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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: the snow is winding down but there are still concerns along the coast. the changes happening over the next few hours. antoinette: and fears over flooding. the anxious wait for the next high tide. doug: and we are live in denver as the pats prepare to take on the broncos for the afc championship. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: and a good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 6:00 on this most blizzard of 2016 morning. january 24. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: you made it. and i'm doug meehan. the storm moving off the coast there. we have live team coverage. we have meteorologist danielle vollmar and mike wankum. we also have live coverage from sandwich with a.j. burnett and frank holland, he's live in marshfield. let's begin this morning with danielle. danielle: you can see we still have some snow ongoing on parts of the cape as well as the islands. but this is quickly going to move out of here.
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see some sunshine but we did pick up impressive amounts of snow. in fact, in mashpee, picking up a foot of snow. nantucket close to a foot. you may pick up near a foot when all is said and done. still snowing there. brockton picking up about six inches of snow. brookline 5.3. sudbury picking up 2.5 inches of snow. depending on where you live, how much snow you really saw and right now we still actually have a winter storm warning for parts of the area. that does include coastal communities along the south shore, cape cod, and the islands. this is until 7:00. that's when we're expecting the snow to finally shift off. but you can see it is snowing pretty good in some locations although visibilities have been improving. still though down to two miles in chatham and down to two-mile visibility on nantucket. that's moderate snow. notice by 8:00 still the clouds are hanging around. but as we head through about lunchtime or so, we will see clearing and we will see a lot more sunshine. over the next 12 hours in boston
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teens up to right around 31 degrees. that's this afternoon. we are talking about pretty cold wind chills out there this morning in the single digits. that's because we have gusty winds. that's creating problems along the coast. mike will be along to talk about thatment antoinette and doug. antoinette: all right. really getting the brunt of this doug: wind and snow making for really rough conditions. stormteam 5 meteorologist a.j. burnett is live in sandwich with how things look right now. looks windy. a.j.: windy, yes. that's exactly right, dougie. just no snow. the snow is what is-- what is falling is over with. what is on the ground is probably going to stay here for a few days to come at least. very difficult to measure the snow here to the cape because it's been blown all over the place. i can kind of show you a little bit here. we don't have it necessarily lit but this is the board walk right here. there's not a lot of ton on it. it's been blown all over the place. winds still gusting at times to near 30-35 miles per hour. that, of course, is presenting
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you know, we talked to some cape coders, some locals here last night. they're saying you know what? after last winter, it will take a lot to impress us here. you know, this storm again producing quite a bit of snow, quite a bit of wind. and now we're looking for the potential for some flooding with a mid-day high tide. and this comes just days after a major construction project involving tons of sand being dredged out of the cape cod canal and put back on the beaches here after years of erosion. >> we're wary about the sand. it seems there's less sand every year. >> i think most of it is going to wash away. you can't predict mother nature. a.j.: erosion, of course, is just a way of life here on the cape especially on area beaches. we'll see how this project handles this next high tide. we're at low tide, coming off low tide. our next high tide occurs at just after 11:00 this morning. live here in sandwich, meteorologist a.j. burnett,
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doug: hold on there, a.j. on the south shore they're dealing with the snow and watching that next high tide. and in marshfield, they've made changes this year to try and avoid serious problems. antoinette: the eyeopener's frank holland is live near the seawall there with conditions at this hour. hi, frank. frank: good morning. well, the winds are coming prosecute the north and they're gusting at about 35 miles per hour. you can really feel it here. also about eight inches of snow fell overnight. take a look behind me. the ocean, as you can see, right behind me. we're about an hour past low tide. here in marshfield we're not under a coastal flood warning. still this is an area that has been serious storm damage in the past. residents keeping a wary eye on the new sea wall here. with the wind whipping the waves high, the tide testing this new barrier's worth. impressive but nothing like the storm surge that knocked out 80 feet of the the sea wall last winter. last year residents saw their homes condemned-- the most
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right over the breached wall. >> after last winter, what marshfield went through, this is probably nothing. frank: last night's storm did have ferocious winds knocking customers in marshfield at one point. it'll be the high tide at 11:00 this morning that will prove to be the true test. residents do expect this sea wall to hold, but they definitely expect some street flooding too. live in marshfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: we heard it from and the tide is the next concern as this storm pulls away. doug: mike wankum is watching conditions all along the coast hey, mike. terms. flooding. i thought we should define that. when we talk about minor splashover. most roads remain open. this is what we're dealing with this morning. there might and pocket or two that get to the moderate. occasionally you might have a
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we'll be dealing with that minor to moderate category. we won't be get to go this which is the major category. you see all kinds of damage taking place. this is not in the scope of things a very major flood event we're talking about. we do have a couple of things we need to talk about. one is of course we have this. this flood warning which is out towards the cape and notice the winds. they're out of the north. so this coastal flood warning from about 10:00 a.m. this morning until 2:00 p.m. is because the winds really out of the north are just kind of pushing their way in to the cape and you'll see what happens. tas why we get a lot of erosion around the sandwich area. the wave action is not nearly as strong as we've seen in times past. along the shoreline as you go up along the coast here's what you're dealing with all the way up to newburyport. just an advisory taking place this morning. watch out for flooding that will be going on. it will be minor stuff. most people along the coast you're very well aware of what can happen when we have the big storms and this will not be one of those. doug. doug: mike, thank you. right now a man is recovering after being hit by a snow plow in yarmouth. this video in overnight from the scene on myrtle lane. police say the victim was
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he was not seriously injured but was taken to cape cod hospital to be checked out. antoinette: this morning the patriots are getting ready to lay it all on the line for another trip the super bowl. and a big part of this will be an epic battle between of the best quarterbacks in the game. our bob halloran is live in denver this morning with a look at a rivalry for the ages. bob? bob: absolutely, antoinette. we've got two aging quarterbacks in this one. there's a big part of the story line. it is the brady-manning rivalry. which one of these guys gets back to the super bowl? they've played each other 16 times, and brady has the edge in those match-ups: 11-5. as far as the brady-manning rivalry is concerned, patriot nation has got to like the numbers. sure, manning has the edge in a locality of categories. during the regular season. but that's just the regular season in which he leads in yards, touchdowns, completion
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that made manning a five-time winner; brady just two times but this is the pt season. and that's where the math is. brady has more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, higher completion. oh, and four super bowl rings. brady: i think playing someone 17 times is pretty cool especially someone as great as him, to play against, you know, those peyton manning-led teams, you know, we have to play 60 minutes. you're going to be in for a tough game. you know, they're going to take advantage of opportunities that they get. manning: all i can say about tom brady is that he plays the position the way it's supposed to be played. he's extremely talented. he's a very hard worker. very competitive guy. he just plays his position the right way. bob: and here's a little fun fact for you. 108 different players have
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touchdown pass from either brady or manning, but wes welker is the only guy to grab a t.d. pass from both. as mentioned, brady dominates the regular season match-ups against peyton, but they're 2-and-2 against each other in the playoffs. today we get the tiebreaker. live from sports authority field at mile high, bob halloran, newscenter 5. doug: we love that. thank you. a potential campaign shakeup. antoinette: the former mayor of new york considering an independent run. the party that could be hurt the most if michael bloomberg enters the race. and a new plan for city hall plaza. the idea that may brighten up the area. danielle: the concerns along the coast. the wait for the next high tide and what the rest of us can expect for the end of the weekend. doug: danielle and a.j. keeping an eye on that tide down there in sandwich. the winds are whipping but the snow has stopped at least in that part of the cape. we'll have a live report coming up when the "eyeopener"
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antoinette: 6:12. welcome back. the storm is moving out. this is a live look at sandwich.
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right-hand side of your screen. also keeping an eye on that high tide set for 11:00 this morning and times square, new york city. very quiet there after that area got a lot of snow. doug. doug: speaking of new york city. commitment 2016. and there could be a late entry in the race for the white house. billionaire media mogul michael bloomberg is reportedly considering an independent presidential run. the former new york city mayor has been a republican and a democrat and an independent during his political career. new hampshire g.o.p. chair jennifer horn says she believes his candidacy would hurt the democratic nominee. bloomberg is expected to make his decision by the end of march. antoinette: right now crews are still working to clean up and clear roads in the washington, d.c., area. the blizzard brought the nation's capital to a standstill. highways shut down. businesses closed. at least 18 deaths are attributed to the storm. doug: they're cleaning up after
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york city. central park checking in with more than two feet. the city issued a total travel ban trying to keep people off the roads. antoinette: we keep talking about how the mid atlantic area really got the brunt of this storm. you know the cape. danielle: a decent amount. mike: impressive how the bands set up last night. right in one spot. you go a few miles north. the friends in new hampshire are going what snow. danielle: there's more winter left. i'm sure they'll get it. if you want to talk about those totals though because we were all different depending on where you lived. you can see that. as mike mentioned those bands setting up. the heaviest though obviously the farther south and east you go. so 10-15 inches. you can see the darker blue area here, that does include the vineyard and nantucket. north 6-10 inches. into boston about 3-inches and then farther north 1-3. you get past that, there was that start cut-off.
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now one thing with this storm it actually is an official blizzard which means a quarter of a mile visibility for at least three hours in a row. wind gusts to 35 miles per hour for at least three hours in a row. it was an official blizzard in five locations, but in some areas they didn't get all the data right. there could have been even more. so nantucket for four hours saw blizzard conditions. chatham seeing it for four hours. the vineyard picking it up for four hours as well as you folks in plymouth and marshfield. the farther south you go, the more snow you picked up. on the vineyard about 15 inches. on the cape there in bourne 10.1 inches. mansfield 5.5 inches. sudbury 2.5 inches. in topsfield a little bit of ocean enhancement. three inches of snow there. here is the last of the snow making its final push into cape cod as well as the vineyard and nantucket. you may pick up an additional inch or two before all of this winds on down. it should do so within the next hour or so. in fact we do have that winter storm warning in effect for that
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and then high pressure is going to nose its way in and nose this area of low pressure out of here which means wesh see a lot more sunshine. here we go on the timeline for today. notice by about lunchtime or so, we're seeing sunshine. we'll start to warm things up. again high temperatures today will be in the low 30's with a lot of sun but the other thing with this is we do have a lot of wind so this morning we're starting out with wind chills in boston in the single digits. through the day it had feel more like the 20's. and the big story with this is those winds. we talk more about that. here's mike. mike: we have winds like unbelievable levels as we talk about today. because what we had going on yesterday was this nor'easter kind of winding itself up. let me show you some of those wind gusts. block island, for example, had a wind gust of 75 miles per hour. hurricane strength that we're talking about here. most of the strong winds were nantucket through the south shore. wellfleet picking up a wind gust of 59 miles per hour but rockport still cape ann
6:17 am
now this morning we're keeping a close eye on the thais. here are the time of high tides. we're talking around 11:00 or 12:00 as we head through the morning and the afternoon. what are we concerned with? the wave action going on with 2- to 3-feet surge is impressive. minor with a few pockets of moderate flooding place. on the scale not very high up there as far as flooding is concerned. on the north shore we'll be dealing with high tide this afternoon about the same time. rockport about 11:00 or 12:00 this morning. here again because of that wind it will be parallelling the coast we may have moderate beach erosion especially around the plum island area. let me show you what is going to happen over the next several days. we'll be melting a lot of the snow out there. high temperature today about 2 degrees for a high. overall, not too bad. in denver you might want to know what the weather will be. not a drop of snow to talk about. this is actually fairly nice in denver.
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tomorrow 37 degrees for a high temperature. we'll start to see the pattern change into our jetstream. that means we'll warm up and cool down as we start to head toward the end of the week. you notice what will be hang on tuesday. check out the high temperature. 47 degrees. most temperatures will be nicely into the 40's as we go through the weekend. and then we start to cool things down just a little bit as we head toward the end of the week. but really this week, tuesday, that's your only wet day we're talking about. that looks like rain not snow. antoinette and doug. antoinette: mike, thank you. 6:18. a check of what's happening right now. doug: a 17-year-old is now for a deadly school shooting. others were wounded. it was the worst mass shooting to hit that country in years. suspect outside the school on friday. antoinette: a close call for a family in eaton, new hampshire, road crashing right into their mobile home. police say the driver lost line. fortunately the people inside were sleeping on the other end
6:19 am
the driver and four children in the s.u.v. were also fine, but she is facing multiple charges. doug: city hall plaza is about to get much brighter. boston is in search of bids for a contract to install l.e.d. lights at city hall, much like the ones on the zakim bridge and the pru. mayor marty walsh says he hopes to create a welcoming and lively atmosphere, and the new lights will make the plaza safer. the lights are expected to be installed during the summer. antoinette: on the road to the super bowl. tom brady at the top of his game as he gears up for yet another championship game. doug: but how does the q.b. get ready for the playoffs with three kids and a wife at home? our bob halloran is back with how he balances football and family. bob left his wife at least for a couple of days. bob: tom brady manages things very well on the field and at home as well. of course, there were certainly bumps in the roads for tb12 and his supermodel wife gisele bundchen.
6:20 am
with plenty of reports that their marriage was on the rocks over the deflategate saga. the father of three, considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, put to the test under incredible stress and pressure from the league. but the patriots are now back in another afc championship game under his leadership. brady telling reporters family is a big part of his life. it's about a lot of give-and-take, and getting to this point in the game takes a lot of support. so how does being a dad change his preparation for the big game? brady: it's a lot different. if our daughter is not sleeping at night, you're up. you know, it's just part of being a parent, you know, dealing with things at home and stuff. yeah, there's a lot less time to recover if you miss nights of sleep. bob: brady adding that his kids are getting older now, and he's had a few years to get into a
6:21 am
it's certainly helped that he's been to this game five years in a row. reporting live from port authority field at mile high in denver, bob halloran, sportscenter 5. antoinette: bob, thank you. here's a mini member of patriots nation. little natalia from lynn pretty in her patriots' pink. she's looking good for today's afc showdown. upload your fan photos and videos to the ulocal section of if you don't have to plow it or shovel it, a big snowfall can be a lot of fun. doug: the big fan at the national zoo. why he may be one of the few washingtonians enjoying the weather. antoinette: and the roads a lot better this morning than they were last night as we take a live look from route 128 in the newton area this morning. you know, some of those smaller roads might still be a little tricky out there. also sidewalks in the city, you can't forget walking on those.
6:22 am
danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. the last of the snow is pushing off shore right now. you can see a little bit of snow near cape cod and nantucket, but that is is really about it. visibilities starting to come up too. this is pushing out of here. one thing we do have to talk about though. the winds aren't as strong as they were yesterday but we still have wind gusts in excess of 37 miles an hour on the cape as well as 32-mile-per-hour wind gusts in plymouth.
6:23 am
hours you notice in boston those sustained winds start to back off through the afternoon. we will start to clear out and see some sunshine. but again watching that high tide coming at 11:00 a.m. so it's a flood warning for cape cod. antoinette and doug. antoinette: danielle, thank you. the nation's capital is getting pounded with snow, but we found some residents are loving it. doug: one resident in particular was having the time of his life. the national zoo tweeting yesterday, "tian tian woke up to a lot of snow, and he was pretty excited about it." you can see him rolling around as happy as a kid on christmas morning. rubbing the snow on his head. the zoo reminding us that giant pandas have thick fur coats, perfect for keeping them warm. antoinette: if you couldn't tell. doug: right. that was fun. this is not fun. the cancellations and flight delays are still piling up. antoinette: the staggering numbers and how long before the schedule gets back to normal. and a basketball team stuck on a highway for hours. how long it took them to finally
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provided by luna. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: any person may apply for a "city of boston job; however, the selected applicant must be a resident of boston on the first day of employment." so reads the requirement on the city of boston website. application of this rule, however, is inconsistent and loose at best which has mayor walsh making yet another set of proposals to compel residency. walsh's plan acknowledges the long-time application of these procedures has provided so many loopholes, carve-outs, and grandfather clauses ensuring living in boston was more of a strong suggestion than an actual requirement. after peaking at 800,000 in the '50's, boston's population is stationary at the 600,000 level. the pool of applicants for city jobs has thus greatly diminished while skill requirements in a rapidly changing urban environment has dramatically increased. each weekday those commuting to work from outside the city
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city's total inhabitants. limiting the applicant pool leaves too many qualified prospective employees on the side lines. living in boston can also be prohibitively expensive. the current building boom includes inadequate new affordable housing mostly targeted to those who can afford staggering rents and condo prices. instead of carve-outs for exceptions to residency requirements, perhaps the mandate should only apply to department heads and other key positions. when candidates are of equal strength, city residency could-- and perhaps should-- be the tiebreaker. the city of boston is world class in many respects and aspires to be even greater. eliminating the residency requirement altogether ensures that the quality of those employees who serve the city continues to keep pace. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." a.j.: the first bit of light hitting the skies and folks waking up to aate a lot of snow here on cape cod.
6:27 am
we have wind and high tide concerns for later on toward midday. danielle: the storm is moving out. the areas that got the most snow and what you can expect for the rest of your weekend. doug: and "t" workers shoveling out. the early effort to keep the trains moving. antoinette: and the patriots are looking to run over the broncos on the road to the super bowl. the rivalry and what's different this time. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: 6:31 in this post storm coverage. a.j. just mentioned the peek of sun over the horizon this morning which is what we're seeing right now. route 128 in the needham area. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining you. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan. mike: some people are saying what snow? danielle: very sharp cut-off. depending.
6:28 am
down on the cape 15 inches of snow. it's going to be great. yes, you know, we had impressive totals down there. over a foot of snow in mashpee. near a foot of snow on nantucket. it's still kind of snowing there as these last couple bands push on out of here. inches. a little bit farther north a little less. brookline 5.3 and sun bury farther north and west 2.5 inches of snow. we do still have the winter storm warning though in effect you can see for the south shore, the cape and the islands. this is until 7:00. that's when we're really down. you can kind of see this already. most of the snow now shifting off cape cod but still impacting parts of nantucket. the visibilities are starting to come up too. so it's starting to really lighten up. this is really the last gap. you notice on future cast by 8:00 we still have clouds maybe around cape cod but they're going to slowly clear out of here. by lunchtime, most of us seeing a lot more sunshine.
6:29 am
hopefully melt that snow. and as we go through the afternoon, here is what happens. we're starting out in the teens but warming up into the low 30's. but the one thing that we have out there is some strong winds. that's creating a wind chill value. so if you're stepping outside the door, make sure you bundle up. mike will talk about if winds and the concerns at the coast coming up. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. right now it's a double whammy on cape cod. whipping winds churning up the ocean overnight. but that area also got pounded with snow racking up some serious totals. doug: stormteam 5 meteorologist a.j. burnett is live in sandwich with how things look right now. you look uncomfortable. a.j.: (laughing) that's a little bit of an understatement, doug. good morning, everyone. let me tell you, we had nearly a foot of snow in many parts of the cape but you're going to have to take my word for it. you can see here i'm standing on basically bare sand. all this wind has just been kind of blowing and drifting the snow all over the place. you go from areas where you have
6:30 am
you have a two-foot drift against a building. the area we're starting here by the board walk is in sand of which. if you're familiar wit, you know there are marshy areas off to my left here. off in the opposite direction to my right, that's cape cod bay. and that is the concern heading on toward midday today. right now we're at low tide. but we have this astronomically high tide coming up toward midday right around 11:00. astronomically high tides mean they run higher than normal because we're getting into the full moon phase of the lunar cycle so it happens once or sometimes twice a month. but again we're dealing with that astronomically high tide and most of the coast of massachusetts being east-facing won't have a problem with this. but where we have a north wind that's coming in right at my right shoulder right now, that is starting to take the water and kind of pile it up against the coastline which again, as we get toward midday will cause potentially some problems here as some of that washover comes
6:31 am
and some residencies that typically deal with some flooding may have some problems toward midday. of course there was a $3 million project just completed to kind of shore up some of the sands here. we'll see how that stands up with this high thai. in sandwich, meteorologist a.j. burnett, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: a.j., thank you. and from coastal concerns in sandwich, we head further north to similar worries in marshfield. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is monitoring conditions there. good morning again, frank. frank: good morning again. well, here the winds are coming from the north and they're blowing at about 35 miles per hour. you can definitely feel them every two seconds. these gusts are also very chilly. about eight inches of snow fell here overnight. take a look behind me. we're about 90 minutes past low tide. now the sun is just starting to come up. you can really see how rough the ocean is. however, we are not under a coastal flooding warning. still residents are very concerned about the new sea wall here. overnight fast-whipping winds
6:32 am
this new barrier's worth. the conditions were impressive but still nothing compared to the storm surge that knocked out 80 feet of the sea wall last winter. it will be high tide at 11:00 this morning. and that will be the true test of this brand new sea wall. a live look at the sea wall right now. rntsz and town officials are hold. still they're also expecting street flooding, and they're preparing for it. live here in marshfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: frank, thank you. and as we've been saying, it is the next high tide we'll be watching very carefully. doug: mike wankum is keeping a close eye on the entire coastline. mike: and the wind direction will be in our favor right now. winds are in a northeastly direction which pushes those waves at the coast to more of a northerly direction. the wind gusts have been relatively impressive especially as you head down towards the cape. earlier this morning we had wind gusts on nantucket well over 40 miles per hour. now we're seeing 30, 20 miles per hour wind gusts over the cape and the south shore.
6:33 am
the south shore, marshfield 29-mile-per-hour wind gusts. yesterday you had a wind gust of 70-mile-per-hour in marshfield. the winds generally gusting under 20 miles per hour. so let's talk about those coast areas. what happens with this northerly wind is you see it sort of pushes the water really into the cape. that's why we're concerned about, you know, some coastal flooding and perhaps some erosion going on especially sandwich as you head over. then as you head even on the outside of the cape too out toward the chatham area and towards nantucket as well. be cautious about that. on a big scale this is not going to be a major event for us but that threat is out there. do be cautious about that. there may be an occasional road closure between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. the high tide comes in at about 11:00 this morning. twoip and doug. doug: mike, thank you. sure access to trolleys and subway cars is safe. along the green line in brookline. putting down sand as the trains moved in and out. no reports of any problems with "t" service.
6:34 am
logan airport. delays were reported. a total of 7,000 flights cancelled across the country, and those cancellations extending to flights on monday. massport says many airlines re-booked ahead of the storm to prevent gridlock. travelers also helped changing their flights to avoid airports in the mid-atlantic. doug: breaking news coming into the news room out of alaska. a powerful 7.1 magnitude quake of the state. it hit about 160 miles outside of anchorage. right now there are no reports of any damage or injuries. we'll keep an eye on that one for you antoinette: this morning we're just hours away from a showdown for the ages. doug: the road to the super bowl runs through denver. and that road isn't an easy one. our bob halloran is live out west with the tough task ahead. bob? bob: that's right. we are here in denver.
6:35 am
for the patriots. just 2-6 over the years here in denver. here. in fact, the game two months ago here is the primary reason why we're back here again because if the patriots had managed to pull that came out in overtime, then this game would be being played foxborough. still stinging. just a little bit. denver pulled off an overtime win in that november matchup. but some things are notably different this time around. the pats were playing hurt. without edelman and amendola. and gronk and dont'a hightower left the game early with injuries. but don't forget manning wasn't at center for the broncos that time. he sure will be tonight and gronk will be on the lookout for low hits. gronk: just part of the game. we're not doing anything out there. it's just part of the game. just got to be aware of it. maybe just got to step up my game a little bit.
6:36 am
got. bob: and to be clear, the broncos acknowledged this week that the best way to bring gronk down is to take him out at the knees. tough talk from the broncos. we'll see if they can back it up. reporting live from mile high stadium, bob halloran, sportscenter 5. antoinette: we will see. bob, thank you. the blizzard of 2016 causing troubles along the east coast. doug: the massive flooding along the jersey shore. antoinette: and the epic traffic backup in pennsylvania. the college basketball team that got stuck in it, and how long it took them to finally get home. we're talking several hours. danielle: the massive storm is finally moving out. i'll have the snow totals and the areas that got hit the hardest. doug: and a live look for you from downtown boston. it's beautiful out there this morning. down below a little different story. it might be slick on some of
6:37 am
doug: break out your google maps. right now we're in sandwich. wind is the story there this morning. then marshfield. the storm is kicking up and the
6:38 am
this morning. that was an absolute mess. then we'll head to new york city times square. another spot that got walloped with our storm. our team is standing by hard at work with a complete update of corner. antoinette. antoinette: look at this, doug. those who got drones over the holiday season are using the season's first snow storm to put them to use. take a look at this video of the snow in virginia. some areas there got more than a foot of snow. you can see snow-covered cars and quiet roads-- all from the bird's eye view of the drone. doug: beautiful but this is not. the weight of the snow causing problems across parts of balitmore. take a look. this was the scene in the city with roofs and awnings collapsing. the national guard called in to respond. that city dealing with a snow emergency, and a travel ban is in effect. antoinette: aside from the snow, another major concern for
6:39 am
jersey coast. the storm intensified faster than expected. the strong winds meant a more significant high tide yesterday. in sea isle, the streets were underwater by 9:00 in the morning. snowed in on the highway. the duquesne's men's basketball team had their bus stuck in this mess for 22 hours. look at that traffic jam. duquesne left virginia friday at 4:30, but by 9:15 their bus trip stalled on the pennsylvania turnpike leaving them stranded 80 miles from home. the team stuck overnight, waiting and wondering their story gaining national attention. hours later after some intense digging, the players, coaches, and staff ended up digging out and pushing the bus out to end a whirlwind trip for the dukes. >> a long couple days. we made it through. we've got a great group. no one ever complained. just dealt with it. but we pulled up on campus, it
6:40 am
so the dukes are back home. they brought with them, quite a story to tell and a journey they won't forget. a bunch of college guys packed in there together after a game. doug: what could possibly go wrong. you think about it. we've all been warned about the potential for this storm. it crippled parts of the northeast. mike: everybody thinks i can make it through. antoinette: as long as everybody else stays home i'll be okay. danielle: a significant snow. a lot of snowfall. i want to show you this. d.c. actually was number-two in all-time snowfall. 29.3. baltimore number-one producing snowfall. 29.2 inches of snowfalling there. philadelphia 22.4 inches and new york city just one trent of an inch away from being the number-one all-time falling snowstorm in central park. so we are again talking about a pretty significant storm there
6:41 am
that's why they shouldn't be driving that bus. as for us, the farther south and east you go, you got a lot of snow too. 10-15 inches fall inning parts of the cape as well as the islands. a little farther north 6-10. once you got really far north and west of boston there was a sharp cut-off where you saw 1-3 or nothing at all. totals we saw anywhere from 15 inches on the vineyard to about 10 inches in bourne. mansfield about 5.5 inches. then the farther north and west you go you're seeing 2.5 inches in sudbury and three in topsfield. now the snow is dwindling at this point. it's falling apart so we are starting to dry things out. high pressure is actually going to knolls its way in as we head through the day today. this area of low pressure finally pulling away as we go on future cast. here is what is going to happen. 8:00 or so still hanging on to a few clouds the farther south and east you go. we're starting to clear out. you saw those shots especially in boston. we're really clearing those skies out fast.
6:42 am
day today. maybe a couple mover clouds as we head later on this afternoon. so some sunshine. temperatures are starting in the teens this morning. but we have pretty strong winds out there so it makes it feel more like the single digits. as we go through the afternoon, we should warm up to right around the freezing mark, i think, about 32 degrees. now as you look at boston right now, look at all this sunshine you're seeing here. it is currently 19 but you factor in those wind and it feels more like six degrees. that wind is also creating problems at that time coast. for more on that, here's mike. things up. we have one issue. that's the high tide coming in later on this morning. around 11:15-12:00 depending on where you're at. let me show you what's happening right now. here are the high tides, 11:00-11:15 in most areas. be cautious a couple hours
6:43 am
a high tide in preliminary awtate 11:15 this morning. what can you expect? we'll be dealing with a situation where it's not a big problem for us but there may be some pockets of moderate flooding at times. the biggest issue i think will be right through here because we have these this northerly wind right now. that will cause some issues. two- to three-foot surge. eight- to 12-foot wage off shore. pockets of moderate flooding as wellment north shore you're farther away from the storm. the winds aren't nearly as bad. any time we get a northerly breeze, plum island you get the erosion going on along there. now, another concern. last few days, flight delays all over the place. cancellations all over. look at the flight delays this morning. we are seeing none in the northeast. none through the mid atlantic. if you really want to get out of town and head to some place nice, head to florida, no flight delays being reported there as well. let me blake it down for new the next seven days and show you what will happen. today 32 degrees. your flight is taking you to denver. no snow on the ground out there. temperaturewise it's not bad.
6:44 am
a light westerly breeze. typically this time of year we think denver would be horrible. horrible either. we talk about tomorrow. this week will feature temperatures doing an up and down. the upper-level winds start on the cool side. we warm things back up. we cool things down towards the end of the week. that warm-up will be really nice on tuesday. here. 47 degrees. check out these highs that we're talking about. beautiful conditions. unfortunately though it is going to be rainy. so we'll get rid of a lot of the snow. there is a storm we're watching thursday. right now it look leak it will stay to the south of us. all week we'll see temperatures climbing above the freezing mark. melting taking place. doug: phone chamber of commerce, line one for you. a mile-high task ahead of the patriots today on the road to the super bowl. antoinette: and when it comes to this showdown, it's about more than just the teams. let's head back out to bob halloran. he's live in denver with the
6:45 am
bob? bob: absolutely. this is the game before the game. both teams with a chance to get to the super bowl. what that means to both franchises and to the quarterbacks in this game, for tom brady it's an opportunity for him to be in a position to win a record fifth super bowl. for peyton manning, he could become the first quarterback to win super bowls with two different franchises. what this means is that both these quarterbacks have been around for quite a long time. in fact, look how long in the tooth these guys are. the combined ages of brady and manning in days is 28,603. that makes them the oldest pair of starting quarterbacks in a playoff game by about 900 days over john elway and dan marino back in 1998. of course, manning looks like he's at the end of the road while brady says he wants to play at least another five
6:46 am
reporting from denver, bob halloran, sportscenter 5. antoinette: thank you, bob. doug: we're going live in marshfield where the winds are kicking up we'll have that for
6:47 am
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together p here in my bag r on the new jersey turnpike t to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
6:48 am
antoinette: the last of the snow is winding down. the cape getting the brunt of this storm. doug: no longer summer down there. storm team 5 meteorologist a.j. burnett live in sandwich with the concerns around the coast. a.j.: summer ended back this december i think. we're on to winter right now. we're still dealing with the wind out here, doug. that wind coming in right off the water. for most of the eastern seaboard of massachusetts, no problems. for us, however, on the cape on the bay side especially, that may mean that we've got some coastal flooding issues coming up around the time of high tide which is just after 11:00 this morning. back to you indoors. frank: live in marshfield this morning a very chilly start to this day. the winds coming from the north gust to go 35 miles per hour. also eight inches of snow came overnight. take a look over here.
6:49 am
it's really the talk of the town. residents very concerned about it holding after this storm. last night waves whipped it. winds whipped it. as you can see it did hold. last year, about an 80-foot stretch of it broke down and floods homes. many homes had to be condemned. high tide at 11:00 this morning. that will be the true test. live in marshfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: frank, a.j., thank you very much. while washington d.c. may not be used to getting a blizzard, one place that is used to it is buffalo, new york. one restaurant making light of the situation with this sign that read, "if buffalo got two feet of snow, it would be called tuesday." (laughing) there's a lot of truth to that. antoinette: i didn't see any snow up there. danielle: they could have missed out on most of this. we are seeing the last gasp of this, this morning. it's finally winding down. you can see it pushing off shore. the rest of the day we'll see sunshine, mike, right. mike: look at the sunshine we have today. 32 degrees. it will be on the chilly side. then we start to warm things up for monday.
6:50 am
we could flirt with close to 50 degrees. but there will be rain and clouds with it. i think we're going to get roadways cleared away very nicely. antoinette: we'll just wait for the sun to melt it. mike: i think so. doug: we'll keep an eye on things. we're going to take a little break to go to g.m.a. antoinette: a big game today as we take a live look from denver this morning.
6:51 am
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