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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-5:59am EST

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a frontal boundary is going to cross northern new england on saturday. 50 on sunday. mid 50' s on monday. near 60 degrees on wednesday. randy: breaking overnight, fire rips through a home in groton. erika: a debate with a different tone. the deal he tried to make with the network. randy: new video of a protestor' s last stand. the dramatic moments before police took him out. it' s on the eye for this friday morning. >> you' re watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. erika: good morning everyone.
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it is just 5:00 a.m. good morning, i' m erika tarantal. randy: and i' m randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: there is the storm moving by offshore. you can see there are some showers close to chatham this morning. temperatures above freezing in boston and beverly. the moisture would likely be in the form of rain showers over the interior. things are pretty quiet with a lot of cloud cover. there is a cold front approaching and may produce a few snow showers. the on braille are on standby. otherwise it is fairly dry after noon time.
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crossing over. a passing rain or snow shower s this afternoon with the wind about 5-10 miles per hour. weight until you see the warm-up in your weekend forecast. most of the roads are dry. olessa: a live look outside to start things off. that is the northbound side heading to the bottom of your screen. construction is just about gone on 93. no problems west of town and the pike looks good. good shape traveling southbound. trains and buses starting on schedule. randy: we are following breaking news right now in groton. let'
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he just spoke with the fire chief in groton. frank: we' re hearing that two people died in this fire. he said both -- [no audio] randy: we lost frank but we can tell you that we are seeing that situation in groton unfold. two people dead after a fire on whiley road. the fire started around 11:30 last night. we do not know how the fire started but that is being investigated. we are still on the scene and frank will be updating us coming up. right now we are getting new video of the deadly confrontation that ended a standoff in oregon. that video released by the fbi
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at a federal wildlife refuge. it was later discovered that one of the ranchers was armed as he reaches for his jacket when . we' re freezing the video because it' s so graphic. the shooting happened during a series of protester arrests weeks after activists took over the refuge and refusing to leave. erika: commitment 2016. the republican candidates will today after their final iowa debate. who wasn' the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is here as things go down to the wire. antoinette: donald trump skip the final debate before iowa. there weren' t any huge
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talk. mr. cruz: i' m a maniac and everybody on the stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and, ben, you' re a terrible surgeon. now that we' ve gotten the trump portion out of the way. antoinette: senator ted cruz and others not missing the opportunity to mock donald trump' s absence. mr. bush: he was a teddy bear to me. antoinette: without the gop front-runner center stage, the dynamic of this debate dramtically changed. the other seven candidates getting their time. governor jeb bush talked about strengthening the military. mr. bush: we need to arm the kurds , get the lawyers off the backs of the military. antoinette: governor chris christie went after president obama and hillary clinton. mr. christie: she put america' s secrets at risk for her convenience. antoinette: senator rand paul went at it with senator marco rubio over immigration and foreign policy. dr. ben carson distanced himself from the establishment. mr. carson: i will gladly
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title. from me you will hear the truth. antoinette: the debate, a key time for candidates with the iowa caucuses on monday and the new hampshire primary just a week later. erika? erika: fox news released a statement last night saying donald trump offered to appear at the debate if they donated $5 million to his charity. they declined. trump heads to new hampshire today. the front-runner addressed his absence, but said he' s doing important work for veterans. mr. trump: is it a good thing, a bad thing? nobody knows. but it is for our vets. we raised over $5 million in one day. erika: apart from trump, most of the candidates are on the trail in iowa today. newscenter 5' s phil lipof will be following them every step of the way through the caucuses. look for his reports tonight starting at 4:30, through the weekend, and on the eyeopener on
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randy: there is a sobering new report this morning when it comes to child abuse in the commonwealth. the state had the highest rate of abuse and neglect in the country during 2014. that' s the most recent data being tracked by the department of health and human services. during that fiscal year, 31,863 children were abused and neglected in massachusetts. the state says increased public awareness and more investigations may have contributed to the jump in cases. an update this morning on a story closely followed by team 5 investigates. the trial of the owners of a framingham compounding pharmacy linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak won' t happen until september. a fight over thousands of internal e-mails from the now-defunct new england compounding center caused the judge to order a delay. 76 patients in 20 states died and hundreds more were sickened because of contaminated injections.
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attorney general martha coakley may be up for a new job. according to published reports, coakley has been approached to be the next president of suffolk university. "the globe" reports the current president, who has butted heads with the school' s board of trustees, has been asked to resign. but margaret mckenna denies reports that she' s being forced out. no comment from coakley, who has been serving as a legal analyst for newscenter 5. randy: an original member of the band jefferson airplane has died. paul kantner was 74. he helped found the 1960' s band, which soared to fame with hits like "somebody to love." kantner eventually went on to front the band jefferson starship. he died in san francisco yesterday after getting sick earlier in the week. a store closed for years is trying to make a comeback. erika: the business trying to get back in the tech game. a new hampshire man facing weapons charges. the odd reason police say he gave for arming himself. randy: new this morning, what you do after breakfast can have an impact on the rest of your
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your morning on the wrong note. antoinette? antoinette: breaking overnight, , two people are dead after a fire in groton. they are looking for a cause of this fire on whiley road. cindy: watching for the chance for a few rain and snow showers in spots but a nice weekend is , on the way. the outlook, ahead. shore.
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000x in personal a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal pnand for five years rubio refused to releasep the credit card records.
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major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. he's just not ready to be president.
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we have a student council-run charity event. >> for sure erika: we are going to stop. randy: students at silver lake brought in nearly 5,000 food itmes and cash donations to see that is what friends are for. the proceeds go to the plymouth area coalition for the homeless so it' s a big win. and they were good. you can turn the volume back up on your tv. >> as long as you hit the high notes.
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>> speaking of high notes, take a look at the month as a whole. cindy: last week it was below average. the month mostly has been mild and we are running 2.7 degrees above what we consider average and the temperatures are that way this morning. was there, below freezing. watching a couple of showers on the radar very close to chatham and nantucket. there could be rain showers along the coastline and some fog this morning. some dense fog near providence. the ocean storm is big with most of the wet weather is staying offshore. there is another one off to the west producing snow showers out
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and working in our direction. we' re going to hang on to cloud cover throughout the day. lower 40' s in the southeastern part of the state. you may want to have the cape. otherwise it is dry until lunchtime. snow showers in the berkshires because of a cold front. and then the sky clears out overnight. around 30 degrees tonight. high pressure will settle in tomorrow. a warm front will be crossing parts of new england as we get into the afternoon. the brightest part of your saturday be the morning until
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a fresh coating of snow for the ski areas. mid 50' s on monday. tuesday night into wednesday, that storm is going to be pushing by to work west. we can make a run into upper 50' s and near 60 on wednesday with that rain coming in. and then for these on thursday. by friday, it is going to feel like february. >> turning the corner. thank you. olessa: there is a live look on the expressway heading northbound. let' s go to the map and check out the rest of your trip. we have some road work on 93 south approaching the they can bridge.
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and you are in great shape i-93 southbound from new hampshire. randy: right now, a brentwood, new hamphire man is facing serious weapons charges after the fbi raided his home. the u.s. attorney' s office says agents were tipped off last summer when 52-year-old daniel musso went to a firearms dealer looking to buy thousands of dollars worth of weapons. musso, a gun advocate, is well-known to police, arrested here three years ago after a physical confrontation in concord. police say last week he told an undercover agent he was part of a group that needed the weapons to "bring forth the original he' s expected in court on monday. erika: your economy headlines this friday. asian markets gaining overnight as the bank of japan introduces an interest rate policy to help stimulate the economy. stocks were higher yesterday, the dow climbing 125 points with oil prices back on the rise. stock futures are up right now. circuit city is trying to make a
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the national chain announcing plans to open 50 to 100 stores by next year. circuit city went out of business in 2009. the two men who bought the rights to the company are now planning to open stores to sell tablets, headphones, drones and company' s own inexpensive brand. randy: dozens of aviation engineers working for general electric in lynn are being laid off. 59 employees will lose their the company saying ge aviation' s changing and the company can' t maintain the number of engineers currently employed across the country. the decision comes two weeks after ge announced it would move its global headquarters to boston. erika: no one wants to get their day off to a bad start. randy: but there are are some morning mistakes that can really do some damage. like checking your e-mail as s tempting, but it' s also likely to get your day off to a negative start.
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randy: this one might be tough to swallow, but a hot shower is men' s health says the heat tells your muscles it' s time to relax, which can make you more tired. while a cold shower triggers the release of adrenaline. and finally, brushing your teeth after you eat. that can push sugars to the surface and erode your enamel. experts say brushing right after you wake up is the better plan. erika: who knew? a hot shower. not taking a cold shower. call it accidental camouflage. randy: the outfit making one woman really blend in. antoinette? antoinette: then new at 5:30, a warning for customers at two local gas stations. the scam ripping people off. and new concerns about the zika virus as massachusetts gets its first confirmed case. why doctors expect to see more. and we continue to follow breaking news in groton. two people have died in a fire
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cindy: we are watching a couple of things. a front approaching from the west and a storm offshore. not a lot out there.
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new hampshire, making a mini snow dog. the ski areas had been making the snow. quite a few trails open at the area ski resorts. could be a fresh coating of snow on saturday. around 50 degrees on sunday. erika: thank you. olessa is back with eyepoppers for this friday. olessa: we' re asking, who wore it best? the internet can' t get over this photo. caption -- "so my friend checked into a random hotel, and then this happened." the woman realizing her shirt is exactly the same colors as the walls. it started a trend of people sharing photos of the times they matched with hotels, too. i think that is a great shirt. erika: good idea. olessa: exactly the same color. if you have a hard time making up your mind, this one' s for you. feast your eyes on this, the cinnamon roll donut from new
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thiago silva. on the outside, a normal, deliciously glazed doughnut. on the inside? an entire cinnamon roll. erika: that does look delicious. that one looks really good. she is ready to have 10. randy: excuse me. delicious. las vegas could soon be home to an nfl team. the franchise considering a move to sin city. and the stars hit the red carpet here in boston for a major movie premiere. the real-life coast guard drama behind "the finest hours." continuing on this friday morning. 5:24 now. >> this is an editorial. >> we have been treated to examples of the divided
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a bipartisan lovefest, and they polarized state of the union. americans question the effectiveness of federal government. major blue-chip companies have picked up on the bay state enthusiasm. crystallized by the account that ge could see daylight between the mayor and the republican governor. to tackle our to do list, they need to further nurture their relationship. the governor laid out a lengthy agenda, reforming -- taking lead on clean energy generation. missing perhaps were more candid reflections on another pressing
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neither addressed infrastructure issues, traffic congestion, and dangerous bridges. team management is approved, we' re in for a long ride before we arrived at a system that can service the state' s needs. the challenges loom large. we can only hope our bipartisan spirit will infect some of the
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randy: breaking overnight, flames rip through a home, setting off a desperate search. erika: the first cases of the zika virus confirmed in massachusetts. and some pregnant woman are now on alert. >> it'
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>> why health officials here say there is no reason for panic. randy: and a deadly confrontation caught on camera. new video of the final moments of a standoff with federal agents. on the eye. erika: breaking news this morning. two people are dead after an overnight fire in groton. good morning. i' m erika tarantal. emily is off. randy: and i' m randy price with cindy and olessa. the weekend is here. cindy: is going to start cool and we' re going to be up around 50 on sunday. look at the temperatures this morning, especially along the coastline. we' re at or above the freezing mark right now. upper 20' s to around 30 degrees along the interior.
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the western edge of the showers flirting with nantucket. you can see the bulk of the moisture is staying offshore. we are locked in with the clouds. we are watching a cold front off to the west and could produce some snow showers this afternoon. by noontime we watched the cold front approach. snow showers in the berkshires developing across the area this afternoon into this evening and the skies will clear out. could be a rain or snow shower around. lower 40' s down to the cape. the roads are dry. olessa: they are quiet as well. a live look at the expressway by the south a bay mall.
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no problems on 24, 95, 3, the pike. 1 looks good through tsongas, all the way down into boston. erika: thank you so much. breaking news in groton. randy: two people are dead after an overnight house fire. frank: fire. take a look behind me. the police department all here on scene. this investigation going on for hours. the fire started here on whiley road around 11:30 last night. two adults were killed. investigators are trying to
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fatal fire and if there were any other people inside. it has been difficult because the flames did so much damage in the structure of the house may no longer be sound. the investigation is expected to continue all morning long. we will bring in the latest developments as soon as we get them. randy: thank you for the update. we' re getting new video of the deadly confrontation that ended a standoff in oregon. the fbi released the video, saying it shows agents had to open fire after pursing a protester who is chasing this vehicle from a federal wildlife refuge. they say he was armed and reaching into his jacket. erika: it' s back to the campaign trail today after the final gop debate before monday' s iowa caucuses. most of the republican candidates will be stumping for
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donald trump is set to hold a rally in nashua, new hampshire. right now concern is growing as massachuetts gets its first confirmed case of the zika virus. randy: the eyeopener' s kelley tuthill is live at logan airport with the message from health experts. kelley: it is certainly a concern for travelers. that confirmed case is a boston man who became infected outside the u.s. but for women, birth defects tied to the mosquito-borne virus are complicating plans. health officials warn expectant mothers to avoid trips to latin america and the caribbean, where the virus is spreading explosively. cristina brinkerhoff of braintree says she is making a sacrifice for her baby' s safety, and has canceled a trip home to brazil to visit family. now. >> women who are pregnant need to take special precautions.
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no treatment for zika virus. health officials say transmission here is unlikely. but they expect cases to rise as more people infected with the virus return home. reporting live that logan airport. randy: a family is recovering after a daring fire rescue. firefighters say a man who is disabled saved his two babies from the burning home on elkins street. john mccormack tells the union leader he grabbed his infant daughter and handed the girl to his wife outside, before going back in for his son. mccormack says he had to crawl to stay away from the smoke. the cause is under investigation. right now, a warning to drivers who have filled up at two local gas stations. hingham police say a skimmer was found at this gulf station on lincoln street. the device collects credit card data and can be accessed wirelessly. police say the device may have
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and the same thing at this gas station on mast road in goffstown, new hampshire. no word on how long the skimmer has been there. customers of both gas stations are being urged to check their accounts. erika: a bank manager' s quick thinking saves the day. randy: the brave, but simple move that kept a would-be robber out. one-on-one with kerry washington. "the scandal" star' s take on a big day at harvard. erika: breaking news on the eye this morning. night' s fire in groton. updates from the scene on whiley
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olessa: you can see traffic is problems. the overnight construction is gone. cindy: it is kind of damp and we have areas of fog. there is a storm in the ocean. could be a couple of showers this morning. a few snow showers this afternoon as the front moves through. sunshine tomorrow morning with afternoon clouds. 50' s starting on sunday. erika: thank you. a star-studded red carped in boston last night for the premiere of disney' s "the finest
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chris pine and casey affleck among the cast members in town for the special screening. randy: the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is here with the local connection to this daring rescue tale. antoinette: "the finest hours" chronicles a 1950' s coast guard rescue, considered the most daring rescue ever. the movie tells the story of a coast guard crew who braved a blizzard to save members of an oil tanker after it was ripped in half by the storm. it stars chris pine and cambridge native casey affleck. it was written by a local writer, casey sherman. real-life members of the coast guard. pine plays coast guard captain bernie webber, one of the four men who took that fateful mission decades ago. >> i like the idea of a guy who was scared and human. >> i do not think you think about the danger. you do the job.
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was filmed in quincy and chatham last year. the movie opens in theaters around the country today. randy: updates ahead on our breaking news this morning. new information just coming in on a deadly fire. and las vegas could soon be home to a pro team. the football franchise that could be betting on the city. plus, this hit could have serious consequences for a former bruins player. the punishment on the table this morning. looking live on the waterfront this morning.
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country rand our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, p wealthy campaign donors have so much influence tthat the only way they are defeated is p when millions of people begin to stand up p and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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erika: the time is 5:44. frank holland is live with breaking news in groton. randy: we begin the weekend, a little rain in spots. cindy: it has been a mild month. december was mild. it is going to get even warmer. average high should be about 36. we were below average last week. today around 40 degrees. notice what happens on sunday. around 50 degrees.
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s to start february on monday. right now it is at or above freezing along the coastline. we have had colder mornings over the past week. a cloudy and cool day, upper 30' s to around 40. the risk for some rain or snow showers. we have a shield of rain but most of it is offshore. this is associated with an ocean storm that is really going to hit nova scotia hard. there is a cold front producing snow showers across new york state and pennsylvania and these are going to be working in our direction. by lunchtime, we' re watching the cold front with snow showers in the berkshires.
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shower early this evening. around 30 degrees tonight. a lot of sunshine tomorrow morning. we' re watching a warm front on sunday with clouds. the brightest part of your saturday is the morning, 40 degrees. around 50 on sunday. olessa: so far we are doing ok. a live look outside, just a little bit of volume starting to pick up. all the overnight construction picked up early. no problems. 95 looking good from sharon. pike looks good and route 9. trains and buses running on schedule. erika: thank you. we' re following breaking news out of groton. a deadly fire under investigation.
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scene with the new information. frank: good morning. the fire chief said two people died in this fire. they are still putting out hotspots. investigators are trying to figure out if there was anyone else inside. the fire started around 11:30 last night. the cause is still unknown. the names of the people who died are not the released because their families have not been notified. we' ll bring you more as we get it. reporting live here in groton. kelley: there is one confirmed case of the zika virus here in massachusetts.
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person to person. for women, birth defects tied to the mosquito-borne virus are complicating plans. health officials warn expectant mothers to avoid trips to latin america and the caribbean, where the virus is spreading explosively. there is no vaccine and no treatment for zika virus. transmission here is unlikely. we do expect cases to rise as more people traveled to the affected areas. antoinette: no donald trump at last night' s debate amidst his battle with fox news and his opponents took advantage. mr. cruz: i' m a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. antoinette: ted cruz and others not missing the opportunity to mock the front-runner' s absence and to focus on policy. governor jeb bush talked about strengthening the military. governor christie criticizing hillary clinton. senators paul and rubio sparring over immigration. and dr. ben carson distancing himself from career politicians. trump held his own event for veterans just a few miles away.
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apart from trump, most of the candidates are on the trail in iowa today. newscenter 5' s phil lipof will be following them every step of the way, through the caucuses. look for his reports today starting at 4:30, through the weekend, and on the eyeopener on tuesday morning. randy: a new report from pentagon officials says that more military might is needed to take down the islamic state. "the new york times" reporting that hundreds of more trainers, advisers and commandos from the united states and its allies will need to be sent to iraq and syria over the next few months. the white house says the president is willing to consider raising the stakes. erika: right now, boston city hall workers are learning what to do in the case of an attack. nearly 800 employees have been receiving training from police and emergency specialists over the last two weeks. mayor marty walsh says recent terror attacks prompted the training. the sessions are similar to a pilot effort in the city' s school department that began in
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randy: there is no bail for a weymouth man charged with murdering his estranged wife. prosecutors say martin mcdonald beat and stabbed 34-year-old julie meede in her norton apartment wednesday night. police say moments later he caused a head-on crash on 495. he allegedly told responding troopers, "i just killed my wife." a rhode island woman hurt in that crash is now out of the hospital. erika: two men are still on the run after a violent home invasion in brookline. one of two suspects shot and stabbed in the melee was arraigned in his hospital bed yesterday. khari wilcox of cambridge is held on $750,000 bail. police say he and two others tried to rob a person at 198 saint paul street. that man was shot five times. everyone is expected to recover. a new report on the flint, michigan, water crisis shows state employees got clean water, while officials told residents the taps were fine. purified water coolers were brought into flint' s state office building during the crisis, according to thursday' s report.
5:43 am
the public. protesters are calling for criminal charges against the governor. randy: two people are pretty lucky after their truck plunged over the edge of a freeway overpass in san diego. traffic continued to roll by as the truck exploded in flames. two people in the truck managed -- were not hurt. erika: caught on camera, a bank robber shut out by a determined bank manager. surveillance video from north carolina shows the masked robber trying to get in, but the manager keeps the door closed. the gunman gives up. runs away. and police are still looking for him this morning. an original member of the rock band jefferson airplane has died. paul kantner was 74. he helped found the 1960' s band, which soared to fame with hits like "somebody to love." kantner eventually went on to front the band jefferson starship. he died in san francisco
5:44 am
earlier in the week. barbie is getting a make-over this spring. the iconic doll will soon be available in different shapes, sizes, and skin tones. mattel announced yesterday that new barbie dolls will now be made curvy, tall, or petite. the doll will come in seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hair styles. the changes come after years of criticism of the doll' s unrealistic body type. randy: for the first time in three years, the celtics will have a player in the nba all-star game. isaiah thomas was nominated as a reserve for the eastern squad. thomas is averaging 22 points, seven assists a game. rajon rondo was the last celtic to make the team, in 2013. the all-star game is two weeks from sunday in toronto. erika: former bruins player dennis wideman is suspended indefinitely after this hit on a referee. it happened wednesday night. the calgary flames' defenseman says he saw the ref at the last minute, and didn' t mean to knock him over.
5:45 am
tuesday. if they determine the hit was on purpose, wideman faces a minimum 20-game suspension. randy: professional football could be heading for vegas. the oakland raiders are in talks with the owner of the las vegas sands casino company. the casino owner wants to build a professional-grade stadium at the unlv campus. it' s unclear if the nfl would allow a casino giant to back the building of a league stadium. erika: boston' s finest aren' t just crime fighters. this officer stopped his cruiser when he noticed an elderly woman struggling to shovel in front of her home. officer quinn says it was the right thing to do and that she reminded him of his mother. he says he only did what he hopes someone else would do for his mom. harvard' s hasty pudding has crowned its woman of the year. randy: tv' s number one gladiator kerry washington parading around the streets of harvard square yesterday.
5:46 am
roast, a decades-old tradition. she later received the signature pudding pot. washington sat down one-on-one with our j.c. monahan. >> it is surreal. so crazy. it is such an esteemed list of women. i was crazy honored. randy: the hasty pudding theatricals says it picked washington because she' s the first black woman to headline a network tv drama since 1974. obviously she did it in style yesterday. a lot of fun. >> what a difference yesterday. the snow banks were so high. cindy: 34 degrees in boston right now, above freezing, and the wind is light. there is a little bit of moisture and fog in parts of the
5:47 am
traveling south, you may encounter some fog this morning. 30 degrees in worcester. on average, it is a milder start this morning. you see how close we are to the rain. this is going to head up towards nova scotia. we are watching a cold front off to the west. there are some snow showers associated with the moisture. a lot of clouds today. upper 30' s and some lower 40' s today. there will be the risk of a rain shower this morning on the cape. snow showers coming out of the berkshires and crossing the area up into this evening. temperatures fall back to about
5:48 am
it is a sunny start to your saturday. sunday, we are talking about temperatures by 50 degrees. mid 50' s on monday. and then the next system is moving in from the west approaching tuesday night and it will draw up even warmer air with temperatures into the upper 50' s. the cold down the gains by next weekend. a warm start to february. olessa: we are looking ok. 93 looks good in somerville. it is a quiet start south of town. no issues on the expressway. the pike is nice and light. approaching -- trains and buses doing ok. randy: we' re following breaking
5:49 am
two people are dead after a two-alarm fire. erika: frank holland is live at the scene with updates on the investigation. and new video shows the violent end of a protestor' s standoff with police. the confrontation sparked by a sudden move. randy: looking across to the airport. friday morning, 5:57.
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