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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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: -- nicole: i' m going to step out of the shot here and show you what is going on. you can still see state police, plymouth police, and the investigators write off the runway here, right behind those vehicles is where that plane is on this roof top at that hour. it was just after 2:30 that a 911 call was made about a small fixed wing plane crash. when they arrived they found this plane on its roof. according to police the pilot was the only person in that plane. he was transported via helicopter for what they call serious but nonlife threatening injuries. witnesses we spoke with described moment before the plane crashed. >> the plane was coming in for a go around. he was about five feet off the ground. he was starting to
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this. i don' t know what happened. he gunned the engine and it got really loud. he flipped. nicole: faa investigators remain on the scene here. we do anticipate getting more information before they leave this evening. as soon as we have that information we will bring that to you. one pilot transported with what they are calling serious but nonlife threatening injuries. wcvb newscenter 5. reid: another incident involving a small plane at a local airport. this is chatham, where a plane made a belly landing on the down. the pilot, and a passenger, uninjured. pam: right now, we are learning the lynnway. state police say it happened near blossom street in lynn around 2:30 this morning. investigators say this mangled suv hit a dunkin donuts and then spun back out into the street. 26-year-old salvador quinones and 25-year-old silvia
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vehicle. no word tonight on what caused the crash. reid: right now, concerns about drinking water in maynard, after the town put out a warning about elevated chemical levels. but people living there say officials waited too long to tell them about the issue. newscenter five' s juli mcdonald is live in maynard tonight. juli: the issue is a byproduct of the chlorine disinfection town leaders say there is no urgent threat to anyone who drinks water here but they do encourage some people to talk to doctors about their risk. >> the drinking water in maynard is safe to drink. juli: maynard town leaders are working with the department of environmental protection to reduce high levels of total trihalomethanes detected in one of four water samples in december. >> we got that information sometime in january and we have 90 days to come up with a remediation plan. juli: tuesday this week, the dep said the town had 10 days to notify residents.
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maynard bsite friday, and sent notices which should arrive this week. >> we' re very upset. juli: nate markley and his wife laura, who are expecting their baby in days, saw a link to the town' s message on facebook. it states pregnant women, infants, and women of childbearing age may be more at risk to the effects of tthms over time. >> there' s been correlations to bladder cancer over long term consumption of water that has elevated levels of tthms. miscarriage in the first trimester. stillborn. some birth defects. juli: the standard for tthms is 80 parts per billion; in maynard it was 89. in other parts of the world is 100. but the couple wishes they knew in december when the elevated levels were detected. >> my wife is due on monday. there' s not a lot we can do to change how it affects us. we have to hope for the best and hopefully there won' t be any
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juli: maynard will be flushing their tanks to get rid of any organic buildup. they will do their own test on monday as the next quarterly test is scheduled in march. wcvb newscenter 5. pam: taking a live look at the boston skyline on a saturday we' ve got some big changes coming. s mike wankum here with a quick look at the forecast. mike: we have temperatures close to 60. all that heading this way. we just have to get through tonight. it is pretty chilly out there. pretty normal for this time of year and the mild air is off to the west. tomorrow you will notice it moving in here. from dropping off. with a few clouds in here it will keep us from getting so
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winds are a bit busy out of the southwest. they will be diminishing. i think you are going to enjoy tomorrow. what is going to happen tonight? temperatures are going to drop off and then we go into tomorrow. tomorrow will be warming up more. overnight we will see temperatures in the 20' s. some places, even the mid-50' s. we will talk about the threat of rain down the road. voters in south carolina head to the polls for their democratic primary. pam candidates from both parties : criss-crossing the country with just days until super tuesday. marci gonzalez is keeping an eye on the polls in columbia, south carolina. >> thank you for voting. marci: primary night for the >> the democratic party gave me some good options. marci: >> i' m happy with my choice.
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marci: candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday, campaigning in texas, minnesota, and alabama. confident they are moving forward. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. >> governor chris christie endorsed the front runner yesterday. >> the only person who created jobs is the guy who stood right there. >> focusing their attacks on marco rubio. >> he is a very nasty guy and i thought ted cruz was a liar. >> donald trump will never be the nominee. >> i don' t think it is a good thing to see presidential candidates just behaving like
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>> clinton went after trump and spent his time insulting people. she is pulling ahead by double digits. the close -- the polls close here at seven. columbia, south carolina. reid: and here in massachusetts, senator ed markey stumping for hillary clinton this weekend. markey and the american federation of teachers led a group of volunteers and supporters in lynn today. they knocked on doors and talked to voters about why they believe clinton is the best candidate. both clinton and sanders will be in massachusetts this monday. she has stops planned in springfield and boston. sanders has an evening rally also in boston. pam: right now, police are searching for a missing man in waltham. 66-year-old leonard quirk was last seen leaving his home on moody street the night of february 16, authorities say he was walking toward the charles river. quirk is around 5-6 and was last seen wearing jeans, a green coat, and a blue red sox hat. anyone with information is asked to call police. reid: your health tonight, and concerns about mumps on campus. there are confirmed cases at
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manchester, new hampshire. adam sexton from our sister-station wmur has the story. adam: health officials thought they had a case of mumps on their hands earlier this week. tests came back negative. >> we have teed up members of the men' s hockey team who came in with the same symptoms, low grade fever and swollen glands. >> that is when they reordered more intensive tests and confirmed teed of cases of mumps, with three other classified as suspected cases pre-at all of them, students with routine contact with the hockey team. dr. benjamin chan says even though the mast majority -- the vast majority are immunized, -- >> the act -- the vaccine is estimated at 88% effective.
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doctors want to be proactive to detect more vulnerable populations on campus. >> we want to prevent this from spreading to other individuals who may not be totally immune. that includes pregnant women or immunocompromised, it can be more series can that -- it can cause more serious infections. >> any spread is expected to be plugged by the fact that everyone is now gone on vacation. in manchester new hampshire, adam sexton, newscenter 5. >> a kitchen explosion caught on camera and a hoverboard is involved. why this raises even more questions about safety. pam: officer slag on the red carpet. how much movie bags are worth this year. >> right now it is cool out there, i will show you when the warm air gets here. bob: and fans at the garden treated to some playoff intensity basketball the celtics battling the miami heat and
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win at home. p it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. z most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. p my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you rwho want to fight back. p the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. r i'm bernie sanders.
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pam: a shaky cease-fire is holding together in syria despite numerous violations. relative calm has been brought to war-ravaged parts of the country that haven' t seen peace and years. united nations monitors are keeping a close eye on the situation. reid: caught on camera two hoverboards catch fire at a home in chicago. the video was shot from a home security system, authorities believe the boards' batteries exploded sparking a fireball. the homeowner says he doesn' t believe they were plugged in at the time, >> i got a call from our monitoring service we had a fire alarm. i saw my wife' s jacket completely in flames. reid: a warning put out by the u.s. consumer product safety commission says in the past 3
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country, causing at least $2 million in property damage. pam: hollywood' s biggest night' s tomorrow and the nominees are getting a pretty nice gift bag. it is worth $200,000. among the items included a $55,000 trip to israel from the country' s ministry of tourism. israel hopes to boost the country' s struggling tourism numbers by tapping into the star' s followers on social media. you can watch it all right here tomorrow night. coverage of the academy awards starts at 7:00. reid: coming up, mike wankum. pam: as we go to break a check , on conditions at new england
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sera: mayor marty walsh meeting with allegations of racism. it lasted about one hour and a half. >> it was very positive, it was a deep dive into the issues. sera: some students revealed alleged acts of racism. administrators did not properly handle one of several incidents. >> we also recognize it was acknowledged in the district and they were ill-equipped to handle race issues. >> the headmaster has apologized and pledged to do more, and thousand keep her post, despite continued calls for resignation. >> we believe it is paramount -- it is still on the table and still being actively advanced.
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attorney carmen ortiz to open an investigation. reportedly reviewing the complaint. the mayor' s office would also launch a review. mayor walsh deferred comment to the urban league leaders. >> yes we have issues. i think what we are showing his leadership and spiritual and more value than we are 20 get this fixed. >> the group plans to me again in another two through three weeks. reid: a sure sign that spring is almost here. sullivan' s on castle island is now open. the eatery is a staple on castle island, it has been serving hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream for more than 60 years. this is a change from last year when they opened while there was still snow on the ground. reid: tonight, we have a new member to the newscenter 5 family.
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mike: i was talking to one of my twitter followers. people have their mittens on, they were ready for it. it was the first sign of spring. today boston is 39 degrees. 21 degrees this morning. we start today on a chilly side. all of this helps us warm up out there today. just a little bit of lightness to the sky out to the west, sunset is getting later and later. 36 degrees with a southwesterly wind at 18 miles per hour. 26 degrees. not so much here. look at these temperatures out to the west. cincinnati is 50, st. louis is 66. this warm air is trying to push its way in this direction, and that is why for the next were days we are enjoying temperatures not in the 30' s, not in the 40' s, but in the 50' s. we have a few clouds building out. just a little bit of overcast
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this is going to come sneaking in here tonight. it will protect our temperatures from getting too cold. we will jump off a few degrees from where we are right now. watch what happens, we head to the afternoon, cloud cover goes away. that is when the temperature spikes up into the 50' s. mostly cloudy, not as cold as last night. tomorrow, clouds in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. a southwesterly blinn -- southwesterly breeze. let me break it down for you in the next several days. tomorrow that mile they are sitting there, one thing i do want to tell -- do want to point out, if you are near the water, it is going to be cooler because it is coming off the ocean. s. i have a cold front coming through. hours.
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degrees, and that is going to be spectacular as we toured -- as we head toward monday night and tuesday. side. that sunshine really does a s. on wednesday i have rain in the forecast. it will initially start is all rain. as it winds down and heads on out here, a little bit of cold air. we may end this with a little bit of a mix on the western part of the state. about half an inch of rain out of the whole thing. the cold air does settle in for thursday. does it get up here enough that the cape -- we don'
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we have a brush of winter but in the meantime we have a brush of spring, including a few spring showers out there. r eid: some really great news, tonight we have a new member to the newscenter 5 family. pam: and he' s a cutie. weekend eyeopener anchor antoinette antonio gave birth this morning to baby greyson. antoinette says everyone is healthy, well and feeling amazing. congratulations to her and husband jeremy. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob. bob: big game at the garden celtics and heat in a battle for third place in the east. celtics beginning the day with a 1-game lead over miami and this one was played with some play-off intensity. it meant something. celtics off to a slow start trailed by nine until they go on a 9-0 run. that' s marcus smart with the pass to evan turner and that was a turner tying the game at 28. turner with a big game off the bench 14 points and that' s one
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jae crowder celtics trailed by three at the break. it stayed close most of the rest of the way but the celtics game. marcus smart that' s underhanded in a good way the celtics led by five. the st tie of the game was 82-82 and from there the celtics out-scored miami 22-7 turner to tyler zeller. and then it' s smart sending the ball up ahead to jae crowder on this play. that' ll give the celtics an 11 point lead with 2 minutes to go. the c' s win their 10th straight they' ve got a 2-game lead. and the tiebreaker over miami 101-89 the final from the , garden. it felt like i broke my knee is what young red sox lefty eduardo rodriguez said today and he admitted to being scared when he fell down fielding fly balls. but after i got up again, it felt normal are also words he said. so a little scare, but nothing to worry about the red sox well into their work-out routines a lot of guys back from last year with a mix of newcomers so, camp tranquility is also camp get to know each other.
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professional and relaxed. >> it is a better vibe in the clubhouse. we have a lot of good guys in here, a lot of talent, some new additions we are able to bring in our going to help a lot. it' s a good mesh end pretty decent. >> you like to go with a squad you feel like is making moves and really has an opportunity to go out there and win. i feel like we have that. i feel like they put the pieces in place where it is really on the players now to perform and the skies the limit. bob: momentum is building in the nfl to reduce the number of meaningless pre-season games from 4 to three the competition committee has had lengthy discussions about it and all the owners have to do is put player safety ahead of making money
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willing to do. maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks paid a rescue dog has balls. tennis balls. involved. i need two balls to serve. that is a look at sports. pam: coming up new at 11, new information on the breaking news tonight. a pilot getting treatment at a boston hospital after a plane crash in plymouth. and at 6:30 it' s abc' s world news with cecilia vega. >> tonight, the showdown in south airliner as democrats go to vote and the new republican tagteam, trump and christie. we are following the candidate factory worker coming
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a beautiful shot out there of the city after a really beautiful day. it was cold but chilly. mike: i love it. we have the winds howling the last couple of days. tomorrow we get temperatures decline. -- temperatures to climb. bring showers, not quite yet. should be no caps off -- no problem from the weather department. wednesday is looking wet.
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looks like pretty good downpours, maybe half an inch in some spots. then we get to the weekend. friday and saturday, there' s a storm system building in the mid-atlantic state. how close do you get to it if it even comes together, a lot of question marks out there. bob: thanks for joining us. abc' s world news is next. pam: we'
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welcome to "world news tonight." the showdown in the south. south carolina up for grabs as democrats cast their votes. hillary clinton looking for a big win over bernie sanders, while her husband goes on offensive against a heckler. >> if you'll shut up and listen to my answer, i'll answer you. a new republican tag team hits the trail. chris christie and donald trump together. the frenemies now doubling down on marco rubio. >> rubio stole from the republican party. >> the schoolyard taunts. and tonight, the new comeback line. >> we can't nominate a con artist to become the head of the the factory worker coming face-to-face with the gunman, a man he thought was his friend.


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