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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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heather: breaking news, part of norfolk home goes up in flames. the victims rushed to the hospital. meteorologist: tracking the heavy rains that are on cape cod. also colder air getting set to move in. another storm on the way. ed: donald trump taking aim at his chief rival. mary: in front of a packed house here in new hampshire. how ted cruz is answering charges he cheated in iowa. heather: as the madoff scandal becomes tv drama, the local victims who are still feeling the very real pain of losing everything. ed: breaking news at 11:00, damage around the area. power out in some spots. heather: heavy rain and strong wind are leaving their mark. this is new video from hooksett, new hampshire, tonight. power lines and trees across a road. ed: and a similar scene in methuen. downed tree limbs take out power lines. storm team 5's harvey leonard is tracking that and a winter storm watch in effect. harv? meteorologist: so far today, tonight, it has been the three w's.
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let's show you, behind me, the rain that is call falling. i want to show you temperatures that are around because they are unbelievable this time of night this time of year. lack at lawrence, 59 degrees still inching up a few spots and may touch 60 in the next couple of hours. the wind is the factor. the gusts are still 30 miles per hour or higher from plymouth to the cape. beforely, also, a gust of 33. these are the peak gusts that occurred. notice a number of places that are widespread across the region. 30 to 50 miles-per-hour gusts. that race we see the storm reports. a few downed tries and some power outages. this is the rain that is falling. a third inch in boston. almost an inch in providence. the heaviest are in around the cape. the early going, the rain is to the east. as far as tomorrow morning's commute is concerned in. there may be additional rain. evenp a few showers in boston. then by midday, the rain should be confined to the cape. that is not the end of the
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mo star down the coast and there is cold air that will slowly start to move in. tomorrow night, and friday morning, because of that combination, winter storm watch for southeastern mass and the cape, for accumulating know, boston maybe included in the accumulating snow. details in a little while. heather? heather: breaking tonight, a husband trying to get his which have out. john? john: it is when it came on, that firefighters got the call that this house was engulfed. neighbors raced out of the homes as flames toring into the split lef rel. the man wo libs here ran to a neighbor for help. >> wrapping on the door. very loud. screaming. yelling. may wife inside. she is elderly. she is mobile. john: she emergeed from the
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clearly overcome by the smoke and the flames. >> she stood on her face. little bit. she seemed in good spirits. reshocked. john: shortly after power came back on, we were notified of a possible house fire here on tucker road. the flames eopted after power was restored after an outage here tonight. neighbors say it appears to have started in the garage. >> and he tried to turn the lyings back on, basically, sparks came out of the box. the electrical box of the garage door opener. it went up in flames ap dropped down the car. the car blew up. that made the fire even bigger. john: the flames spread quickly making it a difficult fire stop. people who lib leer thankful that the fix thorn's neighborhood made.
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on the garage of the house now. they look for official cause tonight. attain, the husband and wife who live in here the hospital. live in nor are folk tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: thank you. the principal off the job over alleged incident inside of the school. an e-mail says complains have been filed. the tallgations are not sexual in nature. it is getting nasty between ted cruz and donald trump. heather: they try to win new hampshire. mary saladna begins in nashua. mary? mary: heather, ed, ted cruz trying to build on the iowa momentum. both men on the attack tonight.
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would are stupid. trump has been slamming cruz on social media all day tweeting ted cruz didn't win i would. he stole it. calling far new election, after the cruz campaign isn't thought e-mail to supporters falsely suggesting dr. ben carson may be dropping. they made ben carson has seepsly left the race, if he doesn't get the vos then, but ted gets the votes. you say give me a break. mary: packed crowd tonight. cruz has told voters he apologized for the mistake, but they stood by the staffers. >> cnn put out a report that said ben carson is not going from iowa to new hampshire. he he is not going on to south carolina. instead, he is going home to door into. our political team forwarded that news story to the supporters.
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mary. cruz admits the team did not circulate a subsequent report put out by ben carson saying he was not quitting the race. >> this political cities dangerous. the political people are really, really, really dyshonest. mary: cruz went on to say trump is throwing a trum ter tantrum. in nashua, tonight, mary sa lad into. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders under the same roof. but sending much different messages. sharpening their attacks days before the new hampshire primary. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in derry. reid? reid: hell ry hope os have a repeat of 2008. a come from behind win to snag the new hampshire primary. the person who is far ahead here says dispete the double-digitted lead, he expects a close election. many polls have him far ahead in
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bernie sanders says he is still the dark house. >> we're talking on the most powerful political organization in the country. reporter: the vermont senator slamming his rival, hillary clinton's credential as being progressive. >> i do not know any progressives who has superpack and takes $15 million from wall street. reporter: wee raise taxes on the middle class but would lower health insurance premium and asked by this marathon bomb sugar viver, how he would handle terror. >> we have to destroy isis. we have to be not just tough, but we have to be smart. reporter: the former attorney made one of the most important closing arguments and highlighted her experience. hillary. good ideas on paper are important, but you got to be able to translate them into actions to get results for people. reporter: one of the most important decision facing the
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as three supreme court justices. hillary: i am looking for people who are rooted in the real world. who know that part of the genius of our system, both economic and government, is this balance of power. reid: they trade barbs about the dir, the country should take in the post era. i withs a friendly audience for the two tonight. a house full of democrats many of whom came here undecided. live in new hampshire, reid lamberty, newscenter 5. ed: this is new at 11:00. santorum is throwing support behind marco rubio. rubio is hitting hard on why republicans should nominate him. >> i give us the best chance. my candidacy gives the best chance to nominate a real
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party. ed: ru bu yo continues the swing through tomorrow. he is in portsmouth, salem. can count rand paul out, too. kentucky senator says he will focus on getting re-elected to that seat. the 53-year-old has not endorsed anyone else in the presidential race. the republican candidates meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary. it happens right here on channel 5 saturday night. our live coverage begins at 8:00. you can watch live. heather: the case against bill cosby is moving forward. cosby argued a former prosecutor promised to never press charges in exchange for his testimony in the civil suit against hp. this the judge disagreed. prosecutors must now prove they have enough evidence to proceed to trial. cosby could face ten years in
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assaulting a woman in 2004. ed: a chelsea father is credited from saving his son from a burning parm. a plum ear torch is blamed for starting a fire on the third floor of the street building. the boy was stuck on the fourth-floor balcony. the boy's dad helped guide him to safety. >> they took him out through the in terrier before the fire actually spread to that area. ed: two firefighters were hurt. not nerrously. the fire forced residence out of 24 apartments. they were offered hotel rooms nor night. heather: abc is going inside the mind of bernie madoff. a new mini-series debuting tonight gives a play-by-play of his ponzi scheme. reporter: compelled to watch madoff the movie. they know the ending all too well. >> the hardest part about
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aim looking ats the man that stole a huge chunk of what we have planned for our retirement. reporter: audrey's parents in vested with born ny man madoff. >> all of it gone. >> this is sur trial me. it is a very tra mt.ic even that happened in my family's life. we kind of dealt with it and moved opp. >> richard dreyfus' betrayal, dead on. >> absolutely ruthless, you know? yeah. at the same time, very personable. but that is what a sociopath is. when you are in the market for real. you don't have to lack at it as dally basis. reporter: the greed knew no bounds. >> we're not talking about mega rich here. and the reason he got targeted is that he targeted the community. reporter: because of mad off, the couple still working past the planned retirement. george says the real life drama
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>> as much as i disbyes madoff did. i have way more anger toward the fcc because they let it happen for 20 years. >> to this day, they are asking why was not madoff shut down long before he took so many people count. live are the financial district. jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: next on wcvb newscenter 5: why the terrifying new revelation tonight about the flame ripped open in midair if. ed: the little cape cod girl living with the zika virus. meteorologist: timing raval of
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ed: that is a roof. that is a car on top of the roof. an out of control car landing on the roof of a home! california police are still trying to figure out exactly how it happened. it appears the lexus careened down a driveway, hit another car, and somehow got onto that roof. both the car and the roof of the house have a lot of damage. the driver of the car is hurt, but not seriously. ed: one passenger was killed in the jetliner. aviation experts believe damage was close baid bomb. the force of explosion at 11,000 feet truck the passenger out. other passengers onboard were not sure if they survived. >> the first thing you worry about is can we really make it? ed: the dangers of traveling to sew meal ya could in-der the investigation. investigators are saying they may be unwilling to go there. heather: florida's governor declaring a health emergency in four counties due to the zika virus.
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all cases believed to have contracted the disease while traveling to affected countries. at least nine cases have been detected in that state. all the patients are believed to have contracted the disease while traveling to affected countries. the order allows the state to use mosquito spray in the counties where patients live. babies are born with unusually toon ny he head. the family knows the challenge of microcephaly well. little elana is 15 months old. 24 week has the mom's pregnancy, melissa says doctors noticed that the head was not growing. she was born prematurely. the cause of the condition not known. >> i with ant to give them the foundation of having support because that is one thing i have not found. emotionally. she is our own little unique baby, you know? she teaches us things that if she was not with microcephaly. we would have never learn. jay beautiful child, isn't she? elana's parents are k team
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cass the speech never slowly develops. ed: take look. d strong. the messages loud and clear tonight. the state of rhode island is d strong. it is a special honor for dorian, the little boy from westerly who is battling cancer. dorian even got go up to the license window to pick up honorary driver's license. he didn't have to wait four hours in line do it. the pom says the plate may find the which though everybody willing room wall. >> i think it is pret tim he is pressive. pretty hap about it. always be strong. always be strong. ed: gleams a the dmv pitched in to make doe nation the american cancer society in dorr wherein's name. heather: go dorian. so proud of him. look at boston tonight. line has cleared out. has been a wet night. harvey leonard he is here with improvements in the immediate forecast. harv? meteorologist: true.
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are you ok? 58 degrees? don't you remember last night at this time, we said 55-60 tomorrow night. meteorologist: you know i licensed. you are right. warm. however, this is also new england. so it could be 55-60 now, in a little more than 24 hours from now, it could be snowing. so we have lots of change to talk about. this initial wave of heavy rain right now it is confined for plymouth on down to cape cod at that time. it is moving to the east. it is making some progress in that direction. you see the initial patch. there is another look at the very, very warm boston. logan airport is reporting 55 now. southwest winds winds still busy at 21 miles per hour. these are temperatures or difference now versus 24 hours ago. tomorrow night, we start going in the other direction. look at that. 15 to 25 almost 30 warmer than it blast night at this time. lawrence is 59. main, it is everywhere. jaffrey, up to the region, 53.
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airport. 53. 57 at norwood. 50's everywhere. everybody has got that strong south to southwest wind. it has caused locally damage which was shown earlier. now we are going to stay very mild overnight. even much of tomorrow will be mild. but look at what happen when you start to go to the northwest. little by little, it gets colder. late tomorrow, overnight tomorrow night and friday morning. little by little, the cold air is going to start seeping in. at the seam time. we are going to watch moisture start to return from the south. now these are temperatures overnight to start the day tomorrow. incredible. in the 50's here in boston. stays that way much of the day. late day in into the night it starts to cooldown. look at the reading buys friday morning. cold enough to support snow. state eustace chilly all day on friday. once the cold air returns it gets established. now here is additional moisture where a new wave will form. sos a we take you to tomorrow
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the cape. a bit of rain far north of boston and could continue then up to pain. you get to tomorrow evening. it starts building back. but remember, the cold air starts to come in. the green starts to turn pink with a mix ap we get white and the grays and the purples that indicates some snow. notice where the heaviest snow could be southeastern mass and cape coded for friday morning's commute and all moves out to northwest to southeast in the afternoon. so how much could this produce. well, here is one computer model actually showing a couple of inches in boston. up to 6 inches to the cape. you may have the right idea. my thinking that is boston could wind up with anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow it could be very late tomorrow night and into the first part of the day friday. anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of snow for southeastern mass and cape cod. hard to fathom we have a winter storm wan affect beginning late tomorrow night into 3:00 p.m.
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but you know, the changes we are capable and had in the past and probably have again. so there you go. very mild tomorrow. then, that late night mix which turns over to snow and then end fries day afternoon. it is a seasonable weekend and we get early next week. then it gets more interesting. looks like one storm may miss out to sea and another may follow it for tuesday. we watch that car think. there is potential for some accumulating snow around late monday and tuesday dave inex week as well. after this, it is going to stay on the cold side. you may say in the winning a hours of this fantasy temperature regime here in early february and a bit of rae lail ty for sure. it us on the way back. and of course, tomorrow morning, sunday will have the latest. see you tomorrow and tomorrow night. he that heather, ed? ed: closely. heather: that is new hampshire's primary day. ed: figure this out. someone could be $63 million
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after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. ed: not all political appearance go as planned. jeb bush had to being for applause. >> i think the next president needs to be a lot quieter but sen a signal we're prepared to act in the national security interest in the controy get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. >> please clap. [applause] >> that was applause lynn and no one did nell asked for it. it fell flat and comes within day after the light and another event went out twice. bush boosts the calm pan bay appearing with his mother former first laked dy barbara bush that will happen later this week. a lottery player in california
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pacific time, to claim a $63 million prize or it's gone. the super-lotto ticket was bought at a 7-11 in chatsworth, california, last august. if no one comes forward it would be the third largest unclaimed ticket in u.s. history. and this happens more than you might think. >> they are a little bit of a roll, folks. they took care of business again tonight. they are playing got today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country
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wall street, corporate america, p wealthy campaign donors have so much influence tthat the only way they are defeated is p when millions of people begin to stand up p and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. zi think we're stuck. p we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. x
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celtics are percolating right now. tonight they won for the seventh time in the last eight games. they led by as many as 24 and settle for a 7 point win over the pistons tonight at the garden. a team they had 28 assist. they scored 54 in the paint as well so they got the ball down low and distrib poot the basketball. good continuings arep ap peng when you do that. also had ups 1 he drains here and built a come mapping lead in the game. however they paired deficit towner ten points late in the game. they saw thomas go though hoop. that is great balance after he gets out. celtics win 102-95. they go to cleveland for a big one on friday night. hour about steph consider zy this all happened in the first quarter tonight in washington.
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seven three-pointers and eight teams in the first quarter alone. in the of the half scoring 36 points. he round up. watch this, he steals the ball. easier shot. boom. knocks it down. >> are you sr. zoo is he scored 51 points tonight. his team us now 45-4. dennis wideman got 20 game force the bush league cowardly cheap shot coming up on the linesman. that is the minimum that he could have veffed the national hockey leg and has right to appeal and reduce it and still more than six games and has right to appeal and anybody reduces this thing less than 20 i am going to suspect they are on the take. all right. this is national signing day. the problem is that some col edge theres have turned into dancing with the stars or as
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siping of the stars. they had this event in a hall, that 3500 people and they sold it out. people that just wanted to come and gawk at high school football players that have not gone senior prom yet and not played down yet f. they brought in mike shanahan, lou and todd mcshay. and of course, they broug in a huge crud and brought the voice of darth vade, he too. who is a michigan alum. one more game than any other team in the country. no one has won more. we believe in football. >> we do. >> championship football. we are my pi. [cheering and applauding] >> he was joined by derek jeter and brought in professional wrestler and this is probably
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jim harbaugh by the coach, by the way the whole thing. staged the whole thing. >> you told me that earlier. >> hard to believe. >> wild. >> nobody else is doing that? >> no. heather: they will be next year. they will be.
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