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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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reid: the end of the road for the patriots. and what about those tablet problems? the blame game happening tonight. digging out from the blizzard. reporter: the cleanup still happening tonight. mike w.: we are warming up as that store moves out. reid: a skier' s terrifying tumble and what she says next still has some people stunned. lost the game for the team. reid: a dejected stephen gostkowski taking the blame for i' m reid lamberty. tonight the patriots are trying to answer the question, what went wrong? sportscenter 5' live in denver. mike l.: welcome to sports authority field in denver, colorado. in the postseason in denver
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. this all off season long. it is a rule that bill belichick was in favor of last season. tom brady, never comfortable today. the offense never protected him. defense dominated for the broncos and they win it 20-12 8. all afternoon, tom brady was harassed, hurried, and hassled. by halftime, he had thrown two interceptions. key moment in the first quarter, stephen gostkowski missed an extra point. just the second of his career. from that point on, the broncos were working against the patriots. >> must feel terrible. these guys work a lot, all day, but their bodies and lives on the line, and come out here and
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it is a nightmare. half to go, at fourth down, brady found rob gronkowski at the 10-yard line. fourth down. brady to gronk, 20-18. the two-point conversion was tipped and picked off. the season ends and the patriots postseason. defense. they played well all season. they put a lot of pressure on you. mike l.: strange things always play in the postseason. take the opening coin toss. football. more coming up in sports as well as sunday sports overtime at reid: new at 11:00, microsoft is t blame us for those tablet problems. the tablets on the patriots sidelines stopped working during the first half. coaches were not able to show
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was happening. tonight microsoft says the problem was not with its tablets, but with the network. the problem was fixed after 20 minutes. another big story, the weather. live look at copley square on a quiet sunday night. quite a weather weekend for boston, but all is calm now. mike wankum joining us. black ice is going to be an issue. mike w.: look at some of these snowfall totals. 15.5, that was the most i saw. yarmouth comes in at 13. we had a lot of snow melting. re-freeze. much on the ground. i' m concerned. there' s a little spot of flurries showing up. not doing too much.
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temperatures. most regions in the 20' s and 30' s. we' ve got some really cold pockets. this is the area where you saw some melting going on. treated roadways, fine. slippery. we start the day off with sunshine, sunshine all day long, s. coming our way. there. reid: thank you. cape cod has quite a pile of snow to dig out from. more than 15-inches falling in falmouth, a major clean-up on a quiet sunday. a grueling job is not done yet for a lot of people. our nicole estaphan is live in falmouth tonight. nicole? reporter: amazing, right? a lot of you sitting at home avoided the brunt of this storm. t the case here on the cape. buried.
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the morning as that snow gets hard. a lot of people spent the day cleaning up. cars covered in snow. 24 hours after the peak of the storm, residents in falmouth are still cleaning up. >> we did some shoveling. reporter: how deep? 15 inches, covering trees, roadways, everything. the first big winter storm, and unwelcome reminder of what last year brought to the area. >> same thing as last year. >> i can' t stand it anymore. reporter: most of the boston area dodged the worst of this storm. that wasn' t the case for much of the cape. >> the wind was blowing everywhere. reporter: just to give you an indication of how strong these winds were, take a look at all these trees. on one side, nothing. on the other side, covered in snow.
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the relentless snowfall last winter, there were lessons learned. >> not getting any younger and i need something more than a shovel. reporter: snowblowers helping to ease the pain. >> we thought we were going to get away with this, but i guess not. >> january 20 something was when we had it last year and here we are again. reporter: although 15 inches may seem like a lot, this time last year, this exact spot, they were cleaning up from nearly 25 inches of snow. live in falmouth, nicole asked the fun. reid: still 20 of splash in plymouth. the south shore had nearly a foot of snow. marshfield had blizzard conditions. new bedford close to getting a blizzard. wind gusts were near hurricane strength. overall, everyone agrees, it could have been much worse. >> last year, it was up to hear.
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we can keep on top of it. reid: homeowners are continuing to dig out today. all major roadways have been cleared. right now in dorchester, an active investigation into a deadly accident involving a snow plow. amen hit and killed in the street. our juli mcdonald is live in dorchester with new information tonight. juli. reporter: boston police are asking for the public' s help as they piece together exactly what happened on this busy street in the moments before a man was hit and killed. they have not released the victim' s name, but if you saw something in this neighborhood, they want to hear from you. a heartbreaking accident in dorchester, right as the neighborhood began to dig out from the storm. boston police say a dump truck hit and killed a man in his 60' s at the intersection of dorchester avenue and harbor view street. a shovel could be seen just feet from the victim. >> it' s a tragic accident. it'
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much the sun had to play into it at the time. the sun was shining brightly down the street. the accident reconstruction team will determine speed all those other types of things. reporter: o' rourke said the driver was cooperative and no charges have been filed yet. neighbors were upset to hear what happened, but admitted they' ve dealt with similar conditions, behind the wheel and in the crosswalk. >> morning sun can be brutal. afternoon sun can be worse. >> it' s terrible. nobody wants to hear about that. it' s just sad. >> when i' m crossing thetreet cars are coming really close without stopping. i think with the weather though it' s hard to keep windshields clear anyway. check the corners. people are all around. reporter: i made multiple calls to salvucci engineering of waltham to find out who that driver was or if the company had a statement about that tragedy that happened here. they declined to provide any more information. live in dorchester, juli mcdonald. reid: right now, a whitman man
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influence and firing shots at a plow truck driver. plymouth police tell us 60-year-old bruce o' brien took aim at the plow driver on rocky hill road. that driver was not hurt and it does not appear the bullets damaged anything. o' brien is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. police are still investigating what sparked it. a man is under arrest for this wrong-way crash involving nine cars on a busy street. brockton police are chasing after the stolen suv right before this wreck. we' re told the driver veered into oncoming traffic at the intersection of pleasant street and route 27. he ran off but was quickly caught. that suspect and two other people went to the hospital with minor injuries. police in methuen want help tracking down a man accused of breaking into a pizza shop. the suspect was caught on surveillance video just before 6:00 yesterday morning inside romano' s pizza on merrimack street. police say he broke the front door and stole a safe from inside the building. they say the suspect has a distinctive way of walking, and they hope that will help identify him.
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commitment 2016 tonight. hillary clinton is getting the backing of "the boston globe" in new hampshire. "the globe" says clinton deserves the not, saying she is " more seasoned, more grounded, and more forward-looking than her last one in 2008." polls show clinton trailing vermont senator bernie sanders on the democratic side. the new hampshire primary is two weeks from tuesday, february 9. on the republican side, front-runner donald trump is calling it crunch time. the iowa caucuses one week away. both there and in new hampshire. donald trump kicking off the final full week before the iowa caucuses at church. and then joining two thousand supporters >> so this is crunch time. reid: a protester in a red turban interrupted trump as he t wearing one of those hats, was he? reid: that double digit lead
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goers, backing the brash billionaire works -- >> he' s not the politician you see every year runing whatever. reid: his gop rivals still hoping for a victory of their own. it was texas senator ted cruz' s younger personality on full display in this new clip posted on youtube. the lanky teenager talking about life goals seems to know exactly what he wants. >> take over the world, world domination, ruled everything. reid: this race is just as heated on the democratic side where right now its a battle for turnout. so far hillary clinton' s biggest event, 600 people showed up to here in iowa. for bernie sanders that number was 2,000. trump brings his campaign to new hampshire tomorrow night. he will hold a rally in farmington.
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reid: a skier' s frightening fall down the side of a steep mountain. the first thing she said after, that left a lot of people stunned. cleaning up for a record blizzard. the nasty new surprise for
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reid: take a look at this, a miraculous survival after a terrifying fall. as you watch this video, keep in mind that this skier is ok. it happened in alaska, falling 1000 feet down a mountain. she tumbles out of control, nearly missing the jagged rocks. but look here, she sits up in the snow, breathes a sigh of relief. >> i'
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i' m ok. s ok. she came away with only two injured fingers. patriots fans are standing tall tonight despite a tough loss. those with a long memory knew playing in denver was a risk, and that certainly proved to be true. live, team coverage continues gillette stadium. todd. reporter: hundreds of patriots fans came to watch the game at the sports bars because they wanted to watch the game together. they are hoping for a celebration. tonight, patriots nation is in mourning. the scream says it all, when brady' s attempted two point conversion was intercepted, pats fans in bar louie at patriot place along with pats fan all around new england knew their
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many fans say they had a premonition, long before the 4th quarter. >> i was nervous the whole game. >> rather depressing. i' d say the o line was a big factor. reporter: for some, the anxiety started with gostkowski' s missed attempt for an extra point after the pats' first touchdown, clip -- first pats touchdown. >> obviously he should' ve made the extra point, but that was first quarter. there were three more quarters and they just didn' t connect. >> i think mile high stadium is a different ball game out there. reporter: now, it' s game over, and attention is turning to next season, and what improvements the patriots need to make to win. >> we need a better defense, secondary in particular, and a better receiving corps.
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monday morning quarterbacking, but as coach belichick would say, onto september. reporting live, todd kazakiewich. reid: thank you. live pictures tonight out of times square as new york continues to dig its way out of snow. and a new surprise tonight for commuters, only seven of the long island railroads 12 branches will be open by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. up to fifteen trains were stranded during the course of the weekend storm. damage to the railcars and trains is still being assessed, impacting the commute for days. there were two storm related deaths on long island. to the nations capital. it will not spring back into action tomorrow. more time needed to dig out from two feet of snow. our washington correspondent aixa diaz looks at the situation there. reporter: everyday life in washington will slowly start getting back to normal tomorrow. airports hoped to resume some flights. the subway will begin running in the morning. service will be free tomorrow, but limited.
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s letters replaced lawmakers on capitol hill. the house has postponed votes it scheduled this week. tomorrow, federal offices will be shut down. d.c. students get another snow day and the national zoo with its snow loving pandas remains closed. in washington, aixa diaz. reid: here at home, we didn' t get what they got in philly, washington, and new york, but we saw some decent snow amounts. mike w.: especially over the cape, over a foot of snow. the difference between heavy snow and no snow was just a few miles. as it is, look at these totals. brewster, 13 inches. a little less on the outer cape. seem to be focused mid-cape through the canal. once you go across the canal, the totals dropped off. 10 inches in plymouth. by the time you get toward
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even within the city, the variety is quite impressive. somerville picking up a little less than five inches. winchester, less than five as well. just tapering off a little bit in this direction. close to 495, most people are saying, what snow? we got an inch of snow in concorde. a little more looking toward the shoreline. beyond 495, there were just a few flurries at best. tonight, 31 degrees. the temperature has dropped below the freezing mark. a few spots out there had melting going on today. it could re-freeze. treated surfaces are fine. temperatures in the 20' s in a few spots. boston at 31 degrees. we will see lows dropping off 18-24. a little bit of black ice with a light westerly breeze. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. 34-38.
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in the morning. south wind at 5-10 miles per hour. speaking of snow, a year ago, we picked up about five inches of snow on this day. we are almost exactly where we were last year. we are supposed to be at 20 inches of snow. this year has been relatively mild. last winter was a very cold. because of that, we managed to get some snow. four big ones haven' t in three and a half weeks. january 26 and 27, we picked up over two feet of snow. when you see philadelphia, that was us one year ago. high pressure is in control tomorrow. tuesday. s a cold front associated with it and we have some rain to talk about. let me break it down for you. tomorrow, a few late day clouds.
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near 50 degrees in a few spots. it comes with a price. that cold front comes in, gives us a chance of some showers. not widespread. i do think most of it will be late in the day. we will see a few rain showers. then we get between those two fronts. a mild day of 42 degrees. then this cold air starts flowing in. high temperatures towards thursday, only about 36 degrees. then we need to talk about this. we know something is out there, but how close will it get on friday? we could get some snow. where would the most likely spot the? the same place that got it last night. that is towards the cape. it would be happening on friday. behind it, a little cool air. warming up a little bit toward the last part of the week. in the meantime, enjoy the
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coming up, alaska shaken by a powerful earthquake. why it wasn' t the quake itself that did the most damage.
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reid: an earthquake in alaska leaving plenty of damage behind today. it struck early this morning coming in at a magnitude 7.1 about 160 miles southwest of anchorage. thirty homes have been evacuated as firefighters, policemen, and utility workers repair a gas leak caused by the quake. four homes heavily damaged in explosions triggered by the gas. miraculously no reports of serious injuries. s oldest theatrical group will honor scandal star kerry washington as their woman of the year this thursday. the group made up of harvard students chose washington for her talent and breaking down barriers in hollywood. previous winners include meryl streep, elizabeth taylor, and amy poehler. thursday' s event will include a
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in washington' s honor at harvard. >> now, sportscenter 5. mike l.: all right. today' s game. stephen jackson getting in the one-yard touchdown. patriots kicker stephen gostkowski always reliable, mrs. that extra point. his first miss of an extra point in 523 tries. peyton manning was 17-32, 176 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions. this brady pastor gronk put the patriots in the red zone with time running down. fourth down play, brady hits gronk for the touchdown. 20-18 with 12 seconds left.
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then, intercepted. tries to get to julian edelman and doesn' t happen. bitter end, 20-18. >> i feel terrible. these guys work a lot. they put their bodies and lives on the line. for us to lose by a point, and me miss the kick, it' s a nightmare scenario. >> a tough day. hard-fought football game. they were a very good defense. they played well all season. they got a good rush. they put a lot of pressure on you. we made a lot of plays. there are just a lot of plays we didn' t make. >> we had tough tasks moving the ball. every time we get the ball, we want to put points on the board. got to give credit to denver.
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very solid defense. they just made more plays than us. mike l.: who will the broncos play? cam newton on fire , completing this 86-yard touchdown pass. newton was 19-28, 335 yards, two touchdowns. luke keatley also providing some great defense. his second pick six in just two weeks. 49-15, carolina wins. celtics crushed the 76ers in philly. celtics had five players in the night. points. bob halloran reporting from denver on the anemic offensive line. chris gasper will be joining as well. hopefully we will get some of from denver.
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i'm bernie sanders,
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reid: people in the nation' s capital know how to beat a blizzard, have a snowball fight. the fight was organized by the d.c. snowball fight association, which has put together city-wide fights before. it started in dupont circle this morning and lasted for hours. the fight was star wars themed, and participants were encouraged to dress as characters. mike w.: i can' t believe they have an association for snowball fights.
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a lot of places did not get it. tomorrow, we start with temperatures on the chilly side. temperatures warming nicely into the 30' s. warm day on tuesday. it comes with some showers area -- showers. reid: keep an eye out for black
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