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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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jorge: he had been running from the cops when they showed up with warrants for his arrest. >> get on the roof. jorge: he was wanted for making numerous threats with a gun against his ex-girlfriend and her family. he vowed he would not be caught. >> as officers were checking the second floor, they called to him. he answered he had a gun and he would kill them. jorge: four officers chased, only three fired. it is not clear if he shot back. the woman who was carjacked at gunpoint was standing nearby. she was not hurt. at this point the investigation is in the hand of the da. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: gang crackdown. the feds roundning up more than fifty members of a notoriously violent gang. the charges include murder, attempted murder and drug trafficking. newscenter 5' s jack harper is live in east boston. jack? jack: ed, by all accounts this group is really bad news.
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concerned and disgusted. >> i have never seen a more violent gang out there. these are very, very violent individuals. >> we had one killed, just 15 years old. jack: at least five local murderers -- described as ruthless, mostly immigrants from el salvador. their motto says it all. >> [speaking spanish] which translated says "kill, rape, control." >> they call it getting wet. that means getting blood on yourself. jack: m s-13 members and another gang shooting it out, a mother of three killed. >> she is out front of her house , and she looks out the window and she takes a bullet in the
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jack: those arrested today were involved in 14 attempted murderers. >> they are very upset with the uptick in violence and gang activity. it' s a good day for the city and it' s a great day for east boston. jack: these same can be said for somerville in chelsea. jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. ms-13' s bloody trail through boston. digging into the gang' s violent local history. this 18-year-old who was raids, then escpaed, is back in federal custody tonight. gabriel castillo perez is a from federal custody early this morning as he was being arrested in somerville. he was still in handcuffs when police tracked him down in everett. jc: stormteam 5'
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the snow is light. you can see it completely winding down. mike: flurries all over the place. jc: say those words. mike: still, with the storms -- we' ve got nothing to talk about. we have a few sprinkles to talk about. and you will not have to worry about things up. here is what is left of a little bit of the snow showers. it will be just about offshore. p town, wellesley, you will probably get a sprinkle through the next hour or so. we will have clouds through the afternoon. where is the warmth? check this out. this may not be the warmest on it. we will talk more about the heat
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coming up in a few moments. jc? jc: thank you. customers helped save a store clerk in boston today. it happens in the heart of bu' s campus just before 7:30 a.m. jimmy gaston got into an argument with the clerk, then attacked him with a box cutter. customers jumped in, holding him down until police arrived. gaston will be arraigned in court monday. ed: commitment 2016. a day after the trump-less gop debate, the focus on both sides of the aisle is turning to the iowa caucuses. but is it really so important to do well there? newscenter 5' s phil lipof is live in des moines. phil: ed, not only is it important to do well in iowa, it can be a game changer. donald trump, hillary clinton may come in here doing well, they leave here doing well. it' s the folks in the middle or back of the pack looking to use iowa to do well in the rest of
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the hawkeye state is filled with folk. shake the hand of every candidate possible. hillary? >> this will be my third. phil: even though they get the political party right about half the time -- >> they have tremendous impact because the rest of the country decides based on those iowa preferences, not of polling representative samples, but real, party activists. phil: donald trump, hillary clinton, ted cruz, and bernie sanders all expected to do well. can be huge. >> iowa is the first assessment of the addition of these candidates to play the role of presidential nominee.
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have taken your candidate out for a spent. >> i went and say do you favor candidate x? well, i don' t know. i have only met him three or four times. the rest of the country does not have that luxury. phil: or on the flipside, maybe someone somewhere else in the country will say, i did not like him, i will look at somewhere else. what they hope to gain if they are not in the top couple of spots. philip off, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: donald trump back in the granite state today. nicole estaphan reports, he' s claiming a win after skipping last night' s gop debate and hosting a fundraiser for veterans. reporter: hundreds of people packing this room to hear donald trump speak, coming up on the heels of the primary here in new hampshire. mr. trump: i guess we are allowed to make speeches with absolutely no sleep. is that right?
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iowa, donald trump chose to reiterate why he chose not to produce a bit in the republican primary debate on thursday. >> you' ve got to be tough. you' ve got to be strong. reporter: trump referring to his conflict with fox news and moderator megyn kelly. mr. trump: i did something very risky and i think it turned out great writ i am on the front page of every paper. reporter: how do new hampshire voters feel? >> do you think it was rescued? -- risky? >> not for him. >> i truly believe he will be the next president. reporter: not everyone was a trump supporter. summit meeting he can be rude. >> i get it that he is rude sometimes. i get that. reporter: but some were won over -- not necessarily by trump' s politics, but his presence.
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sick of the smooth talking and trying to say what is going to get them vote. he does not care. he will say what he feels. reporter: some of his advisers suggested canceling this event, but when he heard how many people would be here, he flew in. he will be right back on the plane to iowa. jc: the price of gas is down. ed: but crooks trying to skim your credit cards at the pump are on the rise. >> criminals understand the technology. ed: new at 6:00 tonight -- how to protect your personal information at the pump. jc: dunkin' donuts drive-thru the local store that had a big scare today. mike: snow showers moving out. behind it, warm air moving in. could we get close to 60? ed: the number of concussions in the nfl went down two years in a row -- did that trend continue in 2015? we' save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. r we do it because
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. jc: an 86-year-old braintree woman is ok tonight after crashing her suv right through the front of a weymouth dunkin' donuts. it happened just before noon at the washington street location. no customers or workers were injured. police are still trying to figure out what caused the driver to crash. the city' s building department is inspecting the building to see if it' s structurally sound. ed: three years ago today a malden marina business owner was murdered and tonight police are asking for your help solving that crime. he was inside his skate shop on january 29, 2013 when security cameras caught two men coming inside. thus the security video. police still do not have a motive. prosecutors have revealed this surveillance image, hoping that it will jog someone from memory.
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traffic on 93 in milton last january have entered guilty pleas. however, they do not face any jail time. prosecutors were calling for 90 days behind bars. the 26-year-old from finland and 24-year-old from west virginia were sentenced to probation and community service. they are part of a group of 11 facing charges. the group claimed to be part of the black lives matter movement. jc: the family recovering after a daring fire rescue in new hampshire. firefighters say and man who was disabled saved his two babies from the burning home. john mccormick tells "the union leader" he grabbed his daughters and handed them to his wife before going back in for his son. because of the fire under investigation. ed: goodbye to january, hello to february, and a chilly weekend. but it will warm up. jc: plus, think you had a tough week? wait till you hear about the incredible feat a belmont mom
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. by over two and a half million small contributions. rpeople who know you can't level the playing field r by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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ed: there is a danger that could be lurking at the gas pump your he knew it 6:00, pam cross shows us how to keep information safe from scammers. pam: new credits of -- new cases of credit card information theft. >> criminals understand the technology. they have full access to it. they buy it on the web and they find pumps that are vulnerable. >> a security expert with hotspot shield. >> you may be paying for the >> i' ve only seen a device once. pam: all of the pump that his gas station are high-tech. these these in arizona were
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their skimmer, which had been s how it works. in the line that intercepts the information as it goes through. pam: the information is sometimes transmitted immediately. what can you do? look for those pampered roof seals, check your account often, inside. >> the best thing to do is to other hand as you are punchingin the pin code. pam: swipe, tap, and hope. statements often. pam cross, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a belmont woman making history. they for this? seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. she did it, if you can imagine, in record time. she ran and won all seven
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that includes travel. ed: what? jc: yes, they traveled to antarctica chilly, morocco, spain, the united arab emirates. ed: seriously? jc: it' s not human. it' s not human. ed: there are 168 hours in a week. jc: seven days. traveled around the world and ran a marathon on every continent. ed: one. -- won. jc: won. lynchie: -- mike: antarctica is beautiful this time of year. we have a few snow flurries. there' s not too much with this one. what is left of it, just on the outer reaches of cake pan.
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you get to essex is pretty much over with. we are seeing a few sprinkles in the plymouth area. this will be pushing to the outer cape, so you will see a few raindrops. otherwise there' s not too much to talk about. this storm system will blow off and it will go offshore. that is where you will see the heavy rain -- heavy snow, up around nova scotia. gloucester does not get in on this one. it will leave a little snow in the mountains for those of you who will the doing some skiing this weekend. tomorrow morning, look at that, crystal clear skies. it will be on the chilly side. tomorrow afternoon, the sun warms up a bit. these clouds represent the beginning of warm air that will be moving in for sunday and he with us through the middle of next week. right now we have temperatures in the 30'
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26 to 30 degrees for the overnight low. and then once again as we saw today, upper 30' s to around 40 degrees for the high temperature. high pressure in control. there is the leading edge of warm air. when this pushes through tomorrow, we get the cloud cover, but it puts us right here -- into the mild air and then there is nothing to talk about in terms of moisture or rain or snow until we talk let the middle of the day -- middle of the week. one thing you might notice -- the sunset is getting later and later. we are adding two minutes and 12 seconds everything ok. today the sunset was 5: 54. if you are wondering when you spring forward, this year will be march 13. sunset will be at 6:49 in the evening. tomorrow is probably not as nice as sunday though. i'
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mild air that will flow in for several days. the upper air patterns will allow this mild air to move in. look at that. 54 degrees. is it possible to get the record? records from a day are in the 60' s, so we probably will not get it. tuesday is groundhog day and in celebration, we bring a storm system across the country. but do you see what it is doing? mild air and most of tuesday is fine. shadow, but that means a longer winter and we have not had winter yet. so who knows what is going to happen. he hind the rain, finally, cold weather, but we will have to wait. plenty of sunshine for thursday and friday, but until we get there, enjoy the warmth of next
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overall that is not bad to finish off the month of january. that is the forecast. i am meteorologist mike wankum. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: the celtics and their four game winning streak are home tonight against orlando. the magic have lost 7 in a row and they' ve lost 9 in a row in boston. so as magic acts go, they' re asking you to pick a card and then guessing what it is on their 52nd try. did we pick your card? no. they are tops in the east and the turnovers are tops in the entire nba. what you' re looking at is a game against orlando back in november when they lost big. i am telling you orlando was bad -- but brad stevens sees it differently. >> really athletic, really athletic, and i said when we were there, i thought they were really rolling and i still think they are going to be a team that
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they have had a tough little stretch. everyone is going to have ups and downs times. but this is a team that is super athletic with a bunch of young guys. bob: and a four-game win streak playing smooth as butter. they forced nearly 21 turnovers per game. that is how you turn defense into offense and that is how you win games. if you felt badly about former patriots strength and conditioning coach harold nash losing his job, don' t worry about it. it didn' t take him long to find the same position with the detroit lions. nash hired by norwood native, and former patriot director of pro scouting, bob quinn, who' s now the g.m. in detroit. the nfl is a little less braggy today after concussions went down in 2013 and 2014, the nfl boasted it was due to its new concussion protocol. but there was a 32% increase this year with 271 concussions
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andy murray taking center court in the semi-finals of the australian open going up against milos. bob: murray one that point but was down two sets to one and when he mounted his come-back , his opponent claimed his racket. good thing he brought like 12 of them. murray advances to the fifth where he will play novak djokovic on sunday. tennis players and golfers get to have complete quiet when they play but not so for basketball players they get to the free throw line, and fans can do almost anything to distract them . that is michael phelps doing a little free-style he came out from behind the arizona state curtain of distraction wearing nothing but a speedo and some of
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good one. the shooter, finding it a little hard to concentrate with all that going on. you see in the split screen, don' speedo. would be speedo. ed: don' t worry about the man in the speedo. jc: only from bob. new tonight on newscenter 5 at 7:00, seeing through walls knowing if someone is hurt or needs help. the technology being developed here that could change care for the aging and public safety. ed: and then new at 11:00 -- keeping vulnerable kids out of gangs. how today' s fbi sweep could make a life-saving difference in communities around the city. but first abc' s world news tonight with david muir. hey, david. david: breaking developments three days before iowa.
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donald trump' s big gamble, and the hunt for three fugitives, armed and dangerous in the u.s. ed: on chronicle, army ranger garrick mcgee helped save jessica lynch. a death-defying act. help for veterans from home base and an unforgettable trip to the
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ed: ready, go. mike: looks like 80' s and we can. monday, look of the warmth. monday and tuesday -- which happened to be my days off -- [laughter] groundhog day arrives on tuesday. >> winter is my days off now. jc: car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000x in personal expenses onv a republican party x credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal pnand for five years rubio refused to releasep the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment.
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