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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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that's real estate, redefined. >> this is wcvb newscenter five at noon. >> we begin with breaking news. a huge operation lands dozens of suspected gang members in custody. >> we just got an update from federal officials. agents have wrapped a series of early-morning raids around boston and somerville. 400 agents arrested 66 suspected members of the ms 13 gang.
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the suspect facing drug trafficking, and gun charges. >> today, we arrested the head of the program. 13. ms 13 is one of the country. members at local high schools. we have more breaking news this noon coming out of somerville. this 18-year-old who escaped federal custody has been arrested. gabriel castillo perez is a known gang member and escaped from federal custody early this morning as he was being arrested in somerville. he was still in handcuffs when police tracked him down. right now, investigators are looking for answers after this deadly house fire in groton. two people, found dead after firefighters put out the flames. antoinette: newscenter 5'
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holland is live in groton , frank? frank: the flames were intense and fast-moving according to the fire chief, but this investigation has been slow and methodical. 12 hours after flames ripped through this home, we still don' t know the identities of people killed or what caused this fatal fire. this newscenter 5 viewer -- >> there was a heavy volume of fire coming out of the windows on the front side. raging flames. relatives, in tears at the scene this morning. around 11:30 last night. road within minutes. the flames were too intense for clues to search for residents.
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the advanced stage of fire, the arrival. we can send firefighters inside. frank: after getting the fire in discovery. the bodies of two adults. gro don fire and police now investigating, the fire marshal bringing a doctor can pick up the scent of accelerants like gasoline. >> at this point, we don' t have a cause of the fire. frank: back out here live, firefighters are still on the scene until a few minutes ago. they were still looking out for hotspots inside of this house. this is still an active and ongoing investigation. live in groton, frank holland, wcvb newscenter five. >> kelly is live for us in lynn. you spoke with witnesses there? kelly: one witness was asleep when he heard 10 to 15 shots ring out.
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there are at least a dozen markers for bullet casings here on western avenue. an officer radios for health -- help as he chases the suspect on to western avenue and. moments later, police call for an ambulance, but the district attorney later confirms one man is dead after being shot by lynn police. police have not identified the man or the owner of a black lexus that is parked outside of bullet casings. authorities have not explained what led up to the shooting. police also put up crime scene started. a neighbor says he saw a commotion there this morning. >> he jumped out the top window.
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actor -- active scene on western avenue, we are waiting for identity -- authorities to identify the man who was shot and give us a better idea of what led to this fatal shooting. antoinette: new at noon, lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev have just first u.s. circuit court of appeals does not give any grounds for appeal. those will be spelled out later. the 22-year-old was convicted last year and sentenced to death in the bombings, which killed three people and injured more than 260 in april 2013. commitment to thousand 16, donald trump in new hampshire this noon for a rally. of course, the other candidates in iowa campaigning. nicole asked the fun is in new hampshire with the latest on what trump is up to. nicole: coming up on the heels of a primary election in new hampshire. hundreds of people packing the
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trump is off the plane from iowa. he uses his time in front of voters to explain why he chose republican primary debate thursday night. this is the point of the campaign were candidates lose their voices. trump sold it -- sounded raspy as he told the crowd he raised its million dollars for veterans. this at a separate event he held to coincide with the debate. he says the risk of skipping the iowa caucus was the right decision. cracks when someone doesn' t treat you property, you have to be tough. you can' t let them push you around. that goes for the country. when you are treated properly, you have to stick up for your rights. i did something very risky, and i think it turned out great. ni nicole: trump said it is suggested skipping today after
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the plane heading to iowa. live in nashua, nicholas delon, wcvb newscenter five. ted cruz: i' everyone on the stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. antoinette: ted cruz and others not missing the opportunity to mock donald trump' s absence. strengthening the military. chris christie talking about hillary clinton. paul and rubio sparring over immigration, and been -- ben carson distancing himself from career politicians. meantime, hillary clinton is getting extra help on the campaign trail from an actor and feminist icon. she is campaigning for the democrat in him today. she is making several stops on clinton' s behalf. his last stop
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been saying, most of the candidates are in iowa today. we will follow them every step of the way through the caucuses. look for his reports tonight starting at 4:30 through the weekend and on the eye-opener tuesday morning. noon. the seven-day forecast looks more like march heading into february. there is no arctic air in the lower 48. it is locked in canada. temperatures just mild enough at this noon that we are keeping a close eye on it. notice as you get toward the berkshires, close to the freezing mark your locally, mid-to-upper 30' s, even 40' s from plymouth to the cape. we have had a couple of rain showers today. these are snow showers right now. they are on the move. they are checking into worcester county. everything is on the lighter side and temperatures are
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bit of snow shower activity showing up. software toward north brookfield, some flurries and snow showers. these are all coming in with a very energetic rental boundary working on in. although this has a lot of energy with it, it is right limited moisture. what that means is we will find more snow showers pushing eastward through the afternoon hours. by 3:00, along and outside of 495, but just in time for the evening commute, a couple of snow showers mixed with raindrops closer to boston. all of that activity is shifting 9:00 this evening. then it winds down. even where we are seeing snow s. we don' t go below freezing until after midnight here at low impact if you have travel plans evening. erika: the family of the marine killed in a chopper crash is of the support. his family says they were deeply that greeted them as they made their way home.
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that says in part, the people of all ages the streets holding flags and signs of support in silence and respect for christopher and us will be etched in our minds forever. orlando and 11 others died in a coast of hawaii a few weeks ago. right now, concern is growing as massachusetts gets its first confirmed case of the zika virus . outside of the u.s.. the mosquito-borne virus are, getting plans. health officials warn expectant mothers to avoid trips to latin america and the caribbean. where the virus is spreading explosively. christina of braintree says she is making the sacrifice for her babies safety, canceling a trip home to brazil to visit family. >> it is too risky right now. >> women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant need to take special precautions.
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health officials expect cases to rise as more people infected with the virus return home. a warning for drivers today, the issue that you could face the next time you use a credit card to fill up. the revelation, a groundbreaking doctor is making about the disgraced football star. we will have brighter skies to start saturday. clouds return in the afternoon. milder air they bring to the second half of the weekend and the warm up ahead. antoinette:
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erika: right now we are getting new video of the deadly confrontation that ended a standoff in oregon. this video released by the fbi in the aftermath of the protest at a federal wildlife refuge. it was later discovered that this rancher is armed as he reaches twice inside this jacket either a fbi agent or a state police officer responded with fire. we' re freezing the video because of the graphic nature of what happens next. this came after this group of protesters had been running from officers and agents. the protestors have been holed up for weeks at a federal
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leave. antoinette: nissan is recalling thousands of altimas for a third time. the car makers says a latch problem that could let the hood fly open while the cars are moving. the latest recall covers 846,000 cars from 2013 to 2015. the automaker says that in two previous recalls, dealers adjusted latches and applied lubricant. t put on evenly, the problem could continue. nissan will replace the latch for free starting next month. filled up at two local gas stations. hingham police say a skimmer has been found at this gulf station on lincoln street the device collects credit card data and can be accessed police say the device may have been installed last friday. and the same thing at this gas station in goffstown, new hampshire. the device was found at the irving circle k gas station on mast road. no word on how long that skimmer has been there. customers of both gas stations
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on their bank accounts. erika: a startling new theory about o.j. simpson from the groundbreaking doctor featured in the movie concussion. doctor bennet omalu is convinced the fallen star' s years on the football field gave him chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or cte. while he hasn' t personally examined simpson he says there are tell-tale signs of the disease including explosive and implusive behavior. and the biggest risk factor, simpson' s college and 11 year pro career on the field, >> he was exposed to thousands of blunt force trauma of his brain. erika: it' s an assertion simpson himself once reportedly made, using concussions as part of a legal strategy after his 2008 conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping in las vegas, simpson is serving a maximum 33 year sentence.
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cindy: the weekend is just about up on. the last weekend of january. considering we have in the 50' s and 40' s all week long, you' re going is it really january? we are just getting started. moisture coming out of the pacific. you can follow it -- follow it all the way up the atlantic seaboard. this is wrapping up the big ocean storm we had been tracking. the clouds, the storm has been going by out in the ocean. we have seen a lot of cloud cover from it so far today and all of that moisture staying offshore. 39 degrees in boston. the dew point has come up a little bit. you probably noticed that. when does light. it has been shifting around all day long. it has been shifting to the west-northwestern colder air to the west will try to get in here before we really bring those temperatures up. speaking of temperatures, and s right now from plymouth down to the cave. s and the north shore. are in the mid-30'
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we are flirting with the freezing mark right now. this is where we have been tracking snow showers. that ocean storm getting farther away from us at this point. that is moving out. the focus now is off to the west eastward. not a lot of moisture with these, but they are very light flurries and a few flakes. brookfield. area. don' t be surprised around the flakes flying around. t amount to anything. were. frontal boundary. area through this evening and produce more scattered snow showers. all the while, our ocean storm lifts norse word to nova scotia where they are going to get significant snow out of this. 6-12 inches plus. newfoundland looking at a foot. add to that cold front and scatters no showers and schools
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this is good news for the ski areas to the north. the timeline this afternoon as you head out the next couple of hours, though snow showers continue to press eastward around the worcester area. 3:00 this afternoon, they get closer to greater boston into the evening hours. by the 8:00, nine :00, any action is shifting into southeastern massachusetts. the cape, islands, raindrops, a mix of snowflakes if it comes down hard enough. everything is offshore overnight and the sky clears out. we will fall into the 20' s to around 30 degrees tonight. colder by morning. high pressure starts off our saturday. we start tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. we will watch this one front to the west. bringing in a band of clouds in the afternoon hours and likely snow showers across the north country. up across east county -- country, as well. that is the leading edge of mild air. tomorrow, we were covered to around 40 degrees. look at your seven-day forecast. temperatures on sunday with partly to mostly sunny skies right around 50 degrees and a
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s. february. records for the day are in the s. no records, but a warm start to the new -- that continues here. tuesday night, we watch a storm that will bring severe weather to the deep south. snow on the backside. we will be ahead of that storm with a push of really warm air coming up on wednesday. degrees. we will see rain coming in. once that storm goes by, reality checking back in. it was like trend toward cooler and eventually colder weather by next weekend. a nice warm up between now and then. erika: a star-studded red carpet or the finest hour. the film based on the downing coast guard rescue out of cape cod. the movie tells the story of a coast guard crew who braved a
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oil tanker, after it was ripped it stars cambridge-native casey affleck and chris pine, who plays coast guard captain bernie webber, one of the 4 men who took that fateful mission. was scared and real and human t be those waters. antoinette: the finest hours was last year. the movie opens in theaters around the country today. erika: looks like a good arizona one. gets a little help from an olympian on the hard wood. antoinette: the surprise behind we'
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them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. erika: boston' s finest aren' t just crime fighters. this officer stopped his cruiser yesterday when he noticed an elderly woman struggling to shovel in front of her west roxbury home. officer quinn says it was the right thing to do and that she reminded him of his mother. he says he only did what he hopes someone would do for his mom. olympic champion swimmer michael phelps helping out his friends at arizona state. antoinette: check out what was behind the school' s infamous curtain of distraction. yes that'
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his olympic gold, a yellow swim cap on his head, and little else. phelps stripped and danced as the oregon state player missed two free throws. phelps is at asu training for the 2016 games and plans to work as an assistant swim coach at asu upon his retirement after the olympics. erika: mission successful. cindy: snow showers moving across the area this afternoon.
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