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tv   On the Record  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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ed: congressman stephen lynch on the schools and the power of iowa with a roundtable on the record with the projected winners in the caucuses. boston strikes a deal with wynn but was it worth the political capital? >> wcvb from , the inside word, today' s newsmakers are going to vote on the record." ed: good morning, our guest is congressman stephen lynch. he has represented the eight district of boston since 2001. he is a former ironworker and
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happy beginning of february. >> you just got back from jordan, lebanon, to, and hungary to examine the refugee process >>. how confident are you? >>i was very skeptical going over there. >> with respect to syria and the turkish border and jordan and beirut, you have war zones there. the islamic state is firing rockets into some of those areas. even where the refugee and kim and sarpy -- refugee encampment' s. i did not think we could do a comprehensive vetting process but i was impressed with what they had their with the youth and high commission on refugees, the united states has several agencies there conducting this. i came away with the assessment
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they do fingerprinting, retinal scans. steve russell and i went down to the border with syria. we set up 10 where syrians and take us through the vetting process. what would we go through? they took us through the vetting process. they are actually interviewing families. i said i want you to allow myself and my interpreter to sit in on these interviews. we picked a bunch of different families at random to sit in with. >> we know that there are some terrorists have managed to evade that process. how does that happen and are they doing anything to stop that? >> those individuals like the situation in paris were two of the individuals in hungary
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registered as a refugee go up into suicide vest and kill 10 german the process. we' re talking about refugees for if you' in the united states, you have s very thorough. -- this two-year process. that does not mean you can take a plane to mexico and then cross the border. ed: locks only keep honest people out? if terror groups are using refugees to go to targeted countries, how confident are you that we are safe in the boston area? >> i would say we are safe from refugees coming through the refugee screening process we have set up. >> 100%?
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on a scale of 1-10, it' s and nine. nine. it does not protect against someone flying to central america or mexico and coming across the border. it does not prevent someone becoming self radicalized. you bring someone in at four years of age and 16 years later, they are radicalized. you cannot stop that but every taken to address that. >> are any of these groups getting financial help from people in boston right now? >> not to my knowledge. we have looked at some religious institutions that have been ollah in the past and there is trade based
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are selling cars so through and getting it to some of these groups. england? the united states. ed: let me shift gears. you live here and care about this area. as a reporter, i have noticed my last couple of weeks that there has been an inordinate number of bomb threats at schools. if i ask you what' s going on, what' s going on? >> it could be just who legumes. ho --oligans. that was probably a dozen schools that were affected. ed: there was 15 in one day. >> we have not been able to determine what the source of that is.
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none of them have proven to be real. it is disruptive and it is concern among families and had no indication that any of these -- ed: what does it say about the broader picture? t want to take a test could ed: we are never going to be able to stop people something stupid. that would require a level of security we don' t want so we have to deal with it. it is lame. it is childish, in some respects and its disruptive. >> every threat has to be taken seriously until proven otherwise? >> we' ve got bigger fish to fry with us that our chat -- tangible. ed: are you ready for the pop quiz?
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ed: you are the proud son of a boston iran joined your father as a member of ironworkers local seven. how much do you know about the building trade? question one, which candidate did local seven endorse and the presidential race. >> it was bernie. they never gave me an opportunity to go through the interview and speak on hillary' s behalf. i am upset about that. ed: question two coming unions must file and your reports with 30 carbon of labor. according to the 2015 filing, how much did local seven business manager earn? >> not enough. i think $104,000. ed: $154,000. >> he is a good man.
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international association of ironworkers operates an apprenticeship program and lists requirements for applicants. which of the following items is required? a college degree, prior construction experience, 21 good sense of balance? >> agility and a good sense of balance. ed: you' ve got it, iron or his mind and 50 countries but two countries dominate exports. can you name one of those countries? it' s a bonus if you answer to them. >> steal? ed: iron or. two countries dominate.
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and south korea. ed: australia and brazil. the final question is, the world' s tallest buildings in which city? >> kuala lumpur. ed: it' s in dubai. it' s 2707 teen feet tall. you are off the record. >> from steel to the mbta, all of your constituents rely on this. problems have plagued the system and they are about to vote on a fare hike. is it warranted and how much should it go up? >> there is always a balancing act because we will lose some riders. it is pretty expensive now. i think rather than just feed the current process and continue to raise fees, we' ve got to look
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>> no fare hike this year? >> i would discourage it highly. they have not shown me they can do the cost saving.. if it were a modest increase but at the same time a considerable cost savings, i might entertain it but i have not seen any of that yet. ed: your presidential candidate is -- >> hillary clinton. strong into the iowa caucuses. the latest numbers from new hampshire show him ahead of her. could he win the general nomination? well, i think it would be general election. while clinton has been socialist, i don' t think the
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respectful. issue for them and there is a significant number of people in this country age 65 and older who will not vote for socialist. i think they will be to that drum constantly in the general election. if we have donald trump as the republican nominee, that would get an equal number of people that are scared to death of him. you might see a lot of people staying home with it was bernie sanders versus donald trump. it gives an opening to michael bloomberg. he might be seen as the least evil alternative. >> you brought up about donald trump. if he wins the gop nomination, are you ready to work with his administration if he wins the white house? >> oh, god - i taken of to support the
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what i have to do but i hope i am not led to that. ed: the brought answer is yes but there is a ' but' attached to it. >> i have to serve the people but it would be tough. i am on the foreign relations committee and he' s burned a lot of bridges and is not an office yet. it will be tough. >> it bernie sanders became the party nominee, do you see it as a mcgovern-mondale election? >> something like that, yes. you. s the beginning of an interesting political year. >> it is. ed: we hit super tuesday by the beginning of march and you will have a clear idea of where we are but the great number of the narrowed down. >> will you campaign for hillary clinton in new hampshire? >> i already am this weekend and
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ed: it' s time for the political roundtable the we have maryanne marsh and check them . we are not asking why the patriots are not in the super bowl. jeff: let' s go straight to a possible independent candidate. >> michael bloomberg has the lawyers money. third-party candidates rarely work the last time we saw one that could be considered as ross perot. he might go in.
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>> do we need another new york billionaire? chomp and sanders are the nominees so it will probably not happen. ed: do endorsements mean anything? donald trump as an endorsement from jerry falwell. charlie baker and elizabeth warren are still in the side lines. >> i don' t know whether jerry falwell junior endorsement and where it came from. either the anthology rolls -- eat of the evangelicals are selling out but there will be a donald trump school of business at liberty university. >> and/or summits don' t mean what they used to but you would rather have them than not. now they are singles and doubles. in close races, that' s all you need. it'
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something. the newspaper audit trails, it was 10 points. it' s not that anymore. janet: bernie sanders went to the white house. why did the president invite the sanders to the white house? >> he gave all but an endorsement to hillary clinton. in light of that interview, the white house says we should have had bernie sanders in and we need to get him in before iowa or new hampshire. if he wins one of those in the re endorsing him. they should have done their politics sooner. trouble he got a lot of coverage. janet: are they thinking maybe? went way out there in the interview with hillary clinton and the timing. >> it' s called hedging about the nothing wrong with that. he is the head of his party and bernie sanders is making a real run at this.
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up with the nomination but there may be a surprise based on voter turnout in iowa. ed: tomorrow is iowa who is your pick? what will happen? 1, 2, 3? >> i think trump will in iowa. i was not built as much for trump as i was for cruz but it' s clear the donald trump has momentum. the second place will be ted cruz. every day i change third place. marco rubio seems to be the guy but i' m not sure it matters much. the story out of there will get blogged down by donald trump and bernie sanders. i' m not sure it matters. the republican narrative does not mean a whole lot. ed: senator sanders may have a
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iowa but secretary clinton may have a daughter of gill in the rural areas. >> that' s why you see sanders trying to get the kids to go home in iowa and caucus there. i think hillary clinton will win in iowa. i think the o' malley delegates will give her a chance. bernie sanders , if he wins iowa and new hampshire, he is on a big role good those 11 days make all the difference by think hillary clinton will come out on top. ed: won' t that bring things to a stop in iowa? >> the the democrats go to nevada first and immediate tax on hillary clinton will be crucial in those 11 days. >> let' s talk about the utes vote, the use. i have been waiting for these
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not just for rallies and not just for free beer. who shows up to vote from the millennial crowd? bernie has captured their imagination. this is a 74-year-old man leading a hippie charge to take over the democratic party. it' s insane but it' s true. >> sanders has replicated part of the obama coalition that allowed obama to win iowa in 2008. he has not replicated all of it. janet: what do you think the 1, 2, 3 will be in iowa for the republicans. >> donald trump will be number one. >> you may get bernie, buddy, misery loves company. >> what you think of hillary clinton in iowa? >> i think she will close it out but i will not make that call. i still think that' s a possibility.
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steve wynn and they both claim victory. does this damage the relationship of boston with the wynn casino. permits and the mayor gets his money gets his legal fees paid and gets the infrastructure improvements. it matters to charlestown. they would not be happy unless it is probably the best scenario for everybody. $1.7 billion project goes green light. 25 million has been committed. i think on top of the ge deal, the mayor will win this one. it' victory. open for business. janet: latin school racial problem?
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this is a problem. the mayor is working with administrators at the school in terms of dealing with it. i think the social media aspect is more politics. >> are they moving quickly enough? >> what' s interesting to me is that the lost people have been watching tito jackson who had a huge increase in donations. is he a front for john connolly? >> its tito jackson, he has delusions of being mayor of if i was marty walsh, i would be good to him. >> the lost people are watching him.
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janet: earlier this week ben cohen from then and jerry' s created a new flavor. what should the hillary clinton flavor be? what should be in it? >> she has one called mac daddy victory. he went to jail and started an ice cream company. it' s all chocolate. janet: what' s your favorite?
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cohen, butter pecan scandal made up of wall street bankers covering gallons of democratic voters. it' s very sticky. ed: very good. who had the best week? >> hillary clinton. she had her best performance in months. ed: best week? >> this week it' s governor charlie baker following his successful state of the state. he wants to pay for charter
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