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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: a police officer hit by a truck. the confrontation before that. the arrest this morning. erika: a high speed carsh leaves a driver seriously hurt. a rough ending to a 100 miles per hour escape attempted randy: a murder suicide under investigation. the final phone call from the victim. >> you' re watching wcvbb boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener.
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confrontation that left an officer hurt. sera congi is there gathering information. we will have an update in minutes. thanks for being up early with us. randy: i' m randy price. when you' s about this morning you will notice -- erika: it' s january? cindy: sure doesn' t feel like it. 50 yesterday and today we are starting out in the 40' s. an average high to mature the stomach year should be in the mid 30' s. that is the average high. we should be in the 20' s in the morning hours. we are starting out very mild. our coolest temperatures are out through worcester county. but everybody above the freezing mark this morning about the 40' from boston on the way down to this morning. these are rain showers. stretching across the cape cod canal around new bedford down to the vineyard and nantucket. as we fly them into motion, you can see everything is slowly
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riding a lot of frontal boundary and this front is shifting off short. for the next several hours we will have the risk of the showers on the cape. have an umbrella with you. otherwise, a lot of cloud cover. look what happens by lunchtime. clouds are breaking. more sunshine into the afternoon. it turns into a pretty nice day. although we are starting out in the lower 40' s, the temperatures may drop a few degrees after sunrise. then they said to climb back up again. that wind out of the best 10-15 miles per hour with temperatures in the low 40' afternoon. another mild january day. let' s get you out to the roads. kevin: bob: not so much on the map. live shot of the mass pike. indecent shape from framingham -- -- in decent shape. 495 northbound, truck fire.
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lane. 93 southbound, slow down through 495. jammed it is milton. route 3 93 pushing back to 128. services spending between heath street and brigham circle. the number 39 bus will make all those local stops. erika: breaking news. an officer struck by a truck. randy: this started in norway. that is where sera congi is this morning with what we know. sera: norwood police had stopped the suspect they were looking for who had several west wants. -- arrest warrants. he would not get out of his truck. he drove off and that is when the door of the truck hit one of the officers. this all happened at around 2:00 a.m. this morning. it sparked the high-speed chase and several surrounding
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the chase ended up winding back into walpole where state police used stop stick to puncture the tires. it crashed into a pole in norwood. the suspect and a passenger at the hospital. charges are expected but it is unclear what those charges will be. the police officer who was hit suffered only minor injuries. he is at the hospital and will be ok. erika: also breaking overnight, one person is in the hospital after a chase ends in a crash in mansfield. an suv was going about 100 miles per hour when it crashed into a bridge on route 106 after 1:00 a.m. the driver was airlifted to the hospital. not clear how the char stated -- the cahse hase started. three people are dead after shooting at a homeless encampment in seattle.
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two women were rushed into surgery. interest. right now police are investigating a gruesome discovery turning a neighborhood into a crime scene. randy: two people are dead leaving a lot of questions. antoinette antonio is an peabody with what we know if this hour. -- at this hour. antoinette: a lot of questions still this morning as to what exactly happened outside this peabody home. now we know police are investigating this as a motor-suicide. it was a grisly scene. a man and woman found with stab wounds on the front steps of this peabody home. the woman knew the man, though their exact relationship is unclear. police say for some reason the man came to the home, attacked the woman and killed himself. a family member was a long distance witness talking to the victim at the start of the crime.
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relative in brazil. that relative heard a commotion dead. antoinette: that relative then called a local family member who then called police. officers spent hours combing this street, winter street they also told a man' they continue to search for a motive in this murder suicide. they are also still trying to determine the relationship between the 51-year-old woman who lived at the home and the man who was accused of killing her and then killing himself. we will keep you posted on the investigation. randy: a wisconsin man is under arrest accused of plotting a terrorist attack at a masonic temple in the walking. the fbi is saying sammy -- hamsi plan to kill 30 people with a machine gun. two informant said he had plans to travel to the west bank in october and attack israeli
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s now charged with receiving registered to him. one person is dead, eight others under arrest as a standoff at a remote oregon wildlife refuge comes to a violent end. is one of the people in custody. he led that armed group that has taken over buildings at the refuge three weeks ago. angry that to local ranchers were sent to prison for setting fires on government land and other claims they have made. the fbi says one person was killed after shots were fired during a traffic stop. >> we' re here for his family and for him and for the honor he brought the nation. erika: this salute to a hinham marina. e. christopher orlando was one of 12 marines killed went to
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his community wanted to make sure his family knew they are not alone. they stood three deep mining main streets with american flags for hero salute. >> he' ll always be part of the sea and sky. i think whenever we look to the sea and sky we will remember him. erika: friends helped organize last nice tribute. they wanted to make it clear he was everybody son and brother. two brookline police officers are joining a class action lawsuit accusing the town of racism.l the complaint alleges there is a history of racial discrimination and retaliation on every leverett l. the town and the board of selectmen are named in the suit. last night the chair said they are working to address concerns. randy: governor charlie baker said to unveil his 2017 budget plan today. he will lay out specifics on
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now the state is looking at a $6 35 million dollar gap. that is likely to mean cuts for state agencies across the board. >> commitment 2016, major twist and the republican presidential race. donald trump says he will not attend tomorrow' s debate on foxnews. trump has been feuding with megyn kelly since the first debate. kelly will be one of the moderators. bernie sanders will hold a meeting with the president today. the private meeting is expected to be informal and comes as sanders and hillary clinton tried to rev up voters and iowa. mrs. clinton: if you go to the caucus on monday night and stand up for me, i will work my heart out for you. senator sanders: whne our people vote we win big. erika: polls show a tightening race between clinton and sanders.
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massachusetts today. he will open his third bay state office in springfield. we' ll be reporting live beginning tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. randy: two minutes after 6:00. -- 10 minutes after 6:00. erika: the far-reaching suggestion and the people most at risk of depression. jpmorgan has an idea that could protect customers from atm skimming. the new idea for making withdrawals. randy: improve your credit score without getting ripped off. three ways to spot a scam. erika: a norwood police officer hit by a truck while trying to make an arrest. we will have updates on morning. cindy: tracking a couple of rain cape and the islands. another mile day. not quite as warm as yesterday. our next chance for some snow showers ahead.
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>> good morning, eyeopener. join me and other amazing restaurants for the greater boston food -- super hunger brunch january 30 and 31. all proceeds goes to the greater boston food bank. $1.00 can feed up to three people who are not as fortunate it all -- as all of us. for more information go to randy: good morning to you. and you can meet some members of newscenter 5 as well. including members of the eye-opener.
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will be having brunch on saturday. cindy, you will be there,, too. a great event. cindy: for a great cause. . erika: and you get to eat. it has been amazing the past 24 hours -- cindy: the snow melting. temperatures holding in the 40 so we have been getting more melting in overnight. yesterday' s high temperature the first time we have been above average in more than a week heard it has been a stretch of colder than average weather until yesterday but for the months overall, more than two degrees above normal. january pcking -- picking up where december left off. we are going to be in the lower 40' s the next couple days and trend back into the 30' s at the start of the weekend. upper 30' s is above average for this time of year.
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most of it in the western part of the country and especially in canada. the real cold air will stay locked up tight in canada for the next 5-10 days. warmer than average temperatures is the story. we are above freezing and worcester county. 42 in boston. look at the lower 40' s on the cape. a few rain showers on the cape. those of the in the forecast through midmorning. then the clouds break for sunshine this afternoon. notice the temperatures are not change a whole lot today. above freezing is more in. though showers are focused along cold frontal boundary. everything is riding north and east words. that line is right around plymouth back towards middleborough and southward. it is a good idea to head out the door with an umbrella. everything is on the lighter side but the threat for showers will be with us in till front ships offshore. and that will not happen until later this morning. you will see a few more showers through 9:00.
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lunchtime, clouds are beginning to break for sunshine. from west to east. a good amount of sunshine mix with clouds this afternoon with temperatures not too far from where they are right now. mostly in the lower 40' s. winds out of the west 10-15. diminishing winds overnight and clearing skies. look at the temperatures -- teens and 20' s. any melting that happens today will free freeze overnight. -- refreeze overnight. tomorrow is a quiet day. we watch on friday the storm shift offshore. as a disturbance approaches from the north and west, that makes for a few snowfall lurries. this may produce an area of some snow. and it looks like some may set up to our north. during the day, a lot of clouds, maybe a couple of snow showers. but look at this over the state of maine by friday evening. that is that storm trying to link up. there could be accumulating snow up there.
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we start the weekend with quiet weather and the jet stream lifting to the north sunday into early next week will bring back warmer temperatures. near 50 again by sunday and in the 50' s heading out the door next week. randy: unbelievable, 50' s, generate -- janm uary. kevin: a little bit of red one race -- wet roadways. volumes on schedule. slowdowns downtown on the leverett. 93 south heading down towards stero drive. tobin getting a little busier. ok coming in from chelsea. 495 northbound is the trouble spots. emergency vehicle still have the right lane blocked before the chelmsford rest area. 93 in andover, the heaviest from 129 to the city. that will take you 30 minutes to get down to that lower deck. south of town, brake lights
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into the o' neill tunnel. delays i-93 approaching route 37. randy: your health. new guidelines surrounding depression. a panel suggests that all american adults be screened for depression. why pregnant women and new moms are particularly at risk. >> i felt like i was navigating a bunch of hurdles on my own under complete the rest. randy: jamie loves her two girls but admit she felt out of sorts after giving birth. she thought she was alone. but doctors say one in eight women will suffer depression, either during pregnancy or postpartum. a government advisory group now recommends expecting moms and new moms get additional attention for depression screening. >> untreated depression has cognitive behavioral impacts both on babies while they are
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randy: experts recommend all physicians have systems in place for treatment and follow-up care. erika: it is now 6:19. chinese stocks sank overnight as other markets rose following gains on wall street are u.s. stocks jumped yesterday as the price of oil rose 4%. stock futures are lower right now. you may soon be able to take money out of the atm with your phone. j.p. morgan chase is upgrading its fleet of atm' s to include several new perks including the your smartphone. the company it uses the same technology as apple pay. jpmorgan hopes to allow check-cashing at their atm' s and custom withdrawal amounts. plenty of people want to boost know that. and they are looking for new ways to cash in. randy: consumer experts say spot a scam. payment before they do anything for your credit. a second, if
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contact a credit reporting agency directly. and finally, if they suggest you use a number different than your social security number called a "credit privacy number." those are often stolen identities. erika: a toddler caught talking on the baby monitor. randy: the prayer that has people talking this morning. new on the eye-opener at 6:30, new information on the marathon bomber and the evidence that convicted him. the documents being unsealed. erika: plane crash survivors talk about their harrowing experience. why one man went back into the burning plane after escaping. randy: falling breaking news in norwood. one police officer with a minor injury after being hit by a truck driver while trying to make an arrest. sera congi with an update. next at 6:30 on new england' s eye.
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we are starting with temperatures not far from 40 and we will ke those temperatures above the average again. trade off a lot of clouds. take a look along the coast and plymouth. a few showers on radar and these are rain showers with temperatures starting out close to 40 degrees. though showers will be winding down mid-to-late morning for a clouds give way to sunshine. a lot of melting the next couple days. more clouds and the risk of a few flurries on friday. erika: time now for your eye poppers. randy: we are going to start with a very cute, very thankful little girl in her crib. >> thank you my daddy and thank you my mommy. amen. randy: amen. [ so a south carolina toddler
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prayers and her crib. her parents were so excited about the panthers they did not ask her to say her bedtime prayers. erika: what a cutie pie. so, this , we are not sure where it happened but that does not matter. it is a person in a t-rex costume ice-skating. doing a really good job. a little bit of slipping. a high five there. considering the costume is top-heavy. i can barely make it through -- i need elbow pads and everything else it randy: he' s got some pa dding. so far so good. peyton manning under the microscope this morning. the claims make in nfl taking a closer look at the quarterback. erika: safety improvements and plays on a dangerous stretch of road that change after a deadly crash on route 20. sera congi will be live in norwood police officer who was
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a chase ends in a wild crash in mansfield appeared what we know. >> what could be some very revealing information about dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> a grisly crime scene on a front porch, how the victim' s last words could give police clues. randy: fears about the zika virus hitting massachusetts. >> is not worth the risk. randy: the choice of one woman and others on the eye. breaking news, a norwood police officer is critical after been hit by a truck driver, police say he was trying to make an arrest of the driver.
6:27 am
department and will have an update in a matter of minutes. thank you for joining us. i' m randy price. erika: and i' m erika tarantal. emily is off. cindy is watching the forecast and kevin is in for olessa this morning. cindy: our january thaw. a far cry from yesterday when we were stepping out to 29 in boston and below freezing in worcester. above freezing with a lot of 40' s. boston up to beverly toward the cape. no icing concerns. radar, from plymouth back to middleborough and southward, have an umbrella as we are seeing a few rain showers on the lighter side. everything lifting up from southwest to nor these, these are focused on the frontal boundary and until the ships offshore the risk for showers will stay and that will be with us through mid to late morning with the showers lingering and by lunchtime they are gone.
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midday into the afternoon. we will get brighter this afternoon with a westerly wind at 10 to 15. behind the front, the air cooler coupled over-40' s now and we may lose a few degrees and come back up in the low-40' s this afternoon. little temperature change, low-40' s, above-average and the trend will continue, we will talk about for how long coming up. let' s get you out to the roads, they are wet. kevin: watch her speech and take caution. farther north not bad, the pike, nice ride. soldiers field road, no troubles downtown along the river roads and airport tunnels. the north, our big trouble spot, 495 northbound prior to the jumper dress area, the remnants of a truck fire
6:29 am
northbound for true three. 93 heavy out of wilmington. 128 busy from lynnfield to the 93 cloverleaf. no troubles on route three south of town. expressway close to 30 minutes. the branch of the green line, service suspended between brigham circle and heath street, bus number 39 will make the local stops. randy: following breaking news. erika: the eyeopener' s sera congi is live in norwood where an officer was hit by a truck overnight. sera: a norwood police officer is expected to be ok after getting hit by the door of a pickup truck. this happened at 2:00 a.m. this morning, nor would police have stopped a driver who has several arrest warrant and he would not get out of the vehicle and then drove off and that is when the officer was hit after a high-speed trace through several surrounding towns, the pickup
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charges are expected, unknown what they will be. the norwood police officer suffered only minor injuries. erika: thank you. also breaking overnight, one person is in the hospital after a chase ends in a crash in mansfield. the sun chronicle reports an suv was going about 100 miles an hour when it crashed into a bridge on route 106. it' s not clear how the chase started. randy: right now, police are investigating what they' re calling a murder-suicide in peabody. a man and a woman were found with knife wounds on the porch of a home on winter street last night. police say the woman knew the man who for some reason came to her home, attacked her, then killed himself. erika: right now, one person is dead and eight are under arrest as the standoff at a remote oregon wildlife refuge comes to a violent end. protest leader ammon bundy is one of the people in custody this morning. the group was angry that two local ranchers were sent to
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local federal lands. right now, we are waiting for new information that could shed new light on the bombing of the boston marathon. to be released as early as randy: the eyeopener' s doug meehan is live at the federal courthouse with what they could show. doug: those documents haven' t been made public until now. the judge that was ruling over the marathon bombing case has made public. prosecutors and lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev submitted a list of more than 600 court filings and exhibits that both sides agree can be made public. tsarnaev, as you know, was convicted and sentenced to death last year for his role in the 2013 attack. three people were killed and more than 260 injured in the bombings. among the documents set to be search warrants, dna reports, and the fbi
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t have an exact timeline on when those documents will be released. we will pass it to you when we learned. -- when we learn it. randy: right now, safety improvements are in place after several bad crashes on route 20 in oxford. including the collision that killed a mother and her nine-month-old son back in october. the $2.3 million emergency project included widening part of the road, putting up dividers in some areas, and new reflector strips on lanes. erika: 5 investigates with reaction after a man behind bars for decades finds out a judge ordered a new trial. george perrot says he' s elated by the decision. through a friend, perrot tells five investigates he' s been locked in what he calls a cage for 30 years for a crime he says he did not commit -- the 1985 rape of an elderly woman in yesterday, a judge said the fbi' s testimony about hair evidence in the case was so flawed perrot deserves a new trial. in his 79-page decision, judge robert kane wrote justice may
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>> it is horrific to think about being sent to jail as a teenager and spending the rest of your life in jail for a horrific crime he did not commit. erika: perrots attorney' s will now ask that he be released on bail. no response yet from the hampden county district attorney on whether they will appeal. a deadly accident on route 128. randy: the object that killed a man from the other side of the highway. and plane crash survivors share their story of what happened, the terrifying moment when one man thought he was trapped in the burning debris. erika: updating or breaking news this morning. a norwood police officer is recovering after being hit by a truck overnight. sera congi has the confrontation that started it all ahead in
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man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even.
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>> welcome back. checking your roads , big delays on 495 north coming out of littleton. he writes landlocked -- the right lane blocked. cindy: another date with our january thaw. and showers along the south
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have rain gear. starting out close to 40 degrees . milder off the bus this afternoon, lower-40' s and 40' s tomorrow with some colder air on friday with a few flurries. erika: thank you. two men who survived this fiery plane crash in new hampshire are now saying thank you to the people who saved their lives. roger cross and ronald gagnon suffered serious injuries when their small plane went down in north hampton this summer. they believe a shift in the wind caused a problem right after take off. it turned into a life-or-death struggle fast. >> the only door on the plane was on the right side, the door was jammed in the ground and at that point the fire started to come into the plane and caught his arm on fire. erika: cross got out but went back into the flames to save his friend. both were treated at portsmouth regional hospital. they told first responders they
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and treatment they got there. randy: breaking news ahead in news to go. the overnight incident landing a norwood police officer in the hospital. plus, a high speed chase with a violent ending. and a happy moment on a highway. the joyous reason for a traffic jam. >> week that, a brand-new year of brand-new newscast, newscenter 5 at 7:00, journalist
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two other women were arrested surgery >> a gruesome scene on the front porch of this home, a woman stabbed to death and a suspect killing himself. bullies are investigating this as a murder-suicide and it was a chilling phone call that led police to the home. they say the victim was on the phone with family members in brazil when the relative heard the commotion and the phone line went dead. that is when they called a local family member who called police.
6:39 am
the relationship between the 51-year-old victim, who lived in this house, and the man accused of killing her. and then killing himself. police say they have no motive . doug: we are about to get our hands on some new details surrounding one of the marathon bombers. information that has never been made public. both prosecutors and defense attorneys have put forth a list of more than 600 court findings and exhibits from the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. and the judge has agreed to have them released. included are, search warrants dna reports, and statements from expert witnesses. however, u.s. district court judge george o' toole did not say exactly when they will be made public. tsarnaev was convicted in sentenced to death for his role in the 2013 bombings at the marathon finish line. we' re live in boston, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: concerns are growing
6:40 am
husband among many now cancelling their vacation plans over the mosquito-bourne illness. >> it is not worth the risk to put the baby in harm' s way. if anything were to happen , we would not be able to live with the old. that is why -- live with the guilt and that is why it was a no-brainer. randy: some airlines are allowing customers to cancel trips to areas affected by the mosquito-borne virus including south america. watch the full interview this morning on gma right after the eye. erika: a freak accident is under investigation on route 128 in lexington. a tire flying off of a pick-up truck killing a man driving in a car on the other side of the highway. that man' s name has not been released, police only saying that he is from lexington. no word on any charges against the 19-year-old woman behind the wheel of the pick up.
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oregon, one protester killed yesterday as police arrested the group occupying a federal wildlife refuge. the fbi says the protester was involved in a shooting with police during a traffic stop. the group had been protesting for three weeks, since two local setting fires on federal land. randy: actor abe vigoda has died at the age of 94. detective phil fish on the 1970' along with doomed mafia soldier in 1982, people magazine mistakenly referred to him as the late abe vigoda. that became a running joke for the actor as he continued to work into his 80' s. erika: a big boost for weight watchers stock after one tweet from oprah. oprah tweeted about losing 26 pounds with weight watchers, of which she is now a member of the board. shares immediately soared more than 20% following her post. that means the company' s market
6:42 am
rose about $150 million. tweet me, opera. -- oprah. randy: the nfl confirms it is looking into allegations that broncos quarterback peyton manning has used human growth hormones. the allegations, first made by al jazeera, claim the banned substances were delivered to manning' s wife. manning denies ever using them. the league is now conducting a review. erika: the bruins head into the all star break with an embarrassing loss and a health scare. backup goalie jonas gustavsson was taken out in the first period against the ducks and brought to mass general for an undisclosed illness. he does have a history of an abnormal heart rhythm. as for the game, the rest of the b' s barely showed up. anaheim scores four goals in a row, adding two more in the final minute. b' s lose, 6-2. randy: a special congratulations to oliver ames coach elaine clement-holbrook. she broke the all-time state record for girl' s basketball
6:43 am
philip. clement-holbrook has 634 career wins under her belt, along with two state titles in 40 years of coaching. marathon bombing survivor adrienne haslet-davis is returning to the marathon as a competitor. the professional dancer lost a leg in the attack. she says she has begun training for the april 18 marathon. haslet-davis will run to raise money for the limbs for life foundation. erika: police in new york make a special delivery. they stopped traffic to help a mother give birth. and it was a success. you can see one officer carrying the newborn to the ambulance they later tweeted a picture of little nicola wong. both she and mom are doing just fine. randy: u.s. customs agents arrest an airline passenger trying to smuggle live birds in his pants. the man was a passenger on a flight from cuba to florida.
6:44 am
international airport earlier this month. customs agents say he was concealing six exotic birds in a fanny pack in his pants. erika: this story just put their to get us in story -- put there to get me in trouble. not one peep from me. kevin: downtown, wide-open into the o' neill tunnel. river roads and airports ok but tobin bridge is solid. troubles to the north on 495 northbound, earlier truck fire has the right lane blocked northbound. solid back to 119 in littleton. to the north on 93, a 45 minute ride down from wilmington toward the lower deck. 93 northbound, the expressway is
6:45 am
will take you 30 minutes from braintree to the o' neill tunnel. cindy: feeling like spring, our january thaw. clouds this morning , 42 out the door in boston and wind out of the west at 13 that will eventually bring in cooler air overnight and starting out above freezing everywhere, some 30' s and worcester county. the radar active with rain showers around the plymouth area on southward down to the cape and islands. everything on the lighter side but ahead of a frontal boundary that is slowly shifting offshore this morning. 9:00, 10:00, had to run relevant on standby -- have your umbrella on standby. in the low-40' s for highs. tonight, teens and 20' s, a re-freeze and maybe slick spots early tomorrow. tomorrow a quiet day and this disturbance will try to interact with a storm offshore could bring -- a good bring in
6:46 am
steadier snow may be here over the coast of maine but the jet stream pattern, saturday near 40 degrees but by sunday and early next week, temperatures back into the 50' s on monday. way above average as we round the corner to january. into february.
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