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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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kill. rapes, shootings, and stabbings. ms-13 has left a trail of victims throughout greater boston since they first landed here 20 years ago. 5 investigates digging into the gang' s local ties. from el salvador to los angeles in the 1980's, then across the country to boston. these pictures from a recent federal case show alleged local ms-13 members and their affinity for gang tattoos, wearing their trademark color blue. another trademark of what has become one of the largest criminal organizations in the us, extreme violence. >> the initiation process is structured and violent, as evidenced by their motto. matta viola controlla. which translated means, " kill, rape, control." karen: recruiting teens at local high schools east boston, chelsea and everett.
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participate in murder. >> there are certain steps for initiation, they call it basically getting wet. getting blood on yourself. karen: and the gang has left a trail of blood terror throughout the boston area. one of their most notorious attacks, the 2002 gang rape of two disabled teens, one in a wheelchair. more recently, east boston, two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old murdered. and in chelsea, an innocent mother shot and killed. >> she looks out the window and takes a bullet in the head. a stray bullet. >> i want to warn anyone that wants to fill this void, -- we will be on you. karen: law-enforcement says they don' t a major blow to =---- says they dealt a major blow to ms-13 . >> investigation underway after
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carjacking suspect in lynn. police say 33-year-old randolph mcclain car jacked a woman at gun point. mcclain was running from police at the time, having just shown up with a warrant for his arrest. he was wanted for making threats with a gun against his ex-girlfriend and her family. witnesses describe hearing multiple shots after mcclain pointed his gun at police. >> then i heard six more shots. at first it sounded like someone was shooting, and then retaliating. >> mcclain vowed he wouldn' t be caught. and when police showed up at his home, he said he had a gun and would kill them. tonight. stormteam 5' s mike wankum is tracking that and the warm-up behind it. mike: really nice temperatures coming our way. you may have run into a few sprinkles or flurries. it is winding down as it moves offshore. it is now cleared kate and. -- cape anne. light rain showers towards the outer cape.
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and 45 minutes. then we talk about the warm air. tomorrow is on the cool side with lots of sunshine. the clouds in the afternoon, the cloud cover is the beginning of the warm air moving it. we only get to about 40 degrees for tomorrow. we get even warmer the next several days. this is not the end of the warming trend. there is a price. it means rain showers ensuring the forecast. i will tinme their arrival the warmth coming up in a few minutes. ed: commitment 2016 -- just 3 days before the iowa caucuses, a potential bombshell about hillary clinton' s emails. the obama administration confirming tonight that clinton' s unsecured home server contained dozens of emails with top secret information. those emails consist of closely guarded secrets, some requiring the highest level of classification. the state department isn' t saying if clinton sent the emails herself or what' s written in them. >> candidates in both parties will spend the weekend making their final pitch to voters in
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newscenter 5' s phil lipof is live in des moines. and phil, in iowa, winning isn' t everything is it? phil: it depends on what your definition of winning is. for candidates like donald trump, hillary clinton, ted cruz, bernie sanders that come in strong, they leave doing well. however it' s the candidates in the middle of the pack or the back of the pack that can win in iowa by getting people to pay attention to them who haven' t already. >> winning the caucus does not mean coming in first. phil: every candidate knows that well. the drake university political science professor says the candidate are up against more than just each other. >> the caucuses in both candidates that all have the same opponent -- that opponent' s name is expected.did you do better than expected , or worse than expected? phil: but you get the candidate the so-called iowa bounce. suppose you build up steam --
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>> the balance may or may not help. -- the bounce may or may not help. in the fifth widest state in the country, senator barack obama won the caucuses in 2008. but it did not help in the new hampshire. hillary clinton won in new hampshire. phil: why is i was so important? >> the rest of the country the size -- rest of the country decide, s oh, maybe i should pay attention to this person. phil: on the flipside, you will number how howard dean' s campaign entered after the performance in iowa. it is a double-edged sword. most of the candidates are here tonight crisscrossing the state. 99 counties, hoping to hit all of them before monday' s caucus. live in des moines, phil lipof. >> you get the sense that the voters have already made up their minds? phil: jc, some people have made
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-- some people haven' t. about 40% of iowans will change the mind between now and the caucuses monday night. cibulkova undecided. i spoke to one woman that said she did not even know which party she is going to caucus for. that is why the ground game so important. jc: phil, thank you. we will check in tonight at 11:00. ed: donald trump is back and i want tonight after making a quick stop in new hampshire. -- back in iowa tonight after making a quick stop in new hampshire. he reiterated his decision not to participate in the wicked primary debate last night, citing his complex with fox news and debate moderator megyn kel ly. trump chose to hold his own event. he raised $6 million thursday night for veterans. >> do you think it was risky? >> i don' t. left for him.
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i told him, he is the only one stand. >> in the last 24 hours using iowam, -- he was in iowa, he was in nashua. and now he is back in iowa. escaped from an orange county california jail has surrendered. the 43-year-old back in custody tonight. 1 of 3 men who broke out of the facility last week. ' s capture comes as a teacher out of the jellies accused of helping the men escape. no sign of where those other two suspects are. closer to home, police are hoping they can track down this man. is accused of assaulting a 74-year-old made a forest hills station and stealing his wallet. that happened midafternoon saturday, january 9. if you recognize the suspect, call t police. two people that after a fire went through a home on a rural
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the names of the victims have not been released. ed: stocks finishing the week with a rally. but it' s the end of the month, a touch month on wall street. the dow gained almost 400 points today. the nasdaq climbed 107. the s&p 500 was up almost 50. but for the month of january, the dow was down 5.5%, the worst january lost since 2009. the most active local stocks -- the mc boston scientific staple all ended the date up. jc: a local college student swimming with the sharks tonight. he says he has the secret to the perfect sat score. he will try to settle his idea tonight on "shark tank." his company offers classes to students in 20 cities, including in boston. he hopes to show -- hopes the show will give his business a boost. >> about 50,000 people apply
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the show. i was lucky enough to be chosen to go to the next round and hollywood. jc: you can watch patel make is pitch on "shark tank" right here on channel 5. ed: i am looking forward that. jc: this box can tell if your loved one needs help. the cutting edge technology. mike: mild air gets on the way. i will tell you when 50' s or maybe even 60' s are moving it. ed: apple recalling millions of
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>> you are watching wcvb news center 5 at 7:00. ed: apple is recalling numbers of wall plug adapters. it includes two pronged wall plug adapters and the world travel kits. it did not say how many affected adapters have been sold. customers consumed exchange their adapters for a redesigned one at an apple store. jc: mit the hotspot for new technology, coming from one of the most creative minds in the
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mike shows us one invention that could change care for the aging population. mike: it sounds like science fiction, the ability to see through walls. it' s reality inside mit' s computer science and ai lab. >> many people came to was saying, i would love to have this device. some of the students started to say, i would love to have this with my parents. we started thinking that it is a good idea. mike: that' s good idea is called emerald. this is an early generation of the product eventually available to consumers. it uses low-frequency symbols similar to wi-fi to capture motion in real-time. this is what emerald sees when graduate student chen yee is in the next room. so this is a walking around the chair. we can see exactly what he is doing. >> do you want to sit on the chair, for example? >> yeah sure. >> you can see when he sits on
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he is now stable. mike: he is now -- he is not wearing any special sensors were devices. emerald can tell when somebody falls down, it is so sensitive. imagine the possibilities for seniors and loved ones. >> emerald can even detect her great aunt breathing. -- detect heart rate and breathing. >> i receive an alert on my cell phone. based on that, i can look into the webpage and check to see an image on my cell phone. mike: it' s not just health care. emerald has potential use for public safety. it may seem like the world of comic books or science fiction. but the reality is if you' re a first responder and know where the victims are and whether condition is before stepping into the building, that is a lifesaver. >> police officers try to save hostages or firefighters -- they want to get into a room or
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is somebody to say. mike: this invention so impressive they recently showed off to president obama at the white house. the emerald team expects the first version next year. -- first commercial version next year. ed: the possibilities are endless with this. it is amazing to see what they are doing. mike: how about a fire company arriving and say it boom -- and sayinh boom, we know who is on the second floor. that can save countless lives. ed: and it' s based on wi-fi, which we all have in our homes. pretty amazing stuff. jc: and happening right here. mike: it has been very warm this january. 41 degrees today. we are running almost three degrees above normal. after that to december. we are continuing this trend. we' re almost at number one. i think we may get it this weekend. we are the second warmest december-january, nation ever
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-- january-december temperature ever recorded in boston. temperatures generally into the liberties. no 40' s left. we will have a chilly night. dropping off into the 20' s. the skies are clearing away because the snow showers and sprinkles have pushed offshore. looking towards the cape, we' re getting if you like showers on top of that sno pack. you were going to get rid of that this weekend with mild temperatures. the showers will be ending. we drop off into the 20' s. tomorrow we start with sunshine, clouds rolling into the afternoon. that may dampen things a little bit. that is the warm air coming in. a surge of warm air is going to create cloud cover. high tomorrow' s in the 50' s. 46 on sunday. close to 50 on monday. some places will be even warmer
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looking towards the south shore, temperatures into the 50' s and working with 60. over the next seven days, tomorrow we have lots of sunshine coming into the morning. then we get to these clouds during the afternoon. they don' t arrive until lunchtime or so. thin cloud cover, 40 degrees rise. then it gets warmer on sunday. 50 degrees for highs. is it a record? no. the records are for 60' s. 1 or 2 places could afford with the 60' s if we get enough sunshine. tuesday is groundhog day. with that, a storm system comes out of with a lot of mild air. so mild that we are not talking about snow, nothing but rain on wednesday. 1/4 to 1.2 inch of rain before it moves through. behind it turns cooler, with highs into the 40'
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that is closer to where we are year. not supposed to be in the mid s, but that is what we get to enjoy this week. i will have an update on your forecast tonight at 11:00. >> ed: now sportscenter 5 one minute drill. >> i' m here to tell you it' s ok to root for peyton manning in the super bowl. if he happens to win a second ring, it won' t change anything. tom brady remains the best quarterback of all time. the debate ended a long time ago. there was never any reason for you to not like peyton manning. of the ever really did was lose to the patriots a lot more often than he won. as rivals go, he was a bit of a piata. smashing around and collect the treats. now in the super bowl we have a chance to see a once great player find it about greatness one final time, then ride off into the sunset. it' s the kind of story they make movies out of. than you can chew the movie on peyton' s four hits -- forehead.
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you wish him well. it' s ok to refer him, but i sure would not bet on him. he is going to get crushed. [laughter] i am just trying to get that movie on his four head image . >> it' s not a forehead, it' s a fivehead. >> a little girl getting a lot of love over the holidays.
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hi. melanie. maggie. living room. good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? p [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. ed: 5 for good tonight -- check s finest going above and beyond the call of duty. officer john quinn was driving though west roxbury yesterday when he noticed that woman struggling to shovel her walkway.
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job himself. he says the woman reminded him of his own mom. job. jc: we should all help each other. ed: speaking of helping each other -- a little girl with a big heart. forward after her simple request we first told you about safyre last month. she lost her family in a new york fire and is receiving treatment for her burns in boston. she' s received thousands of cards and gifts from all over and now she' s sending gifts to safyre' s angels is a group of volunteers that help safyre pay it forward. just this week they stepped in to help two families that lost everything in fires. ed: it is like a movement that is growing and growing. it is perfect. jc: a look at the stories we will be following all night when we come back. ed: before we break, we want to know what is going on in your neighborhoods.
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making good in our community, and we will share them.
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ed: flash forward to newscenter 5 at 11:00. hillary clinton faces a recurring email nightmare on the campaign trail. the state department confirms that during her time as secretary of state, top secret information appeared on her private email server. our phil lipof tracking developments in iowa. jc: three years after the murder of shawn clark in his malden skate shop, a new press to find those responsible. the surveillance image released today that could jog someone' s memory. and a family' s search for justice. ed: new information about the zika virus in the united states. of the 36 confirmed cases, four are pregnant women. the virus is known to cause birth defects. the new battle lines in the pandemic. jc: keeping vulnerable kids out
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s fbi sweep could make a life-saving difference in communities around boston. what the ms-13 gang arrests mean on the street. ed: friday night in boston? mike: looking pretty nice. we have a few flurries moving out. we are done with that. we have a weekend with mild temperatures. ed: how long do the warm temperatures hang around? mike: until wednesday next week. don' t worry, winter will come back. ed: or is it baseball season? ed: pbuilding a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" pso capital one built something new - caf\s. pwhere you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. pfree checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. pand a top-rated banking app that
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