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tv   ABC World News  ABC  January 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." states of emergency -- the blizzard of 2016. the monster storm battering the east right now. taking lives. crippling washington, philadelphia and new york. >> travel is now banned. >> tens of thousands without power. airports closed. cancelled flights rippling across the country. a winter storm for the record books. danger zone. menace on the highways. thousands of people trapped overnight. no heat, no food, no way out. plus, our team heads to the icy coastal flooding. mandatory evacuations and rescues under way. wild race. donald trump's latest boast. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot someone and i wouldn't lose any
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>> and he's also going after former first lady barbara bush. plus will there be a march surprise? reports that michael bloomberg is considering a third party run. and, jailbreak. three fugitives on the run, including an alleged torturer and a man accused of murder. so why did it take 16 hours to notice they were gone? tonight we take you inside the manhunt. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. tonight. as we come on the air at this hour, a winter storm is raging. disrupting lives and turning 60 million people in the storm's path. the storm coming down at 4 inches an hour.
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take a look at the ice and not a soul at reagan airport. major highways sut down in several states. thousands of people stranded in cars and trucks, some people overnight. in new jersey, a man snowboarding down the empty roads. had is a live look right now at the white house. bru it's new york being hit especially hard. this is times square. only police cars there. and take a look at this image from space. you see the orange lights? those are major cities buried under snow and clouds from the massive storm. from space to the center of the storm, we are covering it all. we zart with ron claiborne here in hard-hit new york. >> reporter: tonight, the nation's largest city in the bull's-eye of a blizzard of epic proportions. howling winds and driving snow creating near white-out conditions, forcing an extraordinary travel ban. >> unless it is truly an emergency, you should not be on
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travel is now banned, and the protect people. >> reporter: the snow, still exceeding expectations -- on track to become one of the top five snow storms on record here in new york city, and no let up expected for hours. worst winter storms that i've seen in new york. oh, yeah. >> no fun at all? >> no, it's not a winter wonderland. >> reporter: many roads eerily empty in the middle of the day. also ordered shut down commuter rail lines and parts of the subway, new york city's transportation lifeline. no flights coming in or going out of new york's three major airports. across the storm-affected swatch of the east coast, more 10,000 cancellations spanning friday through sunday. even broadway shows shuttered. meteorologist indra petersons out in the thick of it. >> if new york city gets more than 21 inches of snow, this will be the third greatest snowfall of record.
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it's a blizzard out here. you're going to be talking about winds producing drifts as high as 5 feet! >> reporter: to battle the snow, the city called out an army of snowplows and salt spreaders. tom, i'm in normally bustling times square. very few vik vehicles out here. that would normally be out here so far, until the storm, the new trace amount of snow. now, in less than 24 hours, the city has gotten an entire winter's worth. tom. >> the cross roads of the world now a winter wonderland. all right, ran, thank you. this storm is the worst to hit the jersey shore since superstorm sandy. tonight, powerful winds, high tide and the full moon sending icy water in the street, damaging homes and sending people to higher ground. linzie janis from wildwood, new jersey, linzie? >> reporter: good evening, tom. up and down the new jersey coast, there is severe flooding
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one the hardest hit. virtually every street here is under water. tonight, the jersey shore getting slammed by a massive nor'easter. roads flooded, chunks of ice passing by this front yard in ocean city. the storm surge up to 8 feet. these streets are still flooded and it is low tide. look at the water just coming into this home. let me show you high tide it was waist high. it carried the picnic table to the center of the street. emergency workers rescuing residents trapped in their homes. some families trying to evacuate on their own. what are you doing out here? >> trying to get to my mother. >> reporter: in wildwood, new jersey the water up to this man's knees. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour enough to keep this ferris wheel spinning. >> oh, ms horrible. it's cutting you up. the sand and the rain. >> reporter: waves reaching
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coastline. in atlantic city, the flood lines up to this home's windows and submerge ing this car. governor chris christie warning residents to stay inside. four-wheel drive vehicle or not, it's very slippery out there right now. >> reporter: most residents worried about a repeat of super storm sandy. >> the water level is higher than sandy. >> reporter: tom, the wind is fierce here. and at high tide, the water was waist deep. we have another high tide tonight and tomorrow morning, residents very concerned the flooding is going to get worse. tom? the biggest danger in the monster storm. travel officials pleading with drivers to stay off the roads. crews working arnold the clock. snowplows struggling to keep up. more than 1,000 accidents in five states just today. david kerley is in washington, d.c., where the blizzard is still hitting tonight. >> reporter: tonight, washington, d.c. is buried.
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hour -- piling up. >> i didn't expect to be caught in the middle of snowzilla. >> reporter: the nation's capitol, its roads, monuments. quiet. and covered in at least a foot and a half of snow. >> go back a little bit. go back. >> reporter: the weekend timing -- the ghost town appearance. a huge advantage for crews trying to clear roads. but even firetrucks and ambulances needed help in the deep snow. the d.c. police chief lending a hand on some stuck patrol cars. so much snow, each road, each sidewalk cleared numerous times. so you've already shoveled this sidewalk what four or five or six times? >> around ten times. >> reporter: ten times? >> yeah. >> reporter: by afternoon, another problem. abc's eva pilgrim is in philadelphia. >> the wind and continuing snow are the major issues right now. as you can see the roads are still snow covered, the moment the snow plows are able to clear the roads, more falls on the ground. >> reporter: at least 11 deaths
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and hundreds of motorists are stuck. 500 vehicles on the pennsylvania turnpike going nowhere. including 31 members of the duquesne university basketball team -- in a bus since yesterday afternoon. some even walking for pizza. >> i just want to get home! >> reporter: jeremy hanawalt escaped that turnpike after 15 hours. >> they could have gotten people out of here a long time ago. or at least used that as an option. >> reporter: in kentucky water dropped off to stranded motorists there. an ohio family traveling home from a funeral spent all night in their car. >> and they tell us we're going to get you out of here. very soon. that was nine hours ago. >> reporter: they did finally start moving. but with the storm still et dropping snow it will be some time before everyone is dug out. so much snow to remove. the crews are building hills, minimountains and it's snowing and blowing. making it hard to see the u.s. capitol. tom? >> david kerley for us tonight. david, thank you.
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burying buildings and homes. power lines as well. look how fast it piled up outside this pennsylvania home. by dawn, everything in the backyard buried. but the weight of all that snow can cause dangerous stress. abc's gloria riviera with the threat at home. >> reporter: tonight, the massive snowfall pushing neighborhoods to their breaking point. in suburban virginia 30 inches and counting. this emergency snow removal crew -- stuck. i'm 5'6". you can see the snow is past my knees. when you get out to the suburb, this is what you see, house after house blanketed. all that snow piling up on roofs here. experts say a foot of heavy, wet snow on a 1,600-square-foot home weighs as much as 14 tons. for the first time here, residents like the shaft family are anxious. you have about 18 inches of snow on your roof. right now, it's light and fluffy. but is that a concern?
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>> i just don't know what once you get past 24 when you get to 30, you wonder how much your roof can hold. >> reporter: the snow so heavy, this gas station roof caved in. this historic theater in virginia destroyed. to protect your home look for early warning signs, creaking sounds and cracks in the ceiling. up and down the coast heavy snow and winds downing powerlines. our phillip mena is in north carolina. >> here is raleigh, ice is the issue on trees and on power lines. crews are working to restore power. more than 100,000 people tonight without electricity throughout the state. >> reporter: officials there warning people to steer clear of lines which could be live. another deep snow danger, carbon monoxide. with so many struggling under so much snow, safety experts say remember to clear your car's exhaust pipe before warming up the car. and make sure to keep snow drifts from covering furnace and drier vents outside. city officials still telling
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other places to stay inside for safety. many of the people we spoke to said they have given up on getting out until the snow starts to melt. tom? >> thank you. let's turn to someone who will not be spending a lot of time rob marciano joining us from junior station in washington, d.c. you are almost buried there in the snow. but the big question tonight, last? >> we are still under blizzard warnings. it's still coming down sideways here and winds over 35 miles per hour and the visibilities remain low. the low itself is still very close. take a look at the radar. you can see the snow bands are still rotating in. 19 inches and counting in new york city. 18 inches and counting in philadelphia. 21 and counting here in d.c. number two on the list and just outside of d.c. to the west, nearing 40 inches of snow. a tremendous amount of coastal flooding earlier today. another high tide psych toll go
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to don't crank near the coast over 50 miles an hour through the overnight period and then things begin to end from west to east as far as snow is concerned. all done by midnight but the winds will don't crank tomorrow it's going to make cleanup a real nightmare, tom. as far as travel goes, going by train there is a limited amtrak schedule, the only way to get around. >> it's going to be a rough few days ahead. rob, thank you. we turn to politics now and a major day on the campaign trail. donald trurp with a new controversial, a violent joke about shooting something in new york. and news from michael bloomberg. cecilia vega has it all from iowa. >> reporter: the controversial remark this time came in the form of a drag. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i couldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. fire once again. >> i will let donald speak for
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i can say, i have no intention of shooting anyone in the campaign. billionaire may not be the only billionaire in the race for long. abc news confirming new york michael bloomberg is contemplating a third party run. enter the race, he instructed advisers to run as an independent. trump telling george stephanopoulos, he would welcome a bloomberg bid. >> i would love to have michael join the race. first of all, he's a friend of mine. he could take a lot of votes away from hillary, if it's going to be hillary. >> reporter: the former mayor reportedly troubled from all of the front-runners from trump on the right to hillary clinton and trump rivaled ted cruz in the hawkeye state too, raking in endorsement from glenn beck.
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going to be a snowball to hell. >> reporter: but the biggest battle du jour, over a jeb bush video featuring his mother. >> jeb has real solutions. >> reporter: trump taking to twitter. saying -- just watch jeb's ad where he needed mommy to help him. jeb, mommy can't hem you can isis or the chinese. and tonight -- >> be careful, donald. you know my mom. i'm putting my money on barbara bush on that. >> reporter: and another big endorsement coming in just right now. from the des moines register newspaper. its pick for the race, marco rubio on the gop side. hillary clinton for the. sed democrat side. michael bloomberg believes he has until march to get in the race. he have could miss the caucuses here nine days away.
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"world news tonight." up next, escaped murders and torturer escaped from jail. tonight, we take you to the man hunt. and latest zika virus, we will tell you where it's turned up here in the u.s. guys, it's just the two of you. the setting is just right. there's something in the air. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for p an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing.
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my opioid pain medication is slowing my insides constipation, oic, a different type of constipation. i'm really struggling to find relief... paint a different picture. talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options. escape. three men considered extremely dangerous charged with criming ranging from torture to murder. here is the latest. >> reporter: tonight, an intense man hunt for three fugitives who escaped from this orange county jail all considered extremely dangerous. police scouring the streets with flashlights. authorities focusing in on this jailhouse roof top. the men all accused of violent crimes.
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charged with torture. tieu, charged with murder and charged buong with attempted murder. all have pled not guilty. >> they are last seen at 5:00 a.m. yesterday. that is the last time we can confirm they were physically in the housing location. >> reporter: abc news learning the break was preplanned. they were in a tank that houses 68 people. there was a disturbance at 7 p.m. by 9 p.m., they say they are missing. authority know how they escaped but they are not releasing the details yet. wloo's incredible, it went down steps away from the sheriff's department. it's one of the biggest diamond rings on the planet. can you guess which celebrity is sporting this 35-carat diamond engagement ring? >> kids aren't the only ones having fun in the snow. the adorable scene that played
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straight now to the index and an update on the zika virus. it's a health alert tonight. finishes say three people from the new york city area who recently traveled outside the country have tested positive for the virus. the cdc has released an updated map showing 22 country, most in latin america and the caribbean where they have outbreaks. it can cause fever, rash and joint pain. the real danger is pregnant
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dearth defects. and a low nation of more than 100,000 bottles of water for the flint, michigan cities. they have relied on bottled water from distribution sites. the biggest rock in hollywood. mariah carey says yes to australian billionaire diamond engagement ring. it's estimated to be worth $7.5 million. that is serious bling. and the national zoo posting this adorable footage of its 19-year-old panda tian tian frolicking at the zoo. his cub bei bei? yeah, not so much. he couldn't get enough of the white powder. and don't worry. his thick woolly coat is designed to keep him warm in the
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finally tonight. it's been quite a weekend for snow and it's certainly one that millions of americans will never forget. here is john donvan. >> reporter: every now and then, nature takes over this way, the spaces we consider our own. a soft reminder how a city cleans up nice in a snowfall and it belongs to other species who try to keep out of the way. so they went for a stroll down an empty avenue last night. yes, this was washington. but people came out too, plunging in, playing. when not plowing. and this set of three kids all
6:58 pm
and the silence a big snowfall brings. with the sound track turned down, everything pops in a different way. and the respect shown by a guard soldier, not even a shake of his head. sure it's cold outside when the world looks like this. but reminded that something bigger than this can get us all to stop and listen why we wait john donvan, abc news, new york. we thank john for that story and thank you for watching. gma in the morning and i will see you here tomorrow. have a great evening.
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