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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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happened here today. the driver of the car was killed and that after a tyer dislodged and smashed into the car causing damage to the roof. the car came from a dodge ram pickup, fell from the rear axle of the drivers side, it hit a car and then hit a second car before landing in the woods. the truck was traveling southbound. the car traveling north. no positive id on the victim. we haven' t heard of charges will be filed. the person driving the pickup truck was a 19-year-old woman. clearly the investigation is still underway. four hours later traffic here is moving at a slow pace.
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phil: the fire at the water treatment plant includes the -- is finally out tonight. reporter: the fire knocked down more than 24 hours after it started. a crane was brought in to assist firefighters. it was reported around 1:00 yesterday. just hours later a big flareup, 100 feet underground. the fire lingering inside. firefighters say they face multiple challenges including reduced visibility. the crane removed slabs allowing crews to get better access. the cause remains unclear but it is finally out. heather: the boston marathon -- sounding off on violence on saved parking spot spaces. pam is live now. pam: as for the victim who was
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recovering, the incident may leave the city to rethink the practice that allows people to hold parking spaces. not street is quiet day. the car is still part. monday in a squabble over a parking space the driver of the toyota was shot. the person with the gun drove off. and arrest warrant warrant has been issued for the suspect. during a declared snow emergency car owners can shovel a space and market for 48 hours but the weekend storm was not much in the city. >> this did not even come close to having to save a space. it snowed, it melted and went away. >> i pushed it with my van.
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t call police. his employer owned the van. >> they will have a million space savers because they are still at work. >> if there is violence the mayor says the practice may end. >> if we of actual violence we will take action meaning there will besavers in the area. reporter: the mayor is waiting for a final report before seeing if they need to change the policy. phil: i man under arrest in approaching three high school students. school. >> these girls , anyone walking
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always be around . phil: a 19-year-old was arrested. police are investigating several bomb threats including the police station south shore hospital and several supermarkets. police checked all of those locations but nothing has been found. two counselors want the public to weigh in on the decision to arm officers with tactical rifles. the residents should certainly have a say . the university says the weapons would only be used in high-level threat situations on campus. heather: a scene too hard to forget. that was the beginning of our snow blitz. this is one year ago in the
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24.6 inches recorded at logan airport. one of the top 10 biggest snowstorms on record in boston. what a difference a year makes. the sun actually poked out. 50 degrees. that storm was the biggest snowstorm ever. 1997. >> a lot of us still remember that. we were on the edge of the storm weekend. clobbered. it was our turn a year ago. that was a top 10 storm for boston. coming in at number six, 24.6 inches of snow. a couple of days storm beginning
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look at a high temperatures today around the region. boston to get up to 50 degrees. still in the 40' s across most of the area. upper 30' s to the north and west. wind is coming to us out of the southwest. still gusting from plymouth down to parts of the cape. as far as the next 12 hours, it is going to stay relatively mild and above freezing on my long. front. there could be a shower. close to us. a little band of shower here to stretch north and east. as we get to early tomorrow morning we could see a few showers around cape cod. the rest of us, maybe a sprinkle or nothing at all. when the front comes through it air.
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it will still be a little bit above freezing. we will show you the temperatures to start up tomorrow. in the afternoon, not that much of a temperature rise but that is 8-10 degrees cooler. check it out. wendy and cooler tomorrow. a chilly start on thursday. we have thursday night and friday. we will get a storm developing in the ocean. the bulk of the storm will be too far out at sea to be a big player but it may link up with an upper-level disturbance from the west. we will at least get flurries. that is still a possibility. otherwise we are chilling at the start of saturday. mild to close up the weekend. there you have it. at least for now. heather: the town of hit him
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he was among the 12 marines declared dead in a helicopter crash. the community he grew up in will remembering here -- will be remembering him. reporter: we expect the family to arrive around 7:00. we are at the cracker barrel convenient storm. this is one of the areas people are expected together. it has been a tough call for the family. they are returning home without his body because they have not been located. they do not know what to do. the town knows the family wants its privacy, respecting that. tonight they have told the family there is going to be not a celebration but a moment as they drive through town, people along the way holding flags and standing to salute them. one of those will be jim nevitt'
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one of the first flags they will see as they come through the town. >> a lot of times you don' t realize, you hear about the stories and it' s far away. then it hits home. from the town you were again. >> that is what happened in this case. the tamil be out tonight. we anticipate around 7:00 they will come into logan. police will pick them up when they get into town and drive them to their home on the other side. phil: we are learning disturbing details about three inmates who escaped from the southern california jail. now they have been charged with s breakout. police consider extremely dangerous and possibly armed.
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have gotten further away. more difficult and capturing them. reporter: if they got their hands on a car they could be anywhere in the country, even canada. all three are charged with violent crimes ranging from murder to kidnap and torture. >> they put bleach all over him. >> a deputy district attorney called him hannibal lecter. the das office condemning the statement. investigators believe the man broke out of this jail after friday' s headcount. cutting through a metal grate, crawling through plumbing pipes to the roof for the use bedsheets to repel down. still, police believed to escape these with ties to local vietnamese gangs may still be
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>> we will put pressure on the gain to make them know we are coming after them. >> a frightening scene caught on camera in france. phil: tear gas flying. the taxi protest that spun out of control. heather: diagnosing depression. the new report suggesting big changes to who should be screened and when. phil: drastic steps to stop the
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heather: an anti-over protests in the streets of paris turned ugly. they set of fire -- they arrested 20 drivers. phil: the iran president asked for prayers from pope francis during a private meeting. today it was the first such meeting since 1999. he is eager to take on a larger role as mediator and called it a pleasure. the vatican said the conversation touched on the recent accord with iran and that pope francis highlighted the important role they must play in the fight against terrorism and arms trafficking. google is joining the effort to aid refugees. they will donate $5 million refugees in germany giving them access to chrome books. they will buy 25,000 chrome
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the goal is to ensure refugees have the tools to learn to live normal lives. heather: donald trump on top. two new national poll show with a double-digit lead over his opponents. aixa diaz, the timing is good for him. less than a week before the first votes. reporter: today the leading candidates were all in iowa hoping to appeal to caucus-goers. >> six days before the nomination process begins. presidential hopefuls focus on the hawkeye state. marco rubio and ted cruz trailing donald trump in iowa and nationally. a new poll has donald trump leading with 41%. >> is saying that you' re going
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so? if jerry falwell junior is for donald trump that opens the door for religious conservatives. reporter: in des moines field workers rick rep for bernie sanders. even though hillary clinton leads the democratic race, sanders has been picking up steam and i was sitting the stage for a close contest. >> the more they see of clinton and sanders more favorable they are towards bernie sanders. reporter: george tag you dropped out of the race announced he is endorsing marco rubio. heather: phil is going to report live in iowa for the lead up to the caucuses.
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walmart, coca-cola, pepsi joining the effort to help ease the flood water crisis. they are donating 6.5 million bottles of water to flint schoolkids. the water supply became contaminated with lead after they decided to withdraw from the municipal water system and draw water from the river. phil: 49 degrees now . boston cracked the 50 mark today. anchor: so did a lot of places. that feels nice. nobody is complaining after what happened in new jersey. we were getting buried with snow. here we are. i think you' re right. let' s show you the numbers. if we had never had one flake of
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average would still be above average. think about that. amazing stuff. boston hits 51. at least somewhat helpful to the big city. you notice the air is cooler to the west. we are not talking bitter cold but we are talking colder. that is still not too bad for this time of the year. we see the core of the cool air staying in canada. a piece is coming down over the next couple of days for us. here is the way it shapes up in boston.
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it has been busy today but it is also something in the milder air. we are in the 40' s still. all around the area from the north shore to cape cod. everyone has a southwesterly wind. that keeps it mild with the wind being gusty. with the rest of the day tomorrow. an active breeze, a chillier day. still a little bit above average. later thursday, thursday night clouds start to increase. approaching from the west. at the same time they will develop to our south. if these two were going to actively link up there could be an insignificant storm.
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be pretty far to the east. us. a little bit to give a snow showers or snow late thursday night or friday morning. tomorrow morning if you are around worcester you could be back to the freezing mark. you' ll be above freezing to start the day. we will have as big a temperature rise. only five degrees. the cooler air mass is settling in. tomorrow night dropping into the 20' s and continuing thursday with a high either side of 40. there you have it. the chilly start on thursday. we update you thursday morning with the ocean storm pretty far out.
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saturday is on the chilly side. monday. mild weather later in the weekend early next week. heather: 60 million adults suffer from depression. phil: there is a new call for more help. recommendations on how dr. should be addressing the common health problem. stranger. phil: and coming up, a big score for the museum of fine arts. new england. is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. shop with ease at use code: tv2016
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the only way to get better is
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we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. heather: talking about depression, one of the most common mental health conditions in the night at state street
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-- how dr. screen for it. reporter: it remains the number one cause of disability for many adults and consequences can be devastating. now in a report the united states presented services task force urges doctors to screen all adult patients for depression and notes that pregnant and postpartum women are included in this recommendation. it draws on evidence that medications used in depression may have a moderate level of benefit for these women the same as the general public. for pregnant women the there is a possibility of downsides for the fetus. the list of options for depression treatment is longer than ever and it doesn' t involve medication. >> if you are pregnant and struggling with what you feel may be depression it is good to
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we will talk about the recommendations and a local mom shares her story with us. phil: symptoms of heart disease may be more deadly for women than men if not caught. it can be very vague. there are often no significant blockages. they often include back or job pain and may not include chest pain most common that men feel. women wait longer than men to get treated. new research looks at what can help smokers kick the habit for good. smoking sensation pills did not work any better than nicotine patches or lozenges. researchers gave counseling and various treatments treat after a year one in five smokers successfully kick the habit they use. researchers concluded the smoker' s bet because it is available widely and simpler to
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with stick with it. s top high school students. phil: the star student who has beat the odds and achieve great success. what she says is her inspiration. heather: storm cleanup continues in the nation' s capital tonight. we take you live to d.c.
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>> phil: breaking news at 5:30, a driver is dead from this freak accident on 128. a tire flew off a pickup truck on the southbound side of the highway. the victim' s identify has not been released. so far no charges have been filed. traffic is still moving slow -- slowly through the area. heather: also breaking tonight, a wisconsin man under arrest, accused of plotting a terror attack at a masonic temple in milwaukee. the fbi says the 23-year-old planned to travel to the west bank to kill israeli soldiers then launch an attack here in the united states. harvey joins us now. it is almost 50 degrees outside and the sun has gone down.
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we did hit0.
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