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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at five. pam: a winter blast moving into massachusetts right now. live pictures from sandwich, a blizzard warning now in effect on the cape. reid: here' s a live look from boston it' s really coming down in copley square. pam: breaking news out of new york city. a travel ban in effect right now. the blizzard there shutting down all outdoor subways and buses. and in pennsyvlania a big mess on the turnpike more than 500
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crews have been delivering supplies and helping those who need to find shelter. at least 12 deaths are now blamed on the snowstorm that' s hitting the east coast. reid: there' s a lot to get to tonight we begin with chief meteorologist harvey leonard. harvey: the vineyard has had eight inches of snow with winds gusting 58 miles per hour. in this area i' m showing you, it has been snowing one through two inches per hour. natick , three quarters of an inch as of half an hour ago. it is kind of a case of the haves and have-nots. i want to let you know the entire cape in the islands has been upgraded to a blizzard warning until 1 a.m.. the south shore, rhode island,
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and winter weather advisory see the visibility. that is where the northern edge of the snow is showing it. this steady blue is where you get into moderate snow. in toward providence and others around the cape. 495 is the edge. it probably won' t get much north and west than that. heavy bands wrapping in. showing you a couple of those bands right now. there you see that the near being impacted. notice we are in this snow. everything starts to move northwest through southeast.
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it will all happen in the next few hours. 13 three, but boston, immediately south. then six through nine, plymouth through providence. there is the wind and the coast to consider. here is mike. mike: lots of flooding and water going on there. some say this could be the worst flooding we see in superstorm sandy. we are watching the coast very carefully. the winds are very gusty. look at some of these wind gusts we are seeing right now. very strong winds for the south shore. the north shore, not quite as windy.
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here' s one saving grace. the wind is going to pitch around just a little bit. coastal flood watches and warnings and advisories out there right now. instead of a northeasterly breeze it will be a northerly breeze. this coastal watches for the north. this will extend all the way through hole. the advisory we are talking through boston and winthrop is for tod' s high tide. let' s take sandwich for example. tomorrow morning it is a 12, 5 foot tide. wave action going on. minor flooding with those advisories out. we could see pockets of moderate flooding. the area we will be concerned about will be tomorrow. we could have a lot of erosion going on as well.
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white out conditions in some places. reid: let' s nicole estaphan is monitoring the situation. nicole: a lot of you may be what storm? it is not the case here in this town in sandwich. right now. you, to can visually see, but it is almost impossible because as soon as that snow comes down, these winds picking it up and blowing it around here. i will show you this wind is so powerful here. it is almost hard to stand, never mind walk against. i' m going to step on the awning
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the big concern was erosion. there was a big project, a lot of homeowners worried about their property. 180,000 yards just finished being late down two days ago. a lot of folks say they think mother nature is going to win this battle. >> it seems there is less sand every year. >> i think most of us is going to wash away. you can' t predict mother nature. >> and another live look. a lot of cars. pay -- police are asking the
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really that is the big concern of homeowners here. bringing you a another live report at 6:00. reid: of course it is bad out there and back in the south coast. julie mcdonald joins us in a snowy be dford. -- juli mcdonald she' s live in new bedford. juli: visibility was up to half a mile. between 3:30 and 4:30, winds picked up, the snow started to come down. a few inches of slushy snow on the ground. we did speak to mayor john mitchell just a little while ago. he says crews have been
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he got a firsthand look at what a mess it was down there wednesday and thursday. he was able to catch his flight back home right before all the flight cancellations began. when it comes to towns a new vamp or -- in new bedford , now the commission of public infrastructure has declared this a full no emergency throughout the city. when it comes to road prep and snow removal. >> about 120 vehicles, pretreating the roads with salt and magnesium chloride.
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>> just a drive in the downtown area at four in the afternoon today. his then things have picked up. lots of snow on the ground. looking more like a snow globe. for now julie mcdonald, newscenter 5. pam: thousands of drivers got stuck overnight. two tractor try it -- two tractor-trailers collided. a college men' s basketball team stranded on the pennsylvania turnpike, the team tweeting these photos. the coach says his players have been eating leftover pizza from the night before. reid: thousands of flights from the midwest to the mid atlantic to the northeast have been canceled due to this winter blast.
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that is where we find sera congi with the impact on passengers. sera: working the phones at logan airport for a new flight, their college bound daughter, is stuck at the gate. >> she was on the plane and they were getting ready to go, going to have to deplane, snowing in atlanta. sera: cancellations and delays form a rainbow of colors on the boards in boston, a ripple effect from the mid-atlantic blizzard. >> first flight is delayed, missed connect on the second one. it will be a fun time to figure out how to make it all work. sera: despite the storm raging further south it is relatively calm at logan, massport says airlines rebooked ahead of the storm in an effort to avoid gridlock. >> very concerned. we are on a tight schedule and knew we couldn' t be stuck in baltimore. >> he changed his itinerary to ensure he would get to his destination. >> an hour later is better than
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sera: bill colglazier of northborough changed his itinerary before the storm to ensure he' d get to his destination. >> a little later but an hour later is better than getting it cancelled so. >> alright love you, bye sera: the guptills hope to find another flight for their daughter, or maybe not. >> she' s wondering if she' s going to come out and stay home another day that' s not a bad thing? i know i know. sera: at logan airport, sera congi out. reid: get the latest storm team 5 forecasts live radar and real-time closings and delays with our wcvb mobile app. download it for free in your app store. pam: commitment 2016: tonight a major shake-up in the presidential race. reid: the well-known politician thinking about throwing a hat in the ring. boston mayor marty walsh on the campaign trail today stumping for hillary clinton. his message days ahead of the new hampshire primary. pam: tragedy in canada after a gunman opens fire in a school. the questions still unanswered
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taking a live look at new bedford where a couple of hours ago it was much calm her. now punishing winds and a lot of snow falling to the south coast
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reid: when we talk about these storms, the wind gusts -- mike: we are talking about snowfall from the airport over 20 inches and counting. they are almost for sure going to eclipse two feet. it is the combination of the snow and the wind. study' s nose will stay in boston for at least the next few hours with a chance to steadily accumulate. 73 mile per hour wind. the vineyard at 58. and block island reported a wind gust to 75 miles per hour. as we go through the evening here. and then updates into the night. i imagine it is one through two inches higher than that. these were some of the reports
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almost two around bellingham. can see the islands have really accumulated the snow. look at the visibility. this is rounded off. providence, quarter-mile plymouth, now i half mile in boston and beverly. worcester is down to a mile. and then to northeast connecticut. from there, south and east that is where it is happening. it has been happening already for several hours. and when it starts to go the other way it will last even want -- it will last even longer here. here you are looking at our radar. of probably made his furthest north in wes -- in west push. i don'
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and you get into the deeper shades of blue right around providence. those are two inch per hour snowfall rates. the cape cape has had these bands as well. that is what we are dealing with. notice where the concentration is. still wrapping off the ocean. we' ll reset boston was going to be the northern edge of the significant snow. now it did and it will be for a few hours. if you look right around here notice the sun gets just up here. still pivoting up a lot -- pivoting up this way for three hours and then it will start to collapse south and east. heaviest bands will last the longest over the mass as they have been doing over the past several hours.
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combine the wind and that snow. watch the deeper blues start to fade away. that is what we are going to see. it is a slower process along the coast. very light snow left in the south shore. by 8:00 in the morning it is pretty much a done deal. amounts. s one through three inches but 336 in boston, west to worcester. across the south shore and then nine through 12 for southeastern mass around plymouth, the cape, and the islands. it is also a wet snow on the cape. the risk of power outages increases.
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we have -- for west it is cleared by seven in the morning. beautiful day midday afternoon and milder for early next week. we will certainly stay on top of this one. >> former new york mayor michael bloomberg may be considering a run for president. three sources telling new york times that bloomberg would run as an independent under one condition, if a contest between bernie sanders and donald trump or ted cruz. on making a decision. reid: several arrests have been made days after a university in deadly ambush.
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most of whom were students were killed. military leaders say three suspects are still on the run. a group claiming to have ties with the taliban and initially claims responsibility. but now the taliban and says it has no involvement. begun gun man opened fire inside school. the school to does pre-k-12 grade. no word on a motive or if he has any connection. them a and officer involved shooting. it happened last night -- pam they an officer involved shooting last night. it happened last night outside the bellagio hotel and casino. police say a man was waving a gun in the air. police fired several rounds, suspect. he was eventually arrested. that child grazed by the bullet reid: a health risk tied to a popular ready-to-go salad brand.
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connected to a norovirus outbreak in boston. the lawsuit just filed. reid: a live look at radar, mike wankum is here tracking the
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pam: tonight, chipotle faces another lawsuit tied to the norovirus outbreak at a boston restaurant. the globe reports a boston college student wants compensation after eating a burrito at the cleveland circle location, last month. that student says he was one of
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sick. the mother of a brookline teen sickened in the outbreak is also suing the chain. the cdc is blaming a deadly listeria outbreak on salads you might have purchased at the grocery store. the agency says at least one person has died from the outbreak involving dole packaged salads. there are other reports of people getting sick including here in massachusetts. we have a list of the recalled salads on our website pam: another recall. reid: the millions of vehicles who safety is now in question. and a look at the weather there. harvey: a tough go around boston and points south. i will let you know how long that will last and when the storm winds down. reid: we continue taking a live look area a few people braving
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a lot worse on the south shore. pam: they have been worried about the storyline. a live report coming up from there. and more from harvey and mike when newscenter 5 continues. >> this is an editorial by the bu cvb channel 5 president and manager. >> any person may fly for a city of boston job, however the applicant must the rest -- must be registered in boston by the day of employment. applications to this rule is inconsistent and loose at best, which has mayor walsh making yet another set of proposals to compel residency. walsh' s plan technology is the longtime application of these procedures has provided so many loopholes, carveouts, and grandfather clauses and ensuring that living in boston was more of a strong suggestion than an
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boston' s population is stationary at the 600,000 level. the pool of applicants has greatly diminished while skill environments have to medically increase. those commuting to work outside the city limits more than double the city' s total inhabitants. leaving the applicant pool leaves too many unqualified -- too many qualified people on the sidelines. the current building boom includes adequate affordable housing mostly targeted to those who can afford staggering rent and condo prices. perhaps the mandate should only apply to department heads and other key positions. city residency could and should be set tiebreaker. the city of boston is world class in many respects and
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reliability, and the fastest wi-fi for a network that moves as fast as your business. 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. on a better network. we take a look at the winter blast hitting parts of massachusetts. pictures of new bedford, one of the areas getting hit hard. pam: we
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leonard. harvey: plenty to the south are the end the most severe conditions are to the south. warnings for the southeastern mass, rhode island and connecticut. we are not going to be in those kind of conditions as long as they have already been and will be even after boston quiets down. even worse as you head to the south. winter weather boston west of the pike, that is still going to be several inches of snow. the further south, that is why the highest amounts are there. foxboro is up to two.
5:30 pm
you not only have the snow pour visibility with the wind as well. is not snowing. from boston to worcester. the south. let' s give you an idea as this starts to wrap in from the ocean. notice the heaviest bands just get heavier and heavier. we will see that begin to move to the south and east. boston could possibly get up to an inch or snow -- an inch of snow fall. and the cape in the early and mid morning. by the time all was said and done.
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but three through six inches along the pike. nine to 12 inches possible from providence to plymouth and points south. here is mike with that part of the story. mike: we have seen wind gusts approaching hurricane strength. tonight wins will seem very strong. some tree limbs could go down and we have reports of our weather watchers. some scattered power outages do seem likely. look at nantucket gusting through 52 miles per hour. notice how the wind fears to the north. these wins stay strong. 30 through 40. they do settle back a little bit.
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we have high tide coming in at 11:00. not so much on the north shore but on the south shore. coastal flood advisory out for high tide tonight. notice it is a northeasterly breeze. that one is going into effect until 2:00. they flood watch tomorrow. of course the areas most likely to see moderate flooding would be sandwich and nantucket harbor. a lot of roshan -- a lot of erosion is possible. pam: newscenter 5' s mary saladna is live in marshfield.
5:33 pm
suffer unnecessarily. let me show you what happens when i walk out here in the open area this is the big story. we got reports of 70 marshfield. pretty strong along the shoreline. these wins have knocked power out. the same wind driving the surf against the seawall behind me. not the best day for a walk on the beach but people keep a close eye on the surf for good reason. >> they seem -- it seems to be worse than they think it would be. >> it is later tonight and tomorrow morning that high tide will prove to be the worst real test. >> i don' t think we are supposed to get as hard as other places.
5:34 pm
the seawall, but the most damage was done by the waves that left right over them, tearing through residential walls and exposing the living space within. >> it is nasty out there. >> are you worried at this point? >> no. that i live in texas now. mary: i think it was 60 in houston. here. we are in marshfield and high tide around 11 a.m.. send it back to you. >> a couple of hours ago it was
5:35 pm
it feels like a snow globe. >> that is right. i can see a little bit better than i could half an hour ago. up again. ground. has started to accumulate. wind blowing all that snow around, so it is hard to gauge how much has fallen. all hands on deck. they have the cruise out early this morning. preach reading before seven today. he said because the high winds, they are concerned about down power lines. they don' t have any reportage just yet but that was something they weren' t anticipating and
5:36 pm
120 plows they have in new snow. cleared as quickly as possible. roads. priority. we want to make sure we get clear reads to the hospital. we will clean things can. >> and new bedford like a lot of towns are thinking this is the lessons they learned last year. new equipment here. that new technology at six. wcvb newscenter 5. s vineyard sitting under
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pam: nelson signalman joins us now with more on the conditions there. good evening. thank you for being with us. describe what you are seeing outside you are -- outside your window. >> it is pretty dark. but i can tell you a short time ago i walked out and walked over by the ferry terminal and went right on the harbor. snow is coming at me horizontally. it is quite windy. really not very nice conditions around here. i would say we have a quarter-mile visibility. vineyards are used to hunkering down in the winter. people are used to being at home and staying inside. i know the crews are out there plowing. it was a fire this afternoon at
5:38 pm
luckily the firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to the house. horrendous conditions today. >> you mentioned you were down at the ferry terminal. ferry service was affected. >> they stopped burning the fairies around 230. they did a great job getting people over here and off the island. it was rough going. >> you still have power right now? >> i have heard reports of scattered outages, tree limbs coming down here and there. pretty much nothing widespread so far. >> nelson, martha' s vineyard times editor. thank you so much for your time. as you mentioned you are hunkering down, stay hunkered down and stay careful. take you for your time with us tonight. >> and you can
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stormteam forecast with real closings and delays. downloaded for free in your app store. reid: a recall expanding by millions. pam: the new fallout over a threat to drivers. we are looking live at boston, people still out and about. the winds taking up.
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pam: a new recall after a tense dead -- 10th death with a defective airbag. the defective air blade -- defective airbag can explode with -- can inflate with explosive four-speed reid: the number of drones significantly increased in 2015, prompting the faa to introduce a drawn registration system. nearly 100,000 owners have registered their drones. the rules apply to drones used for recreation purposes. the rules are needed to keep drones away from commercial flight paths. owners who fail to register could face civil fines and jail time. pam: harvey is tracking the latest. reid: we are also talking sports.
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moves quickly, checking in on the storm' s path and hope fully it will be leaving soon. harvey: certainly in it for a wild. updating them. least eight. us. vineyard. south boston is an inch. and boston is over an inch. the accumulating snow has gotten above the mass pike for now. you can see where there is a winter weather advisory, generally a snowfall along the pike and a short distance south. then winter storm warning, which usually applies over six, and a blizzard warning for the cape
5:44 pm
you have tremendous wind going along with the heavy snow. 75 miles per hour. when you hear there is a blizzard warning, in order to qualify you have to have a visibility of a quarter-mile or less frequent wind gusts over 30 miles per hour to see the drifting or all three. the bright light shows the low visibility. don' t really have snow falling. then you get into the solid whites across south s -- across connecticut. that is where the visibility is reduced from a quarter-mile to three quarters of a mile. right at the edge of it.
5:45 pm
it has been rotating up the last few hours. it started snowing around 11:00 and did not start snowing in earnest until 4:00. formally -- normally that trick will be six hours. everything starts to pivot the other way. that is why the heaviest amounts occur across connecticut, because they are the heaviest bands for the longest period of time. the deeper purples rotating in with this storm that is very potent. philadelphia, new york city, many parts of those areas. the storm is taking a track that is slightly too far south to give boston any kinds of amounts. a close enough to get boston in
5:46 pm
when you talk about rhode island and the cape, they are closer to the storm. here is a look at where we are now. look for the couple hours it stays the same, then everything moves to the northwest and southeast. the heavier bands will reseed and then the lighter show -- lighter snows continue to reseed. a lot of snow will have piled up. than six inches to nine inches in northeastern connecticut and nine through 12 in providence. sharp cut off north of 95. a wet snow on the cape area when you combine that with powerful winds, the risk of power outages increases. things and by tomorrow morning
5:47 pm
then we clear up pretty nicely. most of us have a sunny day tomorrow. temperatures in the 30' s and afternoon. a few showers come through on tuesday. colder weather follows after that. it is one of those storms we suspect we will have to follow. that is what we are doing and i will check back with you in a little while. >> now sportscenter 5. >> the patriots and broncos almost 24 hours away from their afc championship showdown in denver the patriots have not played many road playoff games in the bill belichick and tom brady era. in the six they have participated in they are only 3 and 3. one of those losses came two years ago in denver as the broncos beat the patriots 26-16 in that game peyton manning threw for two touchdown passes and for over 400 yards home or away the pats seem like they
5:48 pm
>> i ultimately always want to be feeling good on game day and be mentally and physically prepared. everything else in my life gets put to the side when football season is like it is now. >> as a competitor you are always hungry to keep on competing and keep on winning every year. >> there are a lot of guys who don' t have a lot of experience that make big plays. it really doesn' t matter how many playoff games you have been in. clay lots of -- play a lot and be consistent. >> there has been a lot of trash talking coming from some broncos players this week. but for peyton manning and a former patriots player they have nothing but respect for the reigning super bowl champions.
5:49 pm
play the patriots, it is easy to get to reflective on the entire season. it definitely has been a unique season. >> if they stay at the top that long, that is impressive. >> can anybody explain this? >> tom brady, bill belichick. the common denominator. the teat of things that have been in there the whole time has been tom brady and bill belichick. >> tom brady and peyton manning have met 16 times. tomorrow' s game will be the fourth time they have met in a championship conference game. that is the most since the merger in 1970. pam: all right. we will get another look at the
5:50 pm
pam: we are all keeping a close eye on the forecast. harvey: this is one of those you just keep following as you are
5:51 pm
look at this band of incredible snow into southern worcester county and plenty of bands of moderate through heavy snow. the edge of the snow is around the 495 bill. this is where boston gets its accumulating snow over the next few hours before things start to taper down. more to the south as we build up bill -- as we build up quickly. >> much more news to come here tonight. >> a live look from sandwich. newscenter 5 at six starts in
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