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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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erika: 2 grizzly seems connected to one man in the violent series of events. randy: a major clue found that could solve a shooting and stabbing in brookline. erika: frightening moments on board an american airlines flight. >> you are watching wcvb , boston' s news later, good morning, this is newscenter5 eyeopener. >> she slowly wakes up and realizes that there' s an animal
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randy: what nice nails you have. the unusual feature that curled up on a 99-year-old woman . -- the unusual chair. -- creature. i would be in orbit. good morning to you. erika: emily is offense in the is here. cindy: 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday with temperatures in the teens and 20' s. it is 27 degrees in boston so make sure the kids are bundled up. we will hang onto the sunshine getting off the bus this afternoon and lower 40' s once again.
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all day with winter coming to the south -- with the wins coming toward the south. right around 40 degrees at 5:00 p.m. there are spots in the western hills. today is quiet that there is a disturbance to the west and a storm coming out of florida loaded with moisture. the bulk of this is going off to snow showers in the area for friday. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: good morning, we have problems on the red line would shuttle buses replacing trains from north quincy to jfk. commuter rail services being provided but budget and extra travel time. -- but budget in extra travel time.
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so far 93 is in good shape. heading south, no accidents to report but falla was starting to pick up on the expressway. -- but traffic is starting to pick up on the expressway. we will keep you posted on the red line delays. randy: 2 violent scenes are under investigation. one woman is dead and another seriously injured after simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. we' re getting new information about how this happened. pam: good morning, it started on home street. a man has come out of the home after police have cleared the scene. this is where police say 35-year-old martin mcdonald killed his extremist life.
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she had stab wounds and she was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. about a minute after the call came in a house, police were called to a head-on crash on route 495 and that' s where police say donald' s truck crossed the median and hit a car driven by a rhode island woman. that woman is in the hospital with serious injuries. mcdonald was pulled from the crash and he was arrested on murder charges. he is due in court later this morning and we will bring you updates us on his get them. erika: thank you, police in brookline are looking over a major clue as they try to piece together 2 bloody crime scenes. we go to brookline live this morning. 3 antoinette: we are at one of the crime scenes and this one is on
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the discovery was the car at the center of this violent and bizarre crime. this is a look at the white ford focus on the rental car was found abandoned in boston. it had allegedly been stolen from a home in cambridge. this started on st. paul street wednesday with a shooting, one man was found wounded and a short time later, police say that white car drove by st. mary' s school on harvard street passing to more wounded man outside the car door. the two suspects took off. one was on foot and one was in the car and they are on the run this morning. as for the three victims, they are expected to survive. police in brookline said they don' t believe this was random. everyone involved in this crime new each other. there are still a lot of unanswered questions this morning. we will keep you posted. randy:
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there is a deal to end the fight that have been going on over the casino in everett and it could be a jackpot for boston taxpayers. the city of boston will drop all efforts to kill the wynn casino in boston is concerned of the impact it will have on traffic especially sullivan square. in exchange, wynn will pay the city $2 milln in compensation for the next 15 years. there will be upgrades and sullivan square and wynn aims to spend the million dollars per year and the casino is scheduled to open in two years. erika: a new report is recommending new training for administrators after an incident involving racially charged text messages at lowell high school. they surfaced after the election of an african-american student as class president. six students were suspended but
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later. of the task force report on the incident were not of staff members who responded . boston latin school and on saving environment and amending slurs. 2 two students left with -- two students met with the mayor. they want school administrators to publicly address the bullying situation and the headmaster sent out a letter this week done. randy: a murder suspect is in critical condition after a shooting, the head. officers are still searching for kidnapping. dana lee william is accused of strangling his former father-in-law and kidnapping his former mother-in-law and the s virginia home last week before he fled to fitchburg. sheila smith says she was there
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she claims that william blamed the mother -- the parents in law. victim. erika: a family of a man killed when a wheel flew off the truck kindness. his uncle says they are shocked by the tragic crash and he was remembered as an active member of his church community. state police say a 19-year-old woman was driving the pickup truck tuesday when it lost a tire in lexington and she has not been charged. in commitment to thousand 16, the file republican debate for oh for the iowa caucus gets under way tonight. there is a notable absence. the gop front runner is stemming from saying he will not be there.
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reilly avoiding the cause to join the debate. he says he is unhappy with the way fox news has treated him with sarcasm and questions from moderator megan kelly. in the democratic race, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are doing a full-court press in iowa today days before voting begins. bernie sanders met with president obama at the white house but the meeting was not an endorsement. afterwards, bernie sanders call the productive. hillary clinton was back in iowa campaigning at a bowling alley. most polls put clinton and sanders met and neck in iowa. we go to iowa this morning and we will report live to the lead up on the caucuses tonight starting at 4:30 p.m. randy: people are remembering a new hampshire educator who continues to inspire so many. 30 years ago today, could to maccallum and six other crew members were killed when the space shuttle. challenger exploded shortly after takeoff that mission was special for so
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krista mcauliffe was going to beam lessons from space. 30 years later, a high-tech facility in texas, one of many and her students, picked up where those astronauts left off. many of the new hampshire students she taught back in 1986 have become teachers themselves. a new lawsuit that could put college athletes against fantasy sports. websites on the defense. cindy: temperatures are down in the teens and 20' s this morning so there are concerns for icy spots and we are tracking rain and snow showers for tomorrow. heading out the door.
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randy: 6:13 a.m., thursday morning and the week is flying by. erika: what a week it has been cindy: until you walk out the door this morning. we have had melting so it could be slippery this morning. 45 yesterday and low 40' s again this afternoon. the trend is down a little into tomorrow, upper 30' s and that' s above average for this time of year. our average high is 36 in late january. this is usually the coldest time of the year but not for now. temperatures are in the teens and many spots are running in the teens. down to norwood, just 16 degrees.
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we are 20 on the north shore. clear skies and light winds with cooling overnight and we will start out with sunshine today and hang onto that most of today. i am watching a disturbance to the west and a strong to the south which will bring in more clouds tonight and tomorrow looks cloudy over all. and enjoy the sunshine today in temperatures will be in the upper 30' s and the worcester hills but lower 40' s and the north shore down to the cape. the wind will turn to the south only 10 miles per hour. by 6:00 p.m., there will be a little moisture. clouds overnight will make is not as chile tomorrow morning. these are the temperatures tomorrow morning, about freezing because as the storm goes up the coast offshore, the bulk of the moisture will stay offshore.
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that moisture waif -- may flirt with the cape tomorrow morning. a disturbance is pushing from the west of the same time and some of the moisture is sneaking in on the cape and there will be heavier accumulating snow likely through parts of maine and nova scotia. it could be a few snow showers tomorrow morning through worcester county with rain closer to the coast line. some rain may impact the morning commute near the coast line. snow showers are possible toward the new hampshire coast and they may linger until about midday with possible snow showers. not a big event with heavy precipitation but rain and a few snow hours could amount to slush locally. once that goes by, saturday is quiet, upper worries with a few clouds and snow showers across the ski country. starting sunday, the jet stream is far to the north and that will carry us into early next
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s. starting on sunday through every day temperatures will be 50 degrees or higher th . if you want the snow, it gets week. this is a nice treat. erika: thank you. a fairly quiet start on the roads. olessa: the trains have problems on the red line and shuttle buses are replacing trains from quincy to jfk. the rails so commuter service will be provided. plan accordingly. extra stops. gas tanks. on the maps, these are the travel times.
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the pike is about 20 minutes from 495 to 128 and 93 south looks that but the volume picks up near concord street. erika: your economy headlines -- asian markets dipped overnight as the u.s. federal reserve expressed caution on the world economy. dow futures or higher at the moment after dropping more than 200 yesterday. wall street will watch for the weekly snapshot on unemployment today. statewide regulations are coming to rideshare services like uber with a new bill drafted next month and lawmakers want the rideshare services to stay but want them to follow safety protocols. the taxi industry has protested the companies claiming they don' t follow any regulations. randy: a new fight for the fantasy sports websites. they are being sued by a former college football player.
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profiting from the names and likenesses of student athletes without their permission. he is trying to represent all college players in the lawsuit but no comment from draft kings or fan dual. there are worries over thezika virus. five people in new york have tested positive for the mosquito borne virus and got it while abroad. experts wouldn' t say where the travel. it has been shown to cause serious birth defects and has spread to 24 countries and territories. some terrifying moments for passengers and crew on american airlines flight out of london, a flight attendant collapse and others felt faint london to los angeles. it turned back making an emergency landing. crew members and passengers showed symptoms and there was a clear concern. those who felt sick were later released after medical check up.
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caused that problem. s still a mystery. when you don' t get enough no surprise you are tired. erika: there may be other reasons you are dragging like not getting enough exercise. a recent study found people who got a workout in work more alert all day long. you might not get enough water. a few glasses of water keeps dehydration and fatigue at bay. watch your iron intake. low iron levels can lead to low energy levels and anemia especially if you are not getting enough meat, poultry, or eggs. randy: from day one, for better or worse. erika: the beautiful way a couple made the most of the blizzard on their wedding day. also, the experience a kidnapped person talks about their captivity. randy: the debate over a mascot
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we are coming right back. >> a brand-new year of brand-new
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cindy: we are mainly clear skies overhead. if you can get out now, you have a chance to see five planets visible in the predawn sky for another couple of weeks. it has not happened in 11 years. s southwest to south easton you can see five planets visible this morning. it' s a cool site. if not, you' ve got several more weeks to see it. teens and 20' s this morning so a cold start this morning. lots of sunshine today with temperatures climbing into the 30' s this morning and around 40 degrees this afternoon. a lot of clouds tomorrow and rain and snow showers around but
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randy: 6:24 a.m. and is time for i peppers. erika: rain is good luck on your wedding day but snow must be pure gold. one couple got hitched and the blizzard did not slow them down. the central pennsylvania couple has awesome photos and only half the guesstimated but the couple were not bothered. the bride says there was a lot of shoveling and a lot of love. she did not even mess up her hair. beautiful photos. imagine waking up and finding this guy lying on your chest. it happened to a 99-year-old woman in florida. that animal is a kinaju , a member of the raccoon family and had escaped from his home and is reunited with his owner. his name is banana. randy: you think you would have seen it all at 99.
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erika: a kangaroo as a weapon and the bizarre plot foiled in australia. also the heroic actions earning a local doctor applause installed flight. olessa: we' ve got shuttle buses replacing trains from north quincy two j of case of commuter
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>> you are watching wcvb, s news leader. randy: 6:30 a.m. thursday morning. good morning to you.
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emily is off today and unless are here. --olessa are here. at the difference yesterday. about 20 degrees colder so bundle of. up. plymouth is in the teens this morning so a cold start. it will be bright with lots of sunshine as they get off the bus this afternoon but temperatures will be in the low 40' s. we will see the temperature by lunchtime in the upper 30' s but watch out for icy spots this morning from the melting from yesterday. the sun goes down around 4:52 p.m. another above average day to day
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and a storm down to the south. this will give us rain and snow showers tomorrow and we will give you the timeline on that coming up. olessa: we are watching for problems on the red line with shuttle us is replacing trains from north quincy to jfk. the commuter line is available. you can pick up those shuttle buses at those stops. plan accordingly and here is a live look at the expressway with the northbound side stop and go. on the maps, these are the travel times. volume on the expressway is half a half hour braintree into boston. 93 south looks ok in that by him picks up near concord street.
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a norton woman is dead and her estranged husband is facing murder charges and police a martin mcdonald stabbed to julie meade and crashed his car into another woman as he fled. that woman is hospitalized with serious injuries. randy: brookline police found the car involved in a rash of violence where one man was shot and two more men were dumped out of that vehicle and harvard street. all of them are expected to survive. the suspects are still on the run this morning. erika: the final republican debate before the iowa caucus gets underway tonight. donald trump is boycotting the event. a harrowing tale from a man held captive in a notorious prison in iran. randy: we have the terrifying story we are hearing for the first time. >> good
6:28 am
frightening interrogation, and a filthy environment are some of the details we are learning about the situation that this man had to deal with in his time and that prison in iran. he returned home to hang ingham two weeks ago. he sat them with anderson cooper and described the horrific conditions. he says he was taken into a dark room and interrogated. he said the spotlight is on me and they say, this is your last chance. admit why you are here and it made you are here to overthrow the government. the boston university graduate was studying in the middle east when he was taken captive and lost weight while behind bars but otherwise, he is ok. erika: thank you. a federal judge releases hundreds of never vi before seen documents in the boston marathon bombing case.
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comments. the defense claims that dzokhar tsarnaev had repeated request for an attorney in many documents concern witnesses. police are investigating a burglary at a campaign office in manchester. someone broke into rand paul headquarters between 11:00 p.m. tuesday and 6:30 a.m. wednesday. taken. campaign officials say the timing is frustrating, so close to the primary but sensitive data was taken. randy: the fbi is keeping tightlipped about a these presence in brentwood. they will only say that this is part of an ongoing investigation. there was a surgeon near -- a nearby kingston yesterday and
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manchester, new hampshire' s police chief will be telling congress that the opioid crisis is affecting every stanley in the states. he testified yesterday on capitol hill as they consider a bill to help fight the crisis. manchester had 69 fatal overdoses last year. erika: they firey debate in. tewksbury over the mascot. it came under attack before but the debate resurfaced after letters of concern from parents and it is driving passionate argument. some people call the symbol one of pride and other people say it' s a sign of oppression. last night was a listening session for the school committee and the decision will not be expected for a few months. randy: experts are out with a
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erika: the shot they want more people to get sooner and a local
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olessa: good morning, shuttle buses are replacing japan' s on the red line. -- i replacing trains on the red line. typical volume on the roads. a little bit of sunshine this morning? cindy: skies are clear and that will be a nice treat with temperatures told so watch out for a couple of icy spots and we are back in the lower 40' s this afternoon. clouds, rain, and snow showers tomorrow. up to one inch in a few spots but clearing out for the weekend. 50 degrees sunday. that' s where we stay into next week. randy: this sounds like a movie plot. a man was having a heart attack on a plane about to take off in
6:35 am
he had been reunited with his patient. the man had a heart attack on his flight and the doctor was right there and he is a cardiologist at brigham and women' s hospital. the man is making a full recovery. erika: violent scenes leading to one man and the investigation starting with a murder in norton and criticism for the wounded warrior project, the doubts about spending at the veterans chatterjee and a truck explodes in new jersey, the last-minute decision leading to a bright side. it' s brightening in the skies over worcester as the sun is just about to come up. cindy: it' s in the 20' s and teens and spots.
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randy: good morning, we are ready with your news to go to . erika: first, cindy has your forecast. cindy:
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you look at the map and there is not a lot of cold air. into canada, it' s there. week. average. again today. this time of year. the skies are clear. now. we see the light wind. without the wind, it is plenty cold north and west of town. worcester is in the lower 20' s. the skies are clear this morning. there is a disturbance off to the west which will approach is
6:39 am
a storm is over florida reducing severe weather and it will go offshore and up the coast. that will bring in some clouds tomorrow so take advantage of the sunshine today. we should be either side of 40 degrees this afternoon. the clouds will blanket us and by tomorrow morning, a couple of rain showers will break out near the coast line. it may be cold enough on the in -- in the interior for light snow are snow shower activity and that may persist in the morning. there is a steady shield of rain offshore with our system and that will stay offshore but rain showers may be close to the coast. this be the case through the afternoon hours. they should not amount to a whole lot but the potential is there with a heavy first of snow. the most accumulation will be to the north around coastal
6:40 am
a little unsettled on friday and in the upper 30' s on saturday with snow showers in ski country. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: there are problems with buses replacing trains on the red line from north quincy to jfk. the buses and trains are running again but there are moderate delays for the red line. the rest of the ride looks ok just volume on the pike. checking the rest of your ride, some volume building on the expressway. up-fake is about 20 minutes from 495 to 128 and 93 southbound is about 15 minutes. once again, the red line has moderate delays but the issues have been fixed. trains are running again. randy: thank you.
6:41 am
one woman is dead and another seriously injured. erika: pam cross is live in norton. ago, neighbors said he spoke to the seemed normal. distressing. inside the home, 34-year-old was stabbed and was pronounced dead at a hospital. about the same time, pickup truck traveling on 495 cost the median and crashed into a car. the driver of that truck was 35-year-old martin mcdonald, the estranged husband of the stabbing victim, was arrested and charged with her murder. he will be in court later this morning and the driver of the car in a crash, a 30-year-old mobile and, is hospitalized in serious condition. erika: the suspects car has been found but no sign this morning
6:42 am
a violent and bizarre crime in brookline. this started yesterday afternoon at an apartment on st. paul street where a man was found shot and stabbed. a short time later, police say two more wounded men were tossed out the car door on harvard street. 2 suspects took off in one of them in that white car and another on foot. . therented ford focus was discovered abandoned in boston and have been stolen from cambridge the three victims are expected to recover and police said they do not believe this was random and all the people involved know each other. >> we are hearing for the first time from a hingham man who is held captive in iran. >> the spotlight is on me and they say matthew, this is your last chance.
6:43 am
>> he sat down with anderson cooper last night. he had been in iran studying at tehran university and said his be released. randy: thank you. 6:49 a.m. and one resort is striking a deal with the city of the legal challenges against the everett casino. wynn has agreed to boston $2 million for 15 years and $25 million will go toward infrastructure updates -- upgrades and sullivan square and they will aim to spend $20 million per year doing business with boston companies. the casino is special the -- is scheduled to open in two years. erika: a school committee claims dan o'
6:44 am
for personal business and mark he retired last fall. the school committee will ask the da to investigate but no attorney. randy: a community meeting will violence and he' s boston. local leaders are hosting this to make maverick landing a safer place. the group says gang-related shootings have gotten out of control. erika: the final round laquon debate before the iowa caucus gets underway tonight. donald trump tells fox news that he will not be attending. he says he is unhappy with the way fox news has treated him and questions moderator megan kelly. he will hold a separate event in iowa. the debate starts at 9:00 p.m. erika: randy: three more arrests have been made at that armed standoff at the wildlife reserve in oregon. the suspects surrendered overnight after the leader
6:45 am
for his supporters to stand down from the group is protesting after two local ranchers were sent to prison setting fires on local land. erika: a garbage truck explodes in new jersey. but rather of the truck ran when he saw smoke in the cap and slams went through the natural gas tank causing this eruption. investigators are looking into how it started. randy: new criticism facing the wounded warrior project. a charity watchdog is raising questions about how much money the charity is actually spending on veterans. the wounded warrior project is 80% of the money raised is spent on programs for vets but the watchdog group believes that number is closer to 60%. erika: an australian teachers facing terrorism charges, accused of plotting an attack using a kangaroo. investigators say the 19-year-old that a british -- and a british accomplish were going to pack a kangaroo with explosives and men set the
6:46 am
they were planning to carry out the attack during a veterans day ceremony. randy: kansas centers are urging more vaccinations against hpv. they say it can become a public health threat and the centers for disease control estimate 79 million americans are infected with a sexually transmitted virus which can cause deadly cancers. health experts urge parents to get sons and daughters vaccinated before the age of 13. erika: a bill that would ban anyone in massachusetts under the 18 using our operating tanning boots goes to the governor' s desk. the house passed the legislation by a vote of 146-8 yesterday and the senate approved it in september. the american cancer society says the use of tanning beds by people under 35 increases the risk of skin cancer by 59%. randy: a breakthrough study on schizophrenia, scientists have figured out the process in the
6:47 am
researchers from boston' s children' s hospital and harvard medical school say the discovery could open the path for early detection and treatment. the landmark findings were published in the journal.," nature" erika: the celtics have no issues against the nuggets in the garden. they got their running game going. avery bradley led the way with 27 points in the first half. the celtics win their fourth in a row. an update on the bruins backup goalie. he was released from mass general yesterday. he was taken that during the first period of tuesday night' s game with an elevated heart rate and underwent three minor heart surgeries. he will rejoin the bruins after the all-star break. randy: this is a little cutie, seven-month-old isla who won the gerber' s baby photo contest.
6:48 am
her parents are pretty excited at the michigan baby earned $50,000 for winning the contest. erika: how do they decide? a remarkable rescue in pennsylvania. a truck driver swerved off the highway and dangled over a steep hill at other drivers pulled over to form this human chain and play them up. the man is expected to be ok and he was so grateful. randy: we have our usual set of problems on the road this morning. olessa: no accidents to report but we have delays. route one has volume and let' s go to the maps. just typical volume out there. 30 minutes from braintree into boston. 93 southbound has volume. it' s going to be another 20-25
6:49 am
buses were replacing trains on the red lines but now everything is back to normal. cindy: starting out with clear skies and it feels like january. temperatures are in the 20' s in boston. the wind is light so no big windchill. it is a cold start this morning and sunshine will boost us to freezing by 10:00 a.m. 40 degrees this afternoon. we are watching a disturbance to the west in a storm down to the south. these features may try to get together on friday. they may do that far to the north. clouds come and overnight and by first thing tomorrow, it may be mild enough for rain showers near the coast line.
6:50 am
tomorrow can -- there could be rain and snow showers around for the morning commute tomorrow. there could the more significant ones toward the berkshires. it should wind down by 5:00 p.m. with no major accumulation. it gets out of here for saturday. we could see snow showers in the mountain saturday but the temperatures will be in the upper 30' s. we will see the jet stream left to the north sunday into the first part of next week. by sunday, we are close to 50 degrees. we will keep it there monday and tuesday and wednesday. wednesday should have some heavy rainfall and behind that storm system, it will cool down. we' re ending january mild and starting february mild but cold air will come in toward the end of next week and that may stick around. randy: it' s not the best for
6:51 am
cindy: and we had snow over the weekend. erika: you know we will get more. thank you so much for joining us. randy: we will see you again bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m.,
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