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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5. erika: reports from the navy of a possible active shooter at the medical center in san diego. you' re looking at live pictures. three shots were fired outside of one of the buildings. people in the building are being
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we will bring you any up dates as soon as they happen. a water main break shuts down north street. it happened just a few minutes ago near the new line. -- newton line. the road will be closed for six hours. they need to need -- have a major fix. the flames broke out after an explosion at yesterday. doug is life in quincy with more. doug: we' re going to get the green in one second we' re going to talk about the men injured. they were in the hospital last night, but they are ok. as far as the fire itself, it' s happening several stories below that holding. there was a suppression system in place. it didn' t go off. here we
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>> it' s been pouring rain down in there. doug: despite work firefighters, it' s been a battle they can' t get a handle on. the problems are twofold. first, the impossible conditions that just 100 feet down. >> it' s been so dark, it' s below blacks most. the visibility is two feet rid doug: the fire seems to be burning in ductwork. they can' t contain it. >> when they find a way to get water in it, it pushes the farther -- fire further in. doug: fiberglass may be burning as well as materials used of the treatment area. the area is kept by groups made
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designed to be removed, efforts to do so have been unsuccessful. a crane has been called in to help remove those slabs of concrete. >> the goal is to pull those off on midday. but the firefighters get in there and without once and for all. then we will assess the damage. doug: it could be extensive. there could be some serious what are damages well. we are live here in quincy. erika: thank you. police are looking at a suspicious death after man was hit by a train sunday night. he was luis ramos. they are asking the public for help figured out what he was doing. boston police are working to track down the suspect who opened fire over a parking spot. it happened in dorchester the victim rushed to the hospital but expected to survive. newscenter five' s sera congi is
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update on the seach. sera: police have not made any arrests. the shooting was the result of a this happened in the middle of the afternoon it yesterday. neighbors burden argument that was by -- followed by gunfire. a man was shot of the stomach. keep his car in a space that had been shoveled out after the storm. a man in a black bmw was seen driving off. that vehicle has been found. police are still looking for the suspect. the victim' s injuries are not considered life-threatening. erika: thanks so much. we turn to the weather. it' s the warmest it' s an in a while. danielle: temperatures are bumping up to 50 degrees. it' s 50 in providence. we' re warming things up this afternoon.
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get outside. it' s already 50 in providence. it' s 47 now in boston. it' s 49 in plymouth. southwest. they are hour. they are gusting over 30 miles per hour. it' s going to be a warm one and showers around. map. nature. we are going to expect more as we had through the afternoon. the best chance is after dinner. that is when it' s going to be in southeastern mass where you have that chance for rain. some of that precipitation could be in the form of snow. erika: a murder trial is getting underway in salem for the
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he is one of two suspects accused of killing the owner of ago. he was beaten to death during an attempted robbery at the majestic dragon. second suspect goes on trial in the order of a stoneham arnie -- army veteran. he was a bystander when a drug deal turned violent. jesse williams is facing her charges and another suspect sentenced to life in prison in november. police are investigating several conference called into businesses. that includes the police station, south shore hospital, police are checking all the locations good nothing has been found so far. teachers are making the grade. data said 86% earned a proficient rating or the 2014 school year.
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about 10% raise the -- made the highest rating. the -- there will be a second day of hearings over fare hikes. the cost of writing is expected to jump 10% in july. the most expensive scenario could generate $49 million the agency. a community is honoring a local hero. christopher orlando was one of 12 greens declared dead last week after his helicopter crashed off hawaii. his family members will fly to logan. they will be escorted home by the police. members of the committee are asked to stand along the route. a wild ride under investigation in warwick rhode island. a public bus cap several people inside a building.
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it happened around 7:15 p.m. last night. the bus hit a utility pole and swerved across four lanes into an auto parts store. the buildings group was lifted. >> there were no lights on. nothing was on the bus. it' s worked in front of the car. it went right into the building. erika: the driver and passengers were trapped. eventually, they pulled out and none of them were seriously hurt. investigators are looking into a medical episode. a desperate plea to help this dog. it was found yesterday, starving and freezing along the side of the road. it is being treated at the animal rescue league in boston.
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how he got here, you are asked to add you are asked to call them police. the donald was set on fire. night. it is on private property. there are no suspect. it is six days until the iowa caucuses. the front runners both parties are locked in competitive the campaign trail. >> getting harder as the clock ticks -- clicks down, trump on gma. >> he' afterlife. he' s got a problem. >> mr. comes policy prescription, what he supports for health care is bernie
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>> 64% of republicans expect donald trump to win the nomination. he has a big lead in the polls nationally, but in iowa, it' s a statistical tie. >> i think donald trump has an opportunity do something no candidate president has ever done, win iowa and new hampshire. if he wins iowa, the dominoes start to fall. >> final face-off on cnn before the caucuses. >> it' s a tough campaign and it should be. it' s the hardest job in the world. >> they took on the issues and each other at the town hall. >> i led the effort against wall street deregulation. >> sanders admitted he would have to raise taxes to pay for his health-care plan.
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the republicans are back on the trail and i would today. -- iowa today. erika: the caucuses are monday. international meeting at the vatican. more on what pope francis had to say to the president of iran. the effort to dig out the east coast. it' s expected to last a while. cindy: have a chance for a spot rain shower. we a chance of wintry weather ahead. erika: dangling off a cliff,
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country rand our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, p wealthy campaign donors have so much influence tthat the only way they are defeated is p when millions of people begin to stand up p and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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erika: this is a water main break. this is right near the newton line. you can see crews on the scene. repairs could take quite some time. this road could be closed up to six hours. the president of iran asks for
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this was the first meeting since 1999. he is a you to take on a larger role of mediator in the middle east. the vatican in a statement said the conversation touched on the nuclear accord and pope francis highlighted the importance of the fight against terrorism. april change could allow transgender athletes to compete in the olympic games without having gender reassignment surgery. they have a lot to compete since 2004, but only after surgery and two years of hormone therapy. the new rules would only look at hormone levels. they would just need to prove the test estrone level has been low a certain benchmark for a year to come the as females. evacuation is in effect for the california coastline. take a look at this home
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this is in pacifica. there are several homes and businesses threatened. 42 deaths are blamed on the blizzard that shut down the federal government in washington for a second day. schools are also closed again. hundreds of flights remain rounded. >> in baltimore, unplowed streets made it impossible for fire trucks to reach this house going up in flames. the nation' s capital is still
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crews in the sea are plowing 4400 miles roadway. the national park service is clearing 300 more miles. metro lines are back on track. this is a special railyard plow. there are -- the long island railroad was clearing its tracks. much of queens is. . new york city is generally up and running. >> no delays of all. it was a very nice ride. >> the train was about five minutes of delays, that was it. >> officials are urging people to use caution. at least a dozen deaths were
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erika: remember this, how could you forget. it was the beginning of our snow last your. this is mr. a year ago. the airport. it is one of the biggest snowstorms on record in boston. numbers. us. m a member that one. weeks later. it just didn' t stop. it was the top grossing snowstorms them. we want to talk about boston. we have 10.4 inches of snow. last year , we started to get a
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20.8 inches is what we should be this time of year. as we go through the next couple days, there is a chance for wintry precipitation thursday night of friday from a system. we will talk about that in just a second. there is going to be a chance for some rain. you can see this on the map here. it' s starting to disintegrate. you can' t rule out a couple passing showers. we have temperatures already in the 50' s along parts of the south shore. providence is near 50 degrees. i expect a lot of areas to the -- see 50. the winds are going to remain strong. gusts could be over 30 miles per hour. be aware of that. it' s going to be a breezy afternoon.
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more clouds will then. as we get toward the evening, that' s the best chance for the rain. that will continue through the overnight hours. as we headed toward tomorrow, you' re watching temperatures warm up into the 40' s. it' s not going to be as warm as today. we have not seen the 50' s since 15 days ago. we are going to enjoy today. it' s 42 degrees. the wind is going to be with -- risk area -- risk. the reason why, here comes the cold front. it' s going to push down and bring a reinforcing shot of cold air. as we get into wednesday night and thursday, this is going to come in at the same time as an ocean storm is developing.
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if that track were to change, if it were to link up, there could be the potential for some accumulating snow. it still going to give us some flurries or snow showers. let' s talk about and the timing. it looks like it' s a thursday night to friday morning thing. s moving. you way, it' s not with us for that long. it' s an ocean storm. the track is critical. there could be a chance of some snow. if it gets close enough, accumulating snow. flurries. it is cold on saturday. into the mid-40' s on sunday. s milder and we could have some rain showers as you get toward monday. let'
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erika: that sounds perfect. the woman who protested for for 30 years has died. she protested -- the longest running protest in history. she was believed to be 80 years old when she died after she suffered a fall. she was the primary protester after joining in 1981. another recall related to those ford is recalling 391,000 trucks. the trucks are covered from 2004 through 2006. a south carolina man was killed in december by flying shrapnel after he was involved in a crash driving arranger. rain --
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erika: they posted this igloo for rent on airbnb. they accessorized. there were blankets and pillows inside. unfortunately, airbnb said it standards. erika: no electricity.
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