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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ed: emergency inspections underway. maria: after a horrific accident on i-93. the young teacher killed by a flying manhole cover. ed: new information tonight on what caused it and the risk of it happening again. maria: a teen run down riding his bike. why police say it may have been no accident. meteorologist: the coldest-feeling weather in years. how harsh it will be. how long it will lagst last. when snow will be back in the picture. ed: a lewd act cost him his badge. 5 investigates why this former officer is back on the public payroll. maria: bitter cold in boston tonight, but nothing like the arctic blast that's about to move in. sub-zeo temperatures expected just 24-hours from now. maria: and there will be some snow out there too on the cape! good evening, i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. we're talking arctic cold as the holiday weekend begins. let's get right to stormteam five's harvey leonard in the
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harv, all yours my friend. meteorologist: thank you, maria, ed. cold is the big story. for now, let's touch on the snow. it is coastal storm, an ocean storm, it is still developing. it is nicking the cape as i speak. you see it right here. i finishly not really reaching the ground, but now starting to in chatham, nantucket, visibility is now down to two miles in block island. even new london is down two three miles. this will be overnight. over by morning. could be up to an inch closer to the canal. one to three inches from hyannis to chatham. there is a chance there is two to four. nantucket would be the place. all right. temperatures now very dolled the west. the skies are clearing there. bits only around 20 here. not bitter cold yet. look at this. not a huge distance. from 22 to minus 20. there is arctic front that is going to come through by midday tomorrow. once it does.
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17 at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. they keep going down to 4 degrees. 7:00 p.m. in boston. 3 below in worcester. look at that. 6 below approximately in boston. 1:00 a.m., that would be a record. 12 below in worcester would be a record as well. that is only part of the story. wind accompanying it. the windchill, 18 below in boston. 7:00 tomorrow night. 24 below in worcester. it only gets worse. look at 7:00 sunday morning. this is upper harsh cold. i will let you know how long we're dealing with it and how it will break early next week in a little while. ed? ed: shock and a sadness after a hovic accident. a woman struck and killed buy a man hover cover. the victim, an art teacher. those who knew her are offering heart felt tributes today. right now wcvb newscenter 5's john at with eris live with the top story in winchester, john. john: ed, kaitlyn group here. her parents still live here. tonight, her family is gathered
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without this vibrant young woman. kaitlyn clave texas was a lover of art. her students at milton felt that passion every day. >> she just liked to teach art. i could tell. she was nice. she he taught me a lot about art. john: sadly, the 35-year-old teacher never made it to school friday morning. her trip south violently halted bay giant 200-pound manhole cover. it came loose fly through the air directly through the windshield as she drove through the o'neil tunnel before 8:00. cameras on the highway show suv changing lanes. investigators believe that suv dislodged the manhole cover, sending it through the air, and into kaitlyn's car. the crash prompted the department of transportation to immediately reinspect 500 sewer grate, utility panels, manhole covers on highways. >> just felt like a sadness in
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john: parents struggle to explain the sudden loss of a teacher they loved so much. >> he didn't understand. she is going to be there next week. had to explain, you know, like part of life and death and things like this do happen, unfortunately. john. obviously, such a tough conversation to have with young children. grief counselors will in available to help students cope at kate lp's school. live in winchester tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: 5 investigates uncovering more. no major issues have been found. investigates have found almost identical accident thatp pend back in 2014 in the state of new york. a truck driver from springfield was killed on the cross cross cross-bronx expressway when a truck in front of him kicked up a manhole cover and sent it through the windchill. maria: sky 5 over lowell. you can see a bicycle in a snowbank. the teenager riding it was rushed to the hospital. maria: and right now, the search
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newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live in lowell and, juli, you learned this may be no accident. juli: that is right, maria. tonight, that 15-year-old is recovering at children's hospital. he was originally flown to beth israel, but then since has been transferred. lowell police tell me, he is in stable condition, but suffered some pretty ser isian in jr. russ. that doesn't look like this is a random act. juli: they are looking for a driver who they believe in continuationly hate 15-year-old on a bike sending him flying to the air. they were called to the street just before 2:00 friday afternoon. >> that is what happened. when the officers got there. they found the front wheel but no bike. juli: police obtained these images at the corner of lawrence and roger street then they asked her to public's help sending out a code red message to nearby neighbors. >> ful voing a white pickup
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the vehicle left. juli: lowell police found the abandoned truck and parts of the bike about a mail away. ness withs later told the police, the buy on the bike had been talking to the people inside of the truck, moments before he rode away and that driver aggressively followed. >> one of theness withs actually crossed the street and instructed to get on the opposite side. juli: lowell and the state police with the da's office still looking for that driver. today tonight, the captain tells me they have a good idea who was at the wheel along with who else wants the truck. live lowell, jewellely mcdone al, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: julie, thank you. one man recovering. police say they shot and killed a man after he pointed a gun at them. now the injured suspect, they were not shot by police. investigators believe that those two suspects were shot inside of a home on devon street. the third suspect took off and that is when the officers
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they asked him to trop the gun. you can hear it there in the background. he did not. that is when they shot him. >> nobody likes to take a life. but if you are going to point a gun at one of our officers in the way he did, obviously, we're going to protect ourselves. maria: still not clear what led to the original shooting. that is still under he investigation. ed: nearly nine months after they voted to send him to the death. the jurors list has been released tonight. the seven men and five men came. only one from boston. ds dieses being held at the federal super max prison colorado while he appeals his death sentence. a berkley man behind bars tonight, charged with the murder of a 70-year-old man. prosecutors say 70-year-old john witty shot and killed the victim after learning that he and witty's longtime girlfriend had a romantic relationship. the woman died in late january. witty only learned of the affair
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her things. the victim, john williams, suffered ten gunshot wounds to the head and back. he was found dead in his wareham home tuesday. maria: commitment 2016 now. donald trump threatening to sue the biggest rival in the republican race for president. he phil lipof is here well the latest drama, phil, from the campaign trail. phil: well, donald trump has raised this question before. it is ted cruz eligible to be president because he was born in anta. but now threatening to sue him over it. cruz is identifying back with attack ads in south carolina, the next battleground state. [chanting] phil: at a rally in tampa, florida, the usual from donald trump. burler, the day, taking the feud to a new level, tweeting if ted cruz doesn't clean up the ac,
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ad, i have standing to sue him. a threat pos blin response to cruz pummeling him with ads in south carolina. >> more than a little irony, in donald accusing anyone of being nasty. phil: cruz and trump's other rivals crit see you zing to do this. >> i would bomb out of them. >> way was going to say that fully. want say that. >> she lost. >> she said is a (beep) phil: but the next contest is in south carolina, where two-thirds of the voters are expected to be evangelicals them they are not thrilled with that kind of language. >> because it doesn't really look christian. >> here is something else for evan gelly kalele calls to consider. this actress in a cruz ad hitting marco rubio. >> maybe you should vote for more thanp a pretty face next time. phil: cruz dropped the ad when he found out. okay, all of this has been extra republican debate set for
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and shaping up to be pretty contentious ed? a plane full of passengers hit by a runaway van at logan airport it happened this morning just before the jetblue flight bound for tampa was set to taxi to the runway. state police say a delivery driver stepped out of the van thinking it was in park, but it kept going without him in it. the van clipped the plane's wing causing damage. passengers on board didn't know what was happening at the time. >> i heard a big bang. the plane went and a came back down. >> a big jolt. it was just terrifying. he we didn't know what it was. ed: airport workers were able to track down the van before it hit another plane. passengers were moved to another plane and arrived in tampa only an hour late. taking a live look at the boston skyline on a friday night, keeping warm will be the chief concern this holiday weekend. our mary saladna is live in copley square. mary, a lot can go wrong when
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that extreme cold can take a toll on your health ap house. a few reminders tonight as we prepare to enter the subzero zone. those who braved the city streets tonight geared up, hats, hoods, heavy coats, it is bad, about to get worse. that message spelled out for the evening commuters. if do you have to go outside this weekend, bun dim. >> cover your neck with a scarf. hats are very important because you can lose a lot of wod dy at the way. gloves to prevent frostbite. mary. it takes minutes for frostbite or hypothermia to set in. if you are feeling numb, time to get inside. you also need to protect your property. first veining frozen pipes and if you are away, don't drop that thermostat too low. >> my recommendation that is you don't let the thermostat fall rae bow 60 greasying to you could potentially save more money by dropping it lower than that. you could incur a burst pipe. >> don't be surprise fud hear booms coming from the rave or attic t. we heard them last year
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some call them icequakes but the sound of thermal expansion and contraction. the wood and other materials that make up the house swelling and shrinking with the extreme temperatures. >> and here in the city, across the state, official are remunning to you check on the older neighbor tosser bring in the pets to call 911 if you see anyone who appears to need help or shelter. live in boston tonight, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: next on wcvb newscenter 5: ed: a lewd act costs him his badge. asking why the former officer is back on the public parole. a troubling new warning the zika virus. why it could be more dangerous for women than doctors realize. meteorologist: timing the harshest of the bitter cold that is on the way. the kind of changes to expect
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ed: 5 investigates tonight. maria: he was never charged with a crime even after coming clean about what he did. he reveals the evidence the one city tried very hard to keep under wraps. this he is video the city of newberry port did not want the public to see. the police sergeant under interrogation fo for sexual misconduct insisting he did nothing wrong. >> absolutely not. >> the video is part of the path's internal session that the city was ordered to turn over to 5 investigates after repeatedly refusing to relass the records. but the records revealed days after this interview, he backed out of the lie-detector test and later agreed it to but only
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a prom mishe would not be charged then proceeded to fail the test. >> embarrassing. >> you i had my belt undone. >> he admitted it was him but said he was not masturbating. the only way i can put it i was playing with myself. i have undown my pans before, you know, usually on long drives like i had big breakfast. i was not looking to show anybody anything. >> the trouble started in september of 2013 when a woman walked into the police reporting that a man pulled over end this truck next to's tm and masturbating while she used the atm. the woman says he saw that she looked at him and he continued doing what he was doing. she only got part of his license plate's drove away. but days later this woman returned to the police station, surprised to see the same truck outside and asked did you get him. >> soon after, he changed the license plate.
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because she came in here. i waned it over with. >> the police investigation notice noethed there is enough circumstantial evidence to move forward the criminal complaint. the department also recommended he be determine terminated but never charged, never fired. hes with allowed to resign. why did the city fight so hard to keep this information secret? >> i don't think we fought hard to keep it secret. we were following advice of council. >> 5 investigates sat down with the may who runs the police department. >> did sergeant get special treatment because he is a police officer? >> absolutely not. >> but there is no criminal charge. isn't that special treatment? >> no. >> why snoot because we didn't have the evidence to go forward. >> the records included detailed interview with the alleged victim who was described as credible but officials say she wouldn't testify in court. >> what do you say to the public who sees this and says, why wasn't he charged? >> i would have been charged. i can charge you. >> it doesn't man i a will win it in court. if you have the same evidence
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would that person be charged? >> giving immunity and letting him resign saying it allows the city to remove them there the force quickly. >> any police officer who is found to be aa liar with which is what came through in this case is usest to think department. >> but he is not useless to the commonwealth of massachusetts. he landed a sensitive top job the state and the department of public health as director of compliance investigation at the program. the police tell us the state never called for a ref reps. >> is he being held account freewheel did? >> he no longer is a police officer. i hope that he gets help. >> he declined our request for interview but the attorney says he doesn't believe the client received special treatment. the department of health is doing its own investigation and tells us that he is on administrative leave. 5 investigates. maria: new concerns relate
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there are a possible link for miscarriage. two pregnant american women contracted the virus while traveling abrd and both miscarried. one woman came back from hon durs are and miscarried at mine weeks. researches have identified a strong link between rick? a and birth defects of the brain. ed: well, an historic meeting today. the two shared a hug and hour's long conversation how to overcome his core call difference. leaders have not met since they split between the churches back in 1504. maria: now from cuba, the pope headed to mexico city. mexico rolled out the red carpet treated the pontiff to olympic olympic-style welcome right there on the tarmac. he begins the five-day visit in the country today. the pope will visit the country's poorest areas where he will meet with victims of drug
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ed: a sizable cold front that is coming across the country, harv, is it exclusive to new eng england meteorologist: we are getting the heart of it. generally from the great lack those northeast, do in the mid-atlantic, all getting severe cold. now let's show you what is happening first of all before we get cold. we have snow breaking out in southeastern connecticut, southeastern mass and the cape. its not heavy. steady light and steady around man ticket the visibilities are mild. three miles. now 2.5 hyannis. generally the cape end that islands to get one to three inches of snow. up to plymouth, maybe feather dusting. most of the storm is actually missing and it is moving quickly. is just getting that brushin. s this how we see that coming out. that is by the way, very light, dry, fluffy snow. early this morning. m i was cold enough. you are saying they keep talking about the weekend t. look at how cold its now. meaning early today. 10 below in orange. 2 below in worcester. i it will be even colder
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with a i lot more wind. that combination dangerous. about as cold as it gets. 22 in boston. southwest wind now. going to the northwest side. late tomorrow morning, and then, funnel in. the clouds to the west and drop the temperature a little bit. rating along the coast. covering close to 20 ap the winds are not that strong. out of the southwest or they are light. that is going to change, too. look that. look at the colors change. the numbers change. there is the bitter air, really bitter air. 22 below. that is it of course. heading southeast ward, this is the cold air. now, only nine times since 2,000 has boston been below 0. that is less than once every year or so. but her the forecast is about 5 below for boston. late tomorrow night, early sunday, the record for sunday is 3 below and would break it. worcester may break as well. they are lackly to be double-digit beas low 0. when we talk about the wind and the period of time that that will be the strongest.
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it is saturday afternoon, saturday night. sunday morning. of course, the windchill therefore in the same time period to be as le as 30 to 40 below that means frostbite in minutes t. that is dangerous cold no question about it. windchill warnings in effect tomorrow afternoon. until midday on sunday. there is the snow flirting with the cape and the islands over the next nurs and moves a way. there may be another he is pooh of lo for the outer cape later on tomorrow night as that arctic air continues to funnel in. the next thing is, as we break out of the in tense cold later monday, monday night. the snow will break out. i may not stay all snow as a lot of warm air is going to come in higher levels. not sure how much will make it to the ground but it will turn milder along the coast for later monday night and tuesday. that is way aevidence that story. let's check out over the next seven days for you. think we want to rundown that is temperature progression as it drops and drops and drops through tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, look at how it drops all the way down to 4 in
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it just keeps going. so 5 or 6 boo he low for boston. 10-12 below for worcester. the windchill factors themselves keep going down. probably going to bottom out around 30 to maybe 38 below 0 early sunday morning. that is really intense cold. still below 0 windchills in into the afternoon and into the teens. going to be another cold night on sunday night. then monday afternoon, we jump top the 20's along the coast. teens inland. fo breaks late in the day this then are in along the coast tuesday. possibly icy mix inland. stay tuned over the weekend for updates. may breeze, ed? >> that is tropical. >> yeah. tropical. >> it really is. >> his name is everett. he is a big deal at city hall in reno, nevada. a handsome pooch gets quite the honor.
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>> celtic guard marcus smart is a rising star in the nba and as such was chosen for the all-star game's rising stars challenge putting him in the company of former celtics paul pierce and rajon rondo as well as former celtics eric montross and ron mercer, so it can go either way u.s.a. beat the world. the all star gives. puppy, monkey, baby, puppy,
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baby and kevin hart >> with eight sides. bob: note to kevin hart, an octagon does have eight sides. hart started out as the usa's head coach, but the 4-time mvp would eventually put himself in the game didn't have time to stretch until he got out there. hart unable to rally his team though drake's team canada held on to win a thoroughly uninteresting game. 74-64 patrice bergeron's second regular season fight in twelve years may have inspired his
11:33 pm
also inspired some part of his body to feel a lot of pain. and is questionable for tomorrow afternoon's game in minnesota. >> that is the harshest of all. the windchill is going to get you. yeah.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel!


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