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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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randy: 4:30. good morning. it's monday, january 25. i'm randy price. erika: i'm erika tarantal. emily is off today. following breaking news on the eyeopener. an emergency landing overnight. the rough flight that sent passengers to the hospital. randy: a shooting suspect expected in court today. the accusations of violent road rage against a plow driver. erika: the road to the super bowl comes to an end. the somber welcome as the patriots arrive home overnight. randy: the storm is over. but the impact is not. the lasting effects from the winter blast. erika: a lot of clean-up i'm sure along the cape, cindy. cindy: you've got it. fortunately the weather will cooperate today so we can do that clean-up. skies this morning partly cloudy. 28 degrees in boston.
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northwest right around 10 miles per hour. temperatures on the cape are running mostly in the 20's north of boston as well beverly 24 degrees. a few teens showing up orange to keene. fairly quiet morning. you can see a few patchy clouds rolling on through this morning. off to our west a big area of high pressure. this will move in today so it will be a quiet day. lots of sunshine. temperatures coming up by noontime to right around the freezing mark. we are going to have a light wind out of the northwest. it will turn a little bit more southerly late in the day. look at these high temperatures getting above the freezing mark. mid to upper 30's. melting going on today. it gets even warmer tomorrow. we'll check that forecast out for you coming up in just a bit. let's get you out to the roads. we had a little freezing overnight from that melting yesterday. jeff larson in for for olessa stepanova. jeff: the main highways are in very good shape. slippery on the secondary roads. we're starting off in pretty good shape. at the moment however that zakim bunker hill bridge coming into the city.
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problems. to the south shore on route 3 at the moment things are good. where the snow was heaviest over the weekend that's likely where we'll have the biggest delays for travelers. the southeast expressway is only 10 minutes coming up from the south shore between braintree and downtown boston. metro west ride is just fine as well. there was work being done on the mbta. they're expecting the possibility of minor delays on the red line because of earlier track work on the longfellow bridge. erika, back to you. erika: thanks so much, jeff. breaking overnight. seven people are hospitalized after severe turbulence forces a flight to italy to make a an emergency landing. the flight from miami was diverted to newfoundland. three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the hospital. at least four ambulances met the american airlines jet on the tarmac. randy: boston police are investigating a deadly accident involving a snow plow. police say a man in his 60's was struck by a plow while shoveling in dorchester yesterday at the intersection of dorchester ave and harbor view street. police are now trying to figure out if speed or the angle of the
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no charges have been filed. erika: the man accused of shooting at a plow driver prepares to face a judge. that suspect in court this morning. randy: the eyeopener's frank holland is live in plymouth with the charges he's facing. frank: good morning. this whitman is acutessed firing shots at the plow driver while he was intoxicated. police are now charging 60-year-old bruce o'brien with assault with a deadly weapon carrying a firearm while under the influence, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling and disorderly conduct. fortunately, the plow driver was not hurt. police say it does not appear bullets hit any homes or cars in the area either. the shooting is still under investigation. it's not clear what led to this incident. o'brien is scheduled to be arraigned here in plymouth district court later today. live in plymouth, frank holland,
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erika: frank, thank you. right now much of the state's southeast is digging out after a major winter storm. and despite much of massachusetts missing the brunt of it, the storm still dumped more than a dozen inches along cape cod. in west harwich and east falmouth, the snow jackpots with more than fifteen inches, driveways, cars, trees still caked in snow this morning. but after last winter, many who spoke to newscenter 5 say they were more prepared for this winter. randy: in the mid atlantic states there's a huge clean-up on the way which went on throughout the night. the federal government will stay closed in washington d.c. congress postponing votes this week and this morning many rail lines are trying to get back on track. subway service in washington will be free today. amtrak is running a limited number of trains on its routes in the northeast corridor. erika: right now students are ready to protest what they call racial intolerance at an elite boston school. the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is at boston latin where frustration is turning into solidarity. kelley?
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citywide today. students here at boston latin are urging others to wear black to school today as sign of solidarity. they're calling it a "blackout." it all started last week when students at the prestigious school took to social media to accuse administrators of ignoring their frustrations with racial intolerance. they say the school isn't dealing with chronic use of racial slurs, stereotypes, and abusive online taunting. they say they took their concerns to the headmaster and nothing was done. according to them. school officials say they are looking into the complaints. boston mayor marty walsh says he's disturbed by the allegations and would like to meet with the students. kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: new overnight the patriots return home after a crushing end to the season. the team arrived at gillette stadium early this morning. and today they will have some final words before disappearing for the off-season. our bob halloran is live in denver, a place that, once again, has not been kind to the pats.
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bob: "unkind" is a gentle way of tom brady and company are now 0-3 in the playoffs here. it started with a surprising miss by stephen gostkowski, something the kicker took hard. gostkowski: i just feel terrible. these guys work all day, put their bodies and lives on the line. to us come out here and lose by a point and me-- it's a nightmare. better for tom bdy. number 12 was harassed, hurried, and hassled throwing not one but by the time it was all over, his frustration was crystal clear. brady: it was a tough day, tough day, man. hard-fought football game. bob: in the final seconds, brady did manage to connect with gronk in the endzone. making it a two-point game. but the two-point conversion failed and the pats were just out of time.
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a very quick halt here in denver. just one game shy of another super showdown. as the red sox used to say, i guess we'll just to wait until next year. in denver, bob halloran, wcvb, sportscenter 5. erika: starting today riders will get to sound off on proposed fare hikes on the mbta. the first public hearing will be held tonight in lynn. the cost of riding the "t" is expected to jump as much as 10-percent this coming july. the most expensive scenario could generate more than $49 million for the cash-strapped agency. a second hearing will be held tomorrow in brockton. a texas student suffers an asthma attack in class. randy: why another student was suspended for coming to the rescue. a terrifying fall down an alaska mountain. the remarkable video of a skier's survival. cindy: i'm tracking some temperature changes. my timeline on a warm-up that is coming and when we'll cool back down plus the next chance for a
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erika: and a reub i can's cube solved in record time.
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randy: powerful earthquake leaves damage behind this
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the 7.1 magnitude quake struck early yesterday morning, about 160 miles southwest of anchorage. four homes were damaged in an explosion caused by a gas leak resulting from the quake. thirty other homes were evacuated as a precaution. nobody was seriously hurt. erika: a skier survives a fall 1,000 feet down a mountain. the skier tumbled out of control, nearly missing the jagged rocks on a mountain in alaska. she eventually comes to a stop and you can hear her breathe a sigh of relief. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. erika: incredibly, the skier only hurt two of her fingers but is otherwise okay. incredible. randy: all kinds of bad possibilities there. erika: yes. an unlikely call for help in california. randy: the circumstances that had two fugitives pleading to be arrested. a shakeup at twitter. the big changes starting at the top.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. erika: a beautiful shot of new york's staten island after the storm.
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you can see snow blanketing the ground and beach homes. a peaceful scene after that storm rocked the east coast. they'll be cleaning up for days, i'm sure. really it's the flooding to our south that is so problematic. cindy: that's the problem with these coastal storms. the snow is one aspect. the coast got battered. the water coming in was amazing. way to get that northern edge as we had anticipated in the cape cod hit. pretty hard as well. this is going down no the record books down through the mid atlantic states. d.c. second greatest snowfall on record for them. 29.3 inches. number one for baltimore. there you see philly and new york city as well. well over two feet of snow in new york city. around here not as much. on the cape we did get over a foot in east falmouth. on the vineyard, of course, 15 inches there. the amounts dropped off the closer you got to boston. even in the city there were ocean enhancements so we did get six inches of snow. you can see the amounts on cape. mashpee 10.5 inches. sandwich a foot. parts of south coastal massachusetts and also plymouth you can see about 10 inches of snow there.
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farther north that you went but for this season now in boston, we're up over 10 inches. pretty similar to where we were last yee at this point but still behind average today which is about 20 inches of snow. we're shutting the snow machine off for the next few days anyway. 24 in worcester right now. it is 28 in boston. we have dropped to the teens in plymouth. there are some 20's on cape cod. it's pretty quiet morning. winds are generally under 10 miles per hour so no big wind chills as you're stepping tout door this morning but there are patchy clouds that are working on through this morning. these are kind of in and out. high pressure is building in so it will give us a lot of sunshine today. but out in the middle of the country a couple of frontal boundaries. a lot of clouds with this but not much moisture yet. this is all associated with warmer air trying to push in. it's above freezing in st. louis. in the 40's in little rock. i point that out because we're actually heading into the 40's tomorrow. so today will be a seasonal day. in the mid and upper 30's. cooler spots through the worcester hills. here too we're still getting above the freezing mark. 35 in boston. mid and upper 30's in southeastern massachusetts
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20's to around 30 degrees. temperatures will bottom out early on and then they may actually start to rise a little bit toward morning. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. you can see a high pressure to our east. we'll have more of a southerly flow out ahead of this frontal boundariment it moves through during the day where we could see a spot shower and then behind it colder air is waiting in the wings. that will come in towards later in the week. a little bump up in temperatures coming up on tuesday. and the showers threat is pretty low overall much of the day. you can see how the clouds thicken up by 5:00 in the afternoon. there might be a couple of rain showers around with temperatures in the 40's. even during the overnight hours still mild enough for rain. we're clearing things out on wednesday. temperatures go from the mid 40's on tuesday back down to the low 40's on wednesday. quiet into thursday and what is this on friday? watching a storm. yeah, some not all of our computer models generating a storm and bringing it up the coast friday close enough perhaps to get us with a little bit more snow or perhaps even a mix with some rain.
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this go-round. we'll watch it for you. we'll see how close this storm gets this go-round. perhaps a little deja-vu. jeff: the weekend storm is going to affect us on the roads. isn't that funny how it is. cindy: and saturday, too. jeff: the secondary roads are a little bit slippery. the main roads are all in very good shape. we're looking at the zakim bunker hill bridge again as well as the leverett connector which is moving nicely into the city. i promise you it will be a very busy commute. mondays always are. the secondary roads going to be a little bit tricky as well. let's go to the maps and see if anything is happening out there at this point. no crashes to speak of. that's the good news. as we start things off. keep in mind it will be a little bit slower than most mornings. the ride on 128 south is only 14 minutes to get from route 1 on down to the lexington area. the 93 run into downtown boston has no problems at all. that's only 11 minutes there. well. if you do take the mbta and specifically the red line they are expecting the possibility of some minor delays on is red line because of earlier track work on the longfellow bridge. everything otherwise is fine so
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erika: jeff, thanks so much. commitment 2016. the republican race heads back to new hampshire. chris christie, john kasich, and front-runner donald trump all have events there today. trump ramped up efforts in iowa yesterday, ahead of early voting there in just one week. he kicked off events at a church before a rally. a man in a red turban was escorted out of the rally after he interrupted trump as the candidate spoke about terrorism. the man claimed trump is promoting hate. trump fired back claiming he has muslim support. trump: i have friends that are muslims and they call me up. not all of them. but some of them. they said you're doing a great service because there's tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of what's going on. erika: senators ted cruz and marco rubio also held events in iowa this weekend as they try to chip away at trump's growing poll numbers there. democrat contenders continue their push in iowa ahead of early voting.
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events there today. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will attend a cnn town hall this morning before hosting their own events later in the day. randy: a check of your economy now. governor baker will unveil new plans today to deal with chronic unemployment in massachusetts. it's part of his upcoming budget proposal. last year, the governor created a task force to look at the issue of why some groups are having a tough time getting jobs in the state. those results will also be announced today. asian stocks rising this morning as oil rebounds from a 12-year low. wall street investors also encouraged by the jump in u.s. crude on friday. the dow gained 210 points to close at 16,093. right now, stock futures are lower. erika: a shake-up at twitter as the social media site attempts to restore its image with investors. four senior executives are now leaving, some of them by choice. the company is also adding a new chief marketing officer and two board members. c.e.o. jack dorsey says twitter
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in order to rejuvenate the company. randy: a look at your trending stories. a texas student suspended after helping a friend during an asthma attack. eight grader anthony ruelas watched as another student fell to the floor struggling to breathe. according to an incident report, the teacher told the class to stay seated as she e-mailed the school nurse for help. that's when ruelas picked up the student and rushed her to the nurse. he was then suspended for leaving class. the school says it's looking into exactly what happened. erika: a first for police in california who had to rescue two fugitives. police pulled the men over for swerving on friday, and the pair took off into the woods. they got soaked while crossing an icy river. that night, temperatures dipped, and the men decided they would rather be arrested than freeze. they called 9-1-1 and were rescued the next morning by the swat team.
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solving a rubik's cube or building a robot that can solve a rubik's cube? that's what two rubik's cube hobbyists have done. this robot can solve the cube in just over one second. the creators use webcams that feed into a well-known algorithm for the cube, allowing the robot to complete it in record speed. erika: i don't have the patience for the reub i can's cube. i will never solve it in my life time. randy: patriots nation is battling back from a tough loss this morning. erika: the adorable little fan who made need some extra time to recover. plus exercising and dieting with few results. ahead on the eyeopener at 5:00, the secret hang-ups getting in the way of your fitness goals.
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randy: good morning. it's 4:54. we're following breaking news in your early news to go. erika: seven people are hurt plane forced an emergency the american airlines flight from miami to italy was diverted three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the randy: police in methuen are trying to track down a man accused of robbing a pizza shop. the suspect was caught on surveillance yesterday morning inside romano's pizza on merrimack street. police say he broke the front door and stole a safe. the suspect has a distinctive way of walking, and they hope that will help identify him. erika: a man is under arrest for this wrong-way crash involving nine cars on a busy street. brockton police were chasing after the stolen s.u.v. right before this wreck. we're told the driver veered into oncoming traffic at the intersection of pleasant street and route 27. that suspect and two other people went to the hospital with minor injuries. a driver is recovering after crashing through a building in everett.
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parkway. police say the driver reportedly spun out on vine street and then over-corrected before striking a tax office. nobody was struck, and the driver was not seriously hurt. they were issued a citation. a florida doctor's job is on the line, after she was caught on camera attacking an uber driver. the driver was in miami to pick up someone else, but dr. anjali ramkisson allegedly demanded he take her instead. when he refused, she tried to fight him, eventually getting into his car and throwing his things out the window. erika: the celtics continue their road trip tonight after a crushing win over the 76ers in philly. jay crowder and isaiah thomas both with 20 points last night. the c's had five players in double-figures and 29 assists on the night. 112-92 the final. the celtics take on the washington wizards at 7:00 tonight. and talk about crushing losses. the carolina panthers were on fire against the arizona
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championship. 49-15 the final. that means they'll take on the denver broncos in the super bowl on february 7. randy: the patriots having some trouble on the sidelines during their loss to the broncos. their tablets stopped working during the first half. this morning, microsoft is blaming it on the network not the actual tablets. coaches were not able to show players real-time photos of what was happening. the problem was fixed after 20-minutes. (crying) i need another tissue. erika: poor guy. a very relatable feeling this morning. this is nine-year-old josiah. his mother says he was so upset with the patriots loss, he couldn't contain himself. hopefully he's doing a little bit better this morning. randy: it's tough.
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randy: another tissue for us all. erika: it could still happen. then it didn't. oh, well. cindy: all right. let's talk about the temperatures. we are in the last week of january now. the month as a whole is running slightly above average. but the past week or so, we have been below the average. typical high now is about 35 degrees. we're going to be very close to average today. you can see what's happening tomorrow and wednesday though. we're getting a little burch up in the temperatures. we'll be up into the 40's. there could be a couple of rain showers coming in. not today. we have high pressure overhead. that will move out though. the system in the middle of the country could bring in showers late in the day tomorrow. today is dry. we'll get melting across the big cities here in the northeast from here in boston all the way down through the mid atlantic where they just got buried with record snowfall from that weekend storm system. look at chicago today though. about 40 degrees. 52 in oklahoma city. this is where our air mass is going to be coming from. it's a very weak system in the middle of the country that will spread in clouds overnight and and eventually a couple of rain
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the next few days are fairly quiet. we're going to start out with clouds increasing during the day on tuesday. it will be a slow process to try and put some showers in here. i think by the end of the day we might find one or two. with 47 degrees in the afternoon we're talking about rain showers during the day. any lingering showers tomorrow night will be just that. rain with temperatures holding on on the mild side. we'll clear things out slowly on wednesday. you can see snow showers near the canadian border. that is a secondary front that will drop in and eventually bring in cooler air as we head towards wednesday and thursday. we're back down in the mid 30's by thursday. know cold air may set the stage for perhaps another system coming up the coast. you can see it here on one of our computer models. perhaps coming close enough to bring in a little bit more snow here as we head toward friday and friday night. it would be exiting first thing on saturday but we're going to have to watch the track on this one and see how close it comes to the coastline. it will bring more snow or mixing as well. we'll talk more about today
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continues. >> now on newscenter 5's
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