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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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anchor 1: breaking news of bodies found in peabody. anchor 2: a search. >> communities coming together. >> colder air is on the way. anchor 1: a police officer in the path of a runaway truck and a move that saved his life. >> the breaking news at 11:00 i return to a crime scene. anchor 1: john is on the scene for us. what have you learned? reporter: a man killed a woman who lived in the home here and they say that the woman was on the phone at the time with a relative in the relative heard a commotion. then, the line went dead. the discovery was gruesome and a man and a woman was found with
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the woman knew the man, who came to the home, attacked her, and killed himself. >>' s the line went dead. reporter: the relative contacted the family at 6:30. but she was a nice woman and kept to herself a lot. >> they say that they did not know the woman well and of the crime has rattled the family here. >> it is scary and i would like to know if i am safe in the neighborhood. >> they are combing the street and looking for clues. they are searching for a motive. the police have left the neighborhood tonight and are trying to establish the relationship between the woman who lived here and the man who killed her. john atwater.
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deadly end to a tense standoff in oregon as the police arrest a group of protesters. bundy is in custody. he led a group in a federal wildlife refuge. one of the protesters is dead and a 50-mile stretch of highway is shut down. the group has been protesting for three weeks for two local writers. -- ranchers. anchor 2: tributes line the route as the family returns to the hometown. we are there with how the friends and strangers are pulling together. reporter: this town is showing the true colors and leaving no doubt that this family is not alone. the family is escorted home after a long trip back without his body. >> it is moving and sad.
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for him. >> they lined main street. >> it is a rough night for the family. i do not know them. i am sad for them. >> it is close to home. >> 12 marines were killed when two helicopters collided off of the coast. tonight for his mother. >> she may not have her son. she still has a family that cares and a whole town that cares. >> the friends organized the tribute and handed out hundreds of posters. >> i cannot imagine what they' re going through right now. from here on, everybody ' s son and brother.
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we look to the sky and he will remember him. >> from the hometown, love, report, respect. it does not get any more heartfelt. anchor 1: a man is behind bars for decades and fines of the judge ordered a new trial. he has been locked into a cage for three years for a crime that he says he did not commit. today, a judge said the testimony was so flawed that he deserves a new trial. in the decision, robert says done. about being sent to jail as a teenager and spending the rest of your life in jail for a crime that
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>> there has been no response yet from the district attorney on whether they will appeal. anchor 2: we are looking over boston and the temperatures are above the freezing mark. it is incredible. weatherperson: i have a nephew of mind living outside of the new york city area and he says half of the snow is already gone. is he bombed question -- anchor 2: is he bummed about that? weatherperson: it was 51 in boston. we are not built to want to break the 50 degree mark. it stayed mild. otherwise, it would be in the 30' s. we are starting to see if you light showers pop up in connecticut. we take a look at the satellite
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there is a little moisture coming to the west and you may be greeted by a little bit of light rain tomorrow. that will move away and it will hours. as far as boston is concerned, it will barely get into the upper 30' s during the course of the day tomorrow and it will start out a little bit cooler. than today. we will talk about this. anchor 1: hunting for answers on a deadly freak accident on 128. read is live with what we know. reporter: this is not often. when it does happen, it is often deadly. a man was killed after a tire
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>> the tarp shielded the scene and could not hide the tragedy. a car was hit by a tire they came off of a truck. the driver of the car is dead and the impact of the tire peeled back the roof. the police say the accident happened after 1:00 today in lexington and this is the pickup truck involved, a 1997 dodge ram that was traveling south and a driver-side tire dislodged and went over the median, careening off of a car in causing catastrophic damage and death. the tire was found in the woods about a quarter mile away. the driver of the truck was on her way to school. little is known about the driver who was killed.
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the state police are putting together the pieces of this. >> the deaths are related to separation accidents. wcvb, newscenter 5. anchor 1: breaking news. >> on trump says he will not be in the thursday gop debate on fox news. trump: i do not like the fact that they sent out press releases. i do not know what games roger ailes is playing. something is wrong. megyn
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will be a moderator on thursday. trump picked up the endorsement of jerry falwell junior. it is a blow to ted cruz, who watched his campaign at liberty university, where falwell is president. on the democratic side, both sides tried to rally their voters. hillary clinton: if you go and stand up for me, i will work my heart out for you. bernie sanders: if you vote, we win big. >> sanders, by the way, is heading back for an oval office meeting with obama and it is described to us as, "informal. -- informal." i will see you on thursday at
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anchor 1: a wisconsin man is accused of plotting a terror attack at a may sonic temple. he plant -- at a masonic temple. he plant to kill 30 and attack israeli soldiers. the masonic temple is home to community outreach programs and parents are reacting. >> it has been all over the place and they figured it out and were able to intercept it. >> a possessed a firearm not registered to him. documents will be unsealed tomorrow in the marathon bomber'
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there is likely to be material that is never produced. anchor 2: during a declared snow emergency, they can shovel and mark it for 48 hours. the mayor' s office is calling for common sense. if the violence does not stop, the space-saving policy will. >> we will take action and there will be no space-savers. >> the space-savers only come into play after you have shoulder out a spot. anchor 1: charged with groping students on the way to school. ahmed
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when they said no, he groped them. he is charged with sexual assault. >> next on newscenter 5. >> the police officer and the runaway truck. the move that saved his life. >> what the daily is not doing for you.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 11:00. anchor 1: this is startling video of a police officer being run over by a tractor-trailer. it barrels that the officer and runs him over.
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and the front wheels go over and the next set of wheels go over. he is directing traffic and he started rolling downhill, managing to get away. he was run over again. he suffered a broken hand and had to get 25 stitches in his head. >> if flipped this way and that way. i' m very lucky and fortunate. anchor 1: and, he is able to talk about it. anchor 2: remarkable. anchor 1: he looks forward to getting back to work. anchor 2: a tough man. anchor 1: there are guidelines about what the doctor should be asking. anchor 2: this is important. mary is here to explain why. reporter: the federal panel is calling on doctors to screen for depression and say that pregnant women and new moms are
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>> she loves her girls and, after she gave birth, she found herself out of sorts. >> insomnia. >> she was feeling postpartum depression and found it difficult to get the help that she needed. >> i felt helpless and felt like i was navigating under duress. >> one in eight will suffer depression or postpartum. this is why the government advisory group recommends additional pregnancy screening. >> there are cognitive behavioral impacts on babies while they are in utero and children. >> the internal fetal medicine specialist . >> how often have you been feeling bad about yourself
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working to expand the screening across the country and the new recommendation validates a fight she has waged for years. the panel went on to recommend that all physicians follow-up care. the bottom line is that we no longer have an excuse for dealing with depression. >> it is true and important. obama calls for more research in treating and preventing a fire is. we are learning a person in virginia has been diagnosed with the disease. the virus is causing babies to develop unusually small heads. >> a caffeine myth
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it does not cause a regular heart rhythms. researchers compared people who drank caffeine and measured no differences, no matter how much coffee people had. >> it just feeds into my addiction. plenty of chocolate and coffee. >> listen. you think back and you say you do not remember. we will remind you that it was a first of four huge storms.
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snowstorm and number six on the all-time list. we were hit hard. 35 inches of snow fell. almost three feet. this was the time a year ago when it started to really get close. it was going on way above the average. this is a much above average day. and they went to 54 mile degrees today.
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snow and the appreciable melting. this is a balmy night. so, this will be above freezing along the coast. there will not be a big temperature jump tomorrow. the 20' s on thursday. out around connecticut and there will be a little bit of moisture from the southwest that coincides with the passage through cape cod.
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rain to start the day. you get this and a dusty brees with cooler temperatures that are not real cold for this time of year. you notice the clouds start to work up from the south and the most indications are that the rain could clip the outer rings of thursday evening. through and it may combine with a storm off the shore and give us snow showers and rain showers. it does not look like it will be a big situation. it will get windy cooler -- windy and cooler. we will give you a closer look at friday and this is the ocean storm and they do not really tied together strongly. we will get a few
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saturday, is 39 or 40. and it will turn a little cooler with some significant precipitation. i lean towards rain at this point. anchor 1: you are' tis appended my question. -- you
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm p our fortunes together i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come
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[ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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game in honolulu. and this is gronkowski and slater will not play in honolulu. bill belichick is talking to his former assistant in mobile our -- mobile, alabama. this is a hidden jewel and james white goes to dion lewis and the price of success is paid. the deliveries conducted
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open with roger federer winning his match in sets. novak djokovic does the same. staying up late for this one. the 45th meeting between the titans and they have split 44 matches. congratulations to the girls basketball coach. career win number 644 and more than any girls basketball coach has ever recorded in the history of girls basketball in the state
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could not be more thrilled and more proud. >> what was the number again? >> i know her. she is awesome.
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