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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: breaking right now, a fix for the problem that snarled two commutes for tens of thousands of people on the rails. the information just coming in. emily: a mother and baby hit by a car in boston. this morning, tearful reaction from the witness, desperate to save that baby' s life. randy: an attack on a student at umass amherst. the search for suspects right now, and the message for everyone on campus. on the eye for this friday
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>> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: as we follow breaking news, all trains will make it to south station this morning after a signal problem was fixed moments ago. antoinette and alexa will have much more for you in a minute. randy: the weekend is here. cindy: what a change from last weekend. 50' s this weekend. big changes coming. starting out clear and cold. sun is up this morning at 6:36. look at these temperatures. you need to just 415 out the door and beverly. single digits. boston is 21. notice lower 30' s.
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the cape overnight and ocean affect clouds and snow showers are dissipating. we will start with a lot of sunshine for the first half of the day today. notice off to the west a warm front. this is the leading edge of the warm air that will be here for the weekend. a touch of rain and snow overnight. throughout the morning hours, lots of sunshine into lunchtime. clouds come in this afternoon. by lunch, 30 five degrees making it ran toward 40 this afternoon. seasonal for this time of year. expecting a high of 39 in boston. no 40' s in the merrimack valley. much more on the weekend forecast and just a bit. randy: breaking news on the commuter rail services on the tee. emily: we have team coverage should take you through the commute. we begin with antoinette live at boston' s back bay station with the breaking details. antoinette: very good news
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as you just mentioned, the signal problems caused by the amtrak signal has been fixed. all of the trains that were scheduled to go to south station there. hopefully, we will avoid scenes like this one. yesterday. a lot of packed platforms to south station. frustrated crowds of people. s as well as other stops to get to their final destination. they talked to us about their night matchup home last night after a snarled morning commute. >> this is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. >> no ability to plan. it has been really frustrating. antoinette: despite the chaos, mbta workers inside the stations got high praise from passengers
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once again, we are being told by the mbta this morning that the signal problem has been fixed and that the trains scheduled to go to south station will be making it all the way there. we want to check in with olessa. cancellations to deal with this morning. olessa: for the lowell line and pittsburgh line, mechanical problems are canceling a handful of trains later on this morning. we will keep you updated on that. there are delays 15-20 minutes reported with those. everything else seems to be going ok this morning. that is good news with all transatlantic south station is internet was just saying. as far as roadways, busy on the expressway northbound side by the gas tank. let' s go to the massive check out travel times. we just cleared an accident on the expert. -- expressway. pike is 15, 490 five to 128.
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emily: right now, a mother and her 5-month-old daughter are critically injured, after being hit by a car in boston. the eyeopener' s frank holland is live in roxbury, with the efforts to save their lives. frank: police say a witness jumped into action when she heard the crash to give that baby a chance to survive. the mother and her 5 month old were crossing humbolt avenue in roxbury around 9:00 last night, when they were hit. lanaii tolentino rushed to help, frantically giving the baby cpr. >> i came out here to ask if she was making it. she was very tiny. i tried to do what i could do, that i knew how to do to help her. frank: both mother and child were taken to boston medical center with critical head injuries. scene.
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determine if speed was a factor. live in roxbury, frank holland, wcvb newscenter emily: a wild five. scene in leominster. a car ripped in half after the driver crashed into a utility pole. police say were trying to pull over 39-year-old taino reyes of leominster after he blew through a stop sign. but reyes crashed and then ran away. police later caught him at a nearby supermarket. he was taken to u-mass medical center in worcester. reyes will face a judge once he' s out of the hospital. randy: six minutes after 6:00, and right now, a massive search -- a shelter in place was order for two hours last night as police scoured the campus. erica is tracking the news development this morning. erika: campus police say this did not appear to be a random act. it happened appear point hall. two men rushing into a hall with a gun and assaulting a male student. he severed cuts to his head but
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the school issued tweets, alerts, and even a siren, warning everyone to stay in place. >> we want to come back because i lived here. at the same time, we didn' t feel safe because no one knew where the guy was. erika: by the time police had arrived, the suspects had driven off campus. neither are believed to be umass students. the campus has been deemed safe this morning, as police continue their search. normal schedules resume today. randy: right now malden police are searching for this man, accused of murdering a woman this week. police say kenneth manning killed colleen russell, leaving her body at the cliffside commons apartments. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. emily: 5 investigates teaming up with northeastern university school of journalism discovers in almost 3 out of 4 cases, boston police officers suspended or fired for alleged wrongdoing are later cleared by independent arbitrators and put back on the job. records obtained by 5
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show since 2007, arbitrators have overturned 72% of the discipline handed out by the department and challenged by the patrolmen' s union. this includes six officers the department tried to fire for a variety of reasons from an officer who took off after an off-duty assault in a parking garage to an officer accused of holding a gun to someone' s head who owed him money. >> i am all for the officers and their rights, putting but officers to work that could endanger the public. i' m comfortable with that. -- i' m not comfortable. randy: olessa: the union that represents boston police officers told 5 investigates the reason officers got their jobs back through arbitration was because the facts did not support firing the officer. randy: new this morning, community leaders are not happy with a new report that finds boston latin properly handled most claims of racism at the school in 2014. the report from boston public schools did find that administrators did not adequately investigate after a
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made a remark about lynching to a black classmate. that case is one of six incidents where students were disciplined in some way. city councilor tito jackson called the findings unacceptable. a former belknap, new hampshire sheriff' s deputy is behind bars, charged in multiple sexual assaults. ernest blanchette is accused of having sex with female inmates while transporting them to correctional facilities. blanchette forced inmates to have sex, while he watched. he is now facing five separate trials. emily: donald trump, softening his comments about the pope. randy: the candidate' s new attitude after an immigration feud with the holy father. a new york lawmaker, stirring debate over food stamps. the so-called luxury items she says the benefits, should not cover. emily: a fire-nado in missouri. how this frightening phenomenon got started. olessa? olessa: breaking right now, an amtrak signal failure that
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night has been fixed. all trains will travel to south station this morning. cindy? danielle: cindy: a cold start this weekend but a warmer weekend is on the
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they're one of that triggered the financial just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> get ready to bring it to the the only running studio in let' s do it, guys. [laughter] randy: just one of the new
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erica is there in the spot where you show off unique dance moves. greater form on monday. treadmill. that is another story. myself. that. randy: a fun idea. emily: can upload it to the u-local section of our website. just be careful when you do it. erika: don' t dance, don' t record things while you' re on the treadmill. emily: this weekend, outdoor exercising. cindy: let me remind you, it was nine below on sunday in boston. this sunday, over 50 degrees sunday afternoon in boston. big changes coming. you can see how beautiful the sky is.
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cold, 21 degrees. wind is light under 10 miles per hour. it will warm up even though we are starting eight in jeffrey, 18 and worcester. lower 30' s on the cape. ocean effect cloud cover through the overnight, even a few snow showers. these clouds will be dissipating and everyone will see a good amount of sunshine through at least sometime -- sunshine. leading edge of much warmer air. look at the temperatures right now in st. louis. it is 61 degrees. that is the warmth trying to work in through the weekend. this morning, cold, clear skies. by noon time, 35 degrees. sunset today at 5:21. we are looking for temperatures to sneak up close to 40 this afternoon in most areas. average high is 40 degrees. 39 this afternoon in boston. through the afternoon, clouds roll in from west to east. during the overnight hours,
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showers south of the pike. temperatures overnight fall back into the upper 20' s to around freezing. minimal impact. this is a light event coming in overnight with the one front. coding of an inch of snow north of the pike. a few inches over northern new england as the front lives on through. once it is by us, we are warm on saturday. near 50 degrees. mostly cloudy, breezy. as the front crosses the area, brighter on sunday. a sneaky storm developing on the southern extent of the frontal boundary will slide to the south on sunday night. although the day on sunday, dry around 50, clouds increase late sunday. look at this after midnight. a little snow coming on them. bursts of it could impact the morning commute. it doesn' t look like a lot but it could be slippery for the morning commute. quiet into tuesday for it all eyes focused on wednesday. ? question marks on the track.
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back to the roads and talk about a friday morning commute. olessa: we were expecting big problems. keep in mind, all trains going to south station, that is good news is warning. we were expecting those trains do not go all the way in, but they will be. keep that in mind. you still might experience delays or cancellations, but that is good news. on the roads, no problems to report south of town. volume on the expressway, 25 minutes braintree into boston. 419 21 28, 93 south looks great wilmington. some volume in spot on. approaching the connector, a live look outside at the expressway. a 25 minute ride i was show you from braintree into boston. emily: commitment 2016. all eyes on two key states right now with another round of voting tomorrow. the democrats focused on nevada. the republicans on south carolina. all this as donald trump makes headlines again. the republican frontrunner now involved in a war of words with pope francis.
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christian because he wants to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. trump initially called the comments disgraceful. but later softened his tone. he accused mexico of using pope francis as, " pawn" in the debate over immigration and border security. trump says he is not worried about losing voters over his comments, arguing that a religious leader should not question someone' s faith. most of the gop candidates holding events in south carolina today, after the second round of a town hall meeting. john kasich, jeb bush, and donald trump taking part in questioning last night. at the same time, the democrats held their own town hall in nevada. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders, trying to win over minority voters, and women. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows clinton has an 11 point lead over sanders nationally. randy: stocks slip today over concerns of slumping oil prices. right now, stock futures on wall street are higher. yesterday, a three-day rally ran
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40 points to 16,413. a new york lawmaker wants to block the use of food stamps for luxury items, things like lobster and high-end steaks. a republican state senator introduced the bill this week that would restrict some purchases through the state' s food stamps program. democrats argue the restrictions unfairly target the people who rely on public benefits. emily: going the distance, for coffee. one woman' s mission to get her fix, in a storm. erika? erika: everyone has monday' s -- money spending strategies. we' ll show you what the eye team would do with 20 bucks. plus, boston police officers, terminated for wrongdoing, are getting their jobs back. 5 investigates reveals how often it' s happening staying on top of breaking news, an amtrak signal problem has been fixed. all trains expected to make it to south station this morning.
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6:22, skies are clear but we will see more clouds later this afternoon. lots of teens north and west of boston. eight -- 18 and worcester right now. we come close to 40' s this afternoon as clouds increase. a little period of snow with rain overnight could see a coating of an up to an inch of snow on the pike overnight. that is a one front bringing in warmer temperatures for the weekend. 50 degrees on saturday. mostly cloudy skies. brighter and 50 on sunday. a mild weekend on the way. emily: 6:23 and olessa is back with your eyepoppers. olessa: first up a video out of missouri. take a look at this. it is a fire- nado. firefighters were battling a large grass fire, when it started swirling like a tornado. a frightening scene, but thankfully nobody was hurt. looks like something out of an action movie. a woman in canada goes to extreme lengths to get her coffee in the middle of a snow storm. she strapped her border collies
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s. she says she often takes the dogs on trail hikes to navigate rough conditions. not only did she get the coffee, but the dogs got some bite-sized donuts. emily: and she went to the drive-through. olessa: the register, because it is too low. randy, if you did this with the dogs that you have, you would be like santa. erika: i need a couple dozen of those. randy: i need a couple of dozen of those. a happy story, taking an unfortunate twist. why the homeless recipient of a good deed, was just arrested. and a stunning helicopter crash in hawaii. the one hope for figuring out what went wrong here. live at forest hills station at the tv where you continue to follow breaking news which is good news for many thousands of commuters . and amtrak signal issue has been resolved. all trains will be traveling on to south station this morning. antoinette and olessa with an
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>> this is an editorial by wcvb president and general manager. >> in his state of the commonwealth address, governor charlie baker talked about rest -- wasted -- >> to the taxpayers you may never write et, a $1 billion check to the system every year, i say you deserve to know that your support is delivering a reliable, affordable, transparent, and efficient service. >> five investigate kathy curran has uncovered a scheduling nightmare. 1800 drivers to handpick their work schedule. those with the least seniority end up with shift that conflict with mandatory 10 hour rest intervals. the result, drivers are paid to stay home and rest while others are paid overtime to cover for them. the total cost, and 2015 alone, the t pay drivers 400 thousand
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overtime for substitute drivers to pick up those ships. this antiquated manual shift pick system contribute to the problem. the t' s chief administrator says switching to an electronic scheduling system would illuminate waste. jim o' brien says it is an issue of safety, but is willing to bargain. he would consent to a trial period to test electronic roster and if management would consider a four-day work week. cutting waste and eliminating pay sleep time should not be an item for negotiation. it is in the interest of the management and union to work together to fix the problem right now. concurrent with any discussion of rate hikes, we should all demand reliable, affordable, transparent, and efficient service envisioned by governor baker. while cutting this particular form of waste is a drop in the bucket, optics new matter and may make writing that $1 billion check slightly less infuriating
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> on newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: breaking news after tonight and her commutes. the new information just coming in from the md -- mbta. randy: a mother and baby struck in the streets. the frantic efforts to save their lives. >> and money secrets eyeopener style. >> do you know what this will buy me? time. what we would do with just $20. it is on the eye. randy: at 6:30, back bay station. a signal problem has been fixed, meaning all trains will be able to go through this station and on to south station in boston. olessa and antoinette are keeping an eye on the situation. good morning, i' m randy price.
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cindy and olessa. the other situation we are weekend. them. it will be a warm weekend." bundle appeared a beautiful, bright sky over boston. it is clear and we are 21 degrees and the city right now. teens to the north. degrees. 10 in nashville out the door. 18 in worcester right now. to plymouth, 21 degrees. it is a little milder on the mark. overnight. shrinking up, dissipating the ocean effect with diminishing wind. those clouds will be dissipating. high pressure over us now. there is a one front off to the west that will bring in the warmth for the weekend. it is first 20 bring in cloud cover into the afternoon. the brightest skies are through lunchtime. by noon, 35 degrees. then we jump up closer to 40 this afternoon. clouds will be increasing.
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high temperatures right around 40 degrees. seasonable for this time of year. more on the warmth coming in for the weekend just ahead. randy: breaking right now, the signal failure causing this mess has been fixed. emily: and that' s allowing commuters to breathe a sigh of relief this morning. olessa is monitoring the timing on the rails. but we begin with the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio at back bay station with the good news for commuters. antoinette: you set it right there. a sigh of relief and good news here. it was about an hour ago that we were expecting this to be a very nightmarish view. once again, the amtrak signal problem from yesterday has been fixed. the trains scheduled to go all the way to south station will be able to make it all the way there. hopefully, this morning we are going to avoid scenes like this. a lot of frustrated passengers here. they had to get off the trains
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frustrated crowds of people had to get off at earlier stops, as well. despite all of the chaos , mbta workers inside the station really did whatever they could to try to alleviate any of those problems. once again, that breaking news coming into us this morning is that the amtrak signal problem that prevented the trains from getting all the way to south station yesterday have been fixed and those trains will be getting all the way there. there are still some other delays that you have to deal with this morning. over to olessa for that. olessa: the pittsburgh line train is dealing with mechanical problems impacting a couple of delays. 15 minutes behind schedule. aside from that, be going to south station. as far as roadways go, you are doing ok. not too many problems.
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one crash 24 north by 128 where one lane is crash -- closed. he' s been on the pike, 93 south looks good. volume picks up approaching the leverett connector. a quick live look outside, a check of 93 in somerville, saw #doesn' a little volume. we are hoping for friday. we' re following right now on the eye, a mother and baby are critically injured after being hit while crossing humboldt avenue in roxbury. the driver did stay at the scene. randy: right now police are searching for two men accused of attacking a umass amherst student inside his dorm room. the incident forced the whole campus to shelter in place. victim wasn' t seriously hurt. was random. emily: and take a look at this. right now a leominster driver is in the hospital and facing charges after a crash that split his car in two. police say it started when they tried to pull 39-year-old taino reyes over for running a stop
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but he took off. randy: right now 34,000 students are on wait lists for charter schools across massachusetts. s according to new numbers from state education officials. the wait list now a major folk school debate heats up. there is high demand for more schools. critics argue the wait list numbers are significantly overstated. emily: revere police are looking for these two people, in connection with a violent crash involving a police cruiser. michael gouthro is accused of trying to stab an officer with a syringe during a stop yesterday. he led that officer on a chase into chelsea, where the officer wrecked his cruiser. the officer is expected to be ok. gouthro and a passenger in the car, jaqueline murphy, are now on the run. randy: a boston intersection tops the list of the most changers -- dangers in the massachusetts area. according to a report from the national safety council, there were more than 100 crashes where
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street over a three year period. crashes in the state are up 2% since 2014. largely due to lower gas prices and longer distances being driven. emily: an extremely close call as a speeding train just misses a bus full of kids. randy: why the bus driver says, it was the students' fault. and the i.t. making 20 -- $20 stretch. our individual strategies for making the most of the money. emily: and we' re following breaking news, the signal problem on the rails has been fixed. all commuter rail trains will go we' re expecting to get an update from governor baker in just a
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olessa: good news for anyone taking the trains this morning. all of the signal problems with amtrak have been fixed. all trains will go to south station. a couple are experiencing delays. good news for the friday morning commute. cindy has great news for the weekend. cindy: warmer this weekend. 21 degrees in boston. skies are clear. the sun is out. we will enjoy sunshine for the first half of the day.
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this afternoon but we are near 40 today. 50 this weekend. the print -- the price for that, some snow overnight. it could be slippery for the monday morning commute. after midnight sunday, more on that ahead. randy: as we focus on your economy we' ve been sharing ways to make the most of your money. emily: and today, the eye team is getting in on the action. how would we spend $20? check it out. >> do you know what this is going to buy me? time. about an it' s all i need because hour. i' m going to contact my favorite babysitter so that i can take a nap. i' m always tired. >> i' d spend my $20 on my playlist because i out plate songs and so quickly. especially when i exercised at i listen over and over. i was embarrassed to see miley cyrus is in my top four. can' t stop, won' t stop. miley cyrus. >> for i' m going simple
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for $10, i got myself a bouquet of flowers. t have time to read. and then decided a pick me up. stay close to my home. i would go to a theater in portsmouth, new hampshire were a number of groups reform. hall, with popcorn, of course. ll usually go to a $20, convenience store or a local pharmacy, maybe even a gas station just pick up a couple of snacks for myself. some of my favorites. popcorn, candy. >> peanut butter pretzels, i love it. >> excuse me, one moment. >> you can get a lot of snacks for $20. randy: she usually has enough to go around. she can' t share. some ideas for you. also this morning on the eye a , helicopter full of tourists crashes in hawaii. now investigators say there' s one person who can explain, how this one wrong. emily: and a dolphin dies on a beach.
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being blamed for the tragedy. randy: another look at boston' s back bay station this morning as it is calm and back to normal. all commuter rail trains will go all the way to south station this morning. an amtrak signal problem that had caused concerns has been
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randy: the eye-opener team is ready to go with your news this morning. antoinette is following breaking snarled the commuter rail. emily: frank is in roxbury. and erika is tracking the search for two men who attacked a umass amherst student. we will get to those stories. first, we want to check in with i love that temperature. last weekend. coldest air and nine below in boston. afternoon. we will be over 50 degrees. right now. st. louis, 61 degrees. as that warmer air works on in, it is producing clouds and will make a touch of snow overnight. we are starting out mainly clear. the exception is a few clouds on the cape. those will be dissipating. a blanket for you overnight. a lot of teens right now north and west of town. temperatures come up to near 40 this afternoon.
6:46 am
by 5:00 or the ride home, it is cloudy but drive. that is about 8:00 or 9:00 break overnight. pike. pushes on in. steadier accumulating snow across northern new england. we will see a coating to an inch of snow north of the pike. on saturday. look at a temperatures tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. a little breezy sunday. a brighter weekend with eight -- late day clouds and 51 degrees. the front coming in on saturday, the back edge of it will melt -- as a wave of low pressure. we will watch the sunday night. as it ties to the south, it may spread in snow after midnight sunday night. it is not a lot, a little light snow. randy: right now to the breaking news we' ve been following this morning. emily: the eye' s antoinette antonio is live at back bay station with the fix for frustrated commuters.
6:47 am
that signal problem with the amtrak signal has been fixed. that is allowing trains that were already scheduled to go on the way to south station to get to their destinations. unlike yesterday. it is quiet here at back way state -- station. what a different story from yesterday. so many frustrated passengers that were on the platform after not being able to get to south station yesterday. it was packed with people during both of the commute. once again, all of this due to the amtrak signal problems. it did not allow trains to go all the way to south station. then, the trouble trickle down to the subway lines with people trying to get other ways to their destinations. once again, we are hearing this morning the signal problems have been fixed. the trains that were already scheduled to get to south station will be getting there this morning. certainly, a much better commute men some of us expected an hour ago. nonetheless, there are still
6:48 am
olessa: we have a couple of mechanical problems on a few trains running behind schedule. a couple canceled earlier this morning, as well. one need of line train running 15 minutes behind. everything else is looking much better. as antoinette was just saying come on trains will be going to south station this morning. as far as the rest of the road was, not too many problems. one crash early this morning on 24 north. you have a backup there. beside that, typical volume on the expressway. 25 minutes braintree into boston. pike looks good 15 to 20. north of town, 93 looks great. a little volume as you approach the leverett connector. a live look outside, here is the one, no issues to report. friday, light. frank: a mother and her 5 month old baby hit by a car while crossing this street are in critical condition this morning. it happened on humboldt avenue. around 9:00 last night. a neighbor rushed over to help giving the infant cpr. , both the mother and the baby
6:49 am
center with serious head injuries. the driver remained at the scene . police are now trying to figure out if speed was a factor in this crash. live in roxbury, frank holland, wcvb newscenter erika: classes five. will be held as scheduled at umass-amherst today after the school' s first ever shelter in place order was called for. prompted by an attack inside a dorm. as police continue their search for the two men responsible they say it appears this was not random, that the victim, a male student was targeted. they don' t think the attackers, who rushed into pierpont hall with a gun, are students. the victim was assaulted but not seriously hurt. it caused a big scare as the school issued alerts through social media and even set off a siren. again this morning, the campus has been deemed safe and normal classes will be held. emily: police are searching for this man accused of murdering a woman. police say kenneth manning killed colleen russell, leaving
6:50 am
anyone with information is asked to come forward. erika: randy: an update to a heart-warming story about a new bedford homeless man. glen williams was arrested yesterday for failing to register as a sex offender. williams made the news this week when a local woman used her lottery winnings to get him a motel room in wareham. her go fund me page raised thousands for williams. that money will go to local charities that help the homeless. emily: the trials of the baltimore police officers, accused in the death of freddie gray, are now on hold. maryland' s highest court is determining if one of the officers, whose october trial ended in a mistrial, could be forced to testify against the others. the second trial was expected to start on monday. the court will hear arguments in march, before making a decision. gray died last april after he suffered a spinal injury while he was in police custody. randy: there is a new search connected to the san bernardino terror attack. this time involving the brother of the shooter. the fbi will not say exactly what agents are trying to find inside the brother' s home. raheel farook is the brother of
6:51 am
people in december. the brother has not been arrested or named a suspect. emily: today, thousands of mourners are expected to gather as late justice antonin scalia lies in repose at the supreme court. among those paying their respects, president obama and the first lady. vice president joe biden and his wife will attend scalia' s funeral mass tomorrow. randy: stunning video out of hawaii shows a helicopter crashing into pearl harbor. five people were on board at the time, taking a tour thursday. one of them, a teenager, is in critical condition. right now faa and ntsb investigators are at the crash scene. the surviving pilot should be able to tell them what happened. emily: an endangered baby pulled from the water in argentina last week, and passed around on a beach. animal activists say the dolphin was then left in the mud. video and images of the assault have sparked outrage, and demand for action. there are less than 30,000 la plata dolphins left in the
6:52 am
randy: terrifying moments on a school bus in texas. a driver getting too close to a trai this is cellphone video taken from the back of the bus, as a train whizzes by after the bus crossed the tracks. the bus driver says the bus was too loud, and couldn' t be driven safely. that driver has been fired. emily: the bruins get shot out on the road on nashville. the predators score less than 3 minutes into the game last night. that was all they' d need, but they add a little insurance later in the first. the bs had 4 power play opportunities, but couldn' t capitalize. 2-0 is the final. randy: charlie baker has been getting regular updates on the signal issue that has been causing trouble for the t. emily: he is joining us on the phone this morning. the news for commuters but yesterday, you said you are ready to strangle someone over this. >> i was disappointed the way the whole thing played out. apparently, amtrak knew about
6:53 am
t find out about until 6:00 area at which time we went into scramble mode. as for the morning commute and the afternoon commute, we had to create a complicated plan b for people because of the signal switch problem in place. the good news is amtrak sent people up to washington, d.c. those people were tonight and earlier this morning, we were told the signal was fixed. the train to a running on regular schedule which is good i hope most people know. randy: a lot of commuters yesterday were giving the t rave reviews for getting them where they needed to be with a lot of extra help. there were those who were willing to blame the t. this present a problem in trying to move ahead. we appreciate the image -- >> i agree with that.
6:54 am
overtime, when it comes down to is quality of the writer experience. i think everyone on the t knows that. this particular issue came out of nowhere. it was so frustrating for people. i will say this. it is important to make this point. we had the coldest weather we have had in recorded history in the commonwealth last weekend. a lot of rails broke. a lot of other issues. the folks on the t did a good job of keeping a standard schedule all the way through that. that is exactly the sort of thing we have to be able to do every. when you have an issue like this , the signal switch with amtrak yesterday morning, a creates all kinds of chaos for everybody. we really appreciate the fact that people were patient about that. i am hoping that all goes
6:55 am
emily: governor baker, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. we want to check in with olessa for any other issues on the roads and if dies on the trains, as well. olessa: if utilized. pittsburgh canceled a couple of trained because of a mechanical problem here that is really it. one train is running 10 minutes behind schedule. the rose look appeared a live look outside of the pike. eastbound moving to the top of the screen, looks like some sun glare. sandy will tell you about that. we haven' t seen that. let' s get to the maps and check out your ride. right now, not seeing issues with the exception of her 24 where there are two accidents one by route 139, another approaching 128. that is it. the expressway, numeral values. 25 minutes braintree to boston. the pike looks good. 95 south looks good. issue free. cindy, seeing that somewhere. cindy: clear skies over boston. 6:36 is sunrise and brighter in the morning hours. it is cold or 21 degrees with light wind. 18 in worcester.
6:56 am
cover this morning. those clouds dissipate. sunshine through lunchtime, and afternoon. near 40 this afternoon. of european look at the 61 degrees in st. louis. toward us. the leading edge of the cold in. overnight, light snow mixed with rain south of the pike. not a big event coming to the overnight hours. a coating to an inch of snow with a few inches in northern new england. enough to make things slick through the overnight hours. warm air is with us saturday into sunday. we are up around 50 degrees. there might be some snow coming morning commute. heads up on that. the big storm front next week targeting the wednesday time period. this storm will be loaded with moisture coming up the east coast leading toward a possible solution anywhere from snow and to the coast. uncertain on the track.
6:57 am
a nice, mild weekend. emily: what a change from last weekend. cindy: nine below zero on monday morning. emily: enjoy it. thank you, cindy. thank you for watching. make sure you have our app with you as you head out the door. randy: we hope you have a fantastic weekend.
6:58 am
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heart-stopping crash caught on tape. a helicopter with five tourists on board plummeting into pearl harbor. new video of witnesses diving in to rescue the victims. cutting a 15-year-old free from the wreckage. those heroes are going to join us live only on "gma." pope. those stunning remarks saying the gop front-runner is not christian. night. >> no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. >> and donald trump joining us record heat. building across much of the country for the weekend.


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