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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you are looking at live pictures from sandwich where the wind is blowing snow sideways. >> a live look at new bedford where snow is also piling up. >> hazardous condition stretch down to the nations capital. two feet of snow and washington, d.c. shutting down the beltway. >> live pictures from new york city where a travel ban is in effect and police are actively enforcing it. this monster storm is taking a heavy toll. pam: at least 12 people have died in storm related incidents. a coastal new jersey hit
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places like ocean city and atlantic city. >> highways completely blocked, drivers stranded. people -- live team coverage begins with harvey leonard. harvey: even though we are comparing this to the same storm, new york city is closing on two feet of snow. cape cod and the islands are wanting in on -- are in double digits of snow. that is where the heaviest is combining with the most powerful winds to create the most brutal conditions. especially over the south shore, connecticut, rhode island. we have winter weather advisories. the steady snows have even gotten to the north and west for a time now.
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that is where visibility is the lowest from the combination of snow and wind. half mile, half-mile plymouth and providence. then you jump to seven miles in springfield. the snow has gone to its furthest northern point. there are bands of moderate to heavier snow here. others down around plymouth county and the islands. all of this wrapping and as the storm winds out. we are near the edge of the snow, but enough to get into the heavier bands. that is why they have hield up the amounts of snow. we are getting late reports of the cape in that range.
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of the boston area with the very heaviest on the cape with a slow northwest at southeast. it will start to get a little lighter. when all is said and done it will be done tomorrow morning with most areas in midmorning. these should be the numbers. 133 inches starting along 128. nine through 12 or more. providence, plymouth, cape cod, and the islands. reid: as harvey said, some rough conditions on cape cod right now. let' s get right to our nicole estaphan, she' s live in sandwich. nicole. just a few minutes ago when i was getting out of the to be able to tell you we have a little bit of rake from those wins but that is simply not the case. it
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i can tell you it is heavy and wet. really giving you an idea of how intense the winds are down here. the big concern, this is one of those beaches that experience and of erosion over the last several years. a lot of homeowners worried about their property. they put up 180,000 yards. a lot of people are worried mother nature is going to take that away this evening. >> 24 hours per day you see the trucks pounding and replenishing. i kept saying couldn' t they wait a couple of months until after the storm? >> it seems there is less sand every year. >> a lot of people trying to
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police want you to hunker down this evening, stay off the roads, let this storm pass through. high tide is a big concern. continuing to monitor the conditions in sandwich and a live report at 11. >> snow picking up in the south coast. julie mcdonald live in new bedford with the latest on the conditions there. >> the new bedford regional airport has shut down until at least tomorrow morning. across the rest of new bedford, 100 20 plows working to clear the main roads and neighborhoods across the city. mayor john mitchell spoke with newscenter 5 right as the wind up. like i mentioned earlier, a ground.
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until 3:00, 4:00 -- until 3:30, 4:30. so far no major reports of issues. a lot of cities in massachusetts, they learned from their mistakes last winter. they rolled out some new equipment this year and we are looking for to the first real test today. >> some better technology, some scanners on the vehicle to roadway. salt that gets put down. >> the mayor was down for the mayor' s conference. he got a firsthand look at what a nightmare of gridlock, cars just being abandoned on the road. fortunately he did make it back in anticipation of this storm before all the cancellations
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keeping an eye on conditions in new bedford. >> a very serious toll on coastal new jersey, flooding areas like atlantic city, some of the worst flooding since superstorm sandy. looking at. check out what is going on right now. mere 75 miles per hour in some locations. much less wind as we look north shore. really down toward the cape and the islands. this wind is going to be crucial to us. it goes a northerly direction. that is good along the coast, because it pushes the wind a
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tomorrow the watch is up. this goes all the way up to hold. it is really the south shore we are going to keep a close eye on. tonight' s high tide is not that bad, but there will be some/over going on. the wave action going on and you see the issue we have. we could see minor to moderate areas of flooding. that northerly wind is going to help us a lot. we are going to be seeing some erosion. especially in the sandwich area. >> let' s take you back a year when the massachusetts close line was being battered. residents are keeping a close eye on today' s storm. live in marshfield, she has more.
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we were both down here and saw the devastating damage to the snow here in marshfield. this will be a test of the seawall and we know people have been around here. it was low tide at the time so t any concern yet, but folks were feeling those miles per hour reported. power because of it. this wind will continue to batter the waves throughout the night. as we approach high tide. we are expecting a storm surge of 10 feet. his real concern is when it is 12 feet tomorrow morning at 11 a.m.. we will continue to keep track of what is happening here. wcvb newscenter 5.
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and we have much more storm coverage to come. live to washington dc where police cleaning up after the storm is a monumental task. >> new york governor andrew cuomo into action. >> and we are updating snow amounts real quickly. especially down in the cape where we are in the heart of the storm. how long that will last straight ahead. >> the patriots nemesis, peyton
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pam: back to washington dc where two feet of snow has piled up. this storm is something else.
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aixa: the forecast was dead on and the snow and wind have been relentless. we are not the only ones getting slammed by this storm. the white house covered in white. a panda covered in snow. washington dc is in the middle of the winter storm for the record books. tourists are taking it all in. >> if you get half an inch of snow it is great. this is fantastic. >> the snow slow down before picking back up with a vengeance in the afternoon. >> this is an emergency even and we are very much in our emergency response phase. >> we are going to commence a ban on roads and the downstate area. >> a travel ban in effect in new york city. broadway shows canceled. >> if you stay inside and stay warm you are going to be fine.
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in north carolina a six person has died as a result of snow and ice on the road. >> this could turn out to be one of the top 10 worst winter storms to hit the east coast. aixa diaz wcvb newscenter 5. >> thousands of flights have been canceled due to this. so far 200 cancellations today at logan. we find sera congi. >> working the phones for a new flight, their college-bound daughter is stuck at the gate. >> they were getting ready to go. it is now snowing in atlanta. >> cancellations and delays form board. a ripple effect from the mid-atlantic blizzard. >> first the lie that first flight is delayed and missed
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>> despite the storm reaching further south, it is relatively calm. massport says many airlines rebooked passengers ahead of the storm in an effort to avoid gridlock. >> we baltimore. >> he changed his itinerary would get to his destination. getting canceled. >> they hope to find another maybe not. going to get to come out and stay another day. >> that is >> wcvb newscenter 5. to a stranded driver. on the cross island parkway in long island. these pictures posted just before the new york city travel ban went into effect.
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coming up harvey leonard is just up ahead with the updated forecast on blizzard 2016. moves out to sea. and then we did find someone who is happy about that snow. we will check back at the pandas
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pam: those who use -- those who got runs over the holiday season are using the snowstorm to put them to use. some areas got a foot of snow. snow scott -- snow-covered cars , all with a birds eye viewed of the drone. >> the nations capital getting pounded but this guy is loving it. piles of snow this morning. there he excited about it. rolling around in the snow in this video posted by the smithsonian national zoo. giant pandas have thick coats
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anyone house out there should have a thick coat as well. >> he was enjoying it a lot more than you are. >> some of us also need thick skin to deal with. this has just come in a hurry. we are on the northern edge of the storm. this is certainly going to qualify as a major snowstorm for cape cod. in boston it will be a moderate storm. for the next hour or two, it is a very significant event with tough travel and visibility. the vineyard we have various reports of averaging around 8.5 and nine inches. also i can give you a few more, which has reached 10 inches of snow.
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though it is coming fast. in the cape they have had one through three inch per hour snowfall rates. bridgewater at three and half, franklin at three inches of snow. then you combine that with wind gusts that have reached hurricane force, obviously having a serious situation. strong winds on the cape. elevated areas in worcester, also having gusty winds. the official watches and warnings, a blizzard warning until 1 a.m.. they will continue to have conditions that promote visibility of a quarter or less at times. and the falling blowing and drifting snow. southeastern mass, connecticut,
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winter weather advisory' s with a short distance to the south. plow of all snow in those communities. a couple of high ties to watch. tomorrow' s high tide comes around 11 a.m.. we are talking about the usual suspects, for example nantucket, chatham, minor coastal flooding. even high tide later tonight, while not astronomical, has powerful winds and wave action. here is the visibility. the bright light is the lowest visibility. you are either in or you are out. you are wondering what the noise is all about. that is the difference.
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those areas. there has been one in northeast connecticut, producing 133 inches of snow for the last several hours. other bands to the south and of course southeastern mass with a sharp cut off. you will see that everything is from the south. biggest concentration is the cape. that is where it will last the longest. it is status quo for an hour or two. we start to see a diminishment in the intensity northwest of boston, then the south shore, defend the cape, then the islands. look at the amounts that would have piled up. quick buildup immediately south of the pike and then six through
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shore and more pockets for the cape and the islands with this particular storm. we still have these wind gusts that are powerful. if you are going to be out tonight, it is not recommended. at least not over the next couple of hours. there you go, heaviest accumulation to the south. look at the improvement that comes up rapidly. we are clear from the morning. snow should be over everywhere except for lingering flurries in the morning. a little milder with a few showers on tuesday and somewhat colder weather after that. there is some suggestion around the thursday timeframe. i think all of us would appreciate it. i am meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now sportscenter 5. >> patriots and broncos
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high city. the key to success will be the tom brady rob gronkowski combo. touchdowns in last weeks win over the chiefs and in his career he has 8 touchdown in the playoffs. >> the only thing that' to matter is those three hours on sunday. we are going to do or thinking about what we are going to do. that is all part of the preparation. >> we always want to be on the same page. >> love playing together, there are lots of guys in this locker room, whether you have been here for a while or just getting here. they are getting ready to step up. >> there has been a lot of trash talk. peyton manning and a former patriots player, they have
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>> when you are getting ready to play the patriots, it is harder to reflect on the entire season. it definitely has been a unique season. >> at top that long, that is impressive. >> any way to explain this? >> tom brady, bill belichick. am live report from denver. pam: we will continue
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even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> keeping your eye on this. >> this is going to go on deeper into the night over southeastern mass and the cape reedit >>
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