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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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randy: good morning. it' s thursday, january 28. i' m randy price. erika: i' m erika tarantal. stories we' re following right now on the eyeopener a deadly stabbing in norton. the second crime scene and the arrest this morning. randy: a new clue in a shooting in brookline. the evidence police hope will help crack the case. >> foul, discussed in place we are in. erika: a hingham man sharing his story. the disturbing details we' re hearing from the iranian captive for the first time. randy: we' re back to a little bit cooler weather. cindy: it is january, right tackle 27 -- right? 27 degrees.
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morning. we' ve got lower 20' s on the north shore as you get away from the coast line. places like bedford and back toward jaffrey, all in the teens. look at the teens showing up from norwood down for the cape as well. it is a colder start. the skies are clear. we' re going to hang on to a lot of sunshine. just after 7:00, we' re going to see mostly sunny skies. by noon time, we are in the upper 30' s, making a run in the lower 40' s in most areas. a very pleasant day today . we will start to see some clouds come in later today. this will veer off to the west and a storm producing severe weather over florida to our south. those two features may combine to bring a lot of clouds tomorrow and rain and snow showers. i will break down the timeline on that. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: good morning everyone.
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let' s go to the maps. overnight construction in place, 93 southbound. no trouble south of town. so far so good as you make away along the pike. some more construction hearing shortly. over by route three. we' re expecting the trains and buses to start on schedule. erika: right now two violent scenes are under investigation in norton. one woman is dead. another is seriously hurt after simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. and we are getting new information about how all of this happened. s pam cross is in norton right now with what we know at this hour. pam? pam: we know that it all started that'
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killed his estranged wife. 34-year-old julie meede was found in this home last night after a 911 call. she had stab wounds. meede was rushed to sturdy memorial hospital but couldn' t be saved. about a minute after the panicked call from that home police got a call about a head-on crash not far away on 495. that' s where police say martin mcdonald' s car crossed the median and hit another car driven by a rhode island woman. she' s now in the hospital with serious injuries. mcdonald was pulled from the crash and he was arrested at the crash scene on murder charges. he' s due in court later this morning. we' ll bring you the latest estimate as we have any updates. i am pam cross, newscenter 5. erika: other stories we' re following right now this murder suspect is in critical condition shooting himself in the head as fitchburg police moved-in. officers are still searching for a woman he' s accused of kidnapping. dana lee william is accused of strangling his former father-in-law and kidnapping his former mother-in-law in virginia last week before returning to fitchburg. randy: the fbi is keeping tight
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in redwood, new hampshire. -- in brentwood, new hampshire. agents conducted a search at a house near the intersection of middle and crawley falls roads. they will only say it is part of an ongoing investigation. there was also a search in nearby east kingston yesterday. the fbi says there is no threat to the public. erika: right now police are pouring over a major clue as they try to piece together two bloody crime scenes. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is in brookline this morning with that discovery and how it could help crack this case. of those crime scenes this morning. the discovery is the car at the center of this bizarre and -- as our crime police are still looking into. that car is a white ford focus with new york plates, abandoned in boston. it had allegedly been stolen from a home in cambridge. all of this started on st. paul street wednesday with a shooting.
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a short time later police say that white car went by st. mary' s school on harvard street two more wounded men came out a door. two suspects took off one in the car and one on foot. they' re still on the run this morning. the three victims are expected to survive. police say everyone involved knows each other this wasn' t random. we are still trying to piece together all of the questions and answers. we will keep you posted on the investigation here to where alive, internet antonio, the vc vb newscenter 5 -- w the --wcvb newscenter 5. randy: new this morning we are hearing for the first time from a hingham man held captive for weeks in an iranian prison. matthew trevithick returned home nearly two weeks ago after spending more than 40 days in the infamous prison. he sat down with cnn describing the horrific conditions. right before he was released trevithick says he was taken
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interrogated. cook' s this is your let' s check -- this is your last chance. admit that your here to overthrow the government. admit that you work for the u.s. government. admit the truth. randy: the boston university grad was studying in the middle east when he was taken captive. he did lose some weight while behind bars but is otherwise doing ok. erika: a federal judge releases hundreds of never-before-seen documents in the boston marathon bombing case. among the 600 pages a defense motion to exclude statements dzhokhar tsarnaev made to the fbi while in the hospital. the defense claims tsarnaev was questioned for 36-hours despite serious injuries and repeated requests for an attorney. many documents concern witnesses such as death penalty opponent sister helen prejean who prosecutors unsuccessfully tried to bar from the trial. new this morning a new report calls for additional training for administrators after an incident involving racially-charged text messages at lowell high school.
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election of an african american student as class president. six students were suspended. but there were questions after one of those students was allowed to run in a sporting event just a day later. the lowell sun reports 16 pages of the task force report on the incident were not made public including names of staff members who responded. there is a heated debate over a team mascot. randy: the new push to get rid of what many call a racist symbol. crunch time for candidates in iowa as they take the debate stage. but the front-runner promises he will not be there. the event he' s planning instead. cindy: another mild day. but i' m tracking an offshore storm. my timeline on the potential for flurries. and the warm up headed our way -- headed our way. erika: quick action to save a
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the stranger here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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randy: right now fiery debate in tewksbury over a school mascot. the symbol drawing so much pride from the stands is deemed racist
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now the school has to decide if they want to change it. erika: the redmen symbol came under attack before but the debate re-surfaced last month after letters of concern from two parents. and it' s drawing passionate arguments. >> we fight our greatest battle yet. we live in a time where way too far. >> this mascot says a message of oppression and discriminate they can desensitize after years of doing it on uniforms and on school grounds. -- years of viewing it on uniforms and on school grounds. erika: last night was a listening session for the school committee. a decision is not expected for a few months. erika: a landmark study in the field of mental health. randy: the latest breakthrough. and what it could mean for people with schizophrenia. a stadium project unearths the unexpected. what construction crews found
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erika: welcome back. time to check in with cindy in the weather. cindy: we have been so spoiled that you walk out and go oh, it
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just watch out you' d may be some re-freezing from all of the melting that has happened. yesterday, we did it again. 45 hour high in boston after being in the low 50' s on tuesday. it has been a much warmer week. the six to 10 day outlook for temperatures in the east calls for the continuation of above average temperatures. things may change. we have the cold air in place. notice on the cape, we are running in the lower 20' s. 15 in norwood. teens back in northern worcester county. boston is at 27 degrees right now. skies are clear. lots of sunshine. out of the 20' s to above freezing by 10:00 a.m. we are going to make a run at 40 degrees as we get into the afternoon. this guys that are out there are with us for a good
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upper 30' s. those will be our coolest spots. otherwise, lower 40' s. it is another of above average day here it we' ve got a storm that is raising toward us from the west. a lot of energy with this. not a lot of moisture. down the coast, there is a lot of moisture over florida. it spawned some severe weather yesterday. between those two features, we are going to hang onto a lot of sunshine today. clouds may come up from the south. clouds increase overnight. we are going to watch these two features tomorrow. look at this by 5:00 in the morning, the storm is going back out to sea. the back edge of the moisture may clip parts of this cake -- clip parts of the cape with moisture.
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rainstorms and snow. tomorrow morning, first thing for the commute, there will likely be some rain, especially over the cape. as we get deeper into the morning, rain and snow showers across the area with a bulk of the rain showers posted to the coast line. as the disturbance races in from the west, there could be a quick snow shower that puts down quick intense snow. the steady accumulation is going to be to our north. quiet weather on sunday. 39 degrees. the jet stream starting on sunday and into early next week is going to lift to the north. that is why i say that six to 10 day outlook is for above average temperatures. monday, tuesday, even into wednesday, temperatures staying in the 50' s. a nice little street -- a nice little treat.
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problem free ride . let' s get up to the maps and check the rest of your trip. a little overnight construction is in place for 93 southbound. also clearing that roadwork, south of town. no problems here along 128. some more construction pick me up on 128 southbound, approaching route three. so far, trains and buses, we are expecting them to start the day on schedule. erika: commitment 2016 now. the final republican debate before the iowa caucus gets underway tonight. ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, chris christie, ben carson, john kasich and rand paul all taking the stage. but there' s a notable absence. the gop front-runner is standing firm saying he won' t be there. donald trump appeared on fox reilly avoiding the host' calls for trump to join the trump says he' s unhappy with the way fox news has treated him
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moderator megyn kelley. his closest rival ted cruz quick >> donald is a fragile soul. and who knows what could happen? his air -- his hair could stand on end. erika: trump will instead hold wounded veterans. the debate starts at 9:00. newscenter 5' s phil lipof will be reporting in iowa for the lead-up to the caucuses. phil' s reports begin tonight on newscenter 5 at 4:30. randy: a deal to end the fight over a proposed casino in everett. and it will mean a big chunk of change for boston taxpayers. the city of boston will drop all efforts to kill the wynn casino in everett. boston is concerned over the impact the casino will have on traffic especially in sullivan square. in exchange wynn will pay the city $2 million in compensation for the next 15 years. $25
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infrastructure upgrades in sullivan square wynn will aim to spend 20 -- $20 million a year doing business with boston companies. the casino is scheduled to open in 2 years. erika: your economy now . statewide regulations are coming to rideshare services like uber and lyft. a new bill will be drafted next month by the house on beacon hill. lawmakers want the rideshare services to stay but want to make sure they follow safety protocols for passengers and drivers. the taxi industry has long protested the companies claiming they do not follow any regulations. asian stocks waver today after the u.s. federal reserve sounded a note of caution on the world economy. yesterday the dow dropped 222 points to close at 15,944. right now stock futures are higher. -- randy: the house passed the legislation yesterday. the senate approved in september.
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the use of tanning beds increases -- erika: a breakthrough study on schizophrenia. for the first time scientists say they' ve figured out the process in the brain that researchers from boston' s s hospital and harvard medical school say the discovery could open the path for early detection and treatment. the landmark findings were published in the journal nature. randy: trending stories now an expansion project at an oregon state university stadium turns up bones. construction workers found the remains of a mammoth underneath the football stadium. the creature existed more than 10,000 years ago. researchers have collected some of the bones for preservation. erika: take a look at this cutie. just won gerber' s annual baby photo contest. she looked quite pleased about
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and so are her parents. the michigan baby winds $50,000 -- wins $50000. randy: it' s a boy. that father from new york saints when he gets the news. he and his wife already have 4 daughters. finding out they had a son on the way was just too much to he says he' s going to be ok. the couple' s son is due in june. although finding out you have five, it could make you fight too. strangers form a bond to save a erika: the tough spot he got into. and how others pulled him out. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00 getting more sleep is not alert. the mistakes that might be
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randy: five minutes before 5:00. erika: a man is expected in court today accused in a deadly stabbing that led to a crash in norton. police say martin mcdonald stabbed his estranged wife to death last night here on holmes street. about a minute after a 911 call from that home police got a call , about a head-on crash not far away on 495. that' s where police say mcdonald' s car crossed the median and hit another car driven by a rhode island woman. she suffered serious injuries. new overnight three more arrests , have been made in the armed standoff at a federal wildlife reserve in oregon. the three suspects surrendered overnight. that' s after ammon bundy the leader of the group who was arrested tuesday called for his supporters to stand down. the group was protesting after two local ranchers were sent to prison for setting fires to
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randy: an american airlines flight bound for los angeles diverts after six people suddenly became sick. a flight attendant collapsed and others on the plane started feeling faint. the london flight turned back to make an emergency landing. all those who felt sick were released after a medical check. american airlines says the boeing 777 is being thoroughly examined. erika: a somber anniversary today. it' s been 30 years since seven crew members were killed when the space shuttle challenger exploded shortly after take-off. among them new hampshire teacher christa mcauliffe. mcauliffe was supposed to beam lessons from space to classrooms back here on earth. randy: a garbage truck explodes in new jersey. four homes are damaged after the blast yesterday. the driver of the truck ran when he saw smoke in the cab. flames ate through the natural gas tanks causing the eruption. , investigators are looking into exactly how the flames started. erika: the celtics have no
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the garden. they had 15 steals on the night and got their running game going. 24 fast-break points. avery bradley led the way with 27 of his own. 21 of them in the first half. celtics win their fourth in a row 111-103 the final. an update now on the bruins backup goalie. jonas gustavsson was released from mass general yesterday, after he was taken there during the first period of tuesday night' s game. he had an elevated heart rate and underwent what we' re told were three minor heart surgeries. he' ll rejoin the bruins after the all star break. randy: something you don' t see everyday or maybe ever. that' s a turtle with two heads. the owner brought the reptile into an animal hospital for a check-up and it turns out the turtle is very healthy. the that -- the vet says the six-year-old is an anomaly as two-headed turtles generally do not live long. the turtle is on its way to a zoo in the philippines. erika: a remarkable rescue in
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a truck driver swerved off the highway and dangled over a steep hill. that' s when other drivers pulled over to form a human-chain and pull him up. that man is expected to be ok and was very grateful for the help he received from strangers. randy: tough drive conditions in that part of the country. cindy: look where we compare this year. we have had -- we haven' t had a lot of snow. 10.5 inches. compared to last year, we just came out of the big storm. last year, 35 inches of snow around boston. you can see , we had our first of what would be several major storm -- major snowstorms. the next one came in around the groundhog day. we had another one less than a week later. very different scenarios.
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as of right now, you can see there are a few snow showers coming across the lake. this is a disturbance that is moving in our direction. it is a mostly sunny day for you on this thursday. temperatures will stay above average. we should be in the mid-30' s at the end of january. it is climatological he our coldest time of the year. d.c. will get in some good melting today. there is no real cold arctic air . all of that is locked up in canada. we are watching this moisture over florida. there was one confirmed tornado yesterday in florida. associated with an area of low pressure that is lifting off the coast. add to that -- as that disturbance a purchase from the west, we are good to see some rain and snow showers during the day.
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