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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i' m erika tarantal. here' s a look at some of the stories happening right now. new surveillance pictures of an overnight armed robbery in everett. police searching for the two men who stormed this tedeschi' s on broadway, hitting the clerk in the head before running off. a whitman man is set to face a judge after police say he shot at a plow driver in plymouth. police say bruce o' brien had been drinking before pulling that gun. and patriots head coach bill
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on after yesterday' s crushing loss to the broncos. in his final press conference of the season, he said he was proud the team battled until the very last seconds. back to the surveillance pictures just in of that armed robbery in everett. two armed men stormed into this tedeschi' s market on broadway just before 2:00 a.m. one of them hit the clerk in the head with the butt of a gun before they grabbed some cash and took off. officers found the clerk bleeding heavily from the head. he was taken to the hospital. police believe that gun may have been a b.b. pistol they recovered later. please give everett police a call. right now, a whitman man is facing charges accused of , shooting at a local plow newscenter 5' s frank holland is live in plymouth with new details he just learned in court. frank: good afternoon. police are describing this is a road rage incident. an witness told police about a
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that witness of the plow appeared to swear at the car that the driver was in with his wife right before the shooting. the suspect was in court just a short time ago. bruce o' brien was given a $2500 bail here in plymouth district court for he is accused of firing multiple shots at the plow driver could this happen during the snowstorm. they were driving behind the plow and it was swerving. o' driver side window. the witness told police that the plow appeared to swear at the but he is charged with driving under the influence, feet of a dwelling, and disorderly conduct. he was drinking before the shooting, but he was not drunk. he has a license to carry a firearm.
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will have to turn in his weapons to the plymouth police department where he lives. frank holland, wcvb newscenter five. erika: patriots fans dealing with the harsh reality today that the revenge tour is over. they are not super bowl bound. the team returning home overnight after that crushing loss in denver. head coach bill belichick holding one last press conference before the team clears out of gillette stadium. our doug meehan was there. doug, are we already on to next season? doug: some of the players expected to clean out their lockers and meet with the media and just about 10 minutes from right now. coach bill belichick took to the podium at around 9:00 a.m. and says as far as yesterday' s game and the season itself, well, " time to turn the page and move on." >> we did a lot of good things, won a lot of games, and came up short in the end. so it' s bitter sweet. doug: coach bill belichick addressing the media this morning to close out the 2015-2016 season, saying his
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tough workers, who he had immense respect for how they played. however, only hours after the crushing defeat in denver, he has already begun the task of building next year's team. >> a look at whatever the opportunities are going forward and what ever areas those fall in. make the decisions we feel are best for the team and to improve the team. same thing we do every year. doug: that' s not to say he doesn' t reflect or second guess his own performance this year, saying the team not making it to the super bowl had nothing to do with a single missed extra point or any particular play. >> i feel that way. i feel like it' s my fault. i' m sure all of the players that play feel it' s their fault. doug: the clearly exasperated coach simply not pleased with how this season ended. >> wouldn' t put it on any one guy or any one situation, one position or anything like that. just in the end, we came up short. doug: at this point, we don' t know which players will be
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lockers this afternoon. the harsh reality is that we do not know which players will have a locker to move back into the summer. we' re live in foxborough this morning, doug meehan, newscenter 5. erika: bill belichick also saying today those malfunctioning tablets on the sidelines didn' t affect the patriots one bit. the head coach pointing out they still had access to " old school" printed photos. the microsoft surface tablets stopped working during the first half, preventing the patriots from showing players " real time" photos. microsoft says don' t blame them. it was a network issue that was fixed after about 20 minutes. gisele bundchen offering a positive outlook to patriots fans, tweeting them thanks for all the messages supporting her husband tom brady, saying " we' re , so proud of him. #gratitude." right now, students at an elite boston school are protesting what they call racial intolerance. students at boston latin hoping their protest goes citywide. our kelley tuthill is at the school with the mayor' s reaction
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kelley: some students here at boston latin wore black today in protest. they are calling it a blackout. it all started last week when students at the prestigious school took to social media to accuse administrators of ignoring their frustrations with racial intolerance. they say the school has been dealing with ongoing problems including racial slurs, stereotypes, and abusive online taunting. they say they took their concerns to the headmaster and nothing was done. maher walsh the city is investigating the students complaints. >> this certainly bothered me what happened with these young happen. we will have to see what happens doesn' t happen. the expenses are kids have at school should not be race field. kelley: maher walsh says this and not happen to any students. kelley tuthill, newscenter 5
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. erika: danielle vollmar joins us now. danielle: the snow behind me will do some melting. inches of snow. on track with 10.6 inches of snow. normally we should have about 20 inches of snow. we' re going to do some melting. temperatures rising about that freezing mark at 34 degrees in boston. 33 and worcester. actually in the upper 30' s in taunton. we will hold in the mid-30' sunshine. as a get towards this evening, we will see more clouds begin to move in out ahead of our next system. let us talk about what we are not dealing with today. the wind. real wind chill out there like we saw yesterday. weather in giving us lots of sunshine today.
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it does not look like much right now, but it' s in area of low pressure and a warm front will come through and potentially give us a couple of showers come tomorrow afternoon and evening. you will also notice warmer temperatures to our south. we will talk about who could see it ahead. erika: right now, boston police are investigating a deadly accident involving a snow plow. police say a man in his 60's was struck by a plow while shoveling in dorchester yesterday. it happened at the intersection of dorchester avenue and harbor view street. the driver did stay at the scene. neighbors say it is a tragic accident, but they are not surprised. >> when i' m crossing the street, cars are climbing really close without stopping. with the weather and the windshields, it' s hard to keep them clear anyway. check the corners, i mean, people are all around. erika: police are trying to
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whether factored into the crash. no charges have been filed. right now, police in methuen want help tracking down a man accused of breaking into a pizza shop. the suspect was caught on surveillance video just before 6:00 a.m. saturday morning inside romano' s pizza on merrimack street. police say he broke the front door and stole a safe from inside the building. they say the suspect has a distinctive way of walking, and they hope that will help identify him. a man is under arrest for this wrong-way crash involving nine cars on a busy street. brockton police were chasing after the stolen suv right before this wreck. we' re told the driver veered into oncoming traffic at the intersection of pleasant street and route 27 yesterday. he ran off but was quickly caught. that suspect and two other people went to the hospital with minor injuries. today, governor baker is unveiling new plans to deal with chronic unemployment in massachusetts. it' s part of his upcoming budget proposal. last year, the governor created a task force to look at the issue of why some groups are having a tough time getting jobs in the state. the results are also expected to be announced today.
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to sound off on proposed fare hikes on the mbta. the first public hearing will be held tonight in lynn. the cost of riding the t is expected to jump as much as 10% this coming july. the most expensive scenario could generate more than $49 million for the cash-strapped agency. a second hearing will be held tomorrow in brockton. commitment 2016 -- the republican race heads back to new hampshire. chris christie, john kasich, and front-runner donald trump all holding events there today. with the iowa caucuses now one week away, abc' s kenneth moton reports there is now speculation that a second billionaire could join the race. kenneth: the final sprint to the iowa caucuses. >> it' s crunch time folks. i mean, i wanna win iowa. i really wanna win it. >> i know some of you are still shopping. [laughter] >> i like to shop, too. kenneth: 7 days to go and the candidates for president have
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sights all week. bernie sanders with the biggest crowds over the weekend. >> whoa, there' s a lot of people . kenneth: donald trump also packed the house. the gop frontrunner feeling unstoppable. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody t lose voters. kenneth: but there' s word another billionaire could join the race. abc news has learned former new york city mayor michael bloomberg will consider an independent run after super tuesday in march. hillary clinton responded on nbc' s "meet the press." >> the way i read what he said was if i didn' t get the well, i' m going to relieve him so he doesn' t have to. kenneth: clinton raked in the endorsements over the weekend. this morning, ted cruz got the support of former texas governor s sarah palin' s brought the laughs on "saturday night live." >> she' she' s a real pistol. s crazy, isn' t she?
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kenneth: recent polls for iowa still have trump and sanders in the lead. candidates combined have about 30 campaigns tops planned -- stops planned in iowa. kenneth moton, abc news washington. erika: a massive manhunt underway in california right how 3 dangerous inmates managed to escape from a maximum security jail. digging out. major cities up and down the east coast trying to get back to normal after this weekend' s crippling blizzard. the clean-up underway right now. danielle: sunny and cold today, but a major warm up is coming. i' ll let you know who could see near 50 degrees and who could see a spot rain shower ahead. erika: a trip to the gas station turning into a heroic moment for a florida mother. her daring defense caught on camera as she springs into
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and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded p by over two and a half million small contributions. rpeople who know you can't level the playing field r by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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>> you' re watching newscenter 5 at noon. erika: right now, residents in south california on edge with a massive manhunt underway. three inmates considered armed and dangerous escaped from a maximum security jail friday.
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and half inch steel bars, making their way to the roof and then using a rope fashioned from bed sheets to rappel to the ground. the search turning desperate now. >> i consider them very dangerous individuals and it's not unlike this type of individual to obtain a weapon. erika: all 3 were awaiting trials for violent crimes when they escaped. the reward growing to $50,000 as the fbi and federal marshals search for the men. a brave and daring mother in florida caught on camera. watch as angie padron fights off 2 armed men as they allegedly try to steal her car while her children are sitting inside. padron was travelling to miami with her 1-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son when she stopped to get gas. while at the pump, police say she sprang into action. >> i didn' t think about the guns, what they were going to do me. i just thought about getting the
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>> my mom was yelling at him, saying get out of the car, get out of the car. erika: the two would-be carjackers took off in a getaway car but didn' t get far. they were arrested less than a mile away. a class action lawsuit is going to trial at a federal court in boston. it' s been ten years since a local group of smokers sued philip morris to try to force the cigarette maker to pay for lung cancer screenings. they' re asking a jury to force the company to pay for chest scans for longtime smokers of marlboro cigarettes. philip morris denies its cigarettes are designed defectively. right now, much of the east coast is still trying to recover from the weekend' s record-setting and deadly blizzard. the federal government is closed today. airports in new york, philadelphia, and baltimore are trying to get back on track, but hundreds of flights are still cancelled. abc' s elizabeth hur is in new york with the big dig-out. elizabeth: 80 million people on the east coast buried by the blizzard of 2016. >> i was in complete panic mode
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elizabeth: now digging out and cleaning up from the record-breaking snow that left major cities including philadelphia, d.c., and new york city paralyzed. >> a lot of clean up to do and it' s still not going to be entirely safe. >> we are working very hard today to get d.c. government open tomorrow. elizabeth: the monster storm dumping feet of snow, 28 inches in newark, 29 in baltimore and in one town in west virginia, 42 inches. the storm, so far being blamed for more than 30 deaths, including a new jersey mom and her one-year-old son lost to carbon monoxide poisoning in their car, blocked by snow. the blinding snow also created a travel nightmare at the airports. >> i just want to get out of here and go home. elizabeth: and on the highways. >> we have been stuck in the truck for 13 and a half hours could . elizabeth: for some, the wait was nearly 30 hours before
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stuck on deep pennsylvania turnpike, and thousands of flights are still canceled or delayed this morning cou . along the jersey shore, instead of snow, residents are dealing with chung' s of ice floating down streets after powerful waves and high tide flooded entire communities. this storm shattered records in so many cities. here in new york city, we can close. turns out we missed breaking the all-time snowfall record by one-tenth of an inch. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york co . erika: they really one of the record. -- wanted the record. danielle: cities in the south have had more snow than we have boston. sure. snow. look at it compared to d.c.. this is dulles airport. now 29.8 inches of snow so far this year. philadelphia up to 22 inches and
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yesterday, a lot of areas saw anywhere from six inches to over a foot of snow pretty much south of boston. you' re obviously trying to dig out the snow, but we are having a lot of sunshine today. temperatures are on the way up. we are going to see some melting, especially come tomorrow where temperatures bump up into the upper 40' s and maybe the cape. this will come with some rain. degrees this time of your peers you your. you see little rock around 57 degrees. this is associated with a one front and it will come through tomorrow. it could trigger a couple of showers for us. with temperature so warm, it would be in the form of some rain. high pressure dominating today and leading to a lot of sunshine out across southern new england. over boston, a snowy scene. we are starting to warm up.
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winds are calm so no real wind chill today. over the next few hours, we will see clouds increase as we head toward the overnight hours ahead of our system. for tonight, we will drop back into the 20' s 30' s on nantucket. it is not going to be that cold of the night tonight. as we headed to tonight, you will notice the winds. they will pick up out of the south and west and blow anywhere from 10-20 miles per hour sustained. gusts over 30 miles an hour. it will be a breezy day, which is the southwest wind and we will warm up. upper 40' s in boston and upper 40' s in march field. 49 on nantucket. you see the clouds around and there is that chance for a shower. it :00 morning, i think we are dry and mild and turning breezy. -- at 8:00 and one, i think we are dry and mild and turning breezy.
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but you will see warm temperatures behind the clouds. colder air reward its way and wednesday night and thursday. that will set up our next system that we are watching for the end of the week. a low chance of rain on tuesday. notice on thursday that basically thursday night into friday is where we start to see chances go up in terms of seeing may be snow, a mix, or rain associated with the system. let' s break it down and the seven day forecast. we warm up into the upper 40' s we are watching the storm system and it is still several days out. we are watching it very carefully. as you notice what will happen, it is really thursday night into friday. it looks sick another nor, but the track is very important. -- like another nor' easter, but the track is very important. we are finding find to not
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one tomorrow in the upper 40' s and maybe a shower two. we see some clearing on wednesday and then we dropped temperatures back into the 30' s as we had to the end of the week and we really watch that all-important forecast for friday. erika: thanks so much. actress kerry washington will be honored this week at harvard university. the " scandal" star was chosen as this year' s hasty pudding woman of the year. s oldest theatrical group will honor washington thursday with a parade and a roast. this year' s hasty pudding man of the year is joseph gordon levitt. solving a rubik' s cube in record time. the invention making it possible. and a terrifying tumble down an alaska mountain. but that isn' t even the most shocking part of the video. the remarkable aftermath coming
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erika: a miraculous survival after a terrifying fall you have to see to believe. this skier fell 1000 feet down a mountain in alaska, tumbling out of control, just missing the jagged rocks. but look here. she sits up in the snow and breathes a sigh of relief. >> i' m ok.
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erika: incredibly she came away with only two injured fingers. what' s more impressive -- solving a rubik' s cube or building a robot that can solve a rubik' s cube? that' s what two rubik' s cube hobbyists have done. this robot can solve the cube in just over one second. the creators use webcams that feed into a well-known algorithm for the cube. danielle: that was always a challenge for me. erika: i have never done it. danielle: maybe we should go do it now. erika: for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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