martha's vineyard. this goes until tomorrow morning. so the impacts are coming in late in the day today, tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. you see the radar. the snow looks like it is close by right now. you know what. it is not reaching the ground. you can see the visibility in bridgeport, connecticut, is ten miles. oops. there you go. there it's reaching the ground right there. this is the heavier band of snow that will slowly shift north ward with time. you can see it's not a big hurry to lift north ward. it will be a very slow process
5:33 am
ward this morning as this area of low pressure is still strengthening and drifting north out to sea. what we are dealing with right now are temperatures in the teens and 20's. a lot of cloud cover. notice in the boston area it will be after 3:00 this afternoon before we start to get in to any snow. you can see the timeline here on future cast as we watch that snow just kind of creep north ward here through about 8:00 this morning but by noon, by noontime, notice it is still down here along the south coast and it is going to take until about 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, try to pivot up toward the mass pike. from there it may sneak up a little bit north ward sneaking up toward the north shore before it starts to retreat eastward overnight and exits first thing tomorrow morning so the bulk of the snow accumulation is going to be focused right here along islands. could be a little mixing on the outer cape by 5-10 inches of snow all the way up just north of the plymouth area. once you get closer to boston it's 2-5 inches north of town. a dusting to just a couple of inches of snow.
5:34 am
the east coast where the impacts are a lot greater. danielle: that's right. snow totals are very great especially in d.c., in baltimore, and philadelphia, and all our neighbors to the south getting in on this. i want to show you what is happeningment we have a blizzard baltimore, philadelphia, new york. and that extends all the way up to the south coast of connecticut. as cindy mentioned the vineyard too is in on this. when we're talking about snow totals take a look at this. d.c. is going to see anywhere from 18-24 inches which is two feet of snow. some spots maybe over two feet of snow in the d.c.-baltimore area. philadelphia in too on this. new york. snow is all the way far south as georgia this morning. just so you know. we are talking about the potential for a top-five washington d.c. snowstorm because you have to go back to 1922 to get a snowstorm above 20 inches. i don't think we're going to break that one necessarily but we're going to make it into the
5:35 am
we'll talk more about the implications to our coastline coming up. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. right now a brutal winter storm is threatening millions of americans. at least nine deaths in four states have been reported from this storm. as we take a live look from new anything out there. the snow just really covering that times square area. doug: oh, my goodness. live at logan with the impact on travel and how people are coping. frank? frank: here at logan there have been more than 160 cancellations including flights coming into and leaving boston. locally this major storm has only been an inconvenience for flyers so far but around the country, people have died and there are still serious safety concerns. this monster snow storm is making its way north. 80 million people facing extreme weather from mississippi to
5:36 am
the nation's capital. mayor bowser/washington d.c.: this is a major storm with life-and-death implications. frank: it is predicted to be the biggest blizzard in 90 years. as much as two feet of snow; wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour. more than 6,800 flights cancelled through sunday. already the southeast is blanketed in snow. in north carolina, scottie shelton says this is the worst he's seen in his five years running a snow plow. so many motorists caught in this situation. or worse. and along the jersey shore, residents warned that they haven't faced anything this bad since hurricane sandy. this giant sand dune, nearly a mile and a half long and 12 feet tall, was created to protect these homes. still some have been taking advantage of the fresh-fallen snow to have a little fun. snowzilla had to shovel the
5:37 am
again more than 160 cancellations here at logan. train travel is also afeghted. amtrak has canceled all service weekend. live here at logan, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: all things considered we're pretty lucky. the washington-baltimore area is bearing the brunt of this storm. doug: we have a reporter live in right now. goggles. >> good morning, antoinette and doug. good morning. it's been falling throughout the night. in washington d.c. we are right in front of the capital here where about a foot of snow has fallen so far. continue. we might get up to 20-30 inches by the time this is all said and done on sunday morning, sunday afternoon. snow has been falling at about an inch to two inches per hour. perhaps the real story is also the wind. the wind gusts have been 30, 40, miles an hour. capital police here, take a look at this. they actually had to hunker
5:38 am
the street here and stay inside a hyatt hotel overnight just so they wouldn't be snowed out from the capital so they would have access to this area. we've seen a few people here on the street. we sawmill tary police humvee trying to dig somebody out. they're sort of losing the battle right now to keep the roads clear but the bottom line they're telling people here just stay off of them. doug: beau, stay safe out there. thank you very much. get the latest storm team 5 forecasts, live radar, and real-time closings and delays with our wcvb mobile app. download it for free in your app store. some of the other stories we're tracking for you right now. antoinette: the governor has ordered flags across the state to be lowered in honor of a fallen marine. corporal christopher orlando of hingham was one of 12 marines lost in twin helicopter crashes last week in hawaii. yesterday, there was a ceremony in hawaii to honor their sacrifice. doug: several varieties of dole packaged salads are getting pulled off local grocery store
5:39 am
the c.d.c. warning the lettuce could be contaminated with listeria. one person in michigan has died; 12 others in six states, including massachusetts, have gotten sick from the salads. antoinette: a somerville couple has been reunited with their beloved dogs after someone broke into their home and stole the animals. somerville police said the dogs were found yesterday on a sidewalk in dorchester. no one has been charged, and the investigation continues. doug: commitment 2016. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton making a push in the first primary state. the eyeopener's juli mcdonald with her attempt to gain some ground she's lost to rival bernie sanders. juli: 17 days to go until the first in the nation primary. hillary clinton recently suffered a setback in new hampshire polls to rival bernie sanders but newscenter 5 learned she earned a few new votes in manchester. clinton: new hampshire has a unique role in our political system. juli: a call to action for voters in manchester friday. hillary clinton told a full house she hears their needs and
5:40 am
has solutions if they choose her for the white house. clinton said there's no more important job than rising incomes in rebuilding the middle class. clinton: create more infrastructure jobs, good jobs that can't be exported. they have to be done right here in the united states of america. juli: as secretary of state, clinton said she mended relationships and worked toward the common good. she said she finds g.o.p. comments on muslims and terrorism offensive and dangerous. clinton: that's not just something we hear. the world hears that. that makes our job of keeping us safe harder. juli: we found voters who arrived on the fence and left with a candidate. >> she's going to walk into that presidency and know what to do. she's not going to have to learn things. than two weeks to drive that message home. clinton: i would be so honored and grateful to have your support in the primary on february 9. thank you all very much. juli: while much of her speech focused on the economy and foreign policy, clinton did get
5:41 am
she said she wasn't prepared for the amount of people she would meet here whose families had been touched by addiction and that life-saving solutions need to be implemented. in manchester, new hampshire, julie mcdonald, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: meanwhile the g.o.p. race has broken out into a civil war of words centered around front-runner donald trump. the conservative national review magazine issued a special edition opposing trump's campaign saying, "he is not deserving of conservative support" calling him a "political opportunist." trump responded in typical trump fashion. trump: the circulation is way down. not very many people reading it anymore. i mean people don't even think about the national review so that's a dying paper. antoinette: meanwhile trump and texas senator ted cruz have launched attacks on each other as they battle for the top spots
5:42 am
and new hampshire primary. doug: the road to the super bowl now. the patriots are in denver with a mile high mission-- send the broncos packing! denver players not shy with the trash talk. this week they called tom brady a cry-baby. then the claim that rob gronkowski pushes off on almost every play. after peyton manning led his team through practice yesterday, bronco defensive end derrick wolfe dropped a hate bomb. >> i hate everything about them. they're always in my way. they're always in my way to get what i want. this is naturally going to create hate. doug: such a strong word. wolfe added that he respects the patriots but then re-affirmed that he hates them. the sportscenter 5 team has you covered in denver. mike lynch and bob halloran will get you ready for game time live in the mile high city beginning tonight and all morning long on the eyeopener tomorrow. antoinette: new protection along the coast. the effort underway to get a better handle on erosion. the new program in place along the shore of one town on the cape. danielle: we are tracking blizzard conditions in the mid-atlantic and what we can expect out of this storm.
5:43 am
how much snow we may see when cigarette cravings hit, p only nicorette mini has a patentedr it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll that's why i only choose
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welcome back. this is a live look now for baltimore. the storm hitting the mid atlantic right now is being blamed for nine deaths in four virginia, north carolina, tennessee, and kentucky. this is also having an impact here even though we're not seeing a ton of snow. canceled. more than 4500 flights canceled all across the country. the storm could easily bring more than $1 billion in damage. of course, cindy and danielle are tracking everything. we'll have their forecast coming up in just a minute. doug: environmentalists turning high tech in sandwich using a drone to look at the beach before the storm. it was just rebuilt at a cost of millions of dollars after years of beach erosion. now, they hope it holds. members of the u.s. geological survey setting up equipment at town neck beach in sandwich. they want to measure the effects of the storm on erosion. mark galkowski-town natural resources: this is sand that
5:45 am
it wasn't here three months ago so this sand has been placed into the system. it will erode in time. chris sherwood: i don't think we're going to lose very much of it in a storm of this magnitude, but it's going to get moved around a little bit. and in the long run, we'd like to be able to predict that. doug: astronomically high tides predicted for late today and tomorrow. sandy neck getting a little sandier down there. cindy: that could be one of the bigger issues. antoinette: considering we're not getting a ton of snow in our area. danielle: i'll be talking about that. cindy: danielle will cover the impact along the coastline. there's a full moon tonight so we're watching that. the tide tomorrow morning may be problematic. look at the snow. are you kidding me. those dark blues. looks at the entire state of new jersey. visibility is running about a quarter of a mile or less. the winds are cranking. the snow is coming down. they had thunder-snow around baltimore about an hour-and-a-half ago. so you can see here this mid atlantic still getting slammed. blizzard warnings up through the day today. and those now reach into parts
5:46 am
here on martha's vineyard the snow will come down hard enough combine ed with the wind strong enough that the visibility will be under a quarter of a mile for three hours or more. that is the criteria for a blizzard. across southeastern massachusetts you do have a winter storm warning. the snow will be just one aspect of this storm. as mentioned the wind, the coastal flooding, the beach erosion, all things we are tracking here locally. where is the snow right now? looks like it's snowing across most of connecticut. it is not. you have to have to head down here where you get into this darker blue to find the snow reaching the ground. there might be a couple flurries is ten miles. it. if you're not, you're not. we've been telling you that while. this is a two- to three-hour radar loop. this dark blue, notice how it hasn't pushed that much farther north for the past few hours. that will be the trend today. the area very dry on top of us. dew points in the single digits. what's happening is we have the wind coming in off the water starting to moisten up the low
5:47 am
over the interior northerly winds draining down from high pressure keep inning dry air in place as our storm approaches. what will overcome this dry air is the actual storm lifting north ward and bringing that storm in here. so we are talking about late afternoon towards evening before that snow gets anywhere close to the boston area. much of your saturday is dry. that will be a different story here down on the south coast and the cape. notice by noontime, you're into the snow. and very slowly this pivots north ward by about 3:00 this afternoon. it is sneaking up toward the pike. when you get those darker blues, the snow is going to be coming down hard and some of those bands of snow are going to try to pivot north of the pike here during the evening and overnight hours so that is the time period where conditions will reach their worst around here locally. look what happens in the overnight hours. 2:00 a.m., this is starting to shift out already. so this is getting out of here very quickly tomorrow morning so in terms of the snow there is still the potential that we don't see much of anything north of the pike to up to a couple of inches but it's once you get
5:48 am
2-5 until you get down towards providence and plymouth. that five- to ten-inch band will take you down to the south coast. heavy, wet pasty snow may combine with winds to create power concerns. danielle will talk talk more about the winds right now. danielle: the wind gust s are in excess of 20 miles an hour in chatham. those winds will increase over the morning hours and picking up through the afternoon into the evening. in fact this is your 12-hour forecast in chatham. notice these are the winds sustained through the day. notice they're up to about 35 miles per hour sustained but gusts are going to be over 50 miles an hour especially on cape cod, the vineyard, as well as nantucket. that's why that high wind warning is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. also a wind advisory for you folks up in eastern essex county starting at 10:00 today until 10:00 tomorrow. so expect gusty winds up there. the other thing we talked about, we have tides that are astronomically high.
5:49 am
winds coming in could pile up that water. we do have the coastal flood watch in effect until 2:00 p.m. sunday. what we're watching that 11:00 p.m. high tide tonight two hours before, two hours after and then again that 11:00 a.m. high tide tomorrow morning i think could be the worst one. we're watching mainly in plymouth i think, chatham and nantucket. the best bet of seeing minor coastal flood to go maybe even pockets of moderate coasting flooding. in terms of the next seven days we get rid of the snow pretty early on sunday. look what happens. lots of sunshine. we're still pretty cold. how about the pats playing at 3:00 p.m. against the broncos. looking pretty good. warmer out there in denver at about 43 degrees at kig-off. we're milder on monday. look at tuesday. we bring in showers but they are in the form of rain as temperatures warm into the mid 40's. antoinette and doug. antoinette: danielle, thank you. 5:51. checking more top stories. doug: chipotle is facing another lawsuit in connection with the norovirus outbreak at its cleveland circle location, "the globe" reports a boston college student filed suit against the troubled mexican food chain this week seeking
5:50 am
burrito there last month. the mother of a brookline teen, also sickened in the outbreak, is suing the chain as well. the attorney handling both cases says his clients include nearly a dozen other b.c. students affected by the outbreak. a westfield hospital is warning some patients of a risk of hepatitis and h.i.v. after colonoscopies. baystate noble hospital says 293 patients who received a colonoscopy between june 2012 and april 2013 are at risk. the hospital says the risks are linked to improperly disinfected scopes. new tools were introduced in june 2012 that required a different approach to cleaning. scopes were not properly disinfected. antoinette: the mspca is calling
5:51 am
found battered and suffering from several injuries on a he was also severely underweight. rescued frank, and he has made great strides in recent weeks. after undergoing several surgeries at nevins farm, he is ready for adoption. anyone interested can contact the mspca. doug: nine lives, right? a colorful change to a hospital antoinette: the transformation of i.v. bags that's making hospital treatments just a little bit easier for some young hospital patients, the student behind the innovation. and a somerville family's pets are back home. where police found them after they were taken by thieves doug: live pictures out there right now. new york's times square. not a lot of people down there but the snow making an appearance. how much. how long will it last down there and when will we start to see the effects thf massive storm making its way up 95?
5:52 am
i' ve been blind since birth. i go through periods wherep it' s hard to sleep at night, p and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. obviously tracking a big winter storm headed in our location. but right now we're not seeing any snow as of yet. as we go through the next 12 hours, those winds will begin to pick up especially southeastern mass, should i say.
5:53 am
gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour as we get towards, say, dinner time. that's when the snow will really start. notice it's not until 3:00 to 5:00 where we're start to go see the snow. north of the mass pike, you may not see anything 0-2 inches perhaps. the farther south afternoon east you go, you see more totals. 5-10 inches in the darker blue. that real deep blue along the south coast could be higher amounts. doug: thank you, danielle. a new york college student making a difference in the lives of young hospital patients. antoinette: this is really cool. he's created special i.v. bag covers just for them. >> when you put super sam on your i.v., his super powers come into you and make you all better. antoinette: the paper sleeves are transforming some new york hospital rooms for sick kids. they feature different superheroes, and so far the little patients that have used them are giving them a thumbs up. >> she runs straight to the bag and asks for super sally because she wants to make her little sister feel safe.
5:54 am
they seem to calm down. antoinette: nearly two dozen new york hospitals will start using the sleeves in the children's units. the creator hopes to make them available everywhere someday. and why not? look at that. you can help them out. doug: brilliant. yes, i love it. antoinette: all right. we are tracking a massive winter storm. doug: from flight delays to preparations along the south coast. and we have new images coming in from the areas taking a direct hit. the impact on the mid atlantic. antoinette: and we take a live look right now. logan airport this morning. you know, it's not too bad over there considering that a lot of flights have been canceled. a lot of people making their reservation changes ahead of time. it's not too bad. you know what? this storm is headed our way. cindy and dean jell both here
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