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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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ed: the first case of the zika virus has been confirmed in massachusetts. the patient is a boston man who became infected while traveling in a country where transmission is ongoing. he is expected to make a full recovery. the virus is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. there are two things to keep in mind, it is too cold for mosquitoes to survive around here so it cannot be spread person-to-person. also breaking at 5:30, a school bus crash in framingham. jc: 13 children taken to the hospital to be checked out. the crash happened shortly after school ended. the bus was coming from dunning elementary school. neighbors say a white car crashed. for ambulances were called to the scene.
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to the scene. neither of his daughters were hurt. >> i got my daughter safe. >> the bus crashed really hard and some people went to the hospital. >> thank god everything is ok. i was really worried. jc: we can understand why she is so emotional. the driver of the car was a woman who lives up the street. the cause of the crash is under investigation. harvey joins us now. we are holding onto one for the time being. harvey: temperatures are important. there is moisture down the coast , a storm is getting itself organized.
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snow and rain in southeastern massachusetts. tomorrow, some rain and snow showers are possible. it could knock the temperature down a little bit. this week at temperatures to start the day tomorrow. most of tomorrow will be above freezing. and brief possibilities in scattered locations. more to come in a little while. ed: today marks 30 years since the explosion of the challenger space shuttle. new hampshire teacher christa mcauliffe and six others died in the blast just moments after liftoff. jc: ceremonies were held across england. ray brewer from our sister station wmur has more. [trumpt plays "taps"] reporter: a flag flown all over also flew concorde
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home in framingham. inside the school , students gathered to hear about the astronaut from those who knew her. >> if you want to know about kristen, -- she was not a saint. she was late for meetings. she got bored with meetings -- reporter: she was one of 10,000 teachers to apply for the teacher in space program. >> we get to hear her experience of applying for the teacher in space program, how she be they made the deadline . ran out of her house in her pajamas to get to the post office in time. reporter: the chosen to be the first teacher in space catapulted her to celebrity but a colleague says she never forgot who she was. >> she was in houston and told people, you have to fly me up to
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she said, you have to finally to day of school. reporter: colleagues also been a party atmosphere changed once the disaster struck. today was more about her legacy and a former student says she always told her that she could do anything. high school students were acting on that advice putting their dreams on stars. what she meant. >> she was a regular person. not a saint. she is a really, really good teacher. reporter: most of the teachers have since retired but they say she will always have a living legacy here through some of the courses that she found it. outside the high school -- ed: a big deal for iran sealed in france during the iranian' s president visit there. iran air has finalized a 25 billion dollar agreement with airbus to buy 118 planes. the agreement also includes pilot and maintenance training
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returns to international skies. and several european airlines are planning to resume their flights to iran. jc: the man who could be the next top u.s. commander in afghanistan says security there is getting worse. army lt. general john nicholson is testifying this week before the senate armed services committee. right now there are nearly 10,000 u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan. it was under nicholson' s instruction that president obama abandoned his plan to have nearly all u.s. troops withdrawn by the end of this year. ed: a migrant ship sings off the coast of greece, 30 people were on board. more than 200 men, women, and children have died trying to reach europe, fleeing violence in syria and afghanistan. more arrests tonight in the standoff at an oregon wildlife ranch. jc: still to come tonight, the plea being made by the group' s leader from his jail cell. ed: the popularity of the fitbit continues to grow, but do they
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the claims tonight the devices are a scam. what new testing shows. barbie doll. the new version getting high
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jc: -- ed: the so-called affluenza teen is back in texas tonight. this is video of ethan couch before he boarded a plane in mexico earlier today. couch and his mother are accused of fleeing there aft he violated his probation for a 2013 drunk driving crash that killed four people. she is out on bail. couch is now at a juvenile detention center awaiting a court hearing tomorrow. jc: police make more arrests in the oregon standoff as the
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protesters issues a new message. he' s calling on remaining militia members occupying a federal wildlife refuge to go home. abc' s elizabeth hur has the latest developments. reporter: three more protesters under arrest. the group' s leader continuing to speak out from jail through his attorney. >> my message remains, turn yourselves in. do not use physical force. reporter: bundy and seven others were taken into custody yesterday. one member was killed by law enforcement. >> eight did not have to happen. we' ll make choices in life. sometimes our choices are bad. reporter: authority is given no
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this morning, conflicting accounts emerging about how he died. >> they murdered him. they shot him. >> he charged at law enforcement. reporter: with remaining militants surrounded by agents, local residents echoed his please to supporters. >> i am upset that bundy did not visit to the majority of the people. reporter: there are as few as five militants now out of the compound. police say a full investigation is underway. jc: virginia police are investigating a murder suicide leaving six people dead. the crime scene involves two crime scenes in chesapeake. police went to another home where in armed and was making threats.
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dead. hoverboard' s are still a hide edit despite the safety warnings. authorities are dealing with counterfeit issues, the bust made this week involving tens of thousands of fake boards. harvey: rain up to the carolinas as you can see.
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ed: one of the hottest fitness
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fit-bit hit with a class-action lawsuit. the lawsuit alleges fraud saying the fitness tracker doesn' t work. according to the suit two of the company' s heart rate monitors don' t accurately measure your heart beat. the suit prompted consumer reports to re-test the trackers. they found the devices were mostly accurate but discovered inaccurate readings during high intensity work outs depending where the strap was put on the arm. the report says if you follow fitbit' s recommended arm placement the monitor is accurate. jc: a troubling find at a chicago airport, more than 40,000 counterfeit hoverboards. customs officials seized the items all shipped from china. the knock-offs have labels that re fake. hoverboards have been gaining popularity here in the u.s.. but several have overheated, triggering fires, leading to many bans. ed: --
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-- they are smugglers. jc: at least 28 hoverboard fires have been reported in at least 19 states. many schools like emerson college and b.u. have banned them from campus. and just yesterday the new york city transit system announced a ban, as well. jc: facebook is making more money off of you than ever before. the social media site reports it made more than one and $half -- in profits just in the last 3 $1.5 billion months of 2015. in the u.s. and canada facebook makes more than 13 dollars per user. new features such as the search tool and live videos don' t just keep people on the site for longer. they help facebook learn more about its users and use targeted advertising more effectively. ed: it' s something most of us -- they have plans to give you more options to express yourselves. the company will allow you to do more than just like photos or
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including angry, sad, wow, you a, in love. they have been testing reactions ireland, portugal, and japan. they would have one for this story, gas selling for 39 cents a gallon. as you can imagine drivers lined up to fill up. it was all part of a promotion if you' re curious when the last time gas was 39 cents a gallon? the answer, drummer please? [drum roll] that was good, thank you. 1969. the nation' s capitol following last weekend' s massive snow storm. officials in d.c. say nearly 5500 cars ended up buried along towed. all of them got tickets adding up to more than 1 1/$2 million. many of those cars are still there as residents struggle to
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jc: you are not alone, we feel your pain. we have all experienced this. [laughter] ed: i can appreciate it, harvey. harvey: we experienced in many times last winter. at least it has been above average ever since that storm. the melting process continues down there. 45 degrees today in boston. some interesting information regarding these numbers. today, nine degrees above average. let' s look at the month so far. we had anyone star then we had a cold spell followed by the snowstorm which boston was on the edge of an cape cod come more deeply into it in the weekend and now we have been back above average again so the entire month is almost three degrees above normal but can you remember back to december which was over 10 degrees above normal?
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end of january so what about the december january combination you cope it turns out that right now we are only 1/10 of a degree away from being the warmest december january combination since records have been kept in the month is not over the -- it could still happen. we are going to be just about up there. the top five have something in common -- on the top five of the warmest combinations had below normal seasonal snowfall. that doesn' t guarantee that their seasonal and below but it is suggestive and the reason i say it doesn' t guarantee, look at washington, baltimore, philadelphia, new york. guaranteed to be above average just from that one storm and yet they may wind up with the warmest winter ever experienced. you would not think those will go together but they can. temperatures are in the 30' s
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32 will be our low in boston. colder in the outlying areas. temperatures will be important. rain showers are snow showers . with snow showers temperatures would get knocked down temporarily in so they could be very small in some areas. not looking for anything big. this storm will be small but its center is pretty far out. there is a connection within an bnf. -- bnf high-pressure takes over later tomorrow night early on saturday. here is a closer look showing mixed precipitation on the cape tomorrow morning and then there could be a little bit of precipitation maybe even since no lingering on the coast at times tomorrow afternoon. most accumulation will be to the north. one agent some spots locally. here is your next several days. about 30 nine to. saturday starts in chilean coast
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then the warm-up comes up on sunday all the way through to wednesday of next week and at some point there is going to be a storm but the storm is going to track west of us on wednesday drying up warmth so that could be almost like tropical type of rain in here on wednesday following that we will start to turn cooler on thursday in that coulter thursday night and beyond. that is how things are shaping up at this time. jc: with immigration a hot and divisive topic on the campaign trail, chronicle pays a visit to lewiston, maine. about a sixth of lewiston' s thirty-six-hundred residents are somali refugees. reporter: signs and acceptance are clear to see. the police are hoping to recruit a somalia officer within one year. bashir , among the first
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>> i joined from my degree in criminal justice and i graduated from 2014 and got my reporter: -- the work that the main immigrant and refugee services >> helping new refugees settle. there is still discrimination going on and i think it is not everyday thing. with the fact of we are all here for one another and just putting our differences aside. >> he start building this personal connections. that is what generates that connection is to help people feel about the somali community. reporter: in a show of pride in solidarity it was the lewiston high school boys soccer team that united the entire city this past fall. >> they were undefeated, 18-zero, rent a top 20 five and
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that brought a lot of people together. reporter: tonight on chronicle -- jc: tonight on chronicle, learn why somali families left atlanta, georgia to settle in lewiston. plus, hear how anti-immigrant political rhetoric is affecting new americans, at 7:00 thirty on chronicle. --; 30 on chronicle. ed: check out who visited the pope today. yes, that is leonardo dicaprio. the pair discussed their shared concern for the environment. dicaprio presented the pontiff with a check from his charitable foundation to be used for charitable works. he thanked the pope, in italian, for meeting with him kissing the pontiff' s ring. for the very first time, amazon will air a commercial during the -- a certain football game a week from sunday that does not involve the patriots. the company' s first-ever big game commercial will feature actor alec baldwin and football great dan marino. the teaser for the ad shows baldwin getting help planning a super bowl party from marino and the amazon echo the online retailer' s wireless speaker which has been a surprise hit
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jc: barbie is getting the new look. the iconic doll will come in several shapes, sizes and skin colors. take a look. mattel has announced three new body types and several skin tones and hairstyles for the doll. this is the first time barbie will be available in body types beyond its original stick-thin rather busty, really -- >> frame -- >> frame, yeah. the new line of barbies goes on sale online tomorrow and will be on store shelves on march 1. ed: [indiscernible] better late than never. jc: first, and look ahead to -- >> >> breaking news, the zika virus now confirmed in a person in massachusetts, the patient is a menu became infected while traveling abroad. how he is doing tonight and what you need to know about -- we are live in iowa, just hours before the last debate before the caucuses talking to a group of voters getting extra attention from the candidates.
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-- delivering some blows of her
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every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. jc: scientists say they figure trigger schizophrenia. researchers at harvard say the discovery could open a path for early detection and treatment. the findings were published in
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the zoning board has given approval for centralospital to expand. they want to build an addition to one of its buildings on fog road, the expansion would make room for 20 four beds. the hospital completed his last expansion in 2012. ed: whatever you doing, please put it down and take a look at her. can you do me a favor, can you take a dinner dance you can look at the mouth? she is seven month old -- just one gerber' s annual baby photo contest -- she looks like -- look at her -- you cannot take your eyes off of her -- she is gorgeous -- she won $50,000 for just being herself. this statue in poland is sweeping the internet tonight and not for this image but for -- drumroll, please -- ready -- this image -- a little snow -- the person who snapped the photo says it looks like darth vader.
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17th century nobleman in military leader. the newspaper posted this comparison on facebook in post come more than 2000 likes. really does, doesn' t it? [crosstalk] jc: breaking news on our first turn -- -- our first confirmed case on the zika virus to -- >> winter warriors project accused of wasting donations showers and genetic temperature changes that will follow. -- >> tasty puddings women of the year smashing success you content with the looks and this crowd there is nothing scandalous about their -- >> from boston'
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outbreak has hit massachusetts. information health officials here want you to know. right now newscenter 5' monahan is tracking new information coming in. jc: ed and heather, health officials confirming a person from boston has contracted the virus. that patient recently traveled to one of the countries where this virus has been transmitted. mosquitoes are the carriers of the zika virus, it can not be transmitted from person to person. there have been several cases of defects including abnormally small heads. as we have been reporting the cdc is encouraging pregnant women not to travel to areas mostly in latin america and the caribbean where the virus is spreading. health officials want you to know that the species of mosquito that transmits the heather: we' ve got everything you need to know about the zika virus right now in our wcvb app, including how it is spread and what is being done to combat the virus. ed: more breaking news in framingham, 10 students have
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