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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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35 years old a still an elite player. he showed it substantial with a stellar performance against the cavs here in cleveland. final score, the bulls, 96, the cavs 83. for jeff, mark, lisa, the producer and director and the abc crew who did a tremendous job today, mike breen saying thanks for watching. coming up next, local news except on the west coast. thanks for watching espn on abc. home of the nba finals.
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picture perfect. you should want yourr banking to be too. stop into td bank andr we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >> wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. pam: a powerful winter storm
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>> when the storm moves away. >> the threat, wind and waves could pose into tomorrow. >> whiteout conditions here on the cape. >> and flooding concerns as high tide hits the coast. >> the storm hitting hard further down the east coast. >> turn around and go home right now. >> the city is buried, drivers stranded and communities underwater tonight. pam: the northern edge of blizzard 2016 still lashing cape cod at this hour, a life look where a foot of snow is on the ground, high tide has arrived. >> live pictures along the sea wall there, tidal surge in an area battered one year ago. pam: heavy snow has fallen, digging out no small task. >> boston getting the biggest snowfall of the wind by far. live look at copley square, six
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pam: utility crews scrambling, plymouth and cape cod hit hard. i'm pam cross. reid: i'm reid lamberty. time coverage starts with storm team 5's harvey leonard. harvey: you talk about your big differences in a small amount of miles, much of the cape and you go to lowell and scrambling, plymouth and cape cod hit hard. i'm pam cross. reid: i'm lawrence and andover and westford and you have nothing. that's what we're dealing with. we're still dealing with it. look at the amounts down on the cape, many areas a foot or more. we got a half a foot or more over southeastern massachusetts and right in boston, there is approximately six inches on average. we have ocean enhancement along the immediate coast. you drop off to four in newton. sudbury even less. to the north right along the water, there has been several inches of snow. you go west and it drops off quickly. still a blizzard warning in effect for the cape and islands until 1:00 a.m. the storm will continue beyond that and the
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abate a little bit. so the advice ability will come up some. we see there is a winter storm warning for much of the rest of the region and the weather advisories to the west of boston. we still have some bands. it's not nearly as heavy as it was earlier overall, but if we look carefully, notice the bands on the cape and still some right near boston and the south shore. so that's going to continue to add a little more to the accumulation. there is a close look at that. so we go out in time. we'll see the snow diminish, move from northwest to seize and by 9:00 in the morning, it's done, clouds exit the cape later in the day, it's sunny in boston points west early. for the final amounts, incredible squeeze play, 10 to 15 plus on the cape, nothing 495 north and west and an average of six or so in boston. there is the wind, the coast to be concerned with.
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mike w.: the winds have a big impact on the high tide which happens now and tomorrow's high tide which happens at 11:00 a.m. let's look at the marshfield area. it's causing the splashover on the sea wall. we'll see some of that activity going on. to sandwich where the winds tomorrow are more from the north. we may see more beach erosion going on there because of the wind caught in the bottom reaches of the cape as it comes off of the bay. let's talk about the winds and how they're impacting all of this going on. the winds are gusting very strong. you look at some spots, it's even stronger, nantucket, 40-mile-an-hour wind gust. chatham and plymouth at 38. you head to the north and farther away from the store, drop-off a little bit, gusting to 30 in boston and the north shore, wind gusts of 25, 30 miles an hour. we have happening is this, the winds are going down to a northerly direction and may go
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that's good news in marshfield. we have a coastal flood advisory at high tide tomorrow. the coastal flood that activity to watch starts in the morning and goes to 2:00 in the afternoon. the wind blows across and gets it caught toward sandwich. we're going to be seeing more beach erosion going on as well. it's paralleling the coast. keep that in mind as we go through tomorrow's forecast. sandwich, 11-foot high tide tonight, it's 12.5 tomorrow. the saving grace is that northerly wind. we'll keeping a close eye as we go to high tide tomorrow, reed. reid: the storm's intensity picked up very quickly on the cape. riding out the storm all day and all night. she joins us with conditions. nicole. nikole: that's right, 12 hours now since the first flakes fell on the cape today. it's still coming down.
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i want you to take a look over here. this is high tide here in sandwich on the cape. the waves about 200 feet probably from us now. it won't be until tomorrow morning until we see any beach erosion or damage left behind. not escaping the blizzard conditions on the cape. the waves about 200 feet probably from us now. it won't be until tomorrow morning until we see any beach erosion or damage left behind. not escaping the that have left states south of new england covered in a blanket of white, the cape, much of the massachusetts arm battling intense winds and blinding snow on saturday. if you think people here are upset? >> doesn't bother me at all. nikole: no big deal? >> not at all. nikole: think again, after last winter, it takes a lot to unnerve around here. as night falls and a roaring high tide washes up the coast in sandwich, it is what it might be washing away that is of concern. >> we're wary about the sand. it has less sand every year. >> most will wash away. >> you can't predict mother nature. >> the storm falling days after
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to help with years of beach erosion. >> 24 hours a day they were working. 24 hours a day, the trucks were pounding, replenishing. nikole: covered in new sand monday, now covered by at least a half foot of freshly fallen snow. >> couldn't they wait a couple of months before they do it until after the storm? nikole: as for the roads in this area, they are in pretty good condition. we do see pavement but crews asking folks to stay off the roadways and let them do their job. pam: as we just learned, people all along the coast are keeping a close high on the surf at this hour. it is high tide and there is also a threat of flooding. mary saladna is live in marshfield, an area that has seen storm damage before. mary: pam, we're trying to show you the part of the sea wall that we lost last winter, 80 feet of it in all and high tide
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every now and then we catch a huge wave. we're keeping our distance. we'll see how the wall holds tonight. as the wind whipped the waves higher, residents kept awarey eye on the huge sea wall and the angry atlantic testing its worth. >> it came all the way over the house and right on the street. mary: impressive, but so far, nothing like the storm surge that knocked out 80 feet of the sea wall last winter. >> marshfield went through last year, this is probably nothing. mary: homes were condemned, the most damage tearing through residential exterioriors. the storm has ferocious winds and knocked out power to customers and then there is the heavy wet snow. white gold to those with a plow. >> i would rather be on the couch probably at home with my wife, but this isn't bad.
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wherever you can in the wintertime. mary: this is the fourth time shaun has cleaned off the cars at wall gleans. >> i do my three co-workers' cars and especially the manager's, that's the important one. mary: and we're here at peak high tide, it's the high tide 12 hours from now that they're most concerned about. that is the true test of the sea wall. as i said, waves slamming against it at this hour. it's holding beautifully so far. morning. we're live in marshfield, i'm mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: new bedford picking up six inches of snow. sunday. juli, it looks like it's not quite over yet? juli: that's right, still snowing here in new bedford, few hours ago. some pretty slick and slushy
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we are in the downtown area which means a a lot of city plows have moved through here and these streets are in much better condition than a lot of side streets and neighborhoods that we drove through either. seven inches of snow in most places but the winds created drifts of closer to a foot. a city turned snow globe. snowflakes swirling sideways in new bedford on this stormy saturday. after some tough lessons last year, they were ready for this winter's first real test. >> we added more vehicles to the fleets, some better technology. we have scanners on a lot of vehicles that detect the temperature of the roadway and calibrate the amount of salt that gets put down. juli: the 100 plus plows are focused on the main roads to make way for ambulances and emergency vehicles. it didn't take long for the inches to add up on side streets and neighborhoods. the whipping winds only made matters worse.
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whiteout conditions. i wasn't expecting that. on the side streets, a foot of snow, it's crazy. juli: the city encouraged people to stay home and off the roads. we found one shoveler getting a head start. when it comes to new england winters, this is child's play. >> a lot better than last year, that's for sure. i was a teenager during the blizzard of 1978. after that, everything is easy. juli: now, the new bedford regional airport did close down early this evening to work on snow removal. they hope to be back open sometime in the morning. we did speak with the mayor earlier. you heard his biggest concern was down wired and outages. that hasn't been a issue at least here in new bedford. pam: crews are out tonight making sure access to trolleys and subway cars is safe. this is the fairbanks stop
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shoveling snow and putting down sand as the trains moving in and out, no problems with key service. reid: a live look in boston, copley square covered in a winter white. the city picked up more than six inches which right now is the biggest snowfall of the season taking it very slow is the best advice for anyone that may make their way out tonight. boston common brightly lit as people walk through it tonight. same story over across town, plenty of people not letting the snow upend their plans. the ripple effect of the mid-atlantic store hitting logan tonight. 200 flight cancellations, 40 delays reported. travelers helped out changing their flights to avoid the mid-atlantic airports. pam: now to the road to the super bowl, the patriots and broncos ready to resume their heated rivalry. tom brady and peyton manning meeting tomorrow in the a.f.c.
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5 mike lynch live in denver with a look ahead, mike. mike l.: good evening, everyone. welcome to the mile high city. it's hard to believe back home all of you getting snow. on the foot of the rockies not a single snowflake in denver. the patriots arrived last night and it's an early start for them tomorrow, 3:00 in your family room, a two-hour time p.m. here. the last time the patriots were in the stadium, they limped out after an overtime loss to the broncos, two months ago. rob gronkowski was carted off the field, he will be healthy as will many for of tom brady's weapons. tom: the only thing that is going to matter is those three hours on sunday, talking about what we're going to do or thinking about what we're going to do. i think that's all part of your preparation. it's going to come down to how well we execute.
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on the same page and have the chemistry be the same where i know where he throws the ball, where it's going to be. >> we love playing together. a lot of guys in this locker room whether you have been here for a while our you're just getting here that are ready to step up and make plays. mike l.: so far, weather has been great here, in the 50's today, low 40's. back with more in sports, live in denver, see you then. reid: much more ahead as we continue our coverage tonight of the storm. pam: the nation's capital with some serious digging out to do. we will look at d.c. where it could take days to get the city back up and running. reid: we head to the city that never sleeps, the great white way living up to its name tonight in manhattan. travel ban in effect and police are actively enforcing that.
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>> you're watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00. reid: the nation's capital recovering from 36 hours of snow. aixa, it looks like it has coupled down quite a bit? axia: finally it has. it's tapering off now. it's blowing it around on the ground. there is a lot of work for the crews clearing the roads. we saw several people with shovels trying to dig out a car stuck in an intersection downtown. the mayor has told people to stay off the roads, to give plows room to do their job. at reagan national, the snow teams are working on the runways. the airport is expected to be closed all day tomorrow and the subway is closed to allow workers to clear the tracks.
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cold, but the good news, sunny and clear. live in washington, aixa diaz, wcvb newscenter 5. pam: we are looking at new york city, usually bustling, times square empty of traffic. new york city forced to put this saturday on hold. this is a very large storm system, about 80 million people are in its path. they heeded requests to stay off the roads. huge and slow moving, the storm knocked out power for thousands, shut down cities, emptied airports, stopped flights. drivers in several states stranded in cars and trucks on the road and emergency vehicles having trouble. look at it from outer space, you can see just how massive this storm is. in new york city, it is the blizzard of 2016 with snow totals double the expected, officials banning travel on streets, highways, bridges and commuter rail and even some of the city's subway system frozen. >> if you have taken your car
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and go home right now. pam: the city that never sleeps caused to take a nap, all broadway shows cancelled and helping a stranded driver on long island, pictures posted before the travel ban went into effect. it's not all about the snow. from long island to queens, new york, and the jersey shore, front yards and entire neighborhoods overrun with icy ocean water. >> this is my 17th snow emergency in six years. this is certainly not super storm sandy. pam: some took advantage of the winter weather. this dog pulls a sled with two delighted winter children. two feet of snow fell at j.f.k. and laguardia airports today compare that to three inches at lollingan. reid: this highway shut down and hundreds of drivers stranded on the pennsylvania turnpike including a man's college basketball team, the parking lot-like conditions spanned seven miles.
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and removing barriers to allow drivers to get off the highway. imagine getting stuck in that, your car runs out of gas, no way to keep yourself warm. pam: a lot of digging out, harvey, boy, all along the east. harvey: we're a local station up here in boston to let the folks know in new york where they don't get that amount of snow that often, they have to make sure that where their homes and heating systems exhaust, make sure the snow level is not above that or that could be a carbon monoxide problem like the people getting stuck in cars and leave them running because they're stuck on the roads, same issue with their exhaust system. those are things they have to deal with down there. for us, not quite like that, although a big hit for the cape. hurricane force winds, nantucket to 70 miles an hour, even rockport up on the north
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in general, the most powerful winds across southeastern mass and the cape, still that way with gusted at 40 miles an hour, unanimous conductet over 50 -- nantucket, crazy for sure. the inensty of the snow is easing. 19 degrees the temperature in boston with a northerly wind at 21 miles an hour. it's cold. that means the snow has been light, dry, and fluffy in boston, it's fluffed up a little bit, that's how if you average it out, a half a foot of snow in boston now. 20 in worcester, it's cold everywhere, you go from plymouth to high anis to none tuck either, the wetter snow, the high winds, snow pasting all over the place, it's a rough scene and still is down there. you can see the snow is much, much lighter. we have a little band coming in on the south shore, a little bit of an ocean enhancement
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slowly sinking south and the intensity is in the process of waning, i expect that to continue. you are getting enhancements from the ocean and on parts of the cape adding a little insult to injury. we see not only the snow exit but the clouds break toward morning and boston is going to have a lot of sun tomorrow, but the outer cape of nantucket, most of the day to get completely clear and everyone enjoys sun. this is everything squeezed together. we said why this is so tough. we are going through a pretty short distance and have a tremendous disparity in snowfall amounts. as i mentioned, if you're up around lawrence or lowell, you have no snow accumulation and parts of the cape wind up with over 15 inches. it's that buildup from northwest to southeast. the northern edge of the storm and then the cape got into the northern edge of the heart of
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still pales a little bit when you consider the approximately 2 1/2 feet of snow that has fallen in new york. that's how it should all look when all is said and done. in terms of boston, the skies will brighten tomorrow, increasing amounts of sun. it will be cold moving through the 20's, probably topping off around the freezing mark. a reminder as mike did a great job earlier, the coastal flood watch in effect until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow for that particular high tide, the one going on right now, the south shore and the cape. here is your seven-day forecast, check it out. we're windy tomorrow especially in the morning on the cape,, but we have brighter skies and high temperatures right around 32 degrees. on monday, we'll turn a little milder in the afternoon, about the upper 30's, tuesday, the mildest day of the week into the 40's, a few showers and somewhat colder for wednesday and thursday. there is a slight chance of a storm late thursday night friday morning but at least an
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we'll stay on top of that for you. that's how things are shaping up. reid: if you don't like to plow or shovel, a big snowfall can't be a lot of fun. pam: we spend some quality time with the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for
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pam: and we see the nation's capital get pounded with snow. we found some residents loving it. reid: a zoo panda woke up to piles of snow and was very excited about it. you can see him rolling around and wriggling in the snow and throwing it on himself in this video posted. giant pandas have thick coats that keep them warm in the snowy weather. pam: sports coming up next and the talking is done. reid: mike lynch joining us live from denver. mike l.: the patriots are
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this is where it will happen, sports authority field at mile
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag
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counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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>> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike l.: welcome back to denver where the patriots have never ever won a playoff game, they never won in the stadium behind me here or the old mile high stadium which is a parking lot. to say that tom brady has struggled in this town is an understatement. he has played against the broncos in the postseason twice and he has lost both times.
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lost rob gronkowski, but this time, tom brady thinks he has enough provisions in the wagon to get the job done. tom: i ultimately always want to be feeling good on gay day and be really ready physically prepared. kind of everything else in my life gets put to the side when football season is like it is now. >> it's a new year, a new season. you're a competitor and just always hungry to keep on competing and keep on winning and go as far as possible every year. >> a lot of young guys that don't have a lot of experience to come in here and make big plays, a lot of older guys that come in and make plays. doesn't matter how many playoff games you have been, in take it play by play and be consistent. mike l.: denver will start their future hall of famer peyton manning who has struggled this year with a foot injury and ironically, he has only thrown one touchdown pass
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tom brady has played one game and has thrown three touchdown passes. it's the 17th meeting between brady and manning. peyton when you're getting ready to play the patriots in a championship game, it's hard to get too reflective on the entire season, so it's definitely been a unique season. >> i have been following nfl football, the patriots, at the top that long, that's impressive. >> any way to explain it? >> tom brady, bill belichick, that's the common denominator, the two things that have been in there the whole time, tom brady and bill belichick. mike l.: tom brady and bill belichick, can the combination win a postseason game here in the city of denver. back home in boston, the bruins against the columbus blue
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despite having a 2-0ead in
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