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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  January 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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this is video of black smoke pouring from the building could -- from the building. is burning about 100 feet underground, and there is so much water down there, after the first firefight, that they have to pump it out. a stubborn fire, and now they are returning to get control of the reignited flames. the first fire broke out just before 1:00 this afternoon. five workers had to be taken to the hospital because they had everything issues and eye irritation. it is not clear if gas is built up down there or if there was a mechanical failure. firefighters will focus on the cause when they get control of the flames. smoke continues to arr rise. >> a fight over a party space in dorchester inns with gunfire
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>> jorge quiroga talk to police. -- taled ked to police. jorge: you can see here were some residents are saving a space. police are confirming, this is what the shooting is over. shortly after 2:30, neighbors heard an argument following gunfire. ted: >> they came in really fast. jorge: the gray toyota camry, parked in a space that had been shoveled out the af-- out after the weekend storm. dispute.
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34 years old, shot in the stomach. a man was seen driving off in a black bmw. another house down the street research, and the suspect was not there. the end of the view has been found. >> obviously, the individual that did the shooting was not happy that he was in his spot. jorge: fights over spaces are out of control. >> it is never that serious, never that serious. jorge: obviously, for somebody it was. police say they know who they are looking for, but once if the suspect lives at the house. the man was transported to bring them and women' s hospital. >> new at 7:00, a kidney transplant should been -- should' ve been a man' s new lease on life. but the kidney was taken from a homeless man with a long
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>> his kidneys were failing, but his family never expected what they thought to be the cure with an killing him. the medical in march 2008. in two months, he was dead. the donor was a homeless man with an extensive alcohol history, a high risk of sexual history, and host of other problems. the transplanted kidney carried a deadly rotavirus-- . a lawsuit filed by his daughter, who oversees the estates, says that the homeless man' s health from being a donor. jury selection for the civil trial has begun. his daughter is suing the transplant surgeon, dr. scott johnson, and the new england
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medical director that facilitated the transplanted at the doctor -- transplant. the doctor insists that he did nothing wrong. he says the patient agreed to go along with the surgery despite it in high-risk.-- being high-risk. the doctors deny that they were negligent, but say the death was caused by a rare rotavirus for which there was no testing possible. they also denied wrongdoing in court documents, . they say that this always carries a some risk. >> the attorneys also want to know more about a second person
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getting a kidney transplant from the same person. ed: an nfl rookie is under arrest for assault tonight, jimmy j j wharton. he allegedly groped to women, and punched one of their husbands. he was signed into the patriots practice squad of this month but never activated his coun ntract. heather: new, tonight at 7:00, more on how the data collection today will help the town figure out how to fight erosion in the future. jack: we are on the dry side. this is the lan side of a huge barrier, constructed here to help keep back the tide. obviously, it took a big hit this week. some people are concerned about what happens next time.
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you cannot stop other nature-- mother nature. jack: the goal is to hold the line on erosion. it took a pounding this weekend. >> we are trying to get a good maps of the we contest our ability to beat erosion. jack: the geological services helping the town decide what it will do next and the bow to save the beach and the homes behind it . -- ub in the battle to save the beach and the homes behind it. >> this is not one and done. jack: before the storm, they had a natural grade leading toward the beach. you can see what happened over the weekend. for homeowners, this is all one
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>> you put so much money into it with your taxes to help pay for it. you see it washed away, a lot of it, and one storm. >> you cannot stop other nature. jack: do you think they should spend more millions here? >> no. it is going to have an impact on the town. this is a tough decision. jack: it is a tough call. as you heard earlier, he actually said, last him what to impact was, he figures about $1 million worth of sand was washed away. jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: we take you to new hampshire, where a donald trump rally is on the way. trump is back here in the granite state, where he is holding a commanding lead among the gop candidates.
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and i wound saturday that he could shoot somebody in the street and not lose voters. he was boasting that the loyalty of supporters, and many are in farmington, new hampshire. there are perhaps even more on the way, waiting outside to get in. compass targeting communities like these, where many people feel to have been forgotten by washington, in trump, by his own account, is not a politician. that resonates with people here. >> i feel like he speaks to the silent majority, as people call it. these are things that everybody is thinking, but never really say. he doesn' t care, he says it like it is. i love that, i need that. ed: the can -- you can expect a large number of politicians in new hampshire over the weekend. this is donald trump getting applause live in farmington, new hampshire.
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iowa for the lead up to the caucuses. the caucuses on monday-- caus cuses are on monday. heather: the dow fell 208 points. the nasdaq to 272. we shot up a couple of points on the news that the supreme court upheld the ruling to expand energy conservation business. emc and boston scientific both slipped. in the same family for generations, this local company is making a unique product here in massachusetts. ed: a factory that turns steel rods into backyard horseshoes. >> and we are getting set for some milder air. how mild and how long it lasts,
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heather: and a surprise that
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ed: for many people, horseshoes are a staple of backyard summer fun.
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what is fitted on them. you might find that they are made right here in massachusetts. >> henry st. pierre was a dairy farmer and inventor who moved to worcester. back then, tire chain was the name of the game. i world war ii, they needed anchor chains for the fleet could it was a simple backyard game-- fleet. it was a simple backyard game where he made a name for himself. peter st. pierre is a third-generation poor shoemaker along with chain and wire rope. they are the last of its kind in the country . >> we' re the only ones left in the united states than the core shoes-- that make horseshoes. >> these are some serious manufacturing machines.
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>> a 1200 ton presses the back-- press is the backbone of the operation. rods are superheated to 2300 degrees and pressed into familiar horseshoe shapes. >> it is pretty loud in here. >> after the shoes are cooled and cleaned and power coated, they are shipped all over the world. >> to see your family name against to this, what does it mean? pierre legacies started because of a man who was tired of seeing his tires stuck in the month. >> we' re still healthy and going strong, and moving into the future. >> you don'
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next time you cross the zinc and bridge, take a close look. some of the wires to keep it in place were made in massachusetts by st. pierre manufacturing. ed: the who knew? heather: that makes me long for summer, harvey. harvey: not only folks appear, but folks around the capital are longing for summer in an even bigger way. that is where we are clobbered with snow totals, which came in #2 for dulles. one thing i want to show you, so far for the season, 10.4 in boston, leicester which turned out to be the record winter, we were virtually identical. this will all change tomorrow, because that is the anniversary
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the four big blizzards. we' ve had a lot of days in a row above the average. right now, in boston, we are partly cloudy tonight. temperatures are right at the freezing mark. we are seeing 20' s to low 30' s, even to the south. keep in mind, the percent down here, an average of it on the gate, six inches in boston and 50 miles northwest of boston, no snow at all. we are getting a mechling-- getting a little bit of melting. this is going to go into the 40' s, 45 and 50. there will be melting for sure from plymouth to the cape. what about clouds for tomorrow?
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we will get mild wind which will turn a little chilly by early wednesday. a slight reinforcement of the air wednesday afternoon. that is day one. even though it will be chilly tomorrow, we will be around 40 degrees midday early afternoon. as a little bit above the average. thursday night or friday, there is a chance that we can get a period of snow. there will be an ocean storm pretty far out, and it will interact with an upper-level disturbance. this ocean storm track will be critical. it will be probably cold enough to where it will be supported as the snow. i just want to point out, the weekend may start chilly. bit mild. the mild weather is good for the end of the week and early next
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altogether, there might be a spritz. i am meteorologist harvey leonard. >> sportscenter 5. >> stephen gostkowski was just one of five players that made it through the season without splitting and next to point. -- extra point. the new role was proposed by the new england patriots. 30 of the 35 nfl teams put it for changing the point from a 20 yard kick to the more challenging 33 yard kick. stephen gostkowski did not lose the game to -- lose the game for the patriots. this factored into a number of fourth-down decisions, but not
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-- game. last season, outside the block , they missed to extra points throughout the entire league. this was an element in yesterday' s loss. >> whatever the rules are, we play on up it we don' t make them. they are decided by the league. whatever changes they make, they make. know it is enough of a challenge to get the football into the end zone. the extra point should be less of a challenge. when it is 20 yards, it is more of a reaction. you think about a little more. when you come to a whole and golf and its par, you think about the woods on either side. ed: is in the goal to make it more competitive play? heather: gronkowski has to be beating himself up right now.
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minutes of football left in place after that. heather: sometimes, sports is all about the score into one-- score and who hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars
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t they've all come to look for america all come to look for america to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. pbut so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. p that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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approve this message. tonight. heather: this is a local high school messing match-- wrestling [applause] heather: the mac took place saturday-- match took place saturday. they were asked to match somebody with the special needs
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-- then he went a step further and made a dream come true by giving him the win. i would say that is a pretty big win for everybody. ed: that gives me chills. undefeated. he stepped up and volunteer to do that? my hero. heather: the stories we have been following all might long when we come back. ed: and please send us pictures on the facebook page and u
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>> a horrible story. freezing.
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ed: painful injuries for local man after his cigarette explodes in his pocket, burning all over his hands and legs. this is not his first time. where the family is placing the blame. heather: and, we are going to the donald to hear what donald trump is saying. the pickup of the major endorsement. ed: nice night? harvey: ok night, milder tomorrow.
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