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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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maria:this school bus driver under arrest. ed: police say he was drunk behind the wheel. jorge: the crash with kids on board. ed: a disturbing case of animal abuse. maria: the dog rescued. nursed back to health and how you can help now. meteorologist: bitter cold now. dangerous cold on the way. the timeline and how long it lasts. ed: 5 investigates why some mbta drivers are getting paid to sleep. ed: right now, a school bus driver is charged with driving drunk. maria: crashing that bus with kids onboard. good evening. i'm maria stephanos. ed: and i'm ed harding. that crash still causing problems tonight. the driver heads to court tomorrow. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live on the scene in dudley. jorge. jorge: well, tonight, that school bus driver is still in custody. parents say, they are grateful that the kids on his bus are ok, meantime, ours late, he national grid crews are still here because there are push ny residents still in the dark. my daughter was droppedded off
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we were hanging out for a minute. we saw all the cruisers go through. jorge. the school bus with 11 midde am onboard. the driver knocking dune utility pole, live power lines draped over this bus. the people on the scene say the driver was back up amiesed the stop. >> she just said he seemed, you know, just to behaving good time today, joking around with everybody maybe a little b more than usual. jorge: 42-year-old driver was placed upper arrest after failing sobriety test. all the kids are ok. home. >> shocked. really shocked. i never exertedded it. fun. you know, hea been driving since the beginning of the school year this year. jorge: the accident knocking out lec interests toy some 200 homes in the area. the thermometer at ten degrees, national grid crews were working >> lots of shame.
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game, that they should be checks and balances that should not jorge. the driver has been suspend until further investigation. >> thankfully, everybody who is still onboard the is about ok and you foe, obviously, it could have been a lot worse. we are thankful. jorge: that bus driver will be in court tomorrow morning fashion multiple charges of drunk driving and child endangerment. live in dudley, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: bitter cold out right now. wind chills are below zero in some spots. and harvey, it's only going to get worse. meteorologist: dow want to let you knee a windchill watches a been put into effect for saturday afternoon, saturday night into sup day. that whens part two of this
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that is the colder of the two to be hour. we might even be breaking records in boston, well, probably going to be 2 to 3 below early sunday morning, late saturday night, that is a record which is going to be double-digit below. look at this. five degrees could be the high temperature in worcester on sunday and sof vein degrees is the record lowest high temperature ever on that date, boston may also break that 10 degrees. go through. right now in boston. 13. the is 21 miles per hour. that is a windchill of 5 below. you should be prepared for temperatures in the single digits tomorrow morning. will time out the cold for the weekend. some of us are going to see snow tomorrow night. ed? ed: hillary crin don and bernie sanders go head to head in tonight's debate in milwaukee and phil lipof is here. both candidates finally got into the fight the secondful that debate. phil: yeah.
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both candidates. big for bernie sanders. the momentum coming out of of new hampshire for hillary clinton. she needed to land few punches and get back up the game. are not in the white house yet. >> senator bernie sanders trying to capitalize making it clear it is a tight race. a first universal health care. >> now before, it was colled obama care, it was called million ry care. >> pointing out senator sand ear plan would disman tell the affordable care ac. >> i have fought my entire life to make sure that health cares rating for all people. he we are not going to dismantle anything. clintop looking to kang that now. vie spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that women are empowered to make share own choices, even if that choice is not to vote for me. >> sanders looking to gain support for african-american and latinos, especially important as the campaign heads south.
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seeing videos on television of unarmed people of an african-american short by police officers. >> then, both got a bit age gated when talking about donations from wall street. >> why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess, just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. >> let's not um ply here that either president obama or myself would in anyway not take on any vested interest whether it is wall street or drug companies or insurance companies or frankly the gun lobby to stand up to do what is best for the american people. [applause] phil: so up next, south carolina, both clinton and cernes head down south now, where clinton, pay the way, so far, has significant lead in the polls. maria? maria: donald trump made stop
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appearance the state. the rest of the republican field all focused on south carolina. >> you know, it is funny. if i get elected president, will be in the it would hus a lot. i am not leaving. we have deals to make. right? maria. from trum top rival ted cruz addressing his supporters at rally in south carolina. [cheering and applauding] >> i with a, new hampshire helped har throw field. and then, south carolina is in the business of picking friends. cruz's campaign also releaseing a new ad, today, that ad attacked donald trump and it accuses the business mogul of political. also, former president george w., is going to make first pair trail and yip his younger brother and presidential hopeful jeb at a rally in south carolina on monday. ed: there are new developments out of syria tonight. top diplomats have acred to a
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the secretary speaking from germany says they hope to end hostilities wan wook. they hope to happen by then. the proposed cease-fire would not apply any terrorist organizations. diplomats agreed to exam the deliver riff humanitarian aid starting rating away. >> these two fronts, this progress, has the potential fully implemented, fully followed through on, to be able syrian people. ed: nearly 12 approximately moment displaced because of the conflict. ek s secretary says the migrant and refugee cray sis empowers the islamic state group. ju this crash happened in south boston. earlier are today, he was driving loam the gym when he crashed his door into the house. former mayor was not hurt. he did go no he hospital just as a precaution.
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one else was hurt either. ed: the driver of this car will court. and the man he's accused of hitting is speaking out about the arrest. live in woburn. john, police found this guy in an unusual spot? john: he sure was, ed. was hiding under a bed. that does not sur proos the victim who call the suss coward. he ran for more than 24 hours, buy did not get far. >> dangerous career felon. john. now adding to lengthy arrest record. for fred, it brings justice within reach after crossing the path of a criminal. >> it took me a half-hour to get might bed this morning. john: delgado ranked fred down in a getaway yesterday after delgado assaulted a a police officer who was investigating a theft. howe delgado made it to a relative's home in dorr chest, he where the police say they
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under a bed. >> he was coward the get go. john: not outrun police but the anger is only growing as she learns about his violent past. >> i am still not ease because i want to face him. he almost took the love of my life away were me. he could have hurt someone else, too. he has no moral conscious. john. delgado spending his night here behind bars before facing a uj judge in the morning. live in woburn tonight, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: john, thank u.? pet perly ang is burying his nance hands when he heard the word "guilty." ly ang claims he was patrolling a dark tareway a couple of years ago and startled bay noise. he accident shot a man. jurors do not buy that story. he faces up to 15 years in
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ed: shelter worker charged with beating a child. a shelter worker is accused of assaulting a 4-year-old autistic boy. who lives at the shelter with his family. rafael abreu-prado was charged with hitting the boy and dragging him across the floor. it allegedly happened saturday night. the boy's mother hearing his screams from the kitchen and his brother witnessing the attack. the shelter says abreu-prado is no longer working there. mary saladna is live where the dog was found. mar? mary. a trip the landlord led them to the dog. they couldn't see his face. >> this is the most severe within i have seen. mar: they have never seen an animal cruel case this bad. so neglected it was lying deaf and could barley walk. fur on the dog's feat in the paw area was pulled this the clause and wrapped were a so it could
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it was walk on bones. mar: they found fleas, bumming into wall, trying to eat small object on the floor. the dog was rushed to the veterinarian hospital but diagnosed with infected skin mass, dislocated kneecap. the dog had gone blind from scratching the ice. severe infections have made the dog deaf. >> there is plenty of foster homes and shelters that would love the and hall. mary: mrs. say it was landlord who first alerted them to the dog. the tenants had taken off. but the police tracked down the couple. they turned themselves in today. mary f. the doings now staying with a foster family. the well to aus cuesed women will be rained tomorrow morning. then newsroom, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. maria: they are putting up tolls. a plan that would impose tols on
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18-wheelers could be charged up to $20 just across the state let alone i-95 and targets out-of-state truckers who they say caused the most damage to the road. it is a business killer. >> 5 investigates why some mbta drivers are geeing paid to sleep. >> no escape. the trooper in the path of out-of-control suv. meteorologist: the trip from bitter cold now to dangerous
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ed: this is new video tonight. keep your eye on the oak oc state trooper that is walk on the left of the screen. police censored this video, so you won't see the actual moment of impact. police did that.
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tonight as the trooper recovers. the troop wears walking to the scene of an accident when the suv hit a patch of ice and bingo you know what happened. withses rushed to help. >> stay down. stay down. stay down, man. your leg is definitely broke. >> , aim a nurse, ok. i am a nurse. i am going to stay with you, ok. ed: did youer that part? she wassing if to stay with him. i will stay with you. the trooper suffered head and leg in where are ry. he is in rehab a month later. ed: 5 investigating tonight. mbta employees are getting paid to stay home on the tax payer's dime f. maria president? how that is happening? catastrophe think curran uncovers. reporter: it the end of the shift at the yard where most drivers worked a full day. but 5 investigates found the t is paying many bus drivers and trolley and train operators to stay home, paying other drivers
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>> it is literally throwing money done the drain. reporter: 5 investigates discovered in 2015, paid drive terse almost $400,000 to stay home. spent another $250 in overtime for other drivers to pick up those shifts. time sheets show a driver being paid to stay home for more than seven hours. another is paid five and a half hours of overtime to fill in for an operator who needed rest. >> so how did this happen m well this it requires that all drivers have ten horse of rest before starting a new shift. so limit fatigue and increased safety, but 5 investigates, discovered when you combine that important safety rule, with man power and scheduling mim tations, it results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste each year. >> people getting paid to sleep. >> greg ul s sulle livan is the research direr for for the
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>> you talk about close to $1 million completely wasted down the drain during a massive budget crisis at the mbta. reporter: part of the problem is this. the tease antiquated shift pick system t. about 1800 drivers handpicked schedules from hundreds of shifts posted on paper. the shifts are picked by seniority with one pic for days off, then a separate pick for time. when it is said and done. there are shifts like this. the train operator is scheduled to be behind the wheel from 6:00 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 in the morning. the next shift starts four hours later but required to get ten horse of rest so he can not dave again tell until noon. brian is she chief administrator. >> it doesn't make any business sense. a right now, i recognize that. it is really the result of our scheduling system, if we were able to use electronic
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rostering schedule. we could build a schedule where it didn't exist. >> we carry the most precious cargo in the world. humans. you want to be rested. >> jim o'brian heads the carmen's union. >> think the nbta, could pan am the whole thing a little bit better. the management here is looking at all possible ways to reduce our cost. >> we ex knows waste at time when the t is considering fare hike and focused on cutting waste including overtime which costs $53 million last year. we are working very hard to manage it. >> we're concerned about every opinion ny. every dollar matters. management says the t is working to of course the scheduling conlicht. the union tells us they would agree a trial period with electronic rostering which would eliminate the problem to the t would consider a four-day workweek. kathy curran, 5 investigates. ed: i was checking the thermometer here. i can see that. ed: does that say 11, harvey? meteorologist: it does.
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you get outside. ed: even worse. meteorologist: that is tough. look at. this look at the wind gusts that oh cord just a little bit earlier this evening. a lot of 46's showing up at nantucket, fair halfp, rhode oi lap. you take kind of wind with shall with the cold we have shall it is tough out there now. this is just the first phase with the coldest of course yet to come. 13 in oston. still a 21 miles per hour wind this is currently windchill of 5 below 0. the actual air temperature is 6 now in worcester. orange, 7 in this area. room for temperature drap few more degrees then level off tonight. the wind gust will ease little bit during area tonight. right now a windchill of 14 below 0 in worcester. below 0. the actual temperature in ottawa, this is just as i keep emphasizing, the first part of the one-two punch. here is the second part. that comes through, and we start to feel that during saturday
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and sunday, and even the air temperature will be very cold, although, the wind will be gone sunday into first thing monday before we start to moderate. all right. show you the temperatures early tomorrow morning. single digits then we top it off around 20 maybe not quite making it worcester. maybe a bit over that in boston. tomorrow night, will be cold. there won be that much wind. won super bitter. we get to this point saturday, around noontime, early afternoon. out. unworcester. 1 above in boston. boston will go below 0 overnight saturday night into sunday morning. a little bit of idea of the windchill impact when it gets dangerous to extreme. look at the time frame here. notice we get to saturday p.m. meaning late day saturday night, sunday morning. that is when it will be the most danger to extreme in terms of feeling 25-35 degrees below 0. still significant windchills to early monday. the actual temperature and forecasting about a 2 below in
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i have to tell you something. it goes until 3-4-5 below, i would not be surprised at all. at les a 50-50 shot. the record will be tide or broken t. the same thing for worcester. the record is 11 below. goes 12-13 below. that would not surprise me either. the other thing to watch is tomorrow night. a little wave offshore that will probably purchase the cape with some know. here in boston, the arctic front comes through early saturday. with maybe a snowall. after this, it combines offshore and the gates are open for the arctic frigid arctic tare to come in. now in terms of snowfall for tomorrow night. again, i want to show you. we cloud up later tomorrow. notice it is cape cod to about plymouth. maybe get a little bit to the north and briefly before moving enough to shore. that in itself could produce about 2 to 4 inches of snow, i would say from hyannis to nantucket, a coating to inch or two possible from hingham southward. went do get much here in boston maybe a squall saturday morning. there you go.
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on sunday, to give you an idea of what it is going to feel like. i want to run this at you. lact the windchill cans early sunday morning. about 28 degrees below in boston. 26 below in worcester. that is dangerous. he windchill watch is certainly going to get converted to a windchill warning around here. it is still below 0 windchill on sunday. the other thing i want to show you. it is cold early monday then we make it to the 20's then late monday and tuesday. we got the next storm and will start out as snow and may get enough warm aaron here to turn that over to rain which means we have incredibly dramatic changes ahead of us. sundayial the latest first thing with the eye. maria and ted? ed: this he is new at 11:00 i said to you, the worst drivers in america. >> all right, it is us. ed: take bow. >> i know. nothing we should be proud of. that's the case. at les according toing a new study.
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>> allstate insurance say boston drivers are the worst. ed: we are number one. >> i know. i they ranked 200 cities based on the number of collision. we were rock bottom. number 200 in worcester. that came in at 199. the report says aboutton draf ares are 158% more likely to get into an accident than the average driver. not you, though. ed: breaking news? >> yeah. i know. >> i don't know. >> the next thing is patrice berger on got into a fight tonight. >> i tell you what? that is how they felt. they came out identifying mad tonight. harvey, p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. r let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, p and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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>> tonight, they made the within ny being jet pay for that with 6-2 win that kicks off a 6-game road trip. five goals scored in the first period. they peppered within ny peg with 39 shots tonight. starts it off 1-null. brad marchon with the 26th of the year. this thenow the bruins are off and skating. 3-2. early third period. wut put the bruins on top buy a score of 4-2. the hits keep on coming. later, patrice per geron gets the second of the night. put the bruins up 5-2. an empty netter. they win it 6-2 so they are off
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afternoon. knocked out the ho hospital. he had surgery to repir a fractured lar mix thatp that ended during pregame warm-up in portland maine last week and will not play for at least two months. you know, when you are hot, you want to keep playing every might. the celtics play until a week were tomorrow night because i of the all star break. they won ought in a row at home. five of the last six so trading deadline next thursday and anything going to happen? >> but i think, that we are not yet. we're a good basketball. i love watching our team play. i love being around a group of guys we have. you can see if we can find upgrades to our team whether it is tran sang player or small people at a time. >> at&t pebble beach proa.m. takes your breath away. take me three, please. this is chris berman, the
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i want you to count. one. two. three. four four. now it comes back. five. five. out with the cows. >> boomer from the bunker. could it be anticipate worse than that? not bad. that is a good touch right there. one guy does it a little bit better. this ga has to be a a profession a.m. not you boomer. check thought bud babb buy right here. this has a little bit of teeth on it. that little both of hair. drops it in. the great one wayne gretzky in the field on the par three. this is closest to the pin contest here for the liberties and look how they get here. you gat little jaws on this baby. he ones closest to the pin. great place to be throughout in pebble beach. oh, dear. pit on the bucket list. brady and belichick are not in the kneeled year. justin timberlake. the one tournament where the amateurs play all the way throughs this sunday.
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>> what did you say, a little beach a little hair on it. >> there you go. a >> back it up. >> i have no idea you what said. >> sounded good me. >> we got it. >> we got go got. >> i we lost another degree. is now ten. >> man. >> caring few hour that is going tab heat wave. yeah. saturday night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it,


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