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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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that'sesidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: a spring-like day in january. how long this trend will last, and the timing for the next storm i'm tracking. antoinette: children pulled from a house. investigators describe unsanitary conditions. the charges two women face and what family members are saying about the situation. doug: all eyes on iowa as the presidential candidates aim for key voters. the local students getting a "one of a kind" lesson on newscenter 5's nicole killion joins us live from the hawkeye states with the candidates' final push for today. boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: a good morning to you. 8:00 on this final day of january, the 1st. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan.
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i mean, goodness gracious. antoinette: i was going to say get the shorts out. danielle: maybe the flip flops as we warm up to 60 degrees. 39 right now in boston. it is 41 currently in plymouth. but 45 degrees already on nantucket. so you can see the milder air is working its way in already. one of the reason why we have strong winds out of the south and west at about 10-15 miles an hour. and that is where they're going to stay all day long. we're also going to have a mix of sun and clouds. we will call it mostly cloudy. 50 degrees your high in boss top. 50 on the south shore. how about 51 providence. and even in the mid 40's to upper 40's through the north shore and the merrimack valley. high pressure pulling away, but we're watching this system out to the west. you can see it. there's a warm front, an area of low pressure and a cold front. this is headed in our direction. with it will come some rain.
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up. antoinette and doug. antoinette: danielle, thank you. commitment 2016 and the final push in iowa this weekend for presidential candidates. the state holds its critical caucuses tomorrow. doug: newscenter 5's nicole killion joins us live from des moines where the excitement is building. nicole, what do candidates have on tap today? reporter: doug and antoinette, the candidates have quite a bit on tap today with about 40 events happening on this caucus eve as the candidates fan out all over the state in a final push. in iowa bombarded by billboards, inundated with campaign commercials and calls. >> we've been getting four, five, six calls a night. reporter: with one day to go before the caucuses, it's all hands on deck to get out the vote. >> i'm here to talk to you about hillary clinton. reporter: gabby giffords and astronaut husband mark kelley rallying hillary clinton supporters.
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when i could. it's fun to do. reporter: clinton leads bernie sanders by three points according to the final poll conducted by the bloomberg politics. >> this is clearly a close election. reporter: in the republican race. >> the only thing that matter s is the poll that will be taken on monday. reporter: donald trump has pulled ahead of ted cruz with a five-point advantage. caucuses. diner, decision time. sanders. >> i love politics. strong democrat. big hillary fan. >> i would like to see either ted cruz or marco rubio. >> i like donald trump. >> i think he's cool as all get out but he cannot be our president. reporter: one crucial thing will be turnout. but there's growing concern that might be hindered with a snow storm approaching tomorrow night. in des moines, i'm nikole
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antoinette: thank you. newscenter 5's phil lipof is following the candidates every step of the way through the caucuses. look for his reports tonight, tomorrow, and on the eyeopener tuesday morning. right now, three children are in state custody after being found in filthy conditions in this worcester home. drug charges brought against two women who lived there. the children ages 6, 5, and 3. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is here with the deplorable conditions inside the home and reaction from family members. frank? frank: worcester police used some disturbing details to describe the home where one of those women lives with her kids. police were there executing a search warrant on friday night after they pulled over sheyla montalvo and her girlfriend, natasha riley-murphy. they say the home on king street was infested with animal feces, mice, and garbage. police also say they discovered oxycodone pills, marijuana, hundreds of bags for distributing drugs, and $3,400 cash. the two women were arrested on drug charges. the six-year-old, five-year-old, and three-year-old in the home
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montalvo's mother, gladys santana, was inconsolable as she sifted through the house of squalor where her grandchildren live. she admits she had not been upstairs for a long time. >> i just wanted to see if i could puck up my grandchildren's clothes to wash them to see if d.c.f. would give me an opportunity to have them in my life instead of placing them somewhere. frank: the three- and six-year-olds taken from the home were montalvo's children; the other child was a cousin who was just visiting. montalvo and riley-murphy will be arraigned tomorrow at worcester district court. antoinette? trying to figure out what sparked a chaotic scene at a one person was shot and killed, several others injured during the melee. witnesses say a brawl started on a stairwell and quickly spun out gunfire forcing hundreds to hide under tables. police say multiple people were three of the injured are in critical condition. at least one person was taken away in handcufs though police say they have not made any arrests.
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you're aware of what goes on here. if you start seeing looks between club members, it's time to go. doug: all of today's expo events have been cancelled. now for the murder of an everett man. the middlesex county d.a. says jose ardon and christian nunez-flores, both 17, were arrested in malden yesterday. they are accused in the shooting death of 19-year-old omar reyes whose body was found on january 3 under the tileston street bridge. both teens will face a judge for arraignment tomorrow. antoinette: in wrentham, nuns helped rescue a 74-year-old man after a tree fell on him. this happened yesterday afternoon. firefighters telling newscenter 5 the victim was trapped for hours. nuns at mount saint mary's abbey heard him screaming for help and called 9-1-1. firefighters say the victim suffered serious injuries to his legs and was flown to boston medical center. we're told he is also getting treatment for hypothermia.
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minor derailment on the d-branch of mbta's green line yesterday. service between reservoir and beacons field was affected. seven passengers were onboard at the time. nobody was injured. regular service is back up and running this morning. doug: new this morning two juveniles are under arrest in peabody. police say they pulled a bb gun on another boy and stole his cell phone yesterday afternoon outside the welch elementary school. both suspects will be in juvenile court tomorrow, charged with armed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. police say another similar incident is also under investigation right now. a 17-year-old is behind bars in vermont right now charged with an armed robbery in new hampshire. state police say the teen robbed the common man store at the hooksett rest stop at gunpoint just after midnight yesterday. he allegedly showed a handgun, demanded cash, then ran away. he was later arrested after a 30-mile chase down i-91 in vermont. state police say he lost control and crashed a stolen van. antoinette: right now a warning
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communities. alleged chimney sweeps telling home owners they are required to our sera congi explains what's going on. sera: police are warning about a potential scam involving chimney sweepers. one incident took place here on garden street in sharon. luckily, a neighbor stepped in. chimney cleaning with some dirty tactics. sharon police say an elderly resident in the neighborhood known as "the heights" was van with chimney sweep markings. it's the same kind of activity being reported in other communities as well. deputy chief: they're claiming the fire department is requiring the resident to get their chimney cleaned. sera: in the sharon incident, a good neighbor stepped in and the two men left. residents have reported getting phone calls, and police warn that any claims tied to fire departments are not true. deputy chief: across the board, no fire department would engage in any kind of agreement with a private company or require anyone to have their chimney cleaned. sera: warnings are now going out
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the lookout and vet any potential home service. deputy chief: check them out. see who they've done work for. have them leave brochures. have them leave information. if they really are legitimate, they'll come back another day. sera: sharon police are investigating the incident that happened here on garden street. they're hoping anyone with information will come forward. in sharon, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: on the way this morning, a new weapon in the battle against the zika virus. doug: what researchers hope they can unleash with some genetically engineered mosquitoes. a home knocked down before its new owners ever moved in. the danger it posed to the neighborhood, and the concern for other homes in the area. danielle: we will be flirting 50 today. how long our winter warmup will extend from the weekend to the
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antoinette: demolition day in san francisco. this dream home sold just a few months ago torn down. that's because it was threatening the neighborhood. doug: newscenter 5's frank holland is back to explain the danger. frank: doug and antoinette, this is really a story about one man's dream being destroyed. ronald martell hadn't even moved into his san francisco home when he discovered the entire house sliding downhill. the house separated a foot from the curb when a neighbor noticed and called the city. the building inspector decided the home was threatening the neighborhood below. it's still not clear what caused the ground to shift. pre-tear use position. slippery slope. those homeowners are worry they could be next. the comment is you may have to lose your home. that's pretty scary. frank: demolition is almost slide that stole martell's dream home remains a mystery.
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being torn down. but homeowners nearby are required to have an engineering firm prove their house is not at risk. if they can't, their home could face the wrecking ball as well. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meteorologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: 8:14. 40 degrees outside. what do you say? go for a swim, a boat ride. rowing? danielle: i think of that song "sitting on the dock of the bay just wasting time." antoinette: she was singing that before. danielle: i don't want to give them that. i was going to say if you want to do something outside, today is day to do it. it's a dry forecast. it's a warm forecast. it's been a warm month for january all month long. yesterday we hit a high of 43 in boston. today we're going for a high of 50 degrees. we're already tied for the number-one warmest january and december combination. and it looks like we're probably going to beat that and actually be number one all in all because we're going to 50 today. 56 degrees on monday.
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still running though about 10 degrees above normal. we should be around 36 degrees this time of year. even wednesday is a warm one. you can see why. we're starting off in the mid 40's on the vineyard, nantucket. 41 in plymouth. right now. cooler spots are worcester at 33 and keene at 30 degrees. but you're going to to all warm up very nicely. one of the reasons why we have a southwest wind today anywhere from 10-15 miles an hour. so you're going to feel it outside but it's also going to warm those temperatures up to right around 50 degrees in most spots. in fact, here are your high temperatures in the north shore. 47 in beverly. 48 saugus. about 50 in hudson. you go into worcester county, we're talking upper 40's in clinton to fitchburg. also in uxbridge. 49 degrees. down along the south shore, upper 40's to low 50's. in fact, here's what you can bridgewater. notice these temperatures go from the upper 40's to right around 50 today. to the upper 50's tomorrow.
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a lot of sunshine on tuesday but cooler temperatures back into the 40's. so again you see we are very warm for this time of year. in the upper 40's for you folks along the cape and the islands as well today. it will be a breezy day overall. this warm front though is going tomorrow. and also this cold front here is going to give us a chance for some showers come in the afternoon to the evening. best bet, i think, pretty much four to about 8:00 south and east of the mass pike. and then cooler air comes in behind this for tuesday. then here is our next storm system coming in for wednesday. so the rain impact looks like monday a low chance. it's really just hit-or-miss showers. for a short period of time. whereas as wednesday there's a high risk of some rain and long. let me show you this again on exact timing on this one. again tuesday is dry and cool. but here comes that warm front on wednesday. it looks like mainly about mid morning or so and through the
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heavy rain and a chance for even some thunderstorms in february. yes, folks, i just said that word. there's also a chance for some flooding unfortunately because we have a lot of snow that is beginning to melt off the cape and the islands. behind this, we're going to turn cooler. we're watching an ocean storm for friday. latest models though taking it farther off shore which means less of an impact for us. but you notice these temperatures cooling back to where they should be this time of year. antoinette and doug. antoinette: danielle, thank you. here's a check of other stories we're following right now. mosquito-borne zika virus is currently being developed on other ways to defeat the virus. could become the newest weapon to help reduce mosquito populations. "the new york times" reports a british company is working on genetically modified mosquitos that can pass on a deadly gene to their offspring. those mosquitoes would die off before they can reach adulthood. antoinette: president obama is preparing to make his first
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the president is scheduled to visit the islamic society of baltimore on wednesday. he is expected to hold a roundtable with community members and deliver remarks, celebrating muslim-americans' contributions to the nation. doug: cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel is in trouble with the law again. texas police are investigating assault allegations by his ex-girlfriend. the incident allegedly happened early yesterday morning. police in fort worth say manziel has not been arrested. allegations and is looking into it. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: the nhl all-star weekend is in nashville making music city hockey town for a few days, and patrice bergeron is the only resident wearing black and gold. montreal's player is the only one wearing a jagr wig, and brent burns of the san jose sharks is the only one dressed like chewbacca. you could call him team wolf.
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without the mask on. this is bergeron's second time as an all star. he is prepared. second time participating in the shooting accuracy competition. they pass it out to him, and he shoots it at the plate. ray borque won this thing eight times. bergeron did not do especially well last night, but he's a deserving all star with a world of respect around the league. he will represent the bruins well in the game tonight. the celtics will finish off their home-and-home series with the orlando magic and try to extend their winning streak of five games. they'll do that tonight at 6:00 in orlando. mike lynch will have all the highlights for you. that's sports. have a great day. doug: ahead this morning, how a boston-based film handled the spotlight. antoinette: look at this spotlight on winthrop this morning. it is a gorgeous morning out there. nice and warm. 40 degrees outside right now.
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danielle: wohl come back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. you're looking live over worcester this morning. you can see a lot of clouds out there. that's what most of massachusetts and new hampshire is waking up to this morning. in fact, it's mostly cloudy. so far for the year, worcester has picked up 11.1 inches of snow. remember last year we were already at 55.2 inches of snow. we should be around 33.7 inches of snow. for worcester to date.
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seen that much snow is because we've been so warm. december and january so far we're tied for the number-one slot. today we're going to warm up to 50 degrees so we're going to probably be number one by the end of this. 50 in boston. 49 in taunton. that will be your high. 45 in worcester. and 50 in providence. we are looking for a mix of sun and clouds. we will have a pretty strong wind out of the south and west anywhere from 10-15. now monday i do want to talk about those chances for spot showers. in fact, we're going to start out the day dry but mostly cloudy, i think. now the rain showers really develop around 4:00 or so. notice they're really south and east of the mass pike. very hit or miss. not everyone is going to see them. they quickly push off shore so by 11:00, we are clearing things out and looking for a lot of sunshine. the other thing about monday is we are going to be close to record high temperatures. in fact, our records are 66 in boston, 61 in worcester. not necessarily breaking anything but, hey, we'll take the upper 50's. antoinette and doug. doug: yes, we will take that.
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appreciate it, danielle. the stars shining in hollywood last night for the 22nd annual screen actors guild awards. antoinette: the movie "spotlight" won the night's top honor-- best ensemble in a film. it tells the story of the pulitzer prize-winning "boston globe" investigation that uncovered the clergy sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. also among the winners-- rhode island native viola davis, star of abc's "how to get away with murder." she won for best actress in a television drama series. still need to watch "spotlight." i hear such great things about it. doug: because it happened here, we also want to say the behind-the-scenes action over there at "the globe." antoinette: the political action may be in iowa this weekend. doug: but the campaigning is still going strong in the granite state. the candidate who's trying to capture a bigger portion of the spotlight. speaking of which. and a late night fire in the concern that forced the evacuation of people in neighboring homes. antoinette: we're just enjoying this shot from winthrop this
8:23 am
it's going to be such a lovely day. maybe some clouds out there. you know what? with temperatures reaching 50, we are not complaining. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: this month we have been treated to starkly contrasting examples of divided government-- a bipartisan love-fest-- illustrated by the state of the city and state of the commonwealth addresses, and a polarized and awkward state of the union. is it any wonder americans question the effectiveness of federal government while local optimism abounds? major blue chip companies like general electric have picked up on the palpable bay state enthusiasm. mayor marty walsh and governor charlie baker enumerated their accomplishments, and cooperation crystalized by baker's account that he couldn't see an "inch of daylight" between boston's democratic mayor and massachusetts republican governor. to tackle our long remaining to-do list, they'll need to
8:24 am
perhaps bring the legislature along to complete the cycle. in particular, the governor laid out a lengthy agenda aggressively fighting the opioid epidemic; reforming department of children and familes, the health connector and the "t"; taking a lead on clean energy generation; and lifting the cap on charter schools. missing perhaps were more candid reflections on other pressing concerns. neither leader sufficiently addressed potentially crippling infrastructure issues, major traffic congestion and dangerous bridges, especially in the seaport district, the focus of so much excitement and urban growth. and while "t" management and transparency has improved, we're in for a long ride before we arrive at a public transportation system that can adequately service bay state needs. the challenges loom large. but if our local leaders can remain focused on solutions and not partisan politics, victories will come. we can only hope our bipartisan spirit will infect some of the presidential candidates so busily stumping in new
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: january ends with a big thaw. how long the warm weather sticks around. antoinette: several cars burglarized and some others torched. the search for an arsonist in portsmouth, new hampshire, this morning. doug: the frantic dash through iowa. the final pitch before the first ballots are cast. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good morning, everybody. 8:30 on a sunday morning. as you were over at the green screen, antoinette and i were wondering, is your phone playing show tunes over here. antoinette: i was singing along. you can sing the forecast. danielle: i'm a happy person. antoinette: it was sitting on "on the dock of the bay." danielle: i'm envisioning that as my afternoon today. wasting some time on the dock of a bay. hey, all right. here's what's going on though. this is why we're talking about
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already in the mid 40's on nantucket, on the vineyard. it's 42 on the cape. 39 in boston. and in the lower 30's in worcester. our average high temperature this time of year in boston should be around 36 degrees. so we're already above that. at about 8:30 in the morning. we will take that. as we go through the day today, we're going to warm up into the mid to upper 40's across parts of the north shore, the merrimack valley even checking in at 47 in nashua. 48 in lowell. down through worcester county, the mid 40's. in fact though as we go through the next three days in worcester, you warm up into the low 50's by monday and then cool back down into the mid 40's by tuesday. down along the south shore, upper 40's. low 50's today. and the cape and the islands upper 40's. it's partly sunny. it's breezy. low pressure. warm front/cold front you see out to the west. this is our next chance for some showers. that will time out for monday. but better chances for rain are
8:27 am
i'll talk about when coming up. antoinette and doug. antoinette: danielle, thank you. commitment 2016. the state of iowa gearing up for caucus day. with the race so close, the candidates are out all over the state. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is here with the latest poll numbers and the candidates final push. frank: the presidential candidates are in search of every last undecided vote right now. in the last poll before voters speak for the first time this season, donald trump leads ted cruz by five points while hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. the countdown in iowa is getting ugly. trump: ted cruz, who was not born on u.s. soil, it's a problem! frank: republicans donald trump and marco rubio both attacking ted cruz. rubio: he's decided to run a very, you know, deceitful campaign. in the end on some things he's saying, people see through that." cruz: six weeks ago, everyone in the field was attacking donald trump. now, everyone in the field is attacking me. frank: nearly all the candidates are now criss-crossing the
8:28 am
hillary clinton joined by both former president clinton and her daughter chelsea. in an interview with cnn, clinton also addressed the state department decision to declare 22 emails sent from her private account "top secret" clinton: i didn't send or receive emails marked classified. frank: each rally, each town hall, now critical in courting undecided voters. heather carlson, undecided voter: what i'm looking for is, like, the genuineness that maybe you can only get from seeing them in person. frank: clinton's opponent, bernie sanders, is also drawing big crowds. he's confident he can win monday and in november. sanders: many of the polls suggest we can beat people like donald trump and beat 'em pretty badly. frank: the clinton and sanders campaigns are locked in a statistical tie. they are also now going back and forth about whether the two should debate each other again next week, ahead of the new hampshire primary. there could also be three more debates through the spring. antoinette? antoinette: hillary clinton's canvassers are kicking into high
8:29 am
away. among them, boston mayor marty walsh. yesterday, he made a stop at the montessori school in manchester telling the crowd that clinton will work to improve the lives of middle-class families. mayor: hillary is the most qualified person running for the seat. number one. number two, it's also about this is a primary. the primary gets you ready for the final. when you look at the final, if you're a strong democrat you want to vote for somebody you can believe in and somebody who can win. hillary clinton can win the final. antoinette: several grassroots campaign events are scheduled for today as well. doug: while most of the candidates are out in iowa today ahead of tomorrow's caucuses, republican john kasick is continuing to rally voters in new hampshire. the ohio governor says he's a candidate who can bring people together amid the increasingly nasty battle among his rivals. the latest new hampshire poll numbers show kasich in a tie for second place with senator ted cruz. kasich insists a strong finish
8:30 am
candidacy. >> when you get something out of an endorsement here in this great state and then you get something like "the times" and "the globe," it just shows that you have an ability to reach out and win a general election so you can begin to bring about the conservative principles i've always governed under. doug: kasich is in salem this afternoon for a town hall before heading to bow for his 86th town hall event in new hampshire. antoinette: violent and dangerous prisoners on the run in california are back behind bars right now. the two men broke out of jail more than a week ago. newscenter 5's pam cross tells us how they were finally caught. pam: the remaining two california escaped inmates off the street and back in custody. hoseein nayeri and jonathan tieu captured saturday in san francisco. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. pam: this may have been a key moment in the investigation. less than 24 hours earlier, the first fugitive, bac duong,
8:31 am
surrendering in santa anna after a week on the run. >> we're just friends. you know, he wants to make sure that he can get caught safely. pam: investigators think duong was in charge of transportation and stole the white van the trio used to get away. that same van spotted in a san francisco whole foods parking lot. a man alerted some officers who quickly investigated. >> officers approached the van as hoseein nayeri fled the area on foot. officer: code 4. we've got him down here. officer: there might be another person in there. stand by and take a look at that van. pam: officers discovered the other escapee jonathan tieu hiding in the van. pam: now officials want to know how they escaped in the first place. police believe nayeri may have somehow coached his english teacher to give him something more than language lessons. >> google earth image on paper that showed an image of the entire central jail complex. she played a significant role in the planning. pam: the 44-year-old teacher now under arrest for suspicion of contributing to the men's escape.
8:32 am
in the very jail they escaped. the sheriff saying they'll be kept in a different area and they will not-held together. i'm pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: the state fire marshal's office is investigating a two-alarm fire in brockton. this picture sent to us from our partners at "the enterprise." the fire was reported just after 9:00 last night. the triple decker on enterprise street was vacant, but firefighters were concerned the flames would spread. residents of the homes next door were evacuated as a precaution. firefighters say the roof did collapse onto the third floor. no one was hurt. antoinette: the f.b.i. and state police are investigating claims of abuse at a private school in western massachusetts. agents and police were at the eagleton school in great barrington collecting evidence yesterday. the specifics of what was taken have not been released. the school caters to boys with disabilities. a new move in the investigation into sexual abuse at a prestigious prep school in rhode island. the attorney conducting an independent investigation at st.
8:33 am
all alleged victims and witnesses. earlier this month, the school opened a new investigation into acts allegedly committed by employees during the '70's and '80's. that's after former students called for the probe. on the way this morning, we have a tragic ending in the search for a missing 13-year-old girl from virginia. doug: where her remains have been found, and the suspect charged with her abduction and murder. frank? frank: right now the search for an arsonist in portsmouth, new hampshire, wanted for breaking into nine cars, setting some of them on fire. we'll tell you what police are asking the public to do. danielle? danielle: a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures warming up to 50 degrees but even warmer air is headed on in. we'll talk when we could see near 60 in the seven-day
8:34 am
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antoinette: investigators in virginia have found the remains of a 13-year-old girl who's been missing for days. police say lovell's remains were found about 100 miles away from her home in north carolina. she went missing on wednesday when her family says she pushed
8:37 am
window. virginia tech freshman david eisenhauer is being charged with nicole lovell's murder and abduction. investigators say they identified him through tips on social media. right now police in portsmouth, new hampshire, are looking for the person who broke into several cars, setting some of them on fire. doug: the eye's frank holland is back with the details as police ask the public for help. frank? frank: doug and antoinette, these crimes are certainly disturbing, but police do not believe street cars or their owner were targeted. this morning they're searching for whoever is responsible and telling people in that area to be careful. this is just one of the cars that portsmouth police say was the target of a car arsonist. in all, nine vehicles were either broken into or lit on fire. >> some of the owners couldn't remember whether or not they locked their doors.
8:38 am
were unlocked. frank: police say it started on chapel street around 2:00 on saturday morning. there was a fire inside of a car that was put out by police. about two hours later, they responded to a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. police received seven more calls throughout the day. investigators believe they are all connected. >> they're really kind of spread out. there were a few downtown. there's a handful on what we consider our south end. they venture toward the center of the city. frank: the lack of a particular location is making the investigation difficult. >> we're ramping up our patrols. certainly difficult to do so. we don't have pinpointed area of concern. but we'll do what we can. frank: police are encouraging people to lock their doors. they say this is a crime of opportunity. >> the people that are doing this are going off the cars. if the car doors are unlocked, it's a target. frank: in the end cars were vandalized on eight streets in portsmouth. investigators believe there could possibly be more. police say if you think you were targeted, don't touch anything and give them a call. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meteorologist danielle vollmar.
8:39 am
only picked up 10.4 inches of snow in boston. last year at this point, 35.9 inches of snow. on par, we should be around 22.8 inches so we're running below normal. we don't have any snow chances really at least in the next several days. but we do have rain chances at least for tomorrow. very low chance though, really just hit-or-miss showers. on wednesday those chances go up to a high risk. if you're looking for heavy, steady rain and maybe a few even embedded thunderstorms. now the rain chances tomorrow coming from this area of low pressure you see here. and this warm front. it's going to bring in warmer air and a chance for a hit-or-miss shower. right now today, we're talking about a mix of sun and clouds. it's mostly cloudy but there will be some breaks of sunshine out there. there is a persistent southwest wind, as you see this camera kind of shaking behind me in boston. and that's warming things up. right now 39 degrees in boston.
8:40 am
near 50 in boston through the afternoon. the other thing that is going to happen is this wind continues to hold steady anywhere from 10-15 miles an hour. we keep the clouds around too. so 45 worcester. 47 nashua. 50 boston. and upper 40's to right around 50 on the south shore. for tonight, the upper 30's, low 40's. some low-level clouds are probably going to work their way in meaning we could see some patchy fog developing. there could even be dense fog out there to start your day on monday. and then the chances for showers come in through the afternoon. and high temperatures rebound into the mid to upper 50's in most locations. and those ones will be pretty brisk out of the south and west tomorrow. here comes that warm front. let me show tu timing on this. rain chances holding off until about after 4:00 or so. best bet for the rain south and east of the mass pike. it's out of here by about 8:00 or 9:00. and then cool air works its way in for tuesday with some sunshine. and then we're watching our next system. see this.
8:41 am
has a lot of moisture with it. it will bring us a chance of some heavy, steady rain pretty much all day wednesday. let's time that out for you and talk about that on wednesday. the best bet for this really i think after the morning hours into early afternoon is when that rain really comes in. we could see the potential for a half an inch to an inch in terms of totals. a chance for some embedded thunderstorms and that means there could be the potential for some flooding. so please be aware of that. we're going to turn colder as we head towards thursday. as we head towards friday we're watching this ocean storm. now the latest models at least for today keeping it farther off shore meaning less of an impact for us. but it could brush parts of the cape and the islands. we're going to have to watch this one carefully. precipitation type still in question here. timing looks to be about a friday to friday night thing but doesn't really look like that impactful as it did yesterday. however, that is still five days out. things can change. one thing is for sure. we're bringing back winter-like temperatures by next weekend.
8:42 am
antoinette: danielle, thank you. nhl all-star weekend in nashville. music city is "hockey town" for a few days, and patrice bergeron is the only member of the bruins team to attend. it's his second time as an all-star, second time participating in the shooting accuracy competition. bergeron did not do especially well, but he's earned a lot of respect around the league. he'll represent the bruins in today's game. for many people, horseshoes are a staple for backyard summer fun. them around, check to see what's printed on them and you might find they're made right here in mass. vermonter henry st. pierre was a dairy farmer and inventor who moved to worcester. in 1920 he started the st. pierre chain corporation. back then tire chain was the name of the game. by world war ii the navy needed anchor chains for the fleet, but it was a simple backyard game where st. pierre really made a
8:43 am
peter st. pierre: we're walking into our basic manufacturing facility. doug: peter st. pierre is henry's grandson and third-generation horseshoe maker. that's right. along with chain and wire rope, st. pierre manufacturing is the last of its kind in the country. peter: we're really the only ones left in the united states that make horseshoes anymore. doug: when it comes to being made in mass, these pitching shoes are being produced old school. these are some serious manufacturing machines. peter: absolutely. this is heavy-duty stuff. doug: two 1,000-ton presses and one 1,200-ton press are the backbone of the operation. the shoes actually starting out as 20-foot long steel rods that are then cut down to two-foot lengths, super heated to 2300 degrees, and then pressed into those familiar horseshoe shapes. it's loud in here. peter: it's a pretty loud facility.
8:44 am
cooled, cleaned, and power coated, they're ready to be shipped all over the world. what does it mean to see your family name and worcester next to it? what does that mean? peter: you know, it's a great urce of pride. doug: quite the legacy started by a man who started the company because he was simply tired of having his tires get stuck in the mud. peter: i think he would be impressed with the longevity and the fact that the third and fourth generation is involved in a business he started and we're still healthy and going strong and moving into the future. doug: i think he'd be impressed with the zakim bridge as well because the support wires on the zakim, you have the big gigantic cables and you have the smaller ones keeping everything in place, made at saint pierre in worcester. antoinette: interesting. they're busy there. doug: a lot going on. generations continue it. antoinette: it's the final push for the presidential candidates in iowa. doug: coming up, our nikole killion joins us live from des moines to show us how the candidates are spending this caucus eve. into d.c.f. custody in worcester.
8:45 am
home and the two women now
8:46 am
antoinette: commitment 2016 all about the iowa causes this weekend. newscenter 5's nikole killion is live from des moines where the excitement is building. doug: the sun is up there finally. nikole, what do the candidates have on tap today?
8:47 am
short time ago from donald trump that he's heading to church in iowa. just one of some 40 events that are scheduled here on this caucus eve as the candidates fan out all across the state making their final push. of course at this point it really is is an "all hands on deck" effort to get out the vote, whether that be these rallies we've been seeing day in and day out, campaign ads, phone banking. this all comes as "the des moines register" and bloomberg politics released their last poll before the caucuses. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by three points while donald trump has pulled ahead of ted cruz with a five-point advantage. now it's decision time for voters. one key thing that will be crucial in the caucuses-- turnout. but there's growing concern that might be hindered with a snow storm approaching tomorrow night. live in des moines, i'm nikole killion. doug: that's where the snow is. all right. the front runners in iowa are one-on-one with abc's george stephanopoulos. "this week" is coming up next at 9:00 after the eyeopener right
8:48 am
antoinette: right now, three after they were found in filthy conditions in this worcester home. the children ages 6, 5, and 3. police went to the king street home friday night after they pulled over sheyla montalvo and her girlfriend, natasha riley-murphy. with mice, animal feces, and the two women were arrested on both are expected in court tomorrow. right now for the murder of an the middlesex county d.a. says jose ardon and christian nunez-flores, both 17, were arrested in malden yesterday. they are accused in the shooting death of 19-year-old omar reyes whose body was found on january 3 under the tileston street bridge. both teens will be in court tomorrow. antoinette: the state fire marshall's office is investigating a two-alarm fire that destroyed a home in brockton. the fire was reported just after 9:00 last night. the triple decker on enterprise street was vacant, but firefighters were concerned the flames would spread. residents in the homes next door were evacuated as a precaution.
8:49 am
collapse. no one was hurt. warmer weather has been stubbornly sticking around this winter, and that's affecting some seasonal events in new hampshire. doug: the annual black ice pond hockey tournament is underway this weekend at white park in concord but with some different equipment. players have traded their in their skates for boots because of poor conditions. organizers say the warm weather and bright sun is taking its toll on the ice, so they have to make adjustments. >> giving them the option of playing with five or six players out there. a little more than what they would do in a pond hockey tournament. we're just rolling with the punches right now and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. we'll get through it. doug: i'm sure they're still having a pretty good time out. since today will be on the warmer side, the last day of the tournament is moving indoors to the everett arena. they can put on some skates.
8:50 am
they're in their boots. frank: we were all skating down commonwealth avenue last year. you almost blew away. i think we'll take this weather. doug: amen. danielle: i just want you to know tomorrow is february 1, folks. we still have february and march to get through. doug: february is a short month. danielle: that is true. we'll go with that. i have to tell you what's going on. hey, it will be a warm start to the month of february because monday we're going up into the upper 50's. the records are actually the mid 60's. not breaking any records but we're getting close. there is a chance for a couple of afternoon showers today obviously a dry day. 50 degrees and breezy. sunshine on tuesday. that's for ground hog day. not my favorite holiday. that guy is a weather-guesser by any means. 45 degrees as we head towards wednesday there will be a chance for heavy, steady rain coming in starting i think about mid morning. that will go all day long. there could be some embedded thunderstorms, yes, in that and windy conditions.
8:51 am
that one. then turning colder on thursday. looking ahead to this weekend, friday at least we're watching this ocean storm. right now looks like it will shift off shore. so really if it does anything, it may brush the coastline. out. things can change. but we turn colder by the end of the week. doug: psychologically if you look halfway through february and you go, hey, we're doing okay, the light is at the end of the tunnel. antoinette: we're almost there. month. doug: only 29 days, right? this year it's extended by a day, isn't it?
8:52 am
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