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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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announce wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. maria girl breaking news part of , the t shut down. the underground emergency filling tunnels with smoke. ed: colder times are moving in, what it will feel like in the morning. maria: apple, recruited by the fbi. ed: the terror investigation going hi-tech. the new wish for the little bruins fan who fist-bumped his way to fame. how he' s now helping other kids in need. breaking news at 11:00 tonight, look at the scary scene on the orange line. maria: passengers kicking out train windows just to escape. hi everyone maria stephanos. , ed: and i' m ed harding. we' re hearing from those passengers tonight. newscenter 5' s mary saladna is live at state street. mary: i think things are finally calming down here. at this hour the orange line is running here, but for two hours of a shutdown by the old statehouse because of all of the smoke underground. they tell
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fire, but passengers tell us, and this video shows, there sure was a lot of smoke. the fire crew says a piece of real was damage, and it cause the train to overheat and vote. there was a piece of sheet metal on the track, the train dragged that along. people on the platform did not what was going on, and they panicked. >> it was like brakes were on fire or something. the brakes were smoking. we had to kick the windows out to let people out. it is crazy. >> the train was full of smoke, everyone was panicking. cooks all of a sudden there was a big, brown, plume of smoke -- everyone ran because it was so big and dark. we know it was not safe to be around. maria: the bottom line, the station was evacuated, and orange line service was interrupted.
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wcvb live in boston, mary salinawcvb , newscenter 5. ed: we just got the footage from a different angle, look of a number of people on the platform. that guy kicks in one window, and he moves off. as he moves off, everett -- other people come up to help. you can hear in the background emergency sounds going off . this was in the moment that this happened on state street. as mary reported, no reports of injuries. maria: storm mean up happening all over new england. after all of the rain and wind, that is a giant tree that toppled over in newport. two cars are underneath a tree. nobody was hurt. harvey, those winds were wicked. harvey: we had gusts not too far away from a hurricane.
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we had the cold and then he worked. all of -- and then the warmth. all of these are storm report. almost all involved tree limbs, trees, or wires down. we did have power outages as well during the height of this this afternoon and early this evening. we still have wind gusts, but much more team -- tame that it was earlier. rainfall key to run the cape. -- rainfall peaked around the the second patch came over the cape him and that is why those amounts for the highest. look how warm it was after we were the coldest and 57 years. an amazing turnaround, now we are to -- starting to cool back. s in boston. what you need to know is, if there is standing water, it could be freezing by the time we get to tomorrow morning. there could be a touch of black ice here and there. i will let you know where we are
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maria: right now, passengers on board a delta plane, diverted twice, delayed nearly day -- a day, are finally home. ed: flight home was supposed to go to jfk, but bad weather new hampshire. that is where passengers were stuck last night. maria: today, when they try to york, they were diverted to did you get all of that? quite a bobby ryan. -- bumpy ride. john atwater is talking to them tonight. he is live at logan. john: you went through it, they got an unexpected tour of new england, but because of bad weather, that tour was absolutely miserable. record was so turbulent, a couple of people had medical event. we had to have oxygen administered. john: violent turbulence is only one part of a 24-hour nightmare for dozens heading back from the dominican republic.
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regional. john: instead of landing in bad weather at jfk last night, they were diverted to manchester, new hampshire. passengers say the counter was indie, and they had to spend the night in a hotel before trying to get to jfk again this morning. rocking the plane as an approach new york. -- as it approached new york. >> babies were crying, people work throwing up in barf bags. i' a movie. john: it was so bad, the flight was diverted again to boston. some passengers who felt like prisoners, instead opted to book trips back on amtrak. into our adventure. ed: for those who stuck with a slight, it was an ordeal that lasted more than 24 hours, but safely.
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he was professional, and thing got an experienced pilot. passengers, but many think the be back on the ground, safely. the airline is blaming extreme weather for this extreme trip. tonight an apology. atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. is facing timeline bars himself after he' s busted in a heroin sting. state police arrested stephen lebreux during an undercover sting in somerset today. the 40-year-old is a correction officer at mci bridgewater. state police say an undercover officer bought heroin from him three different times while he was off duty. lebreau will be arraigned in fall river tomorrow. carjacking that left a mother and baby stranded in a mall parking lot -- in' s and a suspect under arrest. the holding started in the parking lot at the westgate mall in brockton. the woman had just put her
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a man walked up to them, politely told them, get out of the car. she talked to us on the phone tonight. clicks and then he said -- >> and then he said, you know what, i am going to take your car. i turned around because i thought he was kidding, he was -- lifted his jacket up, he had a gun. maria: he had a telik gun. police chase down 32-year-old jose robles, who crashed the stolen car in a stoughton neighborhood. as i said, they recovered the pellet gun once they caught him. he is in custody, the carjacking victims are fortunately ok. a girl -- ed: police investigating a deadly discovery in malden. a woman' s body found in an apartment complex. newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga is there live. jorge, some neighbors don' t like how this has been handled. jorge: residence here were certainly more upset when they were still in the dark about what happened here after finally 24 hours. receiving this letter from management, providing some answers. investigators back at the cliffisde commons apartments tonight. tenants unnerved by what is now
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>> it is definitely unusual -- kind of out of the ordinary to find out someone murdered in your apartment building but i feel pretty safe here. jorge and tonight residents in : this massive complex also receiving a notice from management stating in part, this appears to be an issue involving some of the individuals who lived in the apartment. >> shocking news for us, because we never expected that would happen here. it is a safe community for us. or hey boy -- jorge: monday night police responding for a well-check found a woman' s body in one of the units here, investigators not saying how or when she died, but confirming it wasn' t a random act. >> it is scary, you know you don' t think of something like that happening so close were you are on a daily basis. especially not hearing about it so after the fact. >> i' m kind of scared because you never know what is going on in the building. jorge: the letter from the complex' s management says police are reviewing security video footage. investigators not saying who they are looking for or the relationship to the victim. >> a little unsettling. i am hoping that the cops are on
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apartment. they are on top of everything. jorge: the victim' s age and identity have not been released. the d.a. telling us this is an open an active investigation, live in malden, newscenter 5. maria: guns stolen from a store in tyngsboro. right now, police are trying to find out if its connected to a similar heist a couple weeks that. four guns were stolen from hitman firearms overnight. the thieves got through a steel door, they smashed a display case. that reagan is similar to a robbery at what they call wicked new hampshire that happened two , weeks ago. police are trying to confirm a connection. new at 11:00 -- apple is being ordered to crack the code, on the san bernardino shooting suspect' s cellphone. agents say they' to hack into sayed farook' s they couldn' they don' t know his passcode. apple has claimed it can' t help,
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company to try. farook and his wife killed 14 people at a holiday party for farook' s co-workers, and later died in a shootout with police. ed: to commitment 2016 now -- another new poll shows donald trump with a comfortable lead in south carolina. and he' s firing back at new criticism. newscenter 5' s phil lipof is here, phil the president is getting into the mix? phil: he is not holding back at all when asked about the donald trump presidency. president obama: i continue to be president. and the reason is because i have people and i think they , recognize that being president is a serious job. leonard, where donald trump holds a commanding lead, a flash of anger at one of his rallies. a protesters surrounded and , escorted out. led the charge up on stage. donald trump -- >> if it wasn' t for mr. trump t think any of
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phil: and then donald trump went on the attack. i mean this guy, cruz comes out altrai mean this guy, cruz comes out well i don' t think he' s : going to win. this guy is so strident and so nasty he' s going to lose every single state. and then bush, poor bush, he comes out, he goes, i don' t think donald trump can beat hillary clinton but i can. ,then i said then why aren' t you , beating me, why aren' t you beating me? phil: senator cruz with a little tough talk of his own. ted cruz when radical islamic : terrorists wage jihad on the united states of america, the answer is not to tweet insults at them. phil: speaking of tweets jeb bush sent this a one word tweet , america, with a picture of his own gun his name printed on the , barrel. as for the president' s comments about trump in response the billionaire said had he decided to run for years ago president , obama would have been a one term president. never a dull moment in this campaign. ed: so true, for the democrats, hillary clinton meeting with
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maria: she is implying, some say that racism is behind the threat by the spring court. hillary clinton: they demonize president obama, and encourage ugly impulses of a paranoid french. maria: bernie sanders is also in south carolina where african americans are expected to make up more than half of the democratic vote. bernie sanders: if we did not dream, would anyone think we could have an african-american as president of the on state today question mark maria: the reason they are there the south , carolina primaries are next saturday. announcer: next on newscenter 5. maria: save dead sea, the grateful crew, the sinking ship, and a friend who came to the rest you. ed: the new wish for the bruins fan who this bumped his way to fame. how he is now helping other kids in need.
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announcer: you' re watching wcvb at 11:00. >> the coast guard received a report of a 55 foot todd taking on water. >> tell them to bring it on. maria: you' re listening, new tonight -- the call for help as three men abandon their sinking tugboat. their distress call was answered by a friend. ed: that call came for the tugboat sinking fast off of windsor sure. three men were in the water, crews were half-mile away from the call, racing over to find the vote, fully submerged, only one was able to make it onto the survival raft, so rescuers plunged into the water. >> they do not weigh anything, i didn' t feel it. i was doing a lot of swearing, and get in here. ed: a lot of swearing, get in
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maria: pregnant women have been told for years, you should eat plenty of fish, now doctors are saying that there can be too much of a good thing. the magic number appears to be three servings per week. women who had more than that delivered babies with higher bmis, which leads to childhood obesity. the fda is commending to to three servings per week. new steps being taken tonight to stop the spread of zika virus. people who travel to countries affected by the cash should wait for weeks he for donating blood. the fda is recommending blood banks refuse any donations from people who have been traveling in those high-risk areas. ed: liam fitzgerald, you have heard the name, he is everyone' s favorite this -- fist bumper. he was the bruins man of the year last year, 2015. just bumping out cancer, beating leukemia himself, and raising money to help others. now, he is healthy, happy, and collecting pajamas for his who
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bruins pj drive. yesterday pair already. >> -- he already has 50 pairs. >> we are finishing third grade. it is all good. everybody is healthy. and why tonight we wish him a happy birthday. happy birthday to you maria: you are the cutest thing in the world, you do not want to hear me sing. i will leave that to you, ed. ed: we will give you a fist bump. harvey: he is the best. i have been around for a while, forecasting weather here in new england, this is something i have never quite seen. this is one of the most amazing tension -- temperature turnaround. yesterday morning, at 7:00, 16 below zero. 3:00 today, 54 above. that is a 70 degree swing in it will over 24 hours.
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17 below yesterday at 7:00 in the morning. 55 late this afternoon. and a little overtime for hours, a 72 degree to which are drop -- jump. when you have changes like that in the on, you certainly expect action. action there was. look at the ups and downs this month. the first four or five days were averaging 18 degrees above the average. then we went into the cold snap which peaked with the incredible record-breaking cold this weekend. we went below average for the month. today' s spike has been as close to average, with extremes on both ends. amazing. in boston right now, it has gotten chillier, 47 degrees. that is cooler than today, not really called. it is above freezing as we go to the north and west. it is falling some, still in the 50' s as you go to southeastern massachusetts and the cape. we talk about the winds, which are certainly down, relatives
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we have gusts up to 25, 28 miles per hour in springfield. a little breezy, the temp -- tendency is for the temperature to come down. as we dry out tonight, and get close to the freezing mark along the coast, some spots will be below, especially north and west. if there is a lot of of standing water around, some of that will freeze. be aware, there could be a little bit of black ice early tomorrow morning. that very strong front came through with powerful wind, now it has exited the region. as we look ahead to tomorrow, i am looking for skies to be cleared to partly cloudy overall. there will be patchy clouds at times, but a decent day with temperatures a little bit above average for this time of year. when we talking about for tomorrow? -- what are we talking about for tomorrow? temperatures of a lit -- mid to low 40' s in boston, shy of 40. with a mix of sun and clouds,
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as we look to thursday, let' s see what is happening, we are going to be a little bit colder. the wind will turn north, northeast. is that colder air passes over the water, it could pick up moisture and create if you snow showers around the cape. that would be about it, not really expecting a accumulation:. . highs only about 33. friday, about 38, and friday night there might be a touch of rain or snow mix. not a big deal. saturday, looks mild. like a brief shower. sunday. a small system early next week will turn it colder, and then as we had to the middle part of next week, an early projection the coast. farther out, and not bother us, who knows. potential of a winter type storm next week. a long time to talk about that.
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days, summit up -- sum it up, after that bitter cold weekend, you can see the temperatures are much more reasonable in the next seven days. that is something we can all benefit by. ed: reasonable? maria: we will take it. ed: a family pet becomes the hero. maria: how this dog warned everyone of a deadly situation. coming up on jimmy kimmel live
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ed: a holiday stars instagram pose could land her behind bars. maria: do you know who vanessa hudgins is? this is a picture of a rock, simple, beautiful, her name is carved next to her boyfriend' s. that rock sits in a national park in arizona. damaging the rock and be punishable by up to six months
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the forest service is looking into it. the images have since been removed. and point at wisconsin family has a new appreciation for man' s best friend. maria: after the dog detected a gas leak in a home, and got them out safely. mother admits, the whole family was having an off day. she and her twins not feeling well. she went upstairs to lay down after a dizzy spell, all of a sudden their border collie suddenly became very clingy, rousing her out of bed, brought her down to the basement, and that is where she found the carbon monoxide monitor going off. now abby has a new nickname -- >> super dog. we love her a lot,. maria: i did not expect that. the family now credits the dog with saving the lives. super dog did, for sure. >> i would rather look at the dog. cute dog.
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bob: we have bruins and more
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announcer: now, sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: tuukka finally tuukka game. tuukka rask stealing one for the bruins stopping several break-aways and keeping the bruins in it until loui eriksson scored the game-winner in 33 seconds into overtime. bruins continuing their road trip in columbus tonight.
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ll give wennberg a penalty shot. now, i told you how great rask was tonight, well that was not the great bear, but other than that, he was awesome tonight. by the way, patrice bergeron returned to the line-up tonight , and here he is now. his 22nd goal of the year 1-1 after one after two and after three. now for some rask greatness or , or at least clutch nest, -- clutchness. matt calvert on the break-away and he will go away disappointed. so, they' d eventually get to over-time and that' s when eriksson gets his 20th torey krug sets him up brad marchand' s goal streak ends at 7 games but the bruins win, 2-1. it could be easy to overlook his contribution to the patriots, he did not play in the super bowl for which he got a ring, even if we cannot appreciate his impact in the locker room, it cannot be overstated, everybody loved mayo. he was named captain in his second year.
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someone else tweeted he was one of the greatest patriots ever. injuries held him back last three years. now after eight years, he announced his retirement on instagram. he writes, chantel, his wife and i, take this opportunity to it is arsons your gratitude to what we consider a life-changing event, becoming a new england patriots, we are externally grateful to the family, the coach, and the fans. the patriots have addressed their offensive line problem by rehiring offensive line coach, dante' s carnegie a. the 68-year-old retired two years ago after serving as the patriots a line coach for 14 years. if the red sox win this year, mookie betts gets to drive the. boat into the water he has the experience. usually when i golfers says they put it in the water, they' re talking about there golf ball.
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you might want to call lyft to get him safely from the green to the teen next time. he said he failed to set the break when he parked the car to the top of the hill, and while the, runaway cart -- voila, runaway cart. >> the cart is probably still there. a worker went in and got it for us. he was helpful. we all laughed about it. it was a good thing. bob official reporting date for : pitchers and catchers is february 18, that is mike thursday, lynch' s reporting date is sunday, that' s when he begins his live reports from fort myers. lynchie in a hawaiian shirt one of the first signs of spring. maria: should we wear them march 20? bob: that would be cool.
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we can have a quiet, reasonable stretch. harvey: not -- no extremes and that 70. murray a girl -- no extremes in that seven day forecast.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, step aside, here's jimmy kimmel!


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