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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: first at noon, breaking former providence mayor vincent buddy cianci has died after being rushed to the hospital yesterday. the 74-year-old was first elected mayor in 1974 in a stunning victory, becoming the first republican to lead that city in 34 years. he was forced to resign in 1984 when he pleaded no contest to assaulting his estranged wife' s lover, but was re-elected in
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racketeering in 2002. more breaking news. two people now under arrest in yesterday' s bizarre stabbing and shooting in brookline. let' s get right out to newscenter 5' s jack harper, who is live in brookline with those breaking details. jack? jack: for the brookline police, it is two down and two to go. they have arrested those people who were shot in the street. they are identified as antonio brown from pink cambridge -- from cambridge and an 18-year-old from wilcox. both will be arraigned , perhaps in the hospital this afternoon. this all begin with a violent confrontation at 190 eight street paul street. >> the person who lives at 1 nine eight street paul street was targeted. we know what to be the motive but we don' t want to release it right now.
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jack: that person at 198 st. pa ul was shot several times in the leg. his life probably saved by a police officer who applied a tourniquet. as for the two still on the run, they are still looking for them. m jack harper. erika: new at noon, gary lee sampson' s death penalty sentencing retrial has been set for september 14 in federal court in boston. sampson was sentenced to die for carjacking and killing two massachusetts men during a weeklong crime spree in 2001. a judge later overturned that sentence after finding out a juror had lied about her background. also this noon, a weymouth man faces a judge accused of killing his estranged wife before seriously injuring another woman in a violent head-on crash. newscenter 5' s pam cross is live outside attleboro district court with new details.
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pam: he was brought to court this morning, meeting with a defense attorney. so far, no explanation for what led to the deadly violence. investigators accuse 35-year-old mark mcdonald of two violent acts, first stabbing and killing his estranged wife julia meede wednesday night inside her norton home. neighbors believe her 3 children were present. someone in the house called 911. then moments after that call, mcdonald is accused of crashing his truck into a vehicle on route 495 injuring an innocent driver. a norton neighbor says mcdonald is a construction worker. he called him a pleasant guy who is frequently at the apartment, in face he saw him on wednesday before anything happened. >> an hour before it happened i waved to him. wrong. it' that' s a sad thing. somebody has to do that.
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mother. pam: we don' t know the name of the 30-year-old rhode island woman injured in that crash. she is hospitalized. mcdonald in the building, expected to face a judge soon. i' m pam cross. erika: right now this murder suspect is in critical condition after shooting himself in the head as fitchburg police moved in. dana lee william is accused of strangling his former father-in-law and kidnapping his former mother-in-law, who is still missing. it happened in the couple' s virginia home last week say police, before lee fled home to fitchburg. sheila smith, the suspect' s former sister-in-law, says she was there when it happened. she claims william blamed the two for a previous rape conviction. new this noon, police in millville searching for this man suspected in an armed home invasion. it happened tuesday on main street. a tenant says 3 men armed with handguns broke into his house then took off with cash in a white ford taurus.
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deraleau of blackstone, who is considered armed and dangerous. >> i' m looking at a pitch black room with a single spotlight. pointed at a chair. erika: the hingham man held captive in iran speaking out for the first time. matthew trevithick was recently released after being held for 41 days. newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich has more of his harrowing ordeal. >> i was accused of trying to overthrow the, personally, trying to overthrow the iranian government. i was accused of having access to bank accounts of million of dollars and i was accused of knowing locations of weapons caches that had been secretly planted around the country to prepare for my work. todd: hingham native matthew trevithich told cnn' s anderson cooper he couldn' t believe the accusation. trevithick was a student in tehran, learning farsi.
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way to buy a plane ticket home when 3 men pulled him off the street and rushed him to a notorious iranian prison accusing him of plotting a political revolution in iran. he would stay in that prison for 41 days. now, for the first time, we' re hearing about the interrogations in the days and weeks before he and 4 other americans were m sitting there, the matthew. matt. this is your last chance. admit why you are here. admit that you are here to overthrow the government. todd: of the 41 days matthew was held captive, 29 were in solitary confinement. he' d never see his family, or reporting in hingham, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. nation is remembering the crew of the challenger. it was 30 years ago today that mcauliffe and six others were exploded shortly after liftoff. today, ceremonies are being held all across the country, including at the mcauliffe-shepard discovery
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kennedy space center in florida, and at framingham state university, where christa attended school. to the weather now. live pictures of a sunny, chilly boston. but things are about to change again. cindy, rain, even snow is in the forecast for some areas tomorrow. cindy: tomorrow is not going to be as bright and sunny. we are watching a couple of features. there' s a lot of moisture new florida and some energy swinging out of the great lakes. those are going to give us a lot of clouds tomorrow. take a look at what happens as they try to interact. watch those areas of low pressure. that one area staying far enough onshore -- offshore that we will not see heavy precipitation. it is going to produce rain and snow showers across the area starting in the morning and continuing through the afternoon. kind of a messy day friday.
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sneak up from the south. the south. about five to 15 miles per hour. 20' s. we are only in the upper 30' s to near 40 right now, we have had a nice recovery. s in the next few hours. notice the clouds increasing. the freezing mark. that means rain showers for some of us. erika: commitment 2016. the republicans for president ready to square off in another debate with less than one week but frontrunner donald trump kenneth moton reports he' s holding his own event after claiming he was pushed away by
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kenneth: trump debate boycott. >> i got a very unfair question from somebody. kenneth: instead, the gop front-runner talk about it on s in a bitter public feud with. reilly factor. >> i have zero respect for megyn kelly. megyn kelly out. >> is called an eye for an eye. >> your the christian, the eye for the eye rule goes out. kenneth: ted cruz is demanding trump debate him one-on-one saturday, the venue rented. >> i don' t think he' s afraid of megyn kelly. i think he' s afraid of the people of iowa. kenneth: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical tie in a new poll.
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president obama. >> the energy, enthusiasm, momentum is with us. kenneth: the signs of momentum throughout iowa. watching. they let him win iowa, he will win new hampshire and this race totally resets. , his on this debate boycott. he has a dueling event in iowa tonight, a fundraiser to help veterans. erika: the iowa caucuses get underway on tuesday and our phil lipof is there. his live reports from iowa begin tonight on newscenter 5 starting at 4:30 p.m. new this noon, a former running back for northern illinois university is suing two fantasy sports sites saying they used his name to generate millions in revenue. akeem daniels is seeking $5 million in damages against boston-based draftkings and new york-based fanduel. he claims the sites put him and others at risk of being contacted by fans who have a
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on-field performance. both fantasy sites have yet to respond to the claims. a deal to end the fight over a proposed casino in everett. the city of boston will drop all efforts to kill the wynn casino in everett. boston is concerned over the impact the casino will have on traffic, especially in sullivan square. in exchange, wynn will pay the city $2 million in compensation for the next 15 years. $25 million will go toward infrastructure upgrades in sullivan square wynn will aim to spend $20 million a year doing business with boston companies. the casino is scheduled to open in 2 years. the zika virus rapidly spreading. the number of cases expected in the americas just this year. more arrests in the standoff at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. why the suspects finally decided to surrender. cindy: we will be saying goodbye to all the sunshine. cloudy skies tomorrow and timing
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at noon. erika: a new warning about the zika virus. the world health organization s spreading explosively through the americas with up to 4 million cases possible over the next year. but a lead u.s. health official doubts we' re vulnerable to a widespread outbreak here. 5 people in new york have tested positive for the mosquito-borne but all of them got the virus several airlines including delta are now offering refunds or countries known to be impacted right now the so-called affluenza teen is heading back to the u.s. mexican officials put him on a plane this morning for texas. ethan couch and his mother recently fled to mexico after he allegedly violated his probation for a 2013 drunk driving crash his mother has already faced a judge. once ethan couch lands in authorities to face several charges. a mystery illness triggers chaos on board an american airlines flight from london.
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to return to heathrow airport yesterday after several flight attendants and crew members got sick mid-flight one of them collapsing. paramedics checked out the patients and released them after a medical check. american airlines is doing a thorough check of the plane but it' s still not clear what caused the crew to get sick. three more arrests in the armed standoff at a federal wildfire reserve in oregon. three men surrendering overnight after their jailed leader urged them to go home. but elizabeth hur tells us this case is still far from over. elizabeth: three more protesters under arrest and each facing one federal felony count of conspiracy. to those still occupying the federal land in oregon, a message from the group' s leader, ammon bundy, speaking out from jail through his attorney. >> i love you. let us take this fight from here. please stand down. elizabeth: bundy and seven
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another member was shot and following a traffic stop. >> it didn' t have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. elizabeth: authorities so far giving new details about the deadly shooting, but this are emerging about how he died. him. he had his hands in the air, they shot him. >> he was not on his knees. elizabeth: with remaining militants surrounded by federal agents, local residents echoed but please please to his supporters -- bundy' s pleas to his supporters. >> i' t listen when we said go home. police say a full
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erika: a troubling find at a chicago airport, more than 40,000 counterfeit hoverboards. customs officials seized the items all shipped from china. the knock-offs have labels that say samsung but investigators say they' re fake. hoverboards have been gaining popularity here in the u.s.. but several have overheated, triggering fires, leading to many bans. >> they are smugglers. they were trying to take advantage of the desire of the u.s. consumer to purchase these. they were caught. safety was sacrificed. -- corners were cut. safety was sacrificed. erika: at least 28 hoverboard fires have been reported in at least 19 states. many schools like emerson college and b.u. have banned them from campus. and just yesterday the new york city transit system announced a ban, as well. clean-up efforts underway in florida after a tornado touched down yesterday. the twister wound through coconut creek overturning cars and tractor trailers uprooting trees and triggering thousands of power outages. the bulk of the damage happened at this industrial park in
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more severe weather including thunderstorms are possible today. more fallout in and around the nation' weekend' s massive snow storm. officials in d.c. say nearly 5500 cars ended up buried along emergency routes another 690 towed. all of them along with many others got tickets for 100 to 250 dollars each adding up to more than $1.5 million. there as residents struggle to shovel them out. cindy: that is familiar. that was us about a year ago. it has been warmer around here. it is 37 in d.c. they are melting slowly. week. we were in the low 50' s yesterday.
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upper 30' s tomorrow, but still above average. the average high this time of s. it is the coldest time of the year. next week, the temperature trend above average. we are seeing lots of blue sky. 38 degrees, another above average day. we have a southerly wind developing. the breeze has kicked up a little bit. that wind coupled with sunshine has allowed temperatures to jump way up from where we were this morning. it was 14 this morning. around 40 right now. a few now. s.
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mid-30' same in nashua. 34 worcester. fitchburg closing in on 40. we will call it mostly sunny through the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 30' s and low 40' s. here is what we are watching. this energy off to the west and moisture to the south. another day with severe weather in florida. this pressure is heading offshore. as it tries to work up the coast, we will see clouds increasing. it does turn cloudy overnight. it' s going to blanket us. temperatures will not be nearly as cold. look at this along the coast line. we will hold it above freezing. that is important because some
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showers. , along the coastline especially, wet weather with the risk of snow showers further inland. that risk will be with us until midday. coastline. that energy coming in from the showers. we are not looking for a lot of accumulation. slushy co ating to maybe an inch. we are drying out for the weekend. saturday is a cooler day. by monday, mid-50' s. you may be thinking, is that a record? the answer is no. the record highs for worcester and boston are 60 degrees or higher on monday.
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we have several days at 50 or higher sunday through wednesday of next week. thereafter, i can' t promise you 50' s. looks like a cool down by the end of next week. erika: hollywood meets vatican the big-name actor treated to a one-on-one with the pope, next. you know the basic is if you work hard, you should be able to get pbut so many families don't feel p that's not the way america i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care
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actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i
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erika: a bit of hollywood in that' s actor leonardo dicaprio meeting with pope francis at the vatican. the pair discussed their shared concern for the environment, dicaprio presenting the pontiff a check from his charitable he thanked the pope, in italian, the pontiff' it' s a big day at harvard. later today, actress kerry this year' s hasty pudding woman of the year. s oldest theatrical group will honor the "scandal" star with a parade and a roast. this year' s hasty pudding man of the year, joseph gordon levitt, will accept his award friday, february 5. that will be lots of fun. cindy: no snow in your seven-day forecast.
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as the warm-up begins, we will be watching the jet stream list to the north again -- lift to the north again. that will result in warm temperatures. we will be in the 50' s starting on sunday. this will culminate with some rain on wednesday. behind that system, it does get much colder. we will be setting the stage for some possible snow.
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