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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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heather: the zika virus turns up in massachusetts. john: the new warning to keep your family safe. meteorologist: i'm tracking a close call with a storm tomorrow. and the big changes coming after that. staying away. >> i didn't want to be here. while his rivals debate. >> now that we got the donald trump portion out of the way. the next moves after tonight's iowa showdown. heather: the sneaky move by crooks at two local gas stations taking aim at your money. >> the red carpet rolled out in boston. the stars at the premier and the man who lived thru the real life story. ed: right now, the mosquito spread zika virus hits home. massachusetts. tonight, the challenges and fears. good evening. who became infected outside the united states. heather: for women, birth defects tied to the virus are a growing concern. travel plans suddenly a difficult call.
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john? john: fear over this virus is causing a lot of people to change their travel plans. >> like a lot of baby clothes. john: christina is ready for newborn. but she is making a sacrifice. >> risky now. john: for the saturday of her baby, canceling the trip home to brazil to visit her family. back home, thousands of babies have been born with tiny heads, the suspected culprit is the zika virus which is spreading ex plose ef hi, and now, the first case in massachusetts. >> we have the mosquitoes that can transit west nile or eastern aquine nice cephalitis. the transmission is very rarely found here. john: transmission here is unlikely even in the summer but expect cases here will rise as people infected with the virus travel here from latin america
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>> women who are pregnant, who are planning to become pregnant, need to take special precautions. john: christine nase heeding thed a rice, avoid any chance of contracting the virus for with which there is no treatment. >> i had my 20 week ultrasond and everything is good. i am so happy. so grateful. john: sadly, though, this virus are is complicating thousands of pregnancies. if someone is infected. the virus usually stays in the blood far week. live tonight, john at watt ore, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: taking a live look at the boston skyline. clouds moving in and some late january swings in the forecast to talk about. harvey leonard with me now, and harvey, you're keeping your eye on some possible snow showers tomorrow. harvey: yes. they don't get together in an active way which means we're ok. heather: if they did, it could mean -- harvey.
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let me show you, heather. we show you this he rain around the carolinas off the southeast coast. also, the area of snow showers coming out of the eastern great lakes. but here is the deal. if you take this to the north and the east. you will see the rain may barely skirt the cape or the islands early tomorrow. that is probably rain down there. now, it is colder for the rest of the region. but these two systems will probably not truly merge purchase they do. they are far out in the ocean. nonetheless, it could mean snow show showers tomorrow. a little bit of rain clipping the cape. at any time during the course of the day tomorrow or tomorrow evening, there could be some scattered snow showers around. for the most part, i am not expecting any real accumulation. some higher elevations though could briefly see the ground or the grass covered if you get a little snow burst. again, doesn't look like a big deal that time. now the temperatures are cold to the north and the west. they are close to freezing on the cape. burr by morning, the cape will be right around 40 degrees best from. during the course of the day. it is above freezing. except if you get a little butt
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it may drop down. changes, though, coming up for the weekend that you need to while. ed? ed: the final republican debate before the iowa caucus fines the frontrunner at different event tonight. donald trum raising money for veterans while several other candidates try to get their message out. trump made good on the threat to skip event because of the feud with clark news. but absence played a key role in the debate. phil: on a night when all eyes would be on the iowa debate, many were on donald trump. the republican frontrunner skipped tonight's event to host his own fund-raiser for veterans just minutes from the gop debate. fox news released a statement a short time ago saying trump offered to appear at the debate if they donated $5 million to his charity. trump tonight addressed his absence from the debate, but said he is doing important work for veterans. trump heads back to new hampshire tomorrow.
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morning. i will be here in iowa through monday's caucuses. eye miss donald trump. was teddy beer me. phil: that bass it. the dynamic changed. senator ted cruz running neck and neck with trump here in i would had a big target on his back. after a few attacks attacks, he >> the question was. >> it is not my question that you get a chance to respond to. it is his answer. phil: after this, the other six candidates got their time. governor bush talked about trendingping the military. >> embed our troops with the iraqi military. reengage with the sunni tribal leaders. get the lars off the backs. phil: both went after president obama and hillary clinton. >> she put mark's secrets atth at risk. >> senator rand paul went at it over immigration and foreign policy. dr. ben carlson distanced himself. i will gladly confess, i am the only one on the stage with no political title.
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polished plitle call speech for me. but you will hear the truth. >> in the end, donald trump not on stage. this was bit more policy talk in the debate. ed: on a night when all eyes are supposed to be on the event that were watching debate, manfully on donald trump. the republican frontrunner skipped tonight's event for his own fund-raiser for veterans minutes abrey where we're now. fox news released a statement saying trump ow offered to appear if they donated $5 million to his charity. trump, tonight, did agrees the absence from the debate but said he is doing important work for veterans. >> we love our vets. >> is it for me, a good hinge, a bad thing, will i get more vote, less vote, nobody knows, who the hell knows, it is for our vets, and you will like it because we raised over $5 million in one day. [cheering and applauding] $5 million. [cheering and applauding] phil: trump goes from iowa to
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i will stay here throughout the monday's caucus to condition to bring you live reports. in iowa, phil lipof, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: several children recovering tonight after their school bus was involved in an accident in framingham. the crash involving a car happened at lyman and edgell roads. there were 31 dunning elementary students on the bus. ten were treated at the hospital and released. their injuries are not serious. ed: no bail tonight for way mouth man charged with murdering his he is tranged wife. it happened in front of her young children. martin mcdonald beat and stabbed 34-year-old julie immediate in the apartment last night. immediate's 11-year-old daughter called 911 and provided key information to investigators. neighbors say they never appear to be any trouble. >> he was always outside playing the kids. how can you take three children's mother away from them? it is just horrible. it is horrifying. ed: prosecutors say moments
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mcdonald caused a head-on crash on 490 and told troopers "i just killed my wife. "a rhode island woman hurt in that crash is now out of the hospital tonight. heather: right now, two men are still on the run after a violent home invasion in brookline. one of two suspects shot and stabbed in the melee was arraigned in his hospital bed today. khari wilcox of cambridge is held on three quarters of a million dollars bail. police say he and two others tried to rob a resident of 198 saint paul street. that man was shot five times. everyone is expected to recover. ed: the brockton teen struck by stray bullet earlier this month is back home tonight. zac sidelinger's mom tells us the teen was just released from the hospital earlier today. the 17-year-old was in his family's kitchen when a stray bullet came through a wall. it grazed his liver and broke one of his ribs. ed: new at 11:00, buddy cianci's fiance says she is devastated by his death. the former longtime providence
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his weekly tv show last night. 34-year-old tara marie haywood wrote wrote on facebook that she is "inconsolable." the two were engaged on christmas. the 74-year-old cianci was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains after the tv show last night. the cause of death is unclear. heather: new at 11:00, an fbi sting in new hampshire leads to weapons charges against a brentwood man. the suspect well-known to police. our jorge quiroga is here with new information. jorge. jorge: the fbi says the publics not in danger, but tonight, a man could be endanger to others is in custody. tonight, we're learning why the fbi raided a home in brentwood, new hampshire. i belongs to this man. he is a gun advocate and seen in this video from 2013 when he was arrested after physical confrontation with police in concord, new hampshire. according to paperwork from the u.s. torn's office. mizzou wanted to buy extensive amount of weapons and was
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fbi agent alleging they were tipped off last august. when mizzou asked about buying $16,000 worth of ammunition including grenade, gas masks and rockets according to the federal evidence, last week, mizzou met with undercover agent posing as weapons dealer. at that point, he told the agent, he was part of a group of people who wanted to bring forth the original constitution and saying that is why he needed the ammunition. mizzou is being dea tained nal hearing monday. he he is charged with violetting a federal firearms law. ed: a bomber anniversary today. everyone remembers where they were when they heard it happened. 30 years since seven crew members were killed when the space shuttle challenger exploded shortly after teacher. new hampshire teacher krista mcyou a luv.
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classrooms back here on earth. uncovered at a local gas station. the question that can't be answered that has customers worried. meteorologist: temperatures changes. heather: the finest hours the stars on the red carpet. and the survivor who lived
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security
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and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. heather: new at 11:00, a warning to anyone who has filled up at two local gas stations. hingham police say a skimmer has been found at this gulf station on lincoln street. the device collects credit card data and can be accessed wirelessly. police say the device may have been installed last friday. heather: and the same thing at this gas station in goffstown, new hampshire. the device was found at the irving circle gas station on mast road. the question that cannot be
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that skimmer has been there. customers of both gas stations are being urged to keep an eye on the bank accounts. ed: caught on camera, a bank robber shut out by a determined bank manager. surveillance video from north carolina shows the masked robber trying to get in, but the manager keeps the door closed. the gunman gives up. runs away. and police are still looking for him tonight. heather: the stars shining brightly tonight at disney's "the finest hours" premiers in boston. chris pine and casey affleck among the cast members on the red carpet. the special screening celebrating the bay state roots of this daring rescue tale. our mary saladna is live in boston where hollywood really seems to feel at home. mary? mary: they sure do, heather. a lot of history here. this story are is true and it is remarkable. it focus on the coast guard in the 1950's. >> give it up. >> it is considered the most
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disney's the foonest hour at boston premier tonight. the star mixing with real life co-stars on the red carpet. >> i like their style. they like to do the job. they do it well. they do it proud. the storytellers, i think, bring go are troy that. i expect the modesty and wanting to ship out the back door. mary: the movie tells the to riff a coast guard you could crew who braved the blizzard ripped in half by the storm. filmed in quincy last year. calm bring's casey affleck said it was welcomed home coming. >> this is a great opportunity to see them transformed, you know, back to 1952, and, it is really my favorite part of the movie. >> disney has been supportive of this film. it is a dream come true. >> it is on the water. >> thank goodness producer dorothy is from watertown. the special effects are stunning but the true story that grabs you. chris pine plays captain bernie
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one of the four men two took the faithful mission decades ago. eye look the glad was scared and real and human like all of us who would not be scared to death to go out. >> now actually lived this story. >> it was my job. we had to do it. i don't need think about. go do their job. mary: coyour job. the movie opens tomorrow nationwide in theaters everywhere. in boston tonight, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. ed: i can't figure that out. that is a spread scratcher. kerry washington paraded around the streets today. she is woman of the year. washington was the target in the decades-old tradition. she later received the signature pudding pot. she told our casey monahan how she feels about this. >> it is surreal. it is so crazy. i mean, it is such an esteemed
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the ranks of. it was crazy honored. >> the theatricals say it takes washington pause she's the first black woman to head listen the network tv drama since 1974. heather: she is fabulous. ed: lack at her there. heather: she had fun. harry, the weather cooperated for it which is nice. if you have a parade, it should have been today and not tomorrow. harvey. fun. she did a great job. look at this. fleece highs today. they are all a little bit above the average. they want you to notice, that january is almost three degrees above the average. that is significant. but des bem ser about if you remember back was record-breaking over 10 greece above the average. if you combine december and january. almost done. a few more days to go. it is close to being right around 2001 and 2002. the warmest december january combo we had. the close number two or might even make it to the number one
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by the way, all of the top five warm december january combos, snowfall. that is only five here. that is not a guarantee. it is suggestive however. let's take a look. in spite of the warmth. there is plenty of skiing around new england. this is a look at the trails in new hampshire. look at mount washington. also, a lack at the peak in maine. plenty of skiing to be had and cold enough for snow makes through the night. 33 now in boston. gentle breeze out of the south. the clouds are still thin. it has allowed the temperatures to drop back to the 20's in many cold spots at this time. with the light wind taking over on the cape. temperatures actually popp by morning. the clouds thickening. notice chatham and nap ticket are 40 at time. overall, these are lows or temperatures tomorrow. now these are high temperatures tomorrow. but there may be some rain or know showers scattered about at times.
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shower, it could mock down a few degrees t. but then after it ends, temperature would bounce back up again. it is the hilly terrain of worcester and the berkshires. there could be a brief coating or so from one of this snow show we're. we're missing the bulk of this storm. it is a little bit too far east. the snow showers try to come east as well. sometimes these two get together. if they do. it is not until it is far offshore. that doesn't look like a big significant thing for us. clouds you can expect a lot of them tomorrow. offshore. -we got the scattered know showers around the region. now if you happen to are one. late tomorrow early tomorrow afternoon. colder. very briefly in a scattered location. it could be a minder issue. notice the small snow. those are buister hills then you get to northern new england. doesn't labeling like too big of a deal for us. you. we got flurries or showers tomorrow.
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now, saturday, also, about 39 far high. look at what happened. the jet stream starts to shift and quickly sunday. we will notice a big shift in temperature. it turns quite a bit milder as you can clearly see. now monday could be in the 50's. i don't think it is record-breaking but it is mild if both boston and worcester do get 50's then it looks lake very mild rainstorm coming up on wednesday. that probably will signify a pattern change however. much chillier weather to follow. done see it on thursday. by the the time wet we get to thursday night and beyond. temperatures are back to where they should be time of year. so it will be a little bit of a roller coaster. but living in new edge lap. get used, right. >> 59. >> yes. >> yeah. ed: ed: a reality check for an iconic american toy. coming up, the makeover for barbie that's getting a healthy amount of praise. the new look just ahead. and coming up on jimmy kimmel live: actor ewan mcgregor.
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ed: goes getting a makeover. heather: barbie. i conic doll. mattel announced today, new barbie dolls will be coming out incur i have, tall and petite. the doll will come in seven skin tone, 22 eye color, 24 hairstyles, changes come after years of criticism of the doll's unreal lis tick body type. the madeover dolls should hit the shelves enema. ed: take a look at this little girl. that's 7-month-old isla, and she just won gerber's annual baby photo contest. she looked quite pleased about it! and so are her parents. i won.
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heather: wow. that is a face. ed: we'll see you on the jar of apple cobbler. heather: i think so. she deserves. it she is precious. can't take my eyes off her. ed: yeah. reporter: maybe isaiah thomas
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>> for the first time in three years, the celtics will have a player in the nba's all-star game. tonight guard isaiah thomas was
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eastern squad. it is the first all star selection for thomas. he is having a rock solid year. averaging 22 points a game. 7 assists. three rebounds. he's the first celtics' all star since rondo was selected in 2013. the all-star game is two weeks weeks from season up in toronto, ontario. file like deserve it. i mean, just not not just the individual success but as team. like we have been winning lately. we are in the east. we are fifth in the east. we are playing at high level now. file leak. on top of that. the numbers done lie. that is why he is where he is. you know, there is some physical ability there, obviously. and with his explosion on the floor, and because of his work
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ed: former bruins' defenseman is suss ined indefinitely there i. the blind side kick coming up here on linesman don henderson. it happened last night. 20 game suspension. a hearing ons day. nh declares he did it intentionally and no other reason why. >> yeah. he missed. >> was trying to get off the ice and kind of killed over at the last second i looked up and i saw him. i couldn't afford it. i think, i went off and ale po guised. i din see him. i didn't know where to go or how to get out of the way. ed: i am not buying that. >> no. >> none of it. >> all right. >> pro football hall of fame selectors have chosen its super bowl 50 golden team. one player at each position and one head coach.
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not make the team. yeah. they not make the team. the head coach chosen. it is a good one. bill belichick has won four. chuck had nine hall of farmers playing for him. ing you po, i can positively say that bill belichick has one. that would be tom brady. make a debate on a couple of other guys this. the quarterback won four super bowls. tom brady won four. adam vinatieri the only guy that played some time. he was selected as the golden 50 kick kerr on super bowl. australian open, men's semifinal. federer-djokovic. won four sets.
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[cheering and applauding] >> 45th time they have met. this one goes to djokovic. he wins 6-1, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3. the sixth time he made it to the open finals. that is right. sign your name on the glass. are going to the foons. there you go. >> wrap. >> your point about tom brady is interesting. remember, pittsburgh in the presalary cap era and played and didn't have any player movement. >> well, belichick had the salary cap. >> think about the different veers tom pra ide has had. john stallworth with terry bradshaw. frank oh harris with him on the backfield. jackham, all kinds of great players. >> no other team her to players to go to hat time. >> couldn't go as prez and gens which they can if now. >> it is treensing if. yeah. there you go. yeah. >> healthy one that is going to be bathed around here for a long
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absolutley. like lynchie said. chuck is very good. he won four. ed: we'll do that after we are off the air tonight. yep. all the way done the hall hall to the newsroom. these two never stop. ed: ever. heather: maybe they done record it.
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