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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. randy: we are following breaking news right now at 4:30. a pedestrian struck. a teenager now fighting for his life. emily: also breaking, wreckage towed away from a deadly crash. new developments overnight. campaign trail. the results this morning from super tuesday, and the role massachusetts is playing in the message results. emily: but i see a lot of green on the radar. cindy: and we will have something better downpours for the next few hours but it should be wrapping up by midmorning. the heaviest rain right now is
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, all pivoting in closer to worcester in boston in the next few hours. we still have some wind weather concerns across southern new hampshire into northern new england and stronger wind coming up out of the south. you can see here that we are looking at readings around 50 down to the cape, 49 in boston , 30' s through worcester county but above the freezing mark. icing concerns have passed. you can see there is still heavier rain around new york city, which will work in. we are here for the next few hours, heavy downpours through 6:00 this morning, even lingering through 8:00 a.m. thereafter, everything shifts offshore. this is all winding down, and the skies will brighten up this afternoon. the shifted to the west this afternoon will bring in some colder air. we start out on the mild side
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end of the day -- the sun coming out around 40 degrees, and as you get away from the coast line temperatures will be dropping down into the 30' s. let' s get you out to the roads. big puddles at their. olessa: not the most pleasant ride without a whole lot of construction because of the weather. this is a live look at the pike. let' s get to the map and check out the rest of the ride. austin' s problem free. route 395 looking good. if you are heading north, none of the road we typically see. issue free 90 3 south, roads and buses on schedule. randy: breaking overnight, an suv is pulled out of the restaurant earlier this morning after slamming into the building. two people are dead several others hurt.
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following breaking investigation -- is following this investigation. frank: you can see the cleanup underway. investigators say it started when an suv blew through this intersection and then went right into the restaurant. we have video overnight that gives you a look at the inside, all the damage. the driver of another car was hit by the out-of-control vehicle and the suv never stopped or even slow down. one woman who ran over to help describes the violent and horrific scene. >> the sound was like a bomb going off. the building shook, the alarms they were hurt. i went inside, we were pulling the rubble and debris off people. frank: this morning, not clear what caused the crash. people hospitalized. are considered serious. killed have not been released,
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we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. emily: thank you. also breaking, a 13-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being hit by a car. it happened just before 8:30 last night. the driver did stay at the scene. the victim was taken to cape cod hospital. randy: breaking the election results in overnight with big wins for two candidates. hillary clinton took alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, and virginia. donald trump had alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, and tennessee. erika has the developments. erika: they woke up big winners this morning, but the race is far from over. ted cruz notched three big wins in alaska, texas, and oklahoma.
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win in minnesota, where he is unlikely to call it quits. for democrats, the race is on. 865 delegates were at stake and clinton has added 441 of them, getting her more to halfway -- more than halfway to her nomination goal. she took direct aim at trump, while the gop frontrunner took a dulcet tone. >> i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify, and when we unify, there is nobody that is going to beat us. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we are not going to let it work. erika: meantime, bernie sanders made it clear he is not giving up. he is expected to visit michigan and maine today; the fight clearly continues. emily: thank you. massachusetts playing a big role
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kelley tuthill is in boston now with that part of the story. kelley: if you went to the polls yesterday, it should be no surprise -- turnout was heavy and on pace to be record-setting. massachusetts voters gave hillary clinton and narrow victory over bernie sanders. the vermont senator had been banking on strong support from college-age voters, lafell short. -- but fell short. one politician driving many to the polls was donald trump. exit polls showed voters who consider themselves moderate, somewhat conservative, and very conservative callbacks trumped by wide margins here. he also got big wins by those who describe themselves as angry. half of all gop voters who consider themselves independently for trump. people who were unaffiliated with the party may get more than 63% of registered voters here in massachusetts. we should get those final
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randy: thank you. bill clinton comes to new some voters asked if it was hands. it is illegal to campaign within 150 feet of polling centers, but a spokesman for the secretary of state says it was legal, and simply being at the poll is not considered campaigning. the spokesman says clinton' s event did not stop anyone from voting. for in-depth results from across the country, from super tuesday and other election coverage, you can download the free wcvb mobile app. emily: renewed support in new england for recreational marijuana. randy: voters are showing support. the final report shedding new light on the runaway red line
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the response of the operator should have been behind the controls. emily: we are dealing with some rain for the morning commute. when it winds down in the cooler temperatures this afternoon. erika: breaking news overnight, an suv removed from a deadly scene at a restaurant. plus, a teenager critically hurt after being hit by a car.
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randy: we are hearing from the red line operator for this runaway train in december. david baskin is is responding to a report just released that gives new details about what went wrong. emily: it blames him for the
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braintree station without an operator. he lost his job over the incident and says he left the train to hit an emergency switch because the signals weren' t working. the report claims he tied a microphone cord around the throttle and failed to engage the break. >> it seems counterintuitive to flip the switch. emily: 13 now requires a second -- is that - the agency is also considering moving switches on board. still ahead, a victory for transgender rights. randy: the first of its kind bill dismissed in south carolina. after a year in space, and
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emily: the word of the day is windy. cindy: i was going to say rain. the word of the morning is windy. it is sucking out there. but it is not going to last all day. it will be blowing all day long -- you can see how everything is lifting from south to north. heavy downpours through the overnight, one batch offshore and another incoming. fortunately the temperatures have been warming up overnight so the wintry weather threat has shifted to southern new hampshire, where the temperatures are still running in the 30'
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mid-30' s down and worcester, and look at boston -- 51 out the door right now in the plymouth area, thanks to the strong southerly wind which is now gusting over 30 miles per hour. this is where we have a wind advisory out through 9:00 this morning for the southerly wind. once it winds down it should shift to the west. it may bring in stronger wind , where we could gust close to 50 miles per hour. you' ll notice the wind coming in all day long but i don' t think we will need the wind advisory. nonetheless, a lull in the rain, but you can see off to the west these heavy downpours around amherst -- these are shifting right toward worcester, so it is absolutely going to pour in the next half hour. this is not the back edge of the
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york city but once you get west of here, notice how the rain changes to snow. the west. work in. heavier downpours through 8:00 this morning and noticed the back edge of the rain shifting into boston and it is offshore by 10:00 or 11:00. then the sun comes out , but as the wind shifts to the west, look how gusty it is -- over 20, 30 miles per hour, bringing in the colder air. even though we will be around 50, once the westerly wind takes drop. it is around 40 degrees, but as you get off to the west we are down into the 30' s in a lot of spots and the colder air comes in this afternoon. the wind will be quite active
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will be down around 40 degrees. you want the umbrella for this morning and warmer weather the afternoon. temperatures dropping down into the teens and 20' s -- sunshine but cold on thursday. watching this system to the south, looks like it will come just close enough to bring us a little bit of white snow. not a huge deal, and any snow would be winding down as we head into friday night. an area of low pressure clipping parts of the south coast with steadier light snow. lighter snow showers shouldn' t amount to much but we will get the system out of here, and a nice warm up early next week, near 60 once again. it should last through the weekend. emily: not the most pleasant drive on your ride to work. olessa: here is what it will look like -- wet out there, especially on the roadways with
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this is a look at the leverett connector, looking good. not a lot of construction. there is your start -- let' s go to the map. boston is in good shape, south of town, no issues. route three looks good and so does the pike. if you are traveling north of town, great shape. trains and buses on schedule. emily: thank you. a new battle to legalize recreational marijuana and a majority of voters like the idea. the house killed a bill that would have made it legal for personal use but a random poll conducted by our sister station says that 62% of adults support legalization for people over 21. police say with the opioid epidemic on the rise, marijuana could lead to more dangerous drugs. >> if we make it recreational,
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more readily, and it could be their gateway drug. emily: medical marijuana has been legal in new hampshire since july, 2015 but approved dispensaries have yet to open. randy: health experts in new hampshire confirm the first case of the zika virus. a woman contracted the virus after having sexual contact with a man who recently traveled to a country where the zika virus is spreading. the woman is not pregnant and has now fully recovered. experts say she is not considered a health threat. emily: economy headlines -- a meeting will be held today in somerville on the green line extension plan. transportation managers want to hear from the public about extending the line to somerville. the project is on hold right now as the governor' s office reevaluates the ballooning cost. asian shares jumped today after a boost on wall street banks to signs of strength in the u.s.
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the dow gained 348 points yesterday and right now stock futures are mixed. erika: south dakota' s governor vetoes the first of its kind bill that would have required transgender students to use bathrooms that match their sacks and not their gender identification. the governor claims it would remove the ability for schools to determine what is best for your students. supporters of the bill say it is aimed at protecting student privacy. opponents believe it would cause harm to strength -- to transgender students. randy: a dog gave birth to a letter of 17 puppies. she was expected to give birth to 10 at the most. the giant litter set a record for her breed. the puppies are expected to find homes on the farm around california. emily: scott kelly returns to earth. he and russian cosmonaut landed
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spending -- in kazakhstan. they traveled 144 million miles through space, orbiting the world more than 5400 times. his trip is part of nasa' s research on whether or not astronauts can physically handle going to mars, my favorite story of the day. randy:if they only knew how enthusiastic you are. emily: [laughter] still ahead, an attraction that will interest you. randy: the proposal in los angeles that is up in the air. new at 5:00, details on the tsarnaev case. the person they want kicked out of the trial. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston. the people you know, the reporting you trust, now at 10:00.
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randy: 4:54. writing news to go. emily: election results are in for super tuesday. hillary clinton to contests in alabama, arkansas, georgia, and virginia. states. donald trump added alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont, and virginia to his column. randy: the suv involved in the deadly crash in newton at a restaurant has been removed overnight. two people were inside and were
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seven others were hurt, three seriously. witnesses say the driver went through an intersection and never slow down before crashing into the restaurant. a 14-year-old boy is critically hurt after being hit by a car. it happened just before 8:30 last night. the driver did stay at the scene. emily: thousands of law enforcement officers attend the funeral of the new hampshire native killed in virginia. they gathered to honor her yesterday. she grew up in merrimack, new hampshire but was born in massachusetts. randy: a man is under arrest accused of robbing someone at knife point. police arrested this man on monday after he was captured on surveillance. he is facing several charges, including assault and battery. they are still searching for a
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emily: brothers held on $100,000 bond accused of stealing from the home of a man who lay dead inside. they stole televisions, prescriptions, and textbooks from his home. they are accused of writing and $8,000. they were turned in by their rent with the checks. randy: the sex assault case from bill cosby is on hold after they put off a preliminary hearing while the appeals court considers whether or not to throw out the case. cosby is accused of driving and sexually assaulting a temple university employee. that case is separate from his defamation case here in massachusetts. emily: aroldis chapman is suspended over violence accusations. he will miss 30 regular season' s games. the pictures as he did not hurt her, but admits he behaved
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he is the first player to be suspended from the regular season under the new domestic violence policy. randy: ivy league football coaches are tackling head injuries now. all eight schools are limited in limiting full contact hitting. the extraordinary move could influence other programs. emily: a much-needed win for the bruins. scoreless last night against calgary. they get on the board but the key play came late in the third. he lifts with a power-play goal. randy: remarkable video from louisiana -- a woman tries to get inside during a tornado. the woman says she got behind a soda machine as the wind whipped up to 140 miles per hour. incredibly, she was not hurt.
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a proposal for a slide on a skyscraper in los angeles. the owner of the 72 story u.s. bank tower wants to put the fully enclosed slide 1000 feet above the ground with nothing but glass between you and the street. it will cost you $8. no thank you. [laughter] cindy: somebody will want to do it. look at all the colors we are seeing across the northeast -- wintry weather with snow and ice across central and northern new england. a lingering winter weather advisory across southwest new hampshire for the next hour or so and there could be freezing rain and sleet mixed in. overall it is primarily rain and you can see it working into worcester county with heavier downpours that may bring sleet.
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for now and for the next couple hours, especially through the metro, the heaviest rain is through 8:00. by 10:00 it shifts toward the coast line and after 11:00 it is pretty much over. we are looking at an additional quarter to half inch of rain fall -- there will be big puddles for you, but it is not wet the entire day. temperatures this morning up near 50 degrees, and look what happened this afternoon. the temperatures are falling. by 4:00 p.m., 40 degrees , dropping pretty rapidly down to the 30' s. there is a lot of cold air sitting just to the west and a strong westerly wind wills feed some of that cold in. it is march -- typically we see over four inches of rainfall and we start in the low 40' s. by the end of the month the average high should be in the
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that is where we will be tay witholder weather heading toward the end of the week and we are still watching a storm system that will attract to the sea but it will come close enough to bring snow on friday especially into southeastern massachusetts. outside of that, dry with a warm up on the way early next week. >> now on newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: an suv pulled from a restaurant. what one witness says the driver never did. randy: new results in overnight on the super tuesday winners. their impact on hillary clinton and donald trump. emily: the driver blamed for a runaway train admits to mistakes but won' t take all the blame will stop the air he says was out of his hands. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news later. good morning.


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