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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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phil. phil: glad you could tell how shaken up andrews was. she discovered videos had been posting on-line. >> it was all over this internet. i don't know where i am. phil: at first, authorities actually thought she had staged it as a publicity stunt, but when andrews had to watch the video the fbi, she actually had to leave the room to throw-up. the images still haunt her this to this day. >> i am so embarrassed. i comp here and i sit in fear. i start talking about my job, how much i love sports then this happens every day of my life. phil: michael barrett was sentence to two and a half years in prison for stacking andrews. today, he said the motive was simply money. andrews stated the nashville marriott was negligent for telling barrett which room she
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in the room next door. she says, had she known he was there, she would have called the police. >> shots fired. we got a suspect down. >> drop the gun! ed: this is new at 7:00 tonight. a deadly officer-involved shooting in dorchester. one was killed after exchanging gun fire with a boston police officer mid morning on faber ry 12th. boston were rep uponning to reports of a shooting when they man. he was shot after ignoring several demands to drop his weapon. the suffolk county district attorney's cities is still investigating tonight. 5 investigates tonight with one of the newest challenges in the opioid crisis. a drug that's contributing to overdoses. maria: you've probably heard of fentanyl. new at 7:00, newscenter 5's karen anderson is here with proof of its explosive growth in massachusetts. karen. karen.
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more powerful than heroin with. users can not dell tell the difference. for some, you the last high. >> get nell took part knife family. karen: over day, something reminds her of her brother, greg. >> loved hockey. karen: he loved motocross, but after accident, he was cree pre scribed painkillers and got hooked. >> he could not fund to a pill any more. he then switched over to heroin. karen: he was in recovery for a year much this then in november, he released. he was 27 years ol. >> sound tort natalie, just that one time was fatal. karen: kaitlyn says toxicology rules show it was get nal that killed greg. when you use something like this. you will not get a a second chance. karen: the colonel of the state police brought us to the state crime lab for firsthand look. >> looking at these, you cannot tell a difference. >> you cannot.
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bundles of loose powder. one is her win. one is tent nal. >> it 50 times more on this. so dangerous, police can not take ut out of the package. u touch with the skin. it cap be absorbed through the skin. if you breath it in. it can in taintly kill within minutes. a the spike is due a attraction a greater high. karen: finding a disturbing trend. at this time was originally used as added to heroin, now appearing in larger amounts to even replace heroin altogether. at the state crime lab in 2011, testing found just one case involving only fentanyl with no heroin compared to last year, 405 case. the consequences are being seen at the medical examiner's office. 336 people who overdosed had fentanyl system in the most recent year. up 53 fronter the year before. >> it is the poisoning of america what is is.
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down the supplier. this is evidence from the state's largest seizure ever of fentanyl-lated heroin. just last month, what is known as heroin mill hidden inside of the tewkesbury home. we're mixing heroin and fentanyl in a town in massachusetts. karen: kaitlyn knows there are more and more people like her >> it is scary. it is scary. are getting. so you are always playing russian roulette. >> nine hampshire last year. overdose deaths deaths from straight fentanyl exceeded thoses from heroin and other open yesterdays. coming up at 11:00. a look at where it is coming from. the work behind the scenes as police try git off the streets. karen anderson, 5 investigates. 6:00 ed: to commitment 2016, the democratic candidates for president spending time in massachusetts ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday primary. you're looking live at a bernie sanders rally just getting underway in milton.
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today. the senator will be there tonight. hillary clinton speaking today at the old south meeting house is very upbeat about her poll numbers. much of her focus today questioned donald trump's proposals. the former secretary of state is promising more jobs, increased gun control and reduce student loan debt. take look. as you can see donald trump in the audience today. a time photographer had scuffle with a secret service agent at trump rally in virginia today. the photographer says the agent choked him and slammed him to the ground as he tried to leave a media pen where the protests actually erupted. senators ted cruz and marco rubio fighting for a chance to beat trump tomorrow. rubio getting endorsements from the boston herald, lowell sun,
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meanwhile, cruz is saying meanwhile, cruz is saying that if trump is the republican nominee, the gop can count on hillary being the next president. maria: joining us now, our political analysts. mary anne marsh for the democrats. pat griffin for the republicans. super tuesday, now hours away and they are predicting this could be the highest voter turnout in the history of massachusetts historic! tell me why. >> everyone has been pokessed to donald trump here through new hampshire. this is the boston media market which builds in to new sham sir. they have seen all the commercials that ran up to the new shir primary. they know everybody else in this thing. they are angry. tomorrow, you can see about
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to be about having it. proving the voice. having the voice heard. also checking the wayne if you need to. >> secretary of state galvin said more than 16,300 democrats have shed their party affiliation and become independent voters since jan. 1, while nearly 3,500 more shifted to the mass gop ahead of tomorrow's "super tuesday" presidential primary. is that the trump factor? >> yeah, this is the coalition that elects in massachusetts. donald trump is replicating that. people moving the independence voting. >> no, buy which il will say, if it continues, that is something to watch for in the fall. because no one has got massachusetts primary. it matter is a lot tomorrow. it could be a precursor to november. >> you are think it matters as well into i think it matters more because i think donald trump is, as one south carolina foallow side me once. you keep it in the box. if it gets in the backyard, that is problem. when it gets out of the backyard.
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trump is in the neighborhood. the republican establishment is trying to shop to guy. it is too little, too late. >> let's talk. tomorrow we're going to go. we're going to vote. we can assume, based onp polls, who is going to come out on top. let's go to friday. jets let's pick friday far day. what happens? what is this whole field look like if are we down to two into people will stain. the fact is the race over. everybody has mass problem. not a political problem, you with's but asthmas problem. for bernie sanders he has to win 60% to catch on the republican side. ted would have to run the table every other state or marco rubio has to do the same. that is not going to happen. which is not going to happen. ted cruz can likely win texas tomorrow. will give that to im. i think donald trump runs the table other than that. is very, very difficult to catch up to trump leading to this convention. rubio waits until friday and tries to amass enough delegates to get to the convention as
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>> i got wrap you guys now. you will once a lot. >> i thought for moment. >> i put you both together. please, i married you. my apologies. ed, to you. ed: tonight, we are honoring a virginia police senator was shot anded during the first shift. ash arely ashley gu in don was native. jack is live. jack? >> reporter: there is where she was born, ed. her family deeply rooted here. next monday, they are going to stop as a community and honor her. >> west springfield native ashley gindon will be honored here next hyundai, during a memorial service at st. thomas the apostle. >> so we're looking at roughly, from speaking around 5,000 officers coming up. >> at 28, the prince william county officer was killed on the first day on the be where,
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>> to see young person, go off and come mate life to public service to be taken down is unimaginable. she cheese service. her mother still lives in the new hampshire town. >> i was certain lay tragic thing to fained out not only was that this an individual from our own chris-knit law enforcement family but a member of the community and made more difficult to get around that. >> her dad committed suicide one day after returning from a tour in iraq. now, her mother prepares for another family funeral. >> ashley gindon's uncle, detective tom gindon a police officer in west springfield. tonight far service toll in virginia p. you hear about it a lot let ally. when it someone from town and from relatives in to. it really is shall it does hit closer to home. >> most of the family already in
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which takes place tomorrow around noon. in west springfield, i am jack harper, w wcvb newscenter 5. maria: thanks. late-day sell-off. the dow dropping 123.5 to close at 16516 the nasdaq was down 32.5. s&p 500 almost lost 16. ed: as we continue at 7:00 tonight, a woman stopped from getting on plane because of her heels. take a look at the video. see if you can tell why she had to leave those still lottos behind. maria: yes. plus a cen triv work getting people back their freedom and dignity. the family business making pros tuck its right here in massachusetts. meteorologist: quick temperature changes. starting to turn colder now. another storm on the way. significant cold later in the week. i got the timelin pbuilding a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?"
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p much as if it were a man- male... p this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. p but there are so many examples pi'm going to do everything i can p in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i
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maria: all right. check out the the. the gun-shem themed stiletto got an air traveling trouble in but lower. the tsa screeners spotted the shoes in a carry-on bag them woman was forced to leave the items behind because even rep ply cats of weops are not allowed on board and it was to late to check that bag. >> for amputees gives them back the freedom they have lost. massachusetts. reporter: so pan ny lives changed on that marathon monday three years ago. for those who suffered the loss of limbs, many local companies
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including united prosthetic. >> we knew we would have to be there to help wherevewe could. christopher family helped again. it is something that they have been doing for over 100 years. the great grand father, phillip, 1914. >> he came over from italy. he was schumacher. bright the time of world war i and the construction of the roar, this was need for people to have art filler limbs he grat of gra of tated into that business. not just any business. this one changes live into. this is where all the major production happened. >> the fabrication can of sock debts to the samebly of come neps like knees and feet. this family-run operation understands the significance of the work and the rod ducts they make. >> every single day, this is something that they deal with. it is a part of them. >> a lot has changed over the course of a century. including technology. >> it picks up electrical charges given off by your muscles.
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a person's desire for pens and a sense of normalcy. no matter what the circumstances that first brought them through the doors of this dorchester company. >> really is mazing to see that transition and that jurn think they take from being amputated to being able to reintegrate into society and a fulfilling life-style. there is interesting sad side note the story. the majority of prot tuck its needed her to loves limbs not the result of dra traumatic injury but the dramatic increase in rates of diabetes. doug, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: let's talk weather now. wow. 55. actually, i don't know. ed: that is because it was ex from day in february. right? maria: oh. the extra day. >> i didn't know that. a well, i never read that. are supposed to take advantage of every single day. let's say that mother na i ture did that for us today. giving us boston a high of 64. danvers, 64.
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millette be where 63. boylston, 59. a record tier in boston. worcester, 57 at the airport. they broke the record for 57. portland, may, bangor, maine, agusta, providence, rhode island, burlington, very month,ng tieing the record. and look at boston. coming in with the second warmest and worcester with the third warmest. so pretty impressive warmth this winter overall. we are going to get a taste of cold second half of the week. it is turning chillier now. still 49 in boston. wind is up at 22 miles per hour. we're seeing that gust to eastern massachusetts. that is going to am import chillier air. we start off tomorrow morning right around the freezing mark in boston and 20's in the coldest spots north and west. during the afternoon tomorrow, right around 40 degrees. that is it for today. here is what is happening. a few snow showers later tonight. the cold air continues to come in. those are know shower withs make the berkshires and won't get any
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showing up back here. so we turn a little bit chillier then there is warmth down here to will come up as the storm does. so it is going to be basically a rain-storm for us. clouds will thing late tomorrow. then first of the activity late tomorrow night and well north and west of boston could be a bit of sleet or freezing rain to start. a mild southerly wind takes over the wednesday morning's commute with downpours and wind and cold will dominate after this. now there you go. as far as wednesdays concerned. a little bit better idea of the timeline on this. see if we get to early hours and the morning and a little pink there. worcester north and west. a brief freezing rain or sleet. know for far northern new england but rain downpourance gusty winds to start off wednesday. we clear out windy and colder conditions following wednesday night and the rest of the week. the only other thing to watches friday. there will be ocean storm. probably too far away to do much except maybe a touch of snow for snow showers around the cape and
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but that could track little bit closer. we would be cold enough for snow so we wileful three as we go along. cold weekend for next weekend then probably next week, temperatures will start to moderate. yet again. check it off for you for update tonight at 11:00 also at 10:00 on me-tv. >> now, wcvb newscenter 5. >> we learn tom brady and the patriots engaged with a leap of faith with each other. brady agreed to carry him through the 2019 season when tom brady will be 22 years old. brady signed a five-year deal in 2013 at the time he took pay cut presuming the patriots would resign west walker although he was missed at the time. has done the same with this extension pay taking a pay cut. so brady is due to repay $9 until year. $10 million in 2017 and unclear
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2016 this is a clear commitment that both parties want brady finish his career in patriots' yawn form. only steve gro gn andly played in as many seasons for the patriots. he will be just one of five players in the history of the national football league to play 20 more seasons with the same team. prayedy turns 39 in august. still is' at the top of the game barring any serious injury. there is no reason to believe he won't be the patriots' quarterback for the next four seasons. >> see, that is the point, lynchie. traded. his kill went down. it went down. >> yeah. joe montana. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> it is good. >> right. >> a couple of scoops. >> speak of food. checking out the sweet serving of generosity.
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5 for good a nephew asking for a pat on the back for his uncle. this is david macdonald receiving the volunteer of the year award from the salvation army in fitchburg. his nephew says mcdonald has volunteered there for the last 30 years, ensuring that every
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morning. and talk about generous cindy and dermot quinn are marking the 25th anniversary of their dorchester eatery greenhills bakery by giving a thousand dollars a month to dorchester-based charities. the latest recipients: denise and bill richard, who founded the martin richard foundation in memory of their son, killed in the marathon attacks. martin's brother, henry, and sister, jane, also on hand with big smiles to accept the donation for mr8. maria: remember, we want your "five for good" ideas. send us our video and pictures of people making a difference in your community. ed: share them on the wcvb
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ed: flash forward at 11:00 and bernie sander's message to supporters here. he is in milltop, this evening, and tonight, by the way, a late-night visit from president clinton. he will be in worcester. you can see bernie sanders in milton now. ed: an armed robbery at a local
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a needle, the ple to help find the attack aer who was on the run tonight. maria: land that is a new are warning both a certain type of birth control that changes you will soon see to make sure that women are safe. ed: the final seconds here. harvey, what is the weather? meteorologist: chillier tomorrow. maria: we say that during the commercial break, ed. not on tv. meteorologist: rain late tomorrow night be a early wednesday. then colder the rest of the week. ed: how many times i have called you that on tv?
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