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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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following a school bus crash. sky 5 over the scene a short time ago. the crash involving a car happened at lyman and edgell roads. police tell newscenter 5 the bus was coming from dunning elementary school with 31 students on board. parents who rushed to the scene were upset. >> thing got everything is ok and i am just really worried because, because of -- traffic >> i' m sorry -- understand why. evaluated right now and are ed: right now the man charged with killing his estranged wife in a violent rampage in norton heather: he' s being held on no today. newscenter five' s sera congi is live in norton, and sera the victim' s family was in court. reporter: this was a tough arena for the family, a lot of gruesome details revealed during haven'
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on the thin in tears. tears after hearing the horrible s death. 34-year-old julie meede was beaten and stabbed to death in her norton apartment yesterday. >> mcdonald -- >> prosecutors charged her estranged husband martin meede' s death, a key witness, the victim' s 11 yr old daughter. >> the young girl tried to call 911, the defendant struck her in the head area, took her phone. reporter: the girl told investigators the couple had an argument during dinner, that escalated into violence. the bloody scene unfolded in front of four young children total, three of them meede' s. >> it makes me emotional. neighbor who' the victim' s kids and never saw any trouble. >> he was always outside playing with the kids. how can you take 3 childrens mother away from them. s horrible. it' s horrifying. prosecutors say moments after killing meede, mcdonald caused a head on crash on 495, .
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he told responding troopers i just killed my wife she' s in norton. my thoughts are for the family right now. reporter: norton' s police chief says this is a difficult case because children were involved, he commends the 11-year-old' s actions, did an amazing job. i certainly hope things work out in the future for her. >> i think she' ll have a lot of family support i think she' ll have a lot of town support. reporter: we found a recent case in which mcdonald must trash and assault and battery with a fight with two other men and we also found a case from last summer when julie need was charged with assault and battery for reflection got into for an attack on her husband martin mcdonald. the case was dismissed. heather: we are expecting some rain and some snow tomorrow. chief meteorologist harvey leonard is here now with the track and the timing.
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know, it is a storm that is forming off the southeast coast. massachusetts and we can tomorrow morning there could be a little next precipitation on the cape also notice around coastal new hampshire coast of maine possibly working down 30 eastern massachusetts, possible it is possible some areas could wind up with a coating to 1-2 more coming up in a little while. ed: two men found bleeding on a brookline street are now charged with a brutal home invasion. 18-year-old khari wilcox was arraigned his hospital bed and held on 750,000 bail. co defendant antonio brown junior of boston is not yet well enough to face a judge. both charged in an attack and attempted robbery at 198 st paul street yesterday which left a resident with 5 gunshot wounds. heather: commitment 2016 coverage now, the final republican debate before the iowa caucuses is now just hours away, as the candidates will be
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that includes a group that' s usually left out in iowa, newscenter five' s phil lipoff is live in des moines right now to explain. reporter: in iowa. that hasn' t happened during the last couple round of caucuses. a lot of young motivated college students ready to vote and all of the candidates are keenly aware that. >> is the first mlb able to vote -- >> and for the first-time college will be in session during a caucus. that is huge for all of the candidates courting the younger vote. nicole is a perfect example of that she is still undecided. >> it is going to be big to me to listen into because this is the first time i has been challenged that way. >> preparation is underway in the media is here. down the hall is the iowa congress.
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a meeting where farmers come together to talk about equipment they talk about politics. trans decision to skip the last debate before the caucus not sitting well with anybody who candidate. >> he is being a baby about it. he should be at the debate. you have to face tough questions as the president -- -- >> a mile away from his house, he likes hillary, but will be watching tonight' s debate closely. >> i am undecided >> will make >> day after election. >> good to have a sense of humor about all of this when you are looking at the poll numbers one really important number and i would it keep in mind almost 40% of my ones are going to caucus on monday say they could not one between tonight' s debate in monday september nice debate is as you know huge. we will see you back here at 7:00 with the five things you s debate. for now, we are live in des
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gop front-runner donald trump is not going to be on stage tonight in iowa. trump says he' s unhappy with the way fox news has treated him, and questions from moderator megyn kelley. instead he' s holding a rally and veterans benefit at nearby drake university. ed: new at 6:00: congressman seth moulten, a veteran, says he no longer donates to the wounded warrior project. he is also encouraging the public to take a critical look at new revelations about the charity' s spending. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill breaks down the accusations. reporter: i ts videos highlight the plight of wounded veterans and ask americans to donate generously. and generously they have. in 2014, wounded warrior project received some $$300 million in donations but the organization is under criticism again after former employees allege the charity spends lavishly on staff parties and travel. $$26 million on conferences and meetings in 2014 alone.
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of money that was supposed to go parties and high salaries, what do you think? >> what do you think? >> it' re talking about the line for their country and we' that' s supposed to be supporting reporter: congressman seth out of touch. tax forms show steven nardizzi earned nearly $$475,000 in 2014 charity watch gives wounded warrior a c rating another charity watchdog displays charts showing wounded warrior spends only 60% of its budget on veterans 30% on fundraising >> i know i stopped donating to the wounded warrior project several years ago when i started hearing rumors about this. our veterans deserve the best care in the world and they' re not getting it today. reporter: we were unable to reach wounded warriors for comment.
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served some 80,000 veterans. >> former providence mayor remembered for his coming from political career after his sudden death. happened after he became ill during this taping last night. we are live in providence with more on his complicated legacy. >> providence is in mourning behind me at city hall and the city' s flag is at half staff. everywhere we went everyone simply referred to buddy cianci is the prince of providence. >> last night, buddy cianci was taping his political show at wl monday until stomach pains forced him off the set them for some to the hospital. he died this morning. his nephew, dr. brad turchetti who saw him just last week, told us cianci looked great. the former providence mayor was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago, was not currently receiving treatment, but recently was having stomach issues. >> i' m been in and out and back in again. reporter: that succinctly describes his colorful, roller coaster political career.
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he was forced to resign twice for felony convictions once for assaulting his estranged wife' s alleged lover and then after re-election, for federal racketeering for which he served four years in prison. >> well we all make mistakes what can i say. >> he was the prince of providence. -- i think he was a hands-on politician but i think the closest to what you see now is maybe a donald trump but nobody did it better than buddy, but he had his own personal style. >> he was the prince of providence. >> you' ve talked about him long enough. now it' s time to talk with him. the buddy cianci show. reporter: his second career was as a radio talk show host. but it wasn' t enough. he ran again for mayor 2 years ago, but lost to jorge elorza leaving nothing on the table. cianci is credited with rebuilding providence into the thriving city it is today. today, his favorite table at old canteen overlooking the rebuilt federal hill was reserved for the colorful politician who held
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>> mayor cianci, he had a colorful personality in one thing is indisputable and that is that he loved the city, he loved the city, he left his mark and it is not going to be forgotten. reporter: tonight his family is gathered here in providence, putting together the final arrangements for the funeral. his nephew said details will be made public later tonight. live in providence, rhode island, janet wu, wcvb nc5. jc: another step forward to improve access to public records in massachusetts, an issue five investigates has been following. the senate unveiled its version of a bill today to revamp the 1973 public records law, which is considered one of the worst in the country. the bill goes even further than a house version passed last year, by allowing citizens to recoup their legal fees if they have to file a civil suit to obtain records. last month, 5 investigates teamed up with the boston globe and northeastern university to test cities and towns across the state. the test revealed the majority of massachusetts communities failed to provide public records on time. the full senate is expected to vote on the public records bill
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ed: kerry washington operating cambridge today. she can dish it out on scandal but can the actress take it during a hasty pudding roast? we' ll take you inside the annual tradition. heather: as the new movie the finest hours premieres in boston, we are getting the true story of the heroic rescue from the surviving member of that coast guard crew. harvey: storm developing down the cost, flirting with our area tomorrow. wait until you see the temperature changes. ed: and the celtics will be represented at the nba all star game. the honor bestowed on isaiah thomas. plus a snub for tom brady?
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>> at 6:00. hearing first-hand about the heroic rescue off the coast of turned into a disney movie. ed: the boston premiere for the finest hours is going on right now, this is a live look at the red carpet. -- is now just hours away right now. we spoke to andy fitzgerald today.
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of that coast guard crew who saved the crew of a ship that had split in half, in the middle of a blizzard. fitzgerald says the movie is pretty accurate, and he still remembers the rescue well, including the moment they reached the ship. >> as we approached them i looked up and saw, i said, god , how are we going to get them off of their? i thought the movie was really good. said, g, i didn' t realize it was that dangerous. [laughter] ed: it was. you were in a moment in your heroic. fitzgerald says they got the crew off just in time, the ship flipped over as they were heading back. i got chills just talking about it. heather: i can' t wait to see it. ed: gladiators descending on harvard square. you heard me right. heather: they were there to cheer on the star of scandal and to roast her. how hasty pudding honored its
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>> first there was the parade of course in the vegan really outrageous arrest in our julie mcdonald was there for all of issues library now in cambridge, juliet go julie: if you are a fan of the abc drama scandal you may consider this is honor scandal, team cambridge and this afternoon also celebrated her favorite gladiator -- >> there was nothing scandalous about their pick for the 2016 women of the year golden globe, emmy, and , sag nominated actress kerry washington was paraded through the streets of cambridge in true hasty pudding fashion. reporter: but before the glory of the hasty pudding pot, . the roast. harvard students began by teasing washington about the overwhelming popularity of one credit on her resume. >> you may all know kerry from
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-- [applause] or. reporter: but her accolades in the nation' s capital aren' t only on the small screen. kerry washington has also been recognized by president obama for her dedication to civil rights and public service. >> kerry was listed as one of time magazine' s 100 most influential people. [applause] so was kim jong un. reporter: washington is the first african american woman to headline a network tv drama since 1974. she spoke about the recent controversy involving predominantly white oscar nominees. >> weeding more voices at the table. we need for our art to reflect all of us. -- we need more voices at the table. we need for our art to reflect all of us. reporter: washington said some of her best life lessons have come from ' stepping in to somebody else' s shoes' and she encouraged the audience to do the same. after surviving a particularly political roast, she earned her pudding pot. >> this is the best worst day ever. reporter: ladies before gentleman by the celebrations to
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is when joseph gordon levitt will be honored as man of the year. heather: i just want to see more of it, so much fun. newscenter five' s jc monahan sat down for an exclusive one on one with kerry washington. hear what she had to say about the hasty pudding honor in that interview coming up at newscenter five at 7:00. ed: what did she say -- she says it is the best worst a of her life? [laughter] heather: i think that kind of sums it up. there is some pie in the face action. ed: that is a good way to put it. harvey: let' s talk about what is happening outside. 37 degrees in boston. light southern wind. skies are still mainly clear. the clouds are thin. allowing temperatures to drop back. sunspots dropping below freezing tonight. temporarily, the temperatures are dropping back. then it will level off because already we are seeing the advancement of clouds. there is a storm developing down
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different circumstances, not that different, i may be pretty concerned, but the bulk of the energy will be passing south and east of us but it is the second system that emergence really to make in the basically a very, coming through tomorrow. i think we' re going to have rain or snow showers in the deeper into the date and get, the cold as often on rain or snow showers continue into the evening, we could get theoretically, heavier brief snow showers, small accumulation in some spots. do not expect heavy accumulation. high-pressure tanks over tomorrow night into saturday. tomorrow morning, next precipitation, rain or snow makes. also, anywhere from coastal maine coast, new hampshire, eastern massachusetts could be getting some often non-rain or snow especially snow as we get through the afternoon and evening if it can really just pulled it back together enough -- i don'
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mentioned -- sunspots get up to one inch. we will so kind of watch this system just another tricky. notice the high temperatures tomorrow will be above freezing but even if that is the case -- which it should be -- if you are getting precipitation it comes to the battery cannot the temperature down temporarily. /me accumulation. tomorrow, 39 degrees. saturday, 30 nine, and he with clouds. look at the shifting jetstream throws us into the matter side and once that happens where -- we are in mild shaped the middle of next week and one storm is likely to impact us wednesday of next week, right at us like it will be a mild to warm type of a rainstorm turning cooler on thursday and then turning considerably corner from thursday night on his next week, but between now and then, a lot of mild water, we will watch that storm, tricky for the first
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celtic guard isaiah thomas sat like: -- mike:. celtic guard isaiah thomas sat out today' s practice with a mild ankle sprain it won' t cause him to miss any games and he won' t be missing the all-star game either thomas has been selected as a reserve a deserving honor as bob halloran reports. >> the numbers don' t lie to you can stack the numbers up against anybody in the nba. reporter: isaiah thomas is playing like an all-star in a was to the an all-star for himself and for the celtics. >> i just work so hard and i feel like i deserve it. not just the individual success but as a team like we have been winning lately. >> we all want him to make it because we see what he does every single day and how hard he works and he definitely deserves to be awarded the all-star game. reporter: to an all-star certainly would mean a lot to isaiah thomas and he would be
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>> that is why he is where he is. other than physical ability, obviously, and with his explosion off the floor, but the reason he is where he is it because of his work ethic. >> my first couple years, i always, i will always have a chip on my shoulder about that. i mean, because teams passed me not once but twice. mike: ugly incident last night here that is dennis white a man and a red jersey, he gets hit right here. as he goes to the bench, which would lead us to the linesman, don henderson. that is a cheap, cowardly, deliberate act pure and wiseman has been suspended indefinitely. if they determined that the act was deliberate and intentional, it it is a minimum of a 20 game suspension -- minimum. he will have a hearing on tuesday. more tonight at 7:00.
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nfl announced the super bowl 50 golden team tom brady and bill belichick did not make the team only one person at each position, including head coach, was selected. the one coach selected was in for a super bowl -- one for super bowl -- belichick has 14. the quarterback selected? joe montana. the only former patriot that made it was at an sanitary. australian open mens semi novak djokovic takes out roger in 4
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mike: i love it when these two get together. novak djokovic'
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pick the hall of fame? belichick and tom brady. >> worthwhile choices. >> one at every position. --
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded p by over two and a half million small contributions. rpeople who know you can't level the playing field r by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders,
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